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Cumshot For Girlfriend Alyssa Cole Hard Fuck In Torn Stockings
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Georgia by Vanessa Evans Before you read this part I strongly suggest that you read the previous parts. It will give you the background that will make this part a lot more enjoyable. Part 20 The next morning, well lunchtime, I was woken up by an excited and naked Kate and Zoe coming aboard and telling me that they had some news for me. "You're going to be permanudes?" I joked. "No; well not quite." Zoe replied. "So what's all the fuss about and why are you both naked? Has your father been punishing you again?" "Sort of." Kate replied.

"Just hang on a minute while I put the coffee on then we can go onto the deck and you can tell me everything." Two minutes later I was sat on the deck opposite the still excited Kate and Zoe. "I see that your butts are red so this has to be something to do with you getting spanked right? One of you start at the beginning and explain." Kate started. "This morning started as usual, Zoe and I showered then got dressed and went up for breakfast.

After we'd all finished and while mother was clearing up daddy asked Zoe and I if we were wearing knickers. You know that daddy thinks that we are sluts if we don't wear underwear and that Zoe and I don't like wearing knickers in this heat; well daddy told us to stand in front of him and lift our skirts.

It was at that moment that mummy decided that she had to go to the shop to buy some French sticks or something. We've already told you that mummy just disappears when daddy spanks us. Well, daddy saw our bald pubes and our slits when we lifted our skirts. No big deal, he'd seen a lot more than that before and he'd inspected us lots of times before. But it was what happened next that surprised us. We were both expecting him to sit on the bench seat and to tell us to get naked then get over his lap.

Well, the getting naked was the same but then he told me to lie back on the table; the table that we'd just eaten breakfast off. The he told me to put my legs straight up in the air, to spread them then bring them back and hold my legs by my head. That was the first time that daddy has ever seen my butt and pussy so exposed; I mean, when we were over his lap he couldn't really see that much.

Then he started spanking me. By the time he got to swat 10 the pain had gone and the pleasure was starting; and it was showing; I could feel my juices coming out of my hole, and if I could feel them then he could see them." "I could see them too; and her lips were all swollen." Zoe injected.

"Well, by swat 13 I was cumming. The tears were long gone and it was 'oows' and 'arghs' and 'yes' by then.

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That seemed to spur daddy on and he moved round and gave me the last few swats directly onto my pussy. Of course that made me cum even harder. Then we got our second big surprise of the day.

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Daddy started finger fucking me with one hand and rubbing my clit with the other. I didn't last long before I was cumming again; but harder. Daddy went on and on like the devil possessed and didn't stop until I'd cum 2 more times. I was starting to think that I'd black-out. When he finally stopped and we'd both got our breath back he told me to swap places with Zoe and he did the same to her." Zoe took over narrating the story, "Yes, I swear that I could see steam coming out of his ears as his hand came raining down on my butt cheeks then my pussy.

I'm really glad that it was just his hand.

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Think of the marks and maybe blood if he's used his belt. Anyway he fingered me and rubbed my clit until I'd cum 2 more times as well. Then he sat down and just looked at my red butt and red and oozing pussy.

I think that I could see a hint of lust and regret on his face. I could certainly see the bulge in his shorts. I imagined his balls being royal blue. We got another big surprise when I was back on my feet standing next to Kate. He told us that we were going to get the same punishment each morning until we go back to England." "That's 3 weeks." Kate said. "And he wasn't done yet either.

He told us that while we are on the marina we couldn't wear any clothes at all; hence we're here like this. And there was more good news; he told us that he'd had enough of our moping around when we go on those boring sight-seeing trips and that he and mum would be going on their own from now on." "That's where they've gone now." Zoe interjected.

"And he still wasn't done." Kate continued, "We have to go on at least 3 walks around the marina each day; and finally, a really good bit, we have to be naked in our house back in England as well. I hope that he keeps the heating up." "Wow!" I said, "I wonder what brought all that on?

