Puremature busty milf destiny dixon loves hard cock doggystyle hardcore

Puremature busty milf destiny dixon loves hard cock doggystyle hardcore
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Even though Carol, had gotten up out of bed first, Johnny made it in the shower first. because she had headed to the linen closet for towels. Grabbing some towels, she headed back the to bathroom. Pasting the hall mirror, she stopped and looked at her naked body in it, which she felt still looked pretty good for being in her forties. it was still good enough to turn on an eighteen year old guy, even if the guy was her own son. She was sure if Johnny ever introduced her to some of his friends as he had once or twice suggested, that they find her naked body just as cock hardening as Johnny did.


As Carol thought about Johnny and some of his ganging up on her, she wondered why that ideal didn't bother her? she wondered, why she so easily gave into Johnny incestuous desires and wicked things they did together?

She liked blaming it on her being in her forties and suddenly extra horny, but the truth was if her husband suggested the things she did with Johnny or wanted to do with her son, she'd slap his face. the fact was she was enjoying the wickedness of committing Incest. She ran her hand over her belly, Wondering if this time she would get pregnant as she felt the mixture of her and her son's juice leaking out of her and down her inner thighs.

she looked at herself in the mirror, knowing if she did get pregnant it would be the end of her marriage. her husband had a vasectomy after her third pregnancy had ended in a miscarriage. So if she did get pregnant, it would be a clear sign of her cheating, she wondered why that didn't bother her more? She didn't like to think of her marriage as being a sham but Carol knew she didn't feel the lust or love she once had for her husband.

But Johnny on the other hand, she felt herself grow damp just being in the same room with him. Returning, towels in hand to the bathroom, Carol stopped and stood at the door, remembering how it all started, that first Saturday. it seemed as if one minute she had just stepping out of the shower and the next her bare ass was on the cool marble of the bathroom sink and Johnny was thrusting into her.

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She remembered the feeling of him forcing himself on her. her mild protests did nothing to stop him from taking her. She remembered thinking how it be over sooner if she didn't fight him. when it was over, Carol remembered being fearful at first when she saw her son but later she was the one who wanted more. Now she was trembling, as she walked to his room, walking in and dropping her robe and giving herself to him.

She remembered her pride at her son tell her, how sexy and beautiful she was. dropping to her knees to suck him, how she had felt her sex wet-ten as her son moaned how good her mouth felt on his cock, her embarrassment as she asked for him to fuck her ass as he took her doggie style, and then the power of her climax as Johnny pulled out of her ass and jammed his cock up her twat to explode in her.


yes, that first Saturday had been intense but it paled in comparison to some of the Saturday they had shared since and because of that Carol willing gave herself to her own son. During the weekdays they had a normal mother-son relationship, maybe one that was better then most, but on Saturdays, Carol accepted, she was nothing more the her son live sex toy and there weeks She wished every day was Saturday.

While remembering it all, Carol's fingers slip into her wet twat.

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After a few moment of touching herself Carol called out, "Mind if I join you, Son?" Grinning, Johnny opened the door for her. Johnny started to say something but Carol kissing him immediately shut him up. Johnny moaned into her mouth as he felt her hand on his chest, fingers circling his nipples. when the kiss was broken Carol's lips moved to her son's nipples that had harden under her caress.


Of course, Johnny returned the favor holding up his mother's breasts, squeezing them, and sucking on her nipples. To which she responded to with, "Yes." Carol moaned, "Suck on mommy's tits." After a few minutes of enjoying the pleasure of her son's mouth on her tits, Carol kissed down his chest, pausing to briefly suck again on one of his nipples, before she continued kissing downward as she lowering herself to her knees.

She felt the shower splashing on head and the water running down her back as her lips slide up and down the rigid shaft her son was sport. She loved how easy it was to get Johnny hard. At one point, she pressed his cock against his stomach, to gain better access to suck on his balls. After a bit of this, she licked up his shaft, from balls to head, then flicked her tongue on the tip, before once again taking the head into her to continue to suck him off. It didn't take much more of this for thick spurts of cum to fill her mouth.

She gagged a little as she swallowed. Grinning Carol stood up, letting Johnny lift and placed one of her feet on the built in seat in the showers corner. Once She was positioned like he wanted he drove his cock up into her twat, as he stood in front of her.

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"yes.yes.Ah. my sweet baby boy knows how to make his mommy feel good!" She wrapped her arms around her son, and nibbled his earlobe, as he piston-ed in and out her hot hole. Suddenly, Carol threw her head back, and cried out, which echoes against the shower wall, cumming on the hard shaft that was pumping cum in her for a second time. still wet from the shower the two lover returned to bed Carol shared with her husband but made love to her son in. Carol laid on her bed, still wet from the shower, while her son laid on his stomach in front of her.

her hips wiggled as he spread open her pussy to lick at her moist inside.

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"Ah. baby.yes." She whimper slightly as Johnny inserted two of his fingers in her pussy. Then he pulled them out to lick them clean of the mixture of cunt juice and cum that was on them, then he asked, "so how many do you think you can take today?" Carol knew want her son wanted, she closed her eyes, "go ahead and try" in a moment Johnny was four fingers up to his palm deep in his mother then he began move in and out of her cream lube cunt, his thumb pressing hard against her clit.

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"Go. go. on. Ah.do it!" Carol cried out, her hands gripping the head board. Grinning, Johnny moved his thumb to his palm and pushed gently but firmly stretching open his own mother's cunt, opening her wider and wider. he continued as she grimaced and whimpered, not stopping until the whole of his hand was inside her. her mouth fell open as she felt him balling his hand inside into a fist, then began to pump.

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Carol gasped and whimpered filled to so completely full and stretched wide. the mixture of pain and pleasure was so intense. She pulled on the head board trying to move away but Johnny moved with her.

it seem like forever to Carol but after only a few minutes of the extreme fingering, it was over.

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Carol's pussy-lips drag over her son's hand as he pulled out. As in the shower Carol's cries echo off the bedroom walls as she arched her back off the bed as her climax was triggered by her son pulling out of her.

As She was catching her breath, Johnny reached and pulled her to him, so that they could lustily tongue-kiss. as they kissed Carol felt the raging hard on, her son had grown while fist-ing her. No hand job or blow job would satisfy this hard cock. Johnny rolled on to her stomach, and pulled her by her hips to get her ass in the air.

his hand wet and creaming from being up her pussy was the prefect lube to rub all over his throbbing tool as Carol wiggled her ass making him grin. quickly he was in position and sliding his cock between her cheeks, and groaning as he slowly slipped in and out of his mother's ass. he took his time continuing to slowly fuck her, both of them enjoying her tight ass around his cock. Carol remain still under her son until he start to grimace and groan.

then she began pushing back, making each stroke go faster and faster. she loved hearing Johnny moaning as she fucked her ass back onto his cock.

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Finally, he could hold out no more, pulling out, his orgasm echoed off the walls as his mother had as he cum all over his mother's sweaty back. Once he stopped, they once more kiss passionately. "Looks like we need another shower." Grinning Johnny replied, "No one should be home for another two hours. So if you want some one to scrub you back."