Twinks XXX Preston Andrews dozes off while getting head from Jordan

Twinks XXX Preston Andrews dozes off while getting head from Jordan
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Amy is Megan's twin sister.


Amy walked downstairs to the home theater room and sat down heavily in a large chair opposite of her sister Megan and Megan's Boyfriend Shaun. Megan and Shaun had been going out for nearly four months and Amy was severally jealous to say the least. After all they were identical twins both looked exactly alike. Both were dark brunettes with long straight hair.

They often sunbathed together, and many times nude in the walled off backyard. Their ocean blue eyes always teased the guys as they looked down from the twins faces to their 36C breasts. Followed by two smooth stomachs and a pair of slender legs that brought both of their petite bodies up to a sultry 5'4". Only a few small facial features told them apart, and they both had nearly the same voice.

Amy found her self thinking Why? Why why why had she gotten the hunk and I got squat? These were not new questions that Amt asked her self but they raged in her as her sister and Shaun cuddled in the love seat next to her. The Twins parents were both out on a business trip and trusted that there daughters could take care of themselves for a weekend. Amy and Megan were actually good kids, but even good kids don't mind taking advantage of a rare opportunity.

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So as soon as mom and dad had gotten out of sight Megan called Shaun and here he has been for the last 6 hours. Amy had come home earlier from another friends to loud moaning emanating from her sister's room. Amy cocked her head intrigued, she slammed the door and heard a commotion of movement which she could only guess was them scrambling for cloths.

Amy made her way upstairs to her room. When she walked up to her sis's room Megan came out breathing heavily "oh sis its just you." she sighed and visibly relaxed "I thought it might be mom and dad coming back to get something they forgot" "that Shaun?" Amy asked peaking over her shoulder.

Megan blushed "Yeah but we weren't doing anything.really we weren't" Amy just stared at her sister with the I don't believe a word your saying face. "look lets all do something together we can get make some dinner watch a movie together!" Shaun walked out with a hickey he was so obviously trying to hide. "That sounds great to me" he said a little too unenthusiasticly "what about you Amy? Up for it?" Having nothing else to do Amy agreed.


She soon regretted agreeing as it only made her day worse, watching them flirt and cuddle, only remind her of what she didn't have. They ordered pizza and talked and played board games. But always there was a underlining tension of sexual frustration. Many times during there games Amy found herself staring at Shaun's crotch getting wet fantasizing about what her sister got to get her hands on. By the end of the night they laid in the home theater just finishing some action movie that Amy had hardly paid attention to.

With a great yawn Megan untangled her self from Shaun's arms and walked over to Amy yawning on the way. They began to clean up taking the pizza and dishes upstairs. Shaun just stared at them "You to look so alike I don't know if I'll ever get used to it, especially in this light I can hardly tell you apart!" he laughed. Megan just smiled and kept cleaning, being used to these kinds of comments.

But after a day of sexual frustration this triggered Amy to start fantasying that Shaun might mistake her for her sister one day. Amy grinned silently as the thought made her more and more aroused. Taking all the plates upstairs they cleaned and washed and loaded the dish washer.

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Megan glanced at the clock and saw it was nearly 1am. "I'm going to bed, I'm beat and I got work tomorrow" Megan yawned "Could you tell Shaun I'll call him after work.

I don't want him spending the night just encase mom and dad come home for some reason." "Sure sis don't worry I'll take care of the rest of the dishes." Amy said trying to keep the excitement out of her voice. Megan was so tired she didn't even notice there were no dishes left. "aww thanks sis your the best." she walked straight to bed. Amy sat in the kitchen and left the water running pretending to be cleaning and putting dishes away.

After 15 minutes she crept upstairs and found her sister fast asleep. Amy tip toed back to her room slipped out of her cloths and grabbed a red bra with a matching red thong. Sliding her hands down her body Amy felt the curves of her slender stomach down to her bald pussy.

Puffing red as she got more turned on by the thought of tricking her sisters boyfriend in to fucking her silly. Her pussy juices started sliding down her thigh as she gently massaged her clit.

Moping up the stream down her leg, she pushed the thong against her pussy soaking it with her wetness. An impish grin spread across her face as she started to make her way downstairs. Shaun sat on the huge couch laying back partially dozing off when all the sudden the lights dimmed down and he sat up and saw a sight that got him instantly hard.

His eyes moved up the naked tanned flesh of the goddesses legs, coming to the dark red thong that he could tell was soaked through, he inhaled and the smell of her wet pussy assaulted his nose for the whole way across the room. A Flat curved stomach ran up to a bursting red bra looking as if the front hook was about to burst from the pressure. The dim light threw a shadow across her face, he grinned to him self.

"Your sister asleep?" he asked licking his lips in anticipation. Amy sauntered her way over the couch swinging her hips loving how his eyes filled with more lust the closer she got to him. She bent at the waist sticking out her ass and dropping her hands to his knee, her arms pushing up her tits in her already strained bra.