Have you been really bad?" "Don't know; don't care." Zoe said, "Is my butt still red?" "A little;" I replied, "but it's still as cute as ever." "Gee thanks Georgia; yours is cute as well." "So what have you been doing Georgia?" Kate asked. I told them about my trip to Cala Conta and San Antonio; and what I had and hadn't worn. "So you walked around San Antonio and Ibiza town wearing only that net half sarong Georgia?" Zoe said, "I wish that I was as brave as you.

What else have you been doing Georgia?" "Well, I've found this really nice little bar that I think that you two will like. We can go there tonight if you like." "Okay Georgia," Zoe said, "how do you fancy doing something today as well?" "What did you have in mind?" I asked. "Well, I was wondering if you'd like to go to that salt mines beach?" Zoe replied. "They're not salt mines; it's sea water." Kate explained. "Whatever." Zoe said; "How about it Georgia?" "Are we going like this then?" I asked.

"I don't think so." Kate said, "I don't think we'd even be let in a taxi completely naked." "I've been naked in a taxi." I said then realised that to explain that I'd have to tell them about the club and I didn't think that they were ready for that. "When?" "Long story, I'll tell you all about it sometime; but you're right Kate, we'll have to wear something. How about you go and get towels and whatever else you need and come back here then we'll sort out some clothes for you." "We can get clothes from our boat." Kate said.

"Yeah, but ours aren't as revealing as the ones that Georgia can lend us." The pair of them left and were back within 15 minutes, still totally naked and carrying a shoulder bags. Then we had the problem of what to wear to get to and from the beach.

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I knew what I was going to wear, just my net half sarong. Both Kate and Zoe decided to borrow one of my ultra-short skater skirts; Zoe chose 1 that has hundreds of holes in it. Kate was a little more conservative and chose at slightly see-through one.

Both girls chose tube tops, both see-through. When Kate asked me what I would be wearing I got out my net half sarong and tied it round my waist.

"Is that it?" Kate asked. "You may as well go totally naked." "I'd like that but wearing this no one can say that I am naked." "Wow; I know where all the men's eyes will be looking." Kate replied. "Not if there's a slight breeze." I said as I lifted the front of Kate's skirt up.

"Hmm, okay." Kate said, "I guess that I'll have to be careful." "Or not." Zoe added. "Right, 3 more problems then we can get gone." I opened my toys drawer and said, "Choose your weapon ladies." Both Kate and Zoe chose small bullet type vibrators and put them in their bags. I chose 2, both of which I inserted in the appropriate holes right there and then. The first was my egg, and I gave the control to Zoe; and the second was one of my butt plugs, one with a big fake Ruby in the end.

"Won't that be showing as you walk Georgia?" Kate asked. "I don't know; you guys will have to answer that question later." Checking that we had everything that we'd needed, I collected 3 bottle of water out of the fridge and we left. "Aren't we breaking daddy's rules by wearing clothes at the marina?" Kate asked.

"There's no way that he'd expect us to get dressed once we'd left the marina's property Kate." Zoe replied. The taxi ride was uneventful but Kate was a little nervous when we walked into the bus station to buy our tickets. She was still nervous when we were queuing for the bus but I asked her to look at herself then look at me. "Good point Georgia, you're hiding absolutely nothing. Aren't you nervous?" "Yes, but it's exciting; I'm quite wet and that's before Zoe turns the egg on." "Oops, I forgot about that." Zoe said and reached into her bag and turned the egg onto full blast.

"Zoe, please turn it down." I pleaded as I moved my hips around as I tightened my pussy muscles to get used to the change inside me. Thankfully Zoe did turn it down but she told me that it was only a temporary reprieve. The bus driver was the same young man that had smiled at me on my return from San Antonio so I kept my bag over my shoulder when I gave him my ticket. I watched his eyes look me up and down as I handed him my ticket with a smile and a slightly wetter pussy knowing that he was looking at my little tits and slit.

