Cougar with big tits jumps on a cock

Cougar with big tits jumps on a cock
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The hunter had tracked this bear halfway across the forest, almost a full week of tracking, following, and planning. The bear was a large female, she had been harassing a vacationing family at their cabin, enough so that they called in the sheriff to get a hunter on the case. With a heavy sigh the hunter rests his back against a tree, keeping his rifle close by. He had disagreed with the reasoning, these forests belonged to her long before the family got here, as far as he could see she had done nothing wrong, but money is money.

The sun was setting, a dim orange light broke through the trees, spilling into the forest and gently illuminating the den where he had tracked the bear, he hadn't seen her leave, there was no other escape, there would soon come the time that the two would meet, and decisions would have to be made.

A dull snap echoed through the forest, she was emerging from the cave, now would be the time that he finally got to see the face of the creature he had been chasing down all this time.

Slowly peering over the rock, the dull glow of the setting sun provided poor visibility for the hunter, he saw shadows all around him and heard more noises than just wet snapping of branches under heavy bear paws.

Trying to focus on the bear's shadow and sounds, blocking out all else, he moved into a somewhat open space with a clear view of the shadow, he raised his rifle, and with the head of the grizzly shadow caught in its crosshairs he fired.

But instead of a thud of bear corps hitting the forest floor he heard the ricochet of bullet against rock. Having allowed his hasty shot and poor visibility to get the better of him the hunter now panicked, knowing that the bear now knew his position, while he did not know it's.

Another snapping sound from somewhere behind him, far too close for comfort, this was the end, but he would at least try to fight his way out of this bad end.

With all the strength he could muster powered into his legs the hunter leaped to standing and spun on his heals to face the beast, which as he anticipated was towering over him, her giant fuzzy paws raised in the air, and before he could even react he caught the full force of her bear shove with his rifle and his chest, throwing him backwards into a tree, and in an instant, he was unconscious.

Jolts of pain shot through the hunters' head, throbbing like a headache, but so much more intense. He kept his eyes shut, and luckily the pain began to subside very quickly. In its place the pain was replaced with an odd feeling, almost like pleasure, but somewhat more. coarse? It was an odd feeling, and for a moment the hunter couldn't remember what had been happening prior to the head pain and the darkness, so instead of trying to remember he sat there, eyes still closed and slowly beginning to enjoy this strangely pleasurable sensation.

Almost a full minute passed, mostly all the pain had subsided and his mind now cleared to the point of remembering the details leading up to his current situation.

He remembered the forest, the walking, the bear, and then he remembered the scuffle and for a moment was confused and surprised to still be alive. Opening his eyes slowly he could see a large shape directly in front of him, he was laying on the ground, his head was against a tree and his body was stretched out in front of him, but he could not see his feet, or his legs, or anything below his waist, just a large brown mass of.

fur. His eyes opened wide and when his vision cleared he saw the bear, it's large paws holding down the hunters' stomach and legs, while a long, wet tongue rolled and flicked over his surprisingly erect cock. He was stunned into silence, both by the situation and how good it felt.

The hunter stifled his moans, he wondered if maybe the bear was toying with what it assumed to be a very dead hunter, he was afraid of moaning too loudly in case he inadvertently caused the bear to finish him off, and not in the way he was sort of hoping for. All species of bear have notoriously long tongues, some almost a foot long. the hunter always found animal facts like this useless and boring, he would constantly think to himself "in what situation would you ever need to know this?

How would that even be practical?" Well the hunter sure felt stupid now, because the foot-long tongue was now coiled around his own somewhat impressive 10 inches of man meat and he was having to bite his own tongue to stop himself from shooting the heaviest load of cum into the hungry bears pink, wanting throat.

His hands gripped the dirt and grass by his sides and he watched in awe as the bear went to work on him like an expensive top-shelf whore who really needed a new handbag. For a moment his eyes met with the bear's and his heart stopped, the thought that it was all over but the bear just broke the stare and went back to focussing on its oral work. He knew that the bear was aware he was both alive and awake, so what was its motivation for this behaviour?

