Twink big asses and boys at school hard core gay porn xxx Patrick

Twink big asses and boys at school hard core gay porn xxx Patrick
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I looked around for Sarah, looking forward to what we had planned for today. I found her on the bench that she usually sat at when she was still living here. I went up to her with a huge grin plastered on my face. I stood in front of her and she stood up with a rug under her arm. "Permission to suffocate?" I asked. She nodded and I proceeded to hug her so hard that I could hear her choking.

She weakly pawed at my back and squeaked out, "That's enough now!" I quickly pulled back with what I hoped was my guilty face. I bent down and picked up the rug which had fallen out of her arms when I was hugging her and gave it back to her "Have enough energy left in you for later?" I asked tentatively.

She grinned evilly and replied, "Of course, hope you have enough of that stuff I like ready." * * * We walked slowly along the alum cliffs track, looking for a spot that was clear enough already and far enough off the track that we wouldn't be easily spotted. She grabbed my arm and pointed off a little ways to a small clearing. It was perfect. I nodded and we both started pushing through the bush to get to it.

We got there and started clearing a space on the ground.


We pushed all the crap and stuff off to the edges and then spread the blanket. We found 4 rocks and put them on the corners to stop it from moving from all the action. I turned to face her with a humongous grin plastered on my face.

She motioned for me to turn around and get my cock out, so I did. When I turned back around she was just turning around. Her gaze instantly dropped to my cock, her mouth dropping open a bit. I smiled and moved forward slowly, my gaze slowly traveling up and down her body.

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Her tits were the perfect size for someone her age, just big enough so that they could be pushed together for a great titfuck. Her cunt looked like it was freshly shaved and she had great hips that complimented her toned legs a lot. She knelt down on the rug and took my cock in her hand, slowly rubbing it up and down.

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A steady stream of pre-cum was oozing freely and she used that to slick it up. Satisfied that it was slicked up enough, she layed back on the carpet and pushed her tits together for a titfuck. I knelt down on top of her stomach and slowly slid my cock in between the channel created.

My god it felt so good. Plus, it was the first time I'd felt some boobs since I was a little kid. After about five minutes I was getting pretty close to cumming and I'm pretty sure she realized it. I got off her and she knelt in front of me again, before taking my cock straight into her mouth. I could feel her tongue bathing my shaft in saliva and that finally sent me over the edge.

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I pumped what felt like a gallon of cum straight down her throat. Her hand moved up and down on the base of my cock, milking any last drops of cum out. She moved her mouth up so it was on the edge of the head and increased the suction thoroughly cleaning my whole cock. My dick finally came free with a *plop* sound. She grinned up at me and said, "That, was good." I smiled in return and then she rolled over and presented her ass to me.I knelt down behind her and rubbed my cock head over her rosebud, thoroughly lubing it up.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked. She responded by pushing her ass back until the head of my cock slipped inside. She gasped out loud and I could see her biting her lip as she turned her head back toward me.

I grabbed my shirt from where I had discarded it and gave it to her to use as a gag if she had to. I slid about two more inches into her tight ass, hearing her groan with what I hoped was pleasure. "I'm going to ram it in deep and hard, like you said you liked.

Ready?" I asked. She nodded and said, "Please, I've been waiting for ages." I took a deep breath, then moved forward in one quick movement, forcing her ass to accommodate my size all at once.

All 6.5 inches was forced into her ass and for the first time her ass was being stretched in a non-normal way. I pulled out slowly and then forced it back in, repeating the movement and ramming my cock into her ass as hard as I could.

I rammed her so hard that she was moving forward every time I slammed into her.

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My balls were slapping on her cunt lips every time I banged into her. My balls were starting to boil and I leaned down and groaned, "I'm gonna cum again soon, where do you want it?" "In my pussy!" she cried.

"Fill my cunt with your hot cum, cum so hard so that I will be spewing cum for a week!" I quickly pulled out, jamming my cock into her dripping wet cunt in one hard move. I felt resistance at first, but then I was through and her cunt muscles were struggling to accommodate me.


She grabbed the gag and shoved it into her mouth and screamed so loud that even I could hear it. That sent me over the edge as I once again pumped cum deep inside of her. Her cunt muscles gripped my cock like a vice and I could feel the spray of her cum as she reached her own orgasm. I pulled back slightly and then picked up a steady rocking motion.

Sarah groaned as I rammed my cock deep and hard into her cunt. Amazingly, once again I felt a boiling in my balls as I got ready to cum.


I pulled out and said to her, "Suck my cock and then I'll paint your face white." She hurriedly turned around and I watched her cunt close as soon as my cock was freed. She took my cock in her mouth and moved her head back and forth, cleaning my shaft and bathing my head in saliva as she cleaned it with her tongue.

I groaned as I almost reached the point of no return, then quickly pulled my cock free from her mouth and moved my hand up and down on my cock, spewing cum on her face, giving her a facial and painting her face white. She smiled up at me and I smiled in return. "Great fucking" she said enthusiastically. I nodded forcing my cock back into her mouth and feeling her wash away the remnants of cum from it. "We should do it again sometime, sometime soon that is" I laughed.

She looked up at me with as much as a serious look as she could muster with my cock in her mouth and nodded.

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