We had to stand on the bus.

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I stood sideways to help me balance and I was facing a young woman who didn't really look at me but her partner was looking at me all the time. I guessed that if the woman said anything to him he would have said that he was looking at her.

Zoe later told me that the man behind me stared at my virtually naked butt for most of the journey. When we got to Salines we walked over to where the 2 wheelers park for free then down the path to the beach. As soon as my feet were on the sand I said, "Right ladies; time to get naked." "Can't we wait until we get to where we're going to sunbathe?" Kate asked. "Come on wimp get 'em off; or do want us to take them off you?" "Okay, okay." Kate said as she stepped out of the skirt.

As with the previous times that I'd done that walk totally naked, we emerged from the clothed part without incident. I walked until I saw the first naked man in the distance and dropped my bag. "This will do." I announced. "Shouldn't we go a little further?" Kate asked. "Nope, this will do." I said as I spread my towel equidistant between the sea and the fence.

As Zoe was getting her things out of her bag she smiled at me then turned my egg up a little. I'd seen her hand in her bag and guessed what she was going to do so I didn't jump when the egg vibrations changed. What I did do was to tell Kate and Zoe to get their vibrators out and ready for me to insert when I rubbed sunblock on them. I'd volunteered to cover them with sunblock and that was what I did. I played special attention to their 'delicate' parts and while I was between their legs I twisted the vibrators to start them and slowly eased them in.

Both girls moaned as I pushed them in as far as my middle finger would let me. "Right ladies; who's doing me?" I asked. It was joint effort but Zoe turned up the egg before she started and I had my first beach orgasm of the day with then knelt either side of me. "'Priapus'." I said as I reached my peak. When I was done (sunblock and orgasm), and both girls were laying either side of me, Zoe said, "This 'Priapus' word that you said when you were cumming, what's that all about?

What's a Greek God got to do with you having and orgasm? Or were you just thinking of a giant cock?" "That as well, but I've started going to a hypnotist." "What the hell for?" Kate asked. "I heard that it's possible for a girl to sort of orgasm on command; when someone says a particular word." "What, that's, that's awesome." Zoe said. "How the hell does that work and how do I sign-up for it?" I spent a while explaining and telling them about my sessions with Chuck.

"Didn't this Chuck guy rape you when you were under?" "I don't know, but it wouldn't have been rape. If he's asked to fuck me I would have asked him how many times." "Yeah, I believe that you would Georgia, you're such a slut." "I know and I love the life. It's working for me for now. I'm taking life one day at a time at the moment and I don't have a care in the world." Shortly after that; 2 young men, about our age, came and spread out their towels between us and the sea.

I was up on my elbows and I watched them glancing over to us. "Spread 'em girls, we've got an audience." I whispered to Kate and Zoe. Both got up on their elbows to look. "They look like a couple of geeks to me." Kate said, "Virgin geeks." Zoe added.

"But they're still men and worth teasing for a while." I said. "Can't argue with that." Zoe replied. We watched the 2 geeks getting themselves organised whilst looking at us but pretending not to be.

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They were so obvious that it was laughable. "I'm gonna make you cum for them Georgia." Zoe said and she turned the egg up to full blast. And I did, it took all of 2 minutes before my body started jerking about and me to start moaning.

The geeks must have had a great view of my pussy convulsing and leaking my juices. When I was back to normal Zoe said, "Why, or how, do you cum so quickly Georgia? It can't just be that egg." I laughed then asked them if they'd heard of an O-Shot.

Neither had so I explained it to them. "And you've had one of those? Didn't it hurt; I mean injections around your clit and inside your vag. It must have hurt like hell." Kate said. "No; he gave me a local anesthetic." "So how did you con the doctor in to giving you it?" Zoe asked.

"A whole load of lies and pretending to be a frustrated girlfriend who couldn't please her boyfriend." "You can be a devious little bitch when you want to be Georgia." Kate said.

