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Tiny teen spermed by bbc
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Full Circle Chapter Eight At 0530 my eyes popped open and it took me a few moments to recall where I was of course the beautiful red head laying on my shoulder helped my recollections immensely as did the other two beautiful redheads nestled in each other's arms across the bed from me.

I carefully disentangled myself from Susan and crawled free of the bed. My first stop was the bathroom to take a leak, brush my teeth and wash my face followed by a stop in the walk-in closet where I changed into my running gear. I next stopped on the second floor for a couple bottles of water and then to the basement for my ten mile run. I still couldn't get over how impressive this running machine was and as I programmed in my course resolved to invest whatever was needed to make this thing a commercial success.

I went through my stretching routine and started off slowly. For the first mile or two I could feel the couple of days I had missed, but my muscles finally loosened and I was able to regain my normal speed. I had decided to run north to Cold Spring Lane and then cut west to Druid Hill Park before swinging back to the south and home base.

I was about five miles into my run, just slightly less than halfway when I sensed someone behind and to the left of me. I hadn't heard anyone come in because I had the music programmed pretty loud so I was somewhat surprised to find Cyn running with me.

When she saw that I had seen her she touched some controls in front of her and her treadmill started moving forward and to its right so that she would be running right along side of me. I turned the music down so I could hear what she was saying. "How can you think, much less run with the music that loud" she asked me. "When I run I don't want to think" I replied, "that's why I run the distance I do." "I first started running as part of my training and then found when I was running it was near impossible for me to think about anything too complex so it became my escape from the pressures of my job." "I added the music," I said "because that really numbs my mind and I've found that now when I finish running I'm more mentally refreshed and relaxed." "You know that was a dirty trick with the ice last night don't you" she said looking over at me, "and grandma was really pissed this morning because of how you got even last night." "I really don't know why she should be pissed at me" I said, "after all she knew when doused me with arctic ice water that I was going to get even somehow and last night I saw the perfect opportunity for me to get my revenge." "Well I'm telling you now to watch your back" Cyn said with a smile on her face.

We continued running and I began asking her about her 'computer geek friend' who had created this wondrous machine. "He's a really nice guy, real sweet and a real gentleman and for all of his brains he's dumber than a box of rocks some times" said Cyn. "Now why would you say that" I asked her. "Well" she said "I am very attracted to really smart men and he's the smartest man I have ever met and I must have hinted at least two dozen times that I would really like to go to bed with him" "And" I asked.

"He never took me up on it" she responded quietly "I tried everything short of knocking him over the head and tying him up and nothing, he says he likes me and is even interested in getting together at some point, but he always claims he is far too busy right now.

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"is he gay?" I asked Cyn. "No, I don't think so, but I do know that he is teaching Computer Hardware Design and Programming while working on two PhD's at MIT" she said. "Do you think it would be possible for me to meet him after this mess is over? I asked "I have a business proposition I would like to toss at him." "Sure, I don't see why not as he said for me to call him at any time" she responded. With all of our talking I didn't realize how much time had passed and suddenly realized that we only had a couple of hundred yards to go before the end of our run.

I asked Cyn how long it took the steam room to get hot and she replied that it normally took thirty minutes, but since she always enjoyed taking a steam after running and before she swam she had turned it on before she came in. The machine signaled that the run was finished and we slowly walked around the virtual block several times to cool down before grabbing our towels and heading for the steam room.

To me there had always been something relaxing and refreshing about taking a steam bath after a run and I was looking forward to sitting back and enjoying the one hundred and twelve degree moist heat. Unfortunately that was not to be, at least the sitting back part anyway. We stopped outside the glass door and tossed the towels on a wooden bench and Cyn kicked off her running shoes and everything else along with them and grabbed a couple of oversized hand towels before going inside and I followed suit.

Spreading out one of the towels on the tile bench that ran along three sides of the room Cyn motioned me to come sit alongside of her so I did. She immediately scooted next to me and put her arms around my neck, pulling my head sown for a kiss.

"I want you" she said her voice husky with lust "I've dreamed about having that big dick of your back in my ass every night since we did it and I want it in there now" then she bent over and crammed as much of my cock in her mouth as she possibly could and started sucking like a madwoman.

I could feel my cock starting to react to the hot, wet pressure inside her mouth and as she continued suck she took her free hand and cupped my balls, holding and fondling first one nut then the other gently pulling one and then the other away from my body. Cyn kept trying to swallow my entire cock, but it was just too thick for her small mouth, causing her to gag almost constantly, and I gently pulled her a little way off of it.

"Lover" I said after pulling her head back, "Please don't keep forcing yourself to try and swallow me you'll just hurt yourself" "I don't know why you feel the need to swallow as much of me as possible, because all you really need to do is work on the head." Cyn looked at me with amazement and said "But Daddy, I thought that all men expected the woman giving them a blowjob to be able to swallow their cocks." I looked at her with something akin to shock on my face and said "My god girl, who in the hell told you that." as I pulled her up into my lap.