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With an audible moan the hunter gave in to the pleasure and let go of all reasoning, he sank into the dirt and rubbed the bears head with one hand, gently coaxing it into taking some of his member into its hot maw, which it seemed more than happy to do.

Like a patient teacher the hunter began to lead the bears movements and she willingly accepted his input. Bobbing her head up and down the hunter now realised that due to the length of her maw and depth of her mouth the hunter could fit the whole length of his cock in the bears mouth with ease without causing any discomfort to anyone. So, he did just that, with both his hands on the bears head, gently rubbing her and lowering her head down his shaft until her nose rest against his pubis, all the while she continued to lick and stroke his head and shaft with her long, slippery tongue.

On occasion that tongue would emerge from the bears lips and run over the hunters' heavy balls which were on the verge of dropping a huge load.

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The bear had rolled onto its side and the hunter could see quite easily that the bears pussy was twitching and winking erotically, fluids trailed out from the pink crevice and shimmered in the dim light of the moon and the stars which had shifted overhead while the hunter was out.

He didn't know what compelled him, but the hunter couldn't help but reach over and dip his index finger into the bears glistening honey-pot, he tested for a reaction, and when he had submerged his finger up to the knuckle and began to massage the inside of her cunt he seemed to find a desirable one, in that the bear would slow its own movements and would periodically close her eyes as if to savour the feeling.


The hunter took this as a compliment and as he could feel his first load building and ready to release, he decided to slide a second finger into the bear, causing a cascade of slick fluids to pour from her pussy. The hunter had now began grunting and moaning loudly getting ready to blow his load any second now, at the same time the bear seemed to be tightening around the man's fingers, her vaginal walls constricting and convulsing as she no doubt reached an orgasm of her own.

With one loud grunt the hunter pressed down on the bears head with one hand and bottomed out his fingers in the bears pussy, gripping tightly and putting pressure on her sweet spots.

His balls tightened up and his cock throbbed in the mouth of his grizzly partner, her mouth tightened up slightly, her tongue milking his shaft as the hunter shot a pent-up load of hot cum up into the bears mouth with great force. Closing its mouth over the base of the hunters throbbing cock the bear drank his seed like an overflowing fountain, he could hear an audible gulp from the bear as she swallowed his thick cum happily, her body shuddering as she reached an earth-shattering orgasm, the likes of which she had never experienced.


With the unlikely pair left panting and spent, there was an awkward and somewhat unsettling feeling setting in to the hunter. Now that he had entertained the bear it was probably about time that he made a speedy escape, before she decided to eat more than just his seed.

As he began to stand and scan the area for his pants the hunter noticed the bear was on all fours before him, her face close to the dirt, and her ass raised high into the air, almost as though she were presenting herself to a mate, and in a way, that is exactly what she was doing. The site of her drooling bear-cunt had once more instilled a virulent strand of arousal into the hunter, and he once again found himself erect, despite having just dropped the heaviest load of his entire life into that warm, wet bear throat.

What kind of man would he be to pass up an opportunity like this? The hunter did not plan to find out, he moved with determination and purpose towards the bear, gripping her soft and fuzzy hips and squatting down to formally introduce himself to the area he'd be spending the next little while.

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With a single sniff, the hunter decided that the bear was probably still cleaner than a lot of women he had slept with and decided to pay her back for the fantastic treatment before. His tongue may not have been anywhere near as large or as textured as her own, but the hunter brought new traits to the table that the bear would likely have never experienced, a soft slick tongue, and knowledge on how to put it to good use.

His tongue explored the opening of the bears juicy slit and he was surprised to find it tasted rather pleasant, and so he spent the next few minutes flicking and tongue-fucking the bears pussy, not as though she required further lubricating, but more just because it was kind of fun.