"Only when I want something; and men are so gullible." I was about to tell them about the Presidents Club and how I'd manipulated their father but I managed to stop myself.

Then I thought, "Why not, maybe they could use that knowledge to manipulate their father." So I told them everything. "The bastard." Kate said. "Poor mummy." Zoe said. "Hang on a minute," I replied, "Your mother knew that both of you were getting abused, and that's what it was, and she did nothing.

What's more, she seems happy with him so what's the problem? If she's unhappy she'll leave him when you two go off to university." "I guess that you're right Georgia." "Anyway, you two are a lot happier than when I saw you the other day so it hasn't turned out too bad for you. Oh, and don't tell your father what I've just told you." "Okay; enough serious talking, what are we going to do about these 2 geeks?

Zoe said, "We could just go on teasing them or we could fuck them, take their virginity and give them something to remember for the rest of their boring lives." "There's 3 of us and only 2 of them." Kate added. "That's okay, you two can have them; this egg is good enough for me at the moment. You can have your first sea fucks if they don't cum from the anticipation." "Are you sure Georgia?" "Of course I'm sure, but you'll have to take those vibes out first.

You don't want the geeks thinking that all girls have a metal object in their pussies." As Kate and Zoe squeezed their vibrators out, and giggled as they watched the geeks watching them, Zoe said, "So when did you have your first sea fuck Georgia?" "A few days ago; you remember that aircraft carrier that filled the harbour the other day, well I met some of the sailors and they took me to Talamanca beach and they fucked me in the sea." "How many is 'some of the sailors' Georgia?" "Five." "Five!" Exclaimed Kate, "You got gangbanged by 5 sailors; in the sea?" "Yeah; some of those Yanks have big cocks.

It was fun." "I bet it was;" Zoe said, "and we're just going to have a couple of weedy geeks. I think that we've got some catching up to do." "Those weedy geeks may not be capable of fucking you." I said. "Only one way to find out; come on sis." Zoe got to her feet then pulled Kate up.

The she marched over to the geeks and said, "You 2 coming for a swim? We may just let you touch us if you do." I've never seen 2 young men get to their feet as fast as they did and they'd caught Kate and Zoe up even before they got their feet wet.

I watched 2 awkward young men lose their virginity (probably) to 2 randy young ladies. Well I assumed that was what was happening. It was all under water but the positions that they were in and the movements implied that they were fucking. Kate and Zoe confirmed that the geeks were no longer virgins when they returned to their towels and we watched 2 more confident and happy geeks return to their towels.

A short while later I asked the geeks if they'd watch our towels for us. Of course they happily agreed and 3 naked girls went to the beach bar for an ice cream. No one seemed to care that we were naked and we'd finished the ice creams before we'd got back to our towels.

There was still quite a bit of space behind us and I was feeling a little restless so I asked Kate and Zoe if they'd join me in doing some exercises. They agreed and I told them to do whatever I did. Zoe laughed and said, "Just so long as you don't start rubbing your clit for the whole world to see." "I won't, but I might rub yours." I joked.

I then put the 3 of us through a whole load of stretching exercise that I'd done at the gym and in that gymnastics class. Shortly after we'd started I saw 1 of the geeks sneakily taking photographs of us. I smiled and walked over to them and said, "You can take photographs us if you like, we don't mind. Come on guys get those phones out and take some close-ups of us." The geeks looked at each other, not believing how well their day was going; then they jumped up and followed me back to Kate and Zoe.

I continued putting the 3 of us through the very revealing exercises whilst the 2 geeks got lots of close-ups of our pussies. There was a short break when my egg got the better of me, me being pleased that Zoe had left the egg on gentle purr after she's used it to make me cum earlier.

The geeks closely watched my body jerking about. The other thing about the geeks was that they seemed fascinated by my butt plug. The number of photos that they took of it was unbelievable. I just hoped that Kate and Zoe weren't jealous of the fact that they didn't get as many photographs of their pussies taken. At one point I noticed that a handful of other men had gathered to watch us, and that a couple of them had their phones out.