Cyn wrapped her arms about my neck to keep from sliding off and sensing something, but not quite sure what said softly; "The first time I gave a boy a blowjob he kept saying cram it in and for me to take as much of him as I can in my mouth, but sometimes it's really uncomfortable." "Then, every time after that, the boys and men all wanted me to swallow their cocks and kept trying to force my head down and I guess I just kept trying to swallow" as tears trickled down her cheeks.

"Oh sweetie" I said kissing away her tears "it's a tremendous feeling when a man can slide his cock down a woman's throat, almost as good as the feeling a man gets when he slides his cock all the way into your pussy or up your ass, but it should be a pleasurable act for both the man and woman." "I have always believed" I said continuing on "that if any act is uncomfortable for either the man or his partner then they shouldn't do it." "In all my years" I said "I have only met one woman who could deep throat my cock and that was because she had an unusually large mouth." I have also learned" I told her, "that if a woman is skilled enough with her mouth and tongue I can get the same amount of pleasure if she simply sucks the head as can most men, but you have to assert who you are and not let anyone do or force you to do something you are not comfortable doing to begin with." "Do you want me to finish what I started" asked Cyn looking into my eyes.

"Only if you want to lover" I replied "but why don't we wait until we are in the shower because I have had enough steam for one morning," We quickly dressed back into our running clothes and took the elevator to the fourth floor. When we stepped off Susan was standing there waiting to go down as she and Faith were cooking this morning. "So where have you two been this morning" she asked us with a smile on her face.

"I went for a run" I said "and then Cyn came and joined me for the last half and then we both sat in the steam room for about twenty minutes or so." As she stepped on to the elevator Susan turned to us and said "Breakfast should be ready in thirty minutes and no hanky panky on the bed until you have had a shower and I mean it" and she smiled again. We walked back into the sleeping area holding hands and stripped off our clothes then headed for the shower.

Cyn went and programmed the shower while I grabbed the towels and we met under the central spray. We gently scrubbed each other fondling the whole time and Cyn was just starting to lower herself down so she could access my cock when I had a sudden flashback.

I saw Susan standing in the elevator after she had told us to take a shower before playing on the bed and just as the door started to close I saw an evil glint in her eyes and a mischievous grin on her face and I knew she had planned something. I reached down and pulled Cyn up before pushing the button to stop the shower and then herding her out of the shower.

Mere seconds after I had cleared the shower it came on again, but instead of hot water it was another of those blasts of the arctic jets she had nailed me with before.

If we had hesitated even another ten seconds we would have been caught by the frigid stuff. I turned to Cyn and she was laughing so hard tears were leaking from the corners of her eyes as she leaned against the wall holding her sides.

"Your grandmother is a devious and evil woman" I said, "but two can play this game." "When we go downstairs pretend that she caught us in her trap and follow my lead." What I didn't know was that while Cyn and I were running she had placed a wireless camera and microphone on top of the waterfall and was at that very moment watching our every move on her laptop down in the kitchen.

We finished drying each other and retired to the bedroom where Cyn crawled to the center of the bed and assumed a position with her but in the air and her head and shoulders laying on a couple of pillows. She looked over at me and wiggled her rump and batted her green eyes at me. "I want you to fuck me in my ass" she said as she wiggled some more." "There's a whole tube of astroglide in the top drawer and some of that numbing stuff you had the other night with it.

I had just opened the door when the phone rang and Cyn hopped off the bed and answered it. She listened for a minute or so and then covered the mouthpiece and said to me "Roger is on the line and says we have guests downstairs that you need to talk with." "Who is it" I asked?


"Roger said it's those two policemen you wanted to talk with about what is supposedly going to happen this evening." She replied. "Tell him I'll be right down sweetheart if you would" I said as I reached for my pants and a shirt.

I quickly dressed and slipped my feet into a pair of loafers. I reached for Cyn and she came into my arms for a hug and a kiss. "I'll see you at breakfast lover" I said "and don't think for a second that we won't continue where we left off when we have the time." "I know we will" she said and gave me another squeeze and kiss.

Roger greeted me when I got off the elevator on the first floor and we walked over to where Detectives Smith and Jones were sitting at a table in the food side of the pharmacy.

All the overhead lights were on because with the blast fabric over all the windows it would have been as dark as sin without them. I shook hands with the two detectives and asked how they were doing and after a couple of minutes exchanging pleasantries we got right to the heart of the reason for their visit.

Detective Smith opened the ball by saying "I noticed when we came in that you had beefed up the building's security out front, from what I saw it would take an Abrams to bust through that." "That was the general idea" I replied, "now can we get to the real reason for your visit this morning." "Bit short on the fuse this morning aren't you Colonel" stated Detective Smith.

"Look" I said "we can play word games all fucking morning, but you are as aware as I am that sometime tonight those assholes in the gang that call themselves MS13 are going to attack this place with the intent of killing three women I happen to care deeply about." I continued saying "This information didn't come from the police even though I learned of it several days ago and I have taken steps to make sure they are safe, but I have to wonder why we were not told of the threat".