She leaned her head to his ear and seductively whispered "She's out like a light" giving a little giggle Amy started nibbling his ear as she pressed her body forward climbing on top of him as they both fell back long ways on to the couch. Amy reached down and pulled up his shirt. Kissing along his jaw, she locked her lips to his. Her tongue aggressively exploring his mouth. Straddling his body Amy ground her wet pussy roughly in to his lap massaging the massive bulge through his pants with her wet pussy.

Shaun moaned audibly and slid his hands down the smooth curves of Amy's body cupping her ass as she repeatedly ground her pussy in to his caged cock. He gave her ass a squeeze before playfully but firmly smacking her ass. A small yelp escaped Amy's lips as the smack took her completely by surprise, his hand came back and smacked her ass a second time and Amy yelped in pleasure, each smack sent shock waves through her body too her clit and made her body quiver in pleasure.

Raking her hands gently across his muscular chest "I need you inside me!" she panted. Amy unmounted him and stood up next to the couch and proceeded to sexily stripped her red pussy soaked thong off her body wiggling her tight ass as she slid the thong slowly over her hips and down her slender legs.

Shaun unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and Amy grabbed the end and pulled bringing off his pants and boxers in one fluid motion. Standing in just a bursting red thong Amy sauntered over and climbed on top grabbing his hard throbbing cock in her and and positioned it at the entrance to her wet pussy.

Amy lowered her pussy engulfing just the head of his cock teasing him as she slowly fucked the tip of his dick. "Please oh god stop teasing me" Shaun begged almost sounding in tears. "I want your pussy so bad!" Smiling to her self in satisfaction of his begging and becoming to horny from the sound of his voice to control herself Amy buried his cock deep inside her pussy. Simultaneous moans escaped the twos lips as they shouted out in pleasure. "oh goddd your pussssy is sooo wet if feels so good baby!" Shaun called out to the empty room.

Amy shouted in ecstasy as she rode Shaun's cock faster and faster. He was better than she imagined and her hips rode him harder. Shaun's hands explored her body while she bounced up and down on his hard cock, feeling her stomach and abs the roamed up her moving body he pushed them under the lining of her bra cupping her breasts and massaging them with his hands.

The claps in front broke and flew part as it couldn't handled the added pressure.

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The bra fell away and Amy's firm tanned 36C tits spilled out in front of him. Amy moans grew even louder as he fondled and lightly pinched Amy's nipples, "oh baby that feels so good" she shouted as Shaun sat himself up and began massaging Amy's tits with his tongue.

Amy buried his face in to her tits "don't stop!

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DONT STOP! I'M GOING TO CUM OH GOD!" Their fucking reached a fevered jack hammering pace. Shaun wrapped his arm around her waist pulled her down, burying his huge cock deep inside of Amy's wet pussy, and with his other hand gave her ass one last hard smack. Amy saw spots as her wet pussy clamped down on Shaun's dick, as the waves of her orgasm shot through her. "YESSSSS ITS SO GOOD AHHHHHHHHHHH" Amy screamed as her body contorted in pleasure. For moments she sat up right rigid in the troughs of ecstasy.

After many minutes her muscles relaxed from fatigue and she fell forward limply on to Shaun's body. We lay on top of him quivering as the aftershocks ran through her body like mini orgasms. Finally the orgasm completely subsided she looked up at Shaun dreamily "your the god of sex, oh I wish you could fuck me everyday." "your wish is my command" he replied chuckling. "ohhh not done I see" Amy whispered as she felt Shaun's cock still rock hard inside her.

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Amy lifted her body off of his cock and slid down his body, licking her juices off his shaft "a cock this nice should get some attention dont you think" Amy murmured sexily, Shaun could only groan in response as his cock was engulfed in to Amy's hot mouth.

Amy sucked hard and fast, using her tongue to tease him before swallowing him in her mouth and deep throating him to the point of no return before backing off just enough to make him wait.

"FUCK I have to cum please baby it feels so good." Amy grinned and released his cock out of her wet mouth with a pop "your wish is my command" she smiled back at him.


Amy grabbed her huge tits and wrapped his cock in between her soft tits. Pressing them around his cock she moved up and down titty fucking his cock. Shaun's eyes rolled up in his head as the feeling knocked him down. "ohhhh cum for me baby, give me all your hot come, ohh come on baby cum for me please cummmm" Amy's begging got louder and faster as she titty fucked his cock faster and faster.

"Oh god Megan i'm going to CUM!" Shaun yelled out as the cum boiled to the erupting point in his balls. -- Suddenly the lights switched on to full, "Hey sis I heard " Shaun looked over and his eyes met his girlfriends across the room. A long moan escaped his lips a rope of cum exploded from his cock caking his girlfriends sisters face as her tits kept fucking him even as the lights came on. End of story more if good reviews.