When we were finished and were back on our towels, I asked Kate and Zoe if they'd like to do those exercises in a proper gym. "I haven't been to a gym since we were at school." Kate said. "Yeah, why not, it could be fun." Zoe said; "but where, I haven't seen any gyms here and don't you have to join a gym?" "There are gyms here," I replied, "I've been going to one and I'm sure that I could get you in as my guests." "But we didn't bring our gym clothes with us." Kate said.

"Yes you did Kate, you're wearing them." "But I'm naked." Kate replied. "Exactly." "You mean that we could workout naked? Won't there be men there?" "Probably, but so what, there were men watching you just now." "Yeah, okay, you got me there I suppose that you're right Georgia." "Okay Georgia," Zoe said, "so how do we do this?" "Leave it with me, I'll make a phone call later and try to fix it up for tomorrow evening.

Would that be okay with you 2? Will you be able escape from your mother and father?" "I don't see why not." Zoe said, "Our 'new' daddy shouldn't object, we'll just tell him that we're going out for a drink with you." "I hope that the red marks on our butts will have gone by then." Kate said.

"They should have, yours have just about gone and it's only the middle of the afternoon." "Good," I said, "can you escape tonight as well? I've got another surprise for you." "What is it?" "It won't be a surprise if I tell you." "Hmm, okay;" Kate said, "will we have to get naked?" "No." "Will we enjoy it?" "Well I certainly do." "So you've done it before?" "Yep; a couple of times." "Intriguing." "So are you in?" "Yes, of course we're in." "Good; come on round to daddy's boat whenever you are ready and you can pick some appropriate clothes then maybe we could go for something to eat; my treat." "Are you 2 going to put the vibes back in then?" I asked.

"Yeah sure." Kate said. They waited until it was just the 2 geeks watching us then they switched the vibes on then leant back on 1 elbow and slowly pushed the vibes home. I was watching the geeks while they did it and the expression on their faces was priceless.

I was sure that we'd made their day, week, even life. Kate noticed that the number of people walking towards the road was increasing and she checked her phone.

She told us what time it was and we decided to head back to the marina. The geeks looked disappointed as the 3 naked girls started our naked journey through the clothed part of the beach. Again, no one said anything to us and I again wondered if anyone would have said anything if we'd been men. We had to stop for a minute or so when the egg pushed me over the edge. I gripped Zoe's arm as my body trembled. I remembered to say 'Priapus'. We dressed, if you call me wearing just a net half sarong dressed, where the scooters park then crossed the road to where the bus stops.

We didn't have to wait long before the bus arrived. I saw that it was an old, miserable faced man driving it so I held my bag over my stomach as I got on. Kate was the last of us 3 to get on and when we got to where we had to stand she whispered that she was sure that the man following her up the steps had got a good look at her pussy. "Not complaining are you sis?" Zoe replied. "Grief no way." I again had to stand sideways and my pussy was centimetres from a middle-aged man's face.

I watched him look at me a few times and I was sure that he was more embarrassed than I was; but he kept turning his head for another look. Back at the bus station Zoe said that she wanted to walk back to the marina. "You just want to show everyone your pussy and tits don't you sis." Kate said, "I saw you pull that skirt up." "And you don't want to flash your goodies Kate?" I asked. "Okay, we'll walk." And walk we did. As we walked down one street with me looking in all the shops as we went; I saw a top on a mannequin that took my fancy.


It is sheer, TOTALLY see-through, but has swirls of colour. It has a halter neck and a very low cut back. "Stop." I shouted; then went into the shop. There was a woman, who looked slightly older than me, stood at one side and her eyes opened with as we walked in. "I'd like to try that top on." I said pointing to the top in the window.