"Quite simply Colonel we were told not to say a word to you by our superiors" Said Det. Smith "They want to use you as bait and then swoop in and arrest them all." "That fucking figures" I said "it's no wonder that so many businesses are moving to the suburbs or even out of state with an attitude like that." I went on with more than a little venom in my voice "You are aware aren't you that these thugs intend to set off several diversions elsewhere in the City timed to draw every cop from around here away." Detectives Smith and Jones looked at each other and then looked back at me.

"How good is your intelligence Colonel?" asked Det. Jones. "The absolute best" I replied "our intel comes from 2 different sources that both said the same thing completely independent of one another." "I can even show you approximately where on a map these attacks are supposed to take place if you would like." "Can we talk to your sources Colonel? Said Det. Smith "We would like to confirm what you say is true." "Gentlemen" I replied "I have absolutely no reason to lie to either of you." "Both of our sources have been relocated for their own safety and the only people who know where they are is Dr.

Faith Marshall and the security team with them." "Now I can ask Faith if you would like" I said, but I doubt she will give away their secure location for any reason." "Could we at least talk with Dr. Marshall" Det. Smith asked. "Look" I said "I have taken steps to protect these women and I am not about to fail in doing that." "If I take you upstairs I have to have your solemn promise that you will say nothing about what you either hear or see to anyone." "It's not that I don't trust you, but I have reason to believe that your headquarters building has been compromised from within and when my contacts in D.C.

get back to me I'll be able to tell you who." "Now, do I have your word?" I asked. Both men nodded in agreement and I got up and walked over to one of the house phones. I called the kitchen and when Susan answered I told her that we would have two more for breakfast and asked if that would be a problem. After being assured that it wouldn't be Roger, who had remained silent the whole time, and I escorted the two Detectives to the elevator and the second floor.

I saw them take note of the blast fabric over the windows and the number of armed men sitting in the living room, having just finished breakfast, and the armed group sitting down at the dining room table and could see the questions forming in their eyes. "All in due time gentlemen, let's have breakfast first" I said grabbing a chair. Breakfast was Belgium waffles, poached eggs, bacon, sausage, smoked ham, grits, homemade scratch biscuits, white sawmill gravy, lots of butter, maple syrup, juice, milk, and coffee along with an assortment of jams and preserves.

There wasn't much talking other than a "please pass this" or "a please pass that" or "would you like some more…" After fifteen minutes of steadily stuffing my face I poured me another cup of their wonderful morning blend coffee and pushed back from the table. Seeing that the two Detectives had finished I called out to Faith and asked if she could join us for a couple of minutes.

When Faith came to the table I explained what the two Detectives wanted and after thinking it over for a couple of minutes she agreed that they could speak to the two women by phone. Faith made the arrangements and after speaking with both women for some thirty minutes both Mike and John (Detectives Smith and Jones respectively) hung up and came into the living room where I was going over final defensive plans with Roger and Billy.

"Alright Colonel, we have both talked to the two women and are convinced of what you said" stated John "the problem is going to be in convincing our superiors." "Look guys" I said "excluding myself I have fifteen of the finest men a person could ask for to help defend this place and we are not going to take lethal action unless a person's life is in direct danger." "The weapons and ammunition we will be using is light yet is capable of delivering an incapacitating wound, in the hands of a marksman, well beyond three hundred yards, and every man and woman here is an expert shot." I went on to say: "Our intent is not to litter the streets with any more garbage that is already there, but to simply break the back of this attack in such a way that we can gain several weeks to a month's breathing space." "Why do you need that much time" asked Mike "are you planning to take your war to them." "Nope" I said as I was joined by Susan, Faith, and Cyn "our intent is to get the hell out of Dodge so to speak." "If our planning is accurate" I continued looking at my three women "it's our plan to be completely gone from here within twelve hours, sooner if possible, and I have one of the finest people in logistics in the country working on how to accomplish that goal." We want to vanish so quickly that these thugs won't have any time to figure out what is going on much less get it into their pea brains to follow us before it's too late." Before anyone could say anything else there was a call from the man watching the exterior cameras.

He spoke with Roger for a moment and then Roger turned to me and said that he needed to get down to the garage as there was a rental truck with a delivery for him.

I asked what he was expecting, but he just smiled and said it was a surprise, a surprise that I would really like. I could see that both Mike and John had additional questions so after Roger left I tried my best to answer them. One of the things I suggested to them was having some friends with a certain intelligence agency call their intelligence department and relay to them the intel we had on the diversionary attacks.

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I also suggested that they, meaning the police department hold back on trying to arrest the gang members until after we had broken their attack on the building. What I suggested was for them to wait until the attack started and then throw up a cordon around a four block area with our building being in the center.

