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Teen masturbation orgasm riding dildo xxx Desert Pussy
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Day One She growled at her husband as he knocked on the bathroom door again. "You ready yet?" "Hold on! Just one more curl!" Diane was used to this. John was always an impatient man. She knew it from the very beginning. They were seniors in high school and he wouldn't take no for an answer when he asked her on their first date. The pressures of life were hitting her head on and she was just lonely enough to give in right away like he wanted.

Now here they were, ten years and two kids later. A house and a dog.just a blue collar family that tried their best to live luxuriously on a 20 dollar an hour paycheck. Their children, Becca and Anne, were sleeping soundly in the next room. The sitter was in the living room, munching on a bag of popcorn and dozing to the National Geographic channel. They paid her way too much. But they needed to get out.

Diane curled another lock of her long brown hair. She watched it bounce back up against her face and immediately sprayed it with the canister of Tresseme hair spray. She thought of her marriage, how it was going down hill fast. They were ready to go bankrupt and John had sold the business for almost no profit. Landscaping in the winter.shit. They had just bought the damned business and right away, he sold it out from under her nose.

Again.that's just how he was. No patience. She was livid that he bought the business in the first place without asking her. She was his wife.she should be in on the finances. But he took care of that.

And so now they were going downhill. There was no money, there was barely any money to buy the slinky red and black dresses he loved to see her in.or to take her out on the town like this. Oh, but he always found the time to go out with the boys.

He claimed they'd pay his way. She hated John's friends. She couldn't stand summertime. This was when John would find himself itching to throw bbq's and invite the whole posse and at anytime she would find twenty men in her backyard, howling about sex and boobs as Anne and Becca watched cartoons in the living room. Diane picked up the black mascara and the tube of red lipstick. Her tanned complexion and big hazel eyes looked perfect against the red silk dress John picked out for her.


Yes, they really needed this dinner date. They were hanging on to this relationship by little threads. Earlier that morning she received a call from a woman trying to collect on a debt.

She threatened to repossess the stupid used Mercedes John insisted on buying three years back. Thousands of dollars behind on the car payment and even more indebted to cable companies, the electric company and the damned mortgage company, Diane felt like a little, helpless girl being drug along by a man that didn't really know what the hell he was doing.

A man that wanted it all but hadn't the slightest idea how to get it and get it right. He was fucking up big time and Diane could feel herself resenting him. The resentment found it's way into the bedroom.something John couldn't stand. John was reacting as though he were a sex fiend. It annoyed her at times. His anger with her for not giving it up confused Diane and put her into even more of an awkward state.

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If she didn't want to she shouldn't have to. She sometimes felt she was choosing between her pride and his "need" and she wasn't going to give in anymore. She gave in to everything the whole duration of this marriage and this was one thing she wasn't going to let him have. Because of this, John was snippy with her. It was nearly a month that he had even been close to having his way with her. The things he would say were mean and spiteful and Diane wondered if the marriage was only based on sex alone.

She opened the bathroom door finally to see John leaning against the wall, arms crossed and looking at the floor. He looked up as she stepped out and smiled. The smile took her breath away.it always did. He had a mischievous look tonight. She studied what he was wearing and was glad he was dressed as elegantly as she.

A pair of black slacks, a white button up shirt and gorgeous shiny dress shoes, he looked fabulous. Diane walked to him and snuggled herself into his neck. He was such a big guy, tall and thick, with a full mane of flowing blond hair that her mother couldn't stand and yet she loved with all of her being.

She couldn't imagine him cutting that off. His eyes gripped her tonight, the baby blues sparkled as he cupped her face and gazed at her. Yes, they needed this night out. There was still love here.they needed to find it tonight. She was amazed at the transformation this man could make in just one evening.

He was country and construction worker type all the way and sometimes he could switch it up so easily. She checked on the girls one more time and walked out the front door with her man, hand in hand. He opened the door for her and she gave him a look. He was being awfully courteous tonight. He flashed that smile again and she wondered what he was up to. "Um.so where are we going tonight?" she asked as he hopped into the drivers side.

"Somewhere new," and then that smile again. "Okay, are you going to tell me where it's at?" "Yeah, it's a ways out a bit in the country.

Yelmish, ya know, around that area. Friend told me about it and I thought I'd take you." "What's it called? Are we dressed for this?" "It's called Lush and yeah, we're dressed for it." She smiled down at her pretty dress.

She was lucky her man would buy her things like this. Some of John's friends wives couldn't even get decent food in their fridges let alone beautiful wardrobes. At that moment she felt lucky and she looked at him as he drove. He turned to find her eyes on him and he smiled, taking a hand off the wheel and placing it firmly on the back of her neck. He began to pull her forward and she pursed her lips expecting to be kissed.

Instead he pushed her face into his lap and she yelped. Flying back into her seat she yelled. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" He furrowed his brow and didn't reply.

"Way to fuck that one up, Mr. Suave.

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Jesus H. Christ." Diane reached to the radio and tuned in on a classic rock station. The Eagles, Hotel California played. Then Dan Folgerberg in Leader of the band and by the time they reached the restaurant she had sung nearly twenty songs, commercial free. John stopped the car and she looked out the window. She gazed at a Southern Style building. It looked like a house, nothing like a restaurant. "Are you sure this is it?" "1063 Cutters Lane.yup this is it." She opened the door and looked around at a yard full of cars.

"They just let people park on the lawn, huh?" It was dark and the shadows from the trees all around them made her shiver. The darkness had subtracted nearly fifteen degrees from the days warmth and she found herself wishing she had brought a jacket. "This place seems busy." He didn't answer