The woman went and got one and I held it up. Yes, it was totally see-through so I put my bag down, put the top on and tied the belt that was just piping made of the same material. On me the belt went round my hips instead of my waist making the material flat over my slit. "Suits you." Zoe said.


"It will look good over almost anything." The shop assistant said. "I don't intend to wear anything underneath it." I replied. The woman's eyes opened a little wider. "In fact," I continued, "It's long enough for me to wear as a dress; what do you think girls?" "You look good Georgia." Kate said. "That sarong spoils the look a bit." Zoe said.

"I think that you're right Zoe." I said and reached under the top and untied the sarong. I pulled it off and out from under the top and let the top fall to its natural length. "It doesn't show any more," Zoe said, "but it sort of attracts the eyes more than the net sarong does." I was still looking at myself in the mirror and I could see what she meant. My slit was so much more obvious than when I had the sarong on. I slowly did a 360, looking at myself all the time.

"I'll take it." I said; "and I'll wear it to go." The woman didn't look too impressed but she rang up the sale and we left. As we continued our walk Kate said to me, "Jeez Georgia, you looked very underdressed when you were wearing just that net sarong but now you look totally naked; at least the sarong gave the impression that you were wearing something to cover your butt and pussy, but with that top, sorry dress, I can see everything and so will everyone else." "I think that's what she wants." Zoe replied.

"That's right girls; you're not embarrassed being out with me like this are you?" "No, no; I didn't mean that;" Kate said, "it's just that you may as well be naked." "And you're not Kate; right?" "Well sort of." "We can soon get you naked Kate. It only takes a couple of pulls in the right direction and you'll be naked. Besides, I can see the bottom of your butt cheeks and if you turn around I bet that I can see your slit." "Yeah okay, maybe I am jealous." "Don't worry Kate, we'll soon be back at the marina and you can conform to daddy's punishment rules." Zoe said.

And we were soon back at the marina. We all stripped just as soon as we turned the corner and walked the last little bit totally naked. On daddy's boat I got us all a drink and Kate and Zoe planned what they were going to say to their parents. After they had left I got my phone and called Pedro at the gym. I asked him if it was okay to bring a couple of guests with me the next day. He didn't sound too keen at first but when I told him that it was 2 girls, he soon agreed.

I then told him that he may wish to get the man that was taking the promotional video back. I could almost hear his brain working, wondering if there were going to be 3 naked girls in his gym.

I told him that we'd be there late afternoon. It had already got dark when Kate and Zoe returned (still naked), telling me that they had to wait for their parents to return from wherever. They were both carrying small bags that they told me contained their clothes for the evening. Their father had reminded them to not put them on until they were about to leave the marina. I got out a bottle of tequila and 3 glasses and we sat and talked. Zoe started by saying, "When we asked mummy and daddy if we could hang with you tonight daddy said the strangest thing; he told us to be careful where you take us.

We looked at each other and wondered what he was on about." Kate said. "I can't imagine." I lied. The talk got around to what we'd be wearing to go out and they both showed me what they'd brought. "Sorry girls, both those outfits look great for England but they're not what you need for tonight. You need a loose fitting, short top and a skirt similar to what you were wearing this afternoon.

You can borrow whatever you find in my wardrobe, and remember, it's dark out so don't worry about anything showing." "So you won't be wearing that new top that you bought today then Georgia?" "No, I think that I'll wear that as a cover-up over my swimwear." "But you swim naked Georgia." "So I do. Then I guess that I was right, I'll be wearing it over what I wear for swimming." "You're such a slut Georgia." "I know." Three girls, and a bottle of tequila, can talk forever but we eventually we went downstairs to sort out something to wear.

Actually, it didn't take long and 2 girls, all wearing ultra-short, skater type skirts and baggy, crop tops emerged from the boat and walked to get a taxi round to the other side of the harbour. I took them to one of the nice restaurants there and we had a lovely meal sitting outside watching all the people, normal and strange, walking by.