That way I said once we broke their attack and these thugs started to flee, those that were able that is, they would run up against the police barricade and would have nowhere to run. Both Mike and John thought that was an excellent idea, but again the problem was going to be convincing the brass at headquarters to go along with the plan.

I said one argument they could use was that this was a way to possibly permanently cripple the gang within the City or at the very worst get a bunch of really nasty types off the streets for a very long time and quite possibly strike the fear of god into some of the other gangs within the City.

We talked for a while longer and it was decided that if they felt the need I would come down to Headquarters and talk with the Chief of Police and the Police Commissioner, but that we couldn't hold off on that meeting for too long as we needed to know if they would work with us or whether we were going to go it alone.

After the pair departed I placed a couple of calls to my friend with the intelligence agency and explained not just what we were up against, but what I saw as a workable solution. We talked for another forty-five minutes and when we finally hung up he had agreed to have one of his deputy department heads call the Police Intelligence Unit and pass on the intelligence, implying that they had gained the information through telephone intercepts and to leave my name out of it completely.

I looked at my watch and was amazed to find that it was only 1000 hours as I had thought it being closer to noon. I got up and refilled my coffee mug and went down to the garage area. There was a small moving van type vehicle parked in the middle of the bay and Roger, Billy, and a couple of the other guys were all standing around the back with three men I didn't know talking animatedly.

"You couldn't keep that curiosity in check could you Colonel" said Roger as I walked up. "OK Roger, what's the big surprise you have for me" I asked. Roger introduced me to Charlie, Zeke, and Jeb and explained that they were all members of his R & D department and they had brought an old toy with new uses for a test to see how effective it was.

Roger reached into the back of the truck and pulled out a m79 grenade launcher and handed it to me. I was very familiar with the weapon having used one on many occasions when I was in 'Nam, but I hadn't fired one since I left that wonderful place. Roger said that they were looking at these weapons for crowd control and had developed several special rounds for it that weren't in the military arsenal. Along with illumination, smoke, and CS gas rounds they had developed several others that they hoped might prove useful in controlling large crowds.

The first one he showed me used a super strong capsicum based liquid that caused a severe burning sensation on the skin of anyone unfortunate enough to get it on them and worked in a manner similar to the CS gas and could incapacitate someone if they got a large enough dose. The second round contained a dye very similar in composition to that used by banks when they were held up. This he said was an air burst round that when it detonated released a fine mist of this dye.

The beauty of this round was that the dye could only be removed with a special solvent and if water was used to try and remove it it simply spread over a larger area. He had hopes of using it to identify rioters. The third round was filled with a nausea gas that induced uncontrollable vomiting that lasted for the better part of an hour.

The fourth round was filled with hundreds of two foot long filaments coated with a super strong adhesive that activated when exposed to air and when it burst it spread these filaments out over a twenty-five foot radius.

Anything they hit they instantly stuck to be it skin, clothing, asphalt, concrete, metal and so on. For example he explained if one of these filaments were to land on a person's foot and the ground that individuals foot was immediately anchored to that spot.

If they tried using their hand to free themselves the hand got stuck and so on. He had several other rounds, but doubted that they would be all that useful because they required the person doing the firing to be within thirty feet of their target and he didn't expect us to get that close. Roger had two other surprises for me and both were very welcome ones. From a crate in the back of the truck he pulled out a Dragon Skin SOV-3000 Ballistic Vest and handed it to me.

These vests are rated by the manufacturer, Pinnacle Armor, to provide Level IV protection and while I don't expect us to face anything that heavy I would rather have too much protection than not enough. He then reached into another crate and pulled out a Kevlar battle helmet and said he had enough to equip everybody in the building. After the show and tell Roger, Billy and I took another walk through the building checking out the defensive positions he had established and then went to the roof.

What he had planned was to have four men on watch on a two hour rotation with the rest of the men resting on the third floor. He and Billy had run several drills and it took the men less than two minutes to reach their assigned posts. He had installed additional cameras, including a couple of infrared so that every square foot of visible space was not only covered, but everything was being recorded.

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He said he had planned to keep the majority of the security lights off until the gang members actually closed with the building. Each of the men were equipped with night vision goggles and would be able to see the attackers well before they really got close. With nothing left for me to do I wandered down to the second floor and found the women in the midst of preparing a lunch of assorted cold cuts with fresh baked submarine rolls.

Even Cyn was pitching in although technically she was excused from kitchen duty until the following week. I whispered in her ear that if she wanted to resume where we were interrupted this morning I would be upstairs if she could get away. I then grabbed a Dr Pepper from the fridge and took the elevator to the fourth floor. It still lacked an hour until noon and lunch was scheduled for 1300 hours.

I stripped off my clothes and crawled into the center of the bed, took a drink of my DP and settled down with a sheet draped across my mid-section. I hoped that Cyn would be able to join me as I was still horny from this morning. That was the last conscious thought I had. I don't know how long I slept, but I woke to a warm, wet mouth latched to my cock and the sensation of a tongue swirling around the base of its head.