Planting one last gentle kiss on her puffy, twitching pussy, the hunter stood, his member was once again at full mast and he was ready to take the plunge into the wildest story he would ever drunkenly tell his friends, and shamefully tell his therapist. With a quick prayer and a solidifying of resolves, the man stepped forward, plunging ten thick inches of man meat deep into warm, tight bear pussy and letting out a deep moan as he did so.

He could never have imagined that anything could ever feel this good, he had been with "virgins" who were nowhere near this tight. The tightest pussy he had ever fucked now felt like opening a window and fucking the night itself compared to this heavenly vice of pink flesh that he was currently balls deep in.

When he hilted into the bear he stopped for a moment to allow both himself and her to get accustomed to the feeling. After a few moments of savouring the feeling the man pulled back until only the head of his shaft was still inside, and then with all his force he slammed his hips forward once more, his balls slapping against the fluffy under-fur, the bear even letting out a satisfied, pleasurable groan.

It sounded somewhat like a growl, but he could feel that there was more passion to it than any he had heard before. The pleasure was indescribable, and before long it took over him, until all he could do was thrust his hips to the rhythm of his ever-increasing heartbeat. Like a jack-hammer the hunter pounded his pelvis against the bears rump, his thick cock burying and removing itself from her taut cunt as he did so.

had he not cum only minutes ago he would surely have already done so from the tightness alone, her pussy felt as though it was sucking on his shaft, desperately trying to milk his load into her womb, and the hunter didn't have the heart or patience to try and explain that his seed wouldn't do her any good.

So instead he pounded, like a man gone mad he thrust and bucked his hips like he too was a wild animal desperately trying to breed a bitch in heat. The pleasure was draining his stamina, but his hips would not give out, his legs on the other hand struggled to keep up, the hunter leaned forward, draping himself over his grizzly lover and hugging her tightly for support, as a bear he knew she was strong enough to support his weight and so he rested most of it upon her, leaving enough on the ground to work as leverage for his thrusts.

Glancing over her shoulder he could see the bears face, she had the side of her face resting on the ground and her long tongue was unfurled in front of her like a red carpet, it was obvious that she was enjoying herself, and by the look on her face maybe even more-so than the hunter. Apparently having grown tired of standing too, the bear lowered it's rear, now laying on the ground and allowing the hunter to kneel instead of standing.

She moaned and groaned, growling in an almost adorable way as the man continued to hump his way to orgasm. He could now feel his balls swelling with another load, they felt tight and heavy like he hadn't cum in a month, despite having done so only a short while ago. With the way that the bears pussy was convulsing and rippling around his thick, throbbing shaft, he could tell that she too was close to the edge, and he wasn't about to disappoint her now.

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And so, the hunter doubled down his efforts and began slamming his dick ten inches deep into the bears pussy, wet slapping sounds of heavy balls on moist fur echoed through the forest as the hunter put in his work. Sticky juices oozed and spat from the bears cunt as the hunter ravished her, a small puddle pooling on the floor beneath them, moistening the soil and allowing the hunter to bury his knees deep into the dirt to give him maximum strength and speed in his thrusts.

Pressing his face against her fuzzy back and hugging her tightly, the man moaned loudly as cum exploded from the tip of his dick, the bear growled in pleasure as she reached a powerful orgasm from the continuous pounding of the man pushing his thick, hot cum deep inside her pussy, all the way to her cervix.

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His cum flooded her womb, had the man also been a bear impregnation would have been a definite success. The strength drained fast from his body as he poured shot after shot of cum into the bears tight pussy and his pumping slowed to a halt.

For a moment he remained still, his now flaccid cock slowly pulled out of her cunt, and with it a stream of hot cum flowed down her wet fur and into the puddle beneath them to mix with the other fluids. Panting heavily the bear lay still, happy, and spent. For a moment the hunter did the same, enjoying the afterglow with his companion for several minutes before finding what scraps he could of his pants, and making his way back to civilisation, though he had a distinct feeling that he might have to come back to this neck of the woods for another visit very soon.