We'd gone through 2 bottles of champagne before we left; all 3 of us slightly 'happy'. "So what's this place that we're going to Georgia?" Kate asked. My response was to stop and turn to her then slide my finger along her visible slit.

"Like that did you Kate?" I asked. "Yes." "So you'll like where we're going; come on." I said. "Are we going to some sort of live sex show or something?" Zoe asked.

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"No, that's another night. The performers tonight are people who don't even know that they are performers." "What?" "You'll see, nearly there." "Where the hell are we going?" Zoe asked as we turned into the alleyway." "A very pleasurable little bar." I replied, "Didn't you see the name over the entrance to the alleyway?" "No." "Never mind, you'll soo find out." I opened the door and led us in.

"This looks very much like one of those old world bars in town back in England." Kate said. I led them to the bar to get us some drinks and when Zoe got there she said, "A man just grabbed my bare butt under my skirt." "Did you enjoy it?" I replied. "Sort of, but it only lasted for a couple of seconds. After we'd been stood there waiting for a couple of minutes I felt 2 hands go up the front of my top and massage my little tits before the fingers pulled on my nipples.

Then the hands disappeared. "Did I just see what I thought that I saw?" Kate asked. "Yep;" I replied, "I got my tits groped in a public bar." "What the hell is this place?" Zoe asked, "Oh, oh, that's nice." "This place is called 'Groper's Bar'; and it's where girls come to get; well, groped. Do you want to stay or leave?" I asked. "Stay, definitely stay." Zoe said. "I'm not so sure." Kate replied. Just then the barman came to me and I ordered us some drinks.

When I turned back to Kate I saw a smile on her face and 2 hands up her top. "No Kate, don't look for the face that belongs to the hands; it's more fun if it's totally anonymous." I continued, "Relax ladies; you're not going to get raped here; although I doubt that it would be rape; just have you goodies groped; all just a bit of harmless fun but at the same time it can be quite pleasurable.

You might get 1 or 2 guys, or girls, that make you cum. That would be nice wouldn't it?" "Ouch; yes." Kate replied. "Let's move over by that pillar so that the guys sitting down have got good access to our pussies." We did, and it wasn't long before all 3 of us had smiles on our faces. When a bar stool became vacant we took it in turns to sit on it and Zoe and Kate soon discovered the pleasure of getting finger fucked to an orgasm whilst sat at a bar.

As the place filled-up and space to breath got at a premium, our tits and butts became more of a target for the guys who seemed to be constantly moving around. One time when Kate was sat on the stool and I was stood next to her trying to get us some more drinks, I used my right hand to grope her pussy and rub her clit.

I think that that was the 3rd orgasm that she had that evening. When Kate decided that she couldn't take any more we left. As we got to the end of the alleyway Zoe stopped walking and looked around. When Kate asked her what she was doing she replied, Getting my bearings; getting familiar with the surroundings so that I can find this place again. That little sign up there needs to be way, way bigger." As we walked down the street I asked Kate what she thought about the place.

"I never knew places like that existed.

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Do you think that there's one where we live Zoe?" "I doubt it. Word about how good it was would soon get out and all these so called feminists, who don't know the meaning of the word, would be demanding that it was closed. Then the weak politicians would get it shut just so that they can have a quiet life living on their ridiculous salaries and expenses." Zoe replied.

"Yes," I added, "Those stupid women, who haven't got a proper life, should stop trying to control what other women can and can't do. Live and let live is what I say. Supply and demand will take care of the rest." "Too right." Kate added. "How about another drink girls?" We walked back to the square full of people drinking and showing-off their strange outfits, and got the drinks and watched the world go by. We all agreed that Ibiza is 2 different towns with 2 different sets of people; the day people and the night people.

Zoe wanted to go on to a club but Kate was feeling tired, probably because of a little too much alcohol, so we got a taxi back to the marina where the girls stripped and gave me my clothes back before they went back to their boat and I went to daddy's.