I gradually opened my eyes and saw the back of a red head slowly bobbing up and down as a hand caressed my balls with a finger gently probing my asshole sending shivers up my spine. I thought I had died and gone to heaven it felt so damned good! I felt myself rapidly approaching a climax, but I really wanted to dump my load of cum in Cyn's ass so I reached down and pulled her head off my cock.

She let go reluctantly and as I pulled her up my body I got the shock of my life. It wasn't Cyn looking at me with lust in her eyes, but her mother Faith! "My god" I said looking at her in astonishment "if I had known that was you I would have let you continue, but I thought you were Cyn and I really wanted to come in her ass." "I know" she replied "Cyn offered me the chance to come up here so I took it." "Well I can't say I am disappointed" I replied kissing her.

We played dueling tongue for a bit before she broke away. "I'm not ready to have that beast in my ass just yet" she said "but I do want that monster to fuck my pussy and fuck it hard." Once I heard that I wrapped my arms around her and rolled her over on to her back.

I slid down so that her beautiful breasts were right at mouth level and I sucked one nipple into my mouth while I massaged her other breast with my hand. When the nipple in my mouth was rock hard I switched to the other one and slowly stroked my way down her body with my now free hand.

I was surprised and pleased to find her pussy clean shaven and absolutely dripping wet. I shifted my body so that I was lying between her legs and moved upward until my cock was just touching her outer lips. Faith quickly raised her hips and the head of my cock slipped inside and I began to slowly stroke in and out.

God was she tight, but like her mother the walls of her pussy seemed to pull away from my cock allowing me to penetrate her to my full length.

Then the walls closed in and as they gently yet firmly molded themselves around me I could feel her wet furnace like heat. I paused for a moment before pulling almost all the way out and Faith let out a moan as I slowly withdrew. I pumped my cock back in with a nice steady stroke and as soon as my balls hit her ass withdrew again. Over the space of half a dozen strokes we established a smooth rhythm and then began to pick up speed.

It didn't take long before we were slamming together so hard that I was sure that something was going to break and the only sounds to be heard were the slapping of my balls against her ass, grunting as our pelvic bones collided, and gasps for breath.

I was always a person who favored nice slow sex, but here was a woman that until just a couple of nights ago had only had sex twice, maybe three time in her entire forty-seven years and she wanted to make up for lost time. We paused for a second and rolled again with me on the bottom and Faith would raise up until just the tip of my cock was between the passion filled lips of her pussy before letting gravity take over and slamming back down.

She was quivering and shaking as one orgasm after another raced through her body and I could feel an urgency building inside her as her vaginal walls began to spasm around my cock. I took my fingers off her nipples and reached between us with one hand as my other circled around her small, but beautifully proportioned ass.

As the fingers of my right hand searched for and found her swollen clit those of my left sought and then zeroed in on her virginal rosebud. I massaged her clit and as the shockwave of the intense orgasm that action caused reverberated through her body I stuck first one and then a second finger in her ass.

For just a moment in time she froze from the shock and pain of having he ass penetrated like that then she simply exploded on my cock as a massive orgasm rocked her small frame. That tipped me over the edge and my balls contracted unleashing a massive jet of cum into her over-stimulated pussy and sent her into the throes of another soul shattering orgasm. Three, four, five times my cock erupted sending another bolt of hot cum deep inside her and with each one she let out another gasp as yet another orgasm rolled through her.

She could take no more and collapsed on my chest gasping for breath and pulled herself off my deflating cock, falling beside me on the bed her arms and legs splayed out and as her head tilted from side to side she kept repeating so softly it was difficult to hear clearly "no more, no more, no more." I had just begun to lean over and brush her sweat matted hair away from her face when the phone rang.

Unleashing a massive groan I flounder my way to the edge of the bed and snagged the phone from it's cradle. "Hello" I said breathing rather heavily "this is CT can I help you." "Colonel, this is Detective Mike Smith do you have a minute" he asked. "Sure Mike what can I do for you" I replied struggling to catch my breath. "Colonel, the reason I am calling is that my Captain, the Police Chief, and the Police Commissioner would like to know if you could come down to Police Headquarters to attend an informal meeting to discuss your situation" said Mike, "we just received some new intelligence that we believe has a direct impact on you." "Sure Mike" I replied panting a little less hard, "what time would you like to meet and can I bring Roger with me" "Well Colonel" he said "it's now just about noon so why don't we say 1330 hours and if you want to bring Roger with you that would be fine." When you come in just identify yourself to the police officer at the front desk and he will get an escort to show you where we are going to be meeting." "OK Mike, I'll see you at 1330 hours" said goodbye and hung up.

I then reached over the side of the bed and grabbed my comset from the floor where it was laying with my pistol and making sure it was set on Roger's channel called him. When he answered I asked that he and Billy meet me in the second floor dining room in thirty minutes and told him briefly about the meeting to take place.

I clicked off and rolled back toward Faith. She was sprawled out in the same position as I had left her, but was sound asleep. I finally was able to brush the hair from her face and kissed her lightly on the lips before drawing a sheet up to cover her. I then reversed course yet again and padded into the shower. Conscious of the fact that Susan the red headed witch had programmed a boobytrap into the system to unleash a blast of freezing water I didn't waste any time rinsing the sweat and other substances off my body before shutting the system off and drying off.

Ten minutes later I stepped off the elevator on the second floor and wended my way into the kitchen where I gave both Susan and Cyn a kiss and asked if they would make Roger and I a couple of sandwiches since we wouldn't be here for lunch. Cyn looked at me and said "where's mom?" "Sated and sleeping" I said with a smile as I grabbed a drink from the fridge. "You expected something else to happen" and wandered back into the dining area.

I settled into a chair and took a long pull on my drink. Roger and Billy showed up a couple of minutes later and I explained about the meeting and how I wanted him with me because of his credentials in counter-terrorism and I felt his words would lend some weight to our argument. Susan walked into the room with two plates containing a piled high cold cut sandwich, homemade potato chips, homemade dill pickles, and coleslaw and asked Roger what he wanted to drink.

She asked Billy if he wanted to eat now as well and he said he would eat with the rest of the men, but would like a glass of iced tea if possible. Susan and Cyn returned with Roger and Billy's drinks and then sat across from us as we ate. Susan asked who was going to this meeting and when I replied that it was just Roger and I she blew up. "You will take at least two additional men with you CT" she said and Cyn seconded her "you're the one that made the rule that none of us can leave here with less than two bodyguards and you included yourself in that deal." "But" I started to say when Susan interrupted me.

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"But me no buts Mister" she said "you will take the extra men and that is final" and she got up and stormed into the kitchen. Cyn flashed me a scathing look and followed her. I got up from the table and walked into the kitchen and saw Susan leaning against the sink crying.

I walked over and put my arms around her kissing her hair. Susan pulled back a bit and looking at me said "CT I love you with all of my heart and would be completely lost without you now." I am concerned for your safety and would feel much better if you would take those extra men with you." "If it means that much to you" I said "I'll take the extra men, but I would rather have them here with you my love." "I know that" she responded "I would just feel better if they were with you." "OK, I'll have Billy round up a couple of the guys and have them meet us in the garage" I said and kissed her again.

As I walked back toward the dining room Cyn ambushed me and said in a low voice "you had better listen to grandma daddy" and gave me a squeeze before walking away. I resumed my seat and told Billy to grab a couple of shooters to ride with Roger and me and then went back to eating my lunch. After we had finished I carried the plates and glasses back into the kitchen and promised Susan that I would call her when we arrived and when we left to come back this way.

I gave her a hug and another kiss then rounding up Roger we went down to the garage. Sam and Jose were the two men Billy had selected and as the four of us loaded into the Suburban I saw Cyn standing by the hallway door.

Why that little minx didn't trust me and was making sure I had the two extra men with me. I caught her eye and blew her a kiss then flipped her the bird before shutting the door and starting the engine. Thirty minutes later we pulled into secure parking by Police Headquarters and Roger and I got out.

For the sake of expediency we left our weapons in the truck, well all except the forty cal under my left arm. We walked up to the information desk and identified ourselves and within a minute were being escorted to the fifth floor by a very attractive red headed police woman.

She dropped us off at the door to the Police Commissioner's door and smile saying that if she could ever be of service not to hesitate to call and handed each of us a business card with her home address and phone number on the back. What the hell was it with redheads in my life I sure as hell didn't need another! We entered the Commissioner's office and his secretary directed us to the conference room.

Detectives Smith and Jones were there, standing in a small group along with their Captain, the Head of the Intelligence Department, the Chief of Police, and the Police Commissioner. Detective Smith came over and leading Roger and I to the group introduced us to everyone. The Police Commissioner opened the meeting by saying "Colonel I understand that you want to turn my cities streets into a war zone." "No Sir I do not" I replied.

"What I want to do is protect three beautiful women who have been placed in danger through no fault of their own and in the process significantly reduce, if not eliminate, a threat to this city." "And how do you propose to do that without turning my streets into a bloodbath" asked the Commissioner.

"Well Sir" I said, "It has come to my attention that sometime either late this evening or very early tomorrow morning members of the gang known as MS13 intend to attack the building my three ladies occupy." "They are doing this in retaliation for the arrest and conviction of their leader and his war chief that happened when they tried to commit armed robbery of Ms Marshall's Pharmacy." "When I arrived and realized the danger these women were in I called upon my friend and former colleague Roger Jenkins and his Company for assistance" I said, "and between us we developed a plan and gathered the resources to protect Ms Marshall, her daughter, and granddaughter until such time as we could safely remove them and their property from the City." "Our intent was to do no more than that until we learned of the impending attack!" "What makes you think that you can do a better job than the men and women of the Police Department" asked the Chief of Police.

"With all due respect to those men and women and the fine job they do we are professionals at this" said Roger "and it's what my Company has been doing ever since its founding some fifteen years ago." "To be perfectly honest Sir" Roger continued " the vast majority of you officers rarely, if ever, draw their weapons in the line of duty whereas every single man I have is a trained former Marine combat veteran who are extremely skilled with any number of firearms.

The Head of the Intelligence Section interrupted at that point and said "You know Colonel that this gang is supposed to have half a dozen LAW rockets at their disposal." "we learned that from the interrogation of one of the gang members who was arrested earlier this week." On hearing that Roger and I reached for our phones simultaneously and I was a shade faster in calling Billy than he was. When Billy answered the phone I said "Billy, we just learned that they may have up to six m72's." "Pull the lower guard posts back to better cover and double the watch up top.

If you spot any you know what to do!" and then I hung up. "I apologize for the interruption gentlemen, but I had to give Roger's partner a heads up on what we might be facing" I said, "LAW rockets in trained hands can be a very deadly weapon and in the hands of someone untrained dangerous to them and those around him.

In the course of our planning we discussed a number of different scenarios and while we didn't plan specifically for a rocket attack our shooters know that the primary objective is to take out the weapon first by either disabling or destroying it." For the next hour and a half we discussed the situation and I was finally able to convince the Police Commissioner that the plan I had discussed with Detectives Smith and Jones was a viable one.

Roger and I walked out of Police Headquarters with assurances that the Police would provide the necessary backup and a portable police radio so that I could maintain contact with them. Jose was behind the wheel of the Suburban when we rolled out of the parking lot because as he pointed out he was an escape and evasion driving instructor and I was not.

We made it back to the pharmacy building without difficulty and by three pm Roger, Billy, and I were fine tuning our plans for the evening. We had taken great pains to have as few men visible during the day as possible and figured that we should have the element of surprise when the attack finally came. Having a little time before dinner I asked Susan, Faith, and Cyn to join me on the fourth floor.

I knew what I was about to say to them was not going to be received real well, but I felt that I had to do it. When we got off the elevator instead of turning toward the bedroom as we had in the past I went in the opposite direction and sat the three of them down on that monstrous couch of Susan's.

I gave each one of them a kiss and then took several steps back. I had just opened my mouth to tell them that I wanted the three of them out of harm's way when Susan said out of the blue "We're not leaving CT and there is nothing that you can say or do that will make us leave." "While you were gone" she said, "we sat and discussed this and decided come hell or high water we weren't going to leave." "The three of us know that you are concerned for our safety, but we feel our place is here with you" and with that the three of them stood up and put their arms around me.

I didn't know what to say so I said nothing as Faith took arm and Cyn took the other. With Susan leading the way the three of them led me to the bedroom area and started stripping off my clothing.

The next two hours were spent simply holding and caressing one another. Faith and Cyn withdrew themselves and leaving me in Susan's arms got dressed and headed for the kitchen to start working on dinner.

I started to get up and Susan held me back saying she wanted to talk with me once the other two had left. Once the elevator door closed Susan sat up and looking at me said "This past week has brought about a lot of changes in the lives of me, Faith, and Cynthia and I want you to know that none of us are displeased with the way things have turned out." "Your presence here has filled a gap in our lives that none of us really knew existed." Susan paused for a minute or so to collect her thoughts and then continued saying "For the first time each of us know that we are truly in love with you and that that love is reciprocated by you without any strings, conditions, or reservations." "Even though we don't know what will happen tonight we all feel safe and secure knowing that you will do everything in your power to protect us." She then laid down and snuggled next to me laying her head on my chest.

As I caressed her hair I said "When Carol died I was at loose ends, I didn't know what to do and in my grief decided to simply end my life after I had said goodbye to my family." "Then I walked into your store and found not one, but three reasons to continue on with my life." "I didn't think it was possible for me to fall in love again and yet here I am in love with not one, but three very special women each with their own unique quirks and traits." It was then that I realized that Susan was licking my right nipple while her right hand gently massaged my balls.

"Stop that" I said "you're making it very difficult for me to think!" Susan looked up at me and as she brought her lips to mine said "You don't have to think because when you said that you loved me and my daughter and granddaughter you said all I needed to hear." The kiss she gave me was one filled with passion and love and as her tongue searched out and found mine she threw her right leg over both of mine and straddled me.

Raising herself up slightly she grabbed my blood engorged cock and guided it between the lips of her labia and slowly settled downward. Once again the level of control she had over the muscles of her pussy amazed me as they loosened to allow my penetration and then closed around my cock like a snug glove. Once she bottomed out she let out a soft moan and began rippling the muscles of her pussy starting at the base of my shaft and slowly moving upward along its length before beginning all over again.

Every now and again she would rise up allowing my cock to almost slip out and then she would plunge downward again and begin milking my cock yet again. I lay there completely stupefied and it wasn't long before I felt my balls begin to tighten. Susan sensed that I was nearing an explosion and increased the amount of pressure she was using on my cock and the speed at which they contracted.

I moved my hands from her shoulders to her breasts and began dragging my thumbs across her nipples. Her low moaning increased in volume tenfold and she said "Cum with me" as a massive orgasm began to wash through her body. I could hold back no longer and as the first jet of my cum shot into her pussy she clamped down even harder on my cock to the point where it was almost painful.

I could feel the pressure build as the next blast sought its exit and she would ease the clamp slightly to allow it to travel the length of my cock before clamping down again. Although it seemed like it was minutes between each jet this all happened in a matter of seconds and I cannot remember ever coming so hard or so long in my entire life. Susan collapsed on top of me and we lay there wrapped in each other's arms lost in post coital bliss. Finally we roused ourselves and after exchanging several passionate and loving kisses padded into the bathroom.

We climbed into the shower and scrubbed one another from top to bottom and after we had rinsed off Susan made to get out of the shower, but I held her in place.

The water went from body temperature for just above freezing in a matter of half a second and while I was prepared for it Susan was not. Susan let out a screech that would have woken the dead had a graveyard been near and struggled to get away, but couldn't break free of my arms.

The water was fucking cold, but fortunately shut itself off after about fifteen seconds. "You, you bastard" she said shivering in my arms. I looked down at her and after giving her a kiss said "We're even now and no more tricks like this, OK?" If looks could kill I would have been dead and butchered, but she finally said ok and that was that. We climbed out of the shower and I spent a lot of time drying her off and warming her up before we dressed and headed down to the second floor.

Dinner was hot pastrami sandwiches on dark rye with potato salad and a light pilsner beer and after we had eaten we held a strategy session in the front room. Billy started off the session with a discussion on how to deal with the LAW rockets.

"We are all familiar with this weapon" he said "and it's quite likely that these gangbangers are not." "What this means is that they will likely try and get close before trying to use them and this gives us the opportunity to take them out before they are used." "Now, what I want is for our designated snipers" looking at Jason, Sam, and Jose "and their spotters to keep an eye out for them." "As soon as you see them notify one of us and open fire, preferably before they can fire the damned things." "You got it Gunner" said Jason "any particular spot you want us to watch from?" Billy had a smile on his face and replied "Been a lot of years since someone called me Gunner and it's nice to know the Corps hasn't lost all its traditions." "Now I want you and Phillips on top of the elevator house as that will give you an additional twelve feet in height and I want you to watch the front and back corners." "Sam I want you and Lenny to watch the back alley in case they try for the garage entrance and Jose I want you and Chris to watch the front." "I don't really expect them to try anything before nightfall" he continued, "but you never can tell and it's better to be prepared than taking a rocket up the ass." "The rest of you guys have been split into two squads and I want you doing a two hour on two hour off rotation." "This will give us three shooters up top in addition to the snipers plus one in the store and one in the garage." Billy paused for a second or two and then went on "We are supposed to be facing between sixty and one hundred hostiles and I want all of you to remember to shoot to maim no kill shots unless someone's life is in danger so don't get carried away." Turning to me Billy said "That's all I have Skipper, do you want to say anything?" "Thank You Billy and thank you Roger" I said "I really appreciate the effort you two have put into this." "Now" I said turning to the assembled men "You are all professionals and you know the job at hand and I have no doubt that you will an excellent job." "Roger and I talked with the City Police this afternoon and when the shooting starts I will launch a green flare." "This will be the signal to the police to seal off the entire area so that not one of these gangbangers manages to escape." "They are not, I repeat, they are not going to come to our rescue unless we are in danger of being overrun if that happens I will then launch a red flare so be careful who you shoot at once that happens because they could be the good guys." "I don't need to tell you to be careful because I know you will." "Let's teach these clowns just what it means to fuck with Marines!" and with that I sat back down.

"OK guys" said Roger standing "there will be sandwiches and drinks in the dining room all night so let's get to it." With that the group split up with some heading to their racks while the others headed for their assigned duty stations.


Billy and I had the second shift so I headed for the elevator and the fourth floor. I shucked out of my shoulder harness on the way up and when I stepped off the elevator I placed it and my rifle on a chair right beside the door that already had my vest and helmet draped over it. I slipped out of my shoes and walked to the back in stocking feet. I found Susan, Faith, and Cyn all stretched out on the bed without a stitch of clothing on.

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I quickly stripped out of my clothes and crawled, with my cock hanging down like a steel bar, into the middle of them. "None of that now" said Susan as I reached for one of her breasts, "you're supposed to rest and try and get some sleep before your shift goes on so lay there on your belly while we give you a massage.

I didn't realize how tense I was until three pairs of hands started working on my back and the last thing I remember was Susan, I think, working on the muscles in my neck and shoulders.

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I had been asleep maybe twenty minutes when the phone rang. Susan answered it and handing it to me said "it's Roger." Taking the phone from Susan I said "What's going on Roger?" "It's started!" he said "you had better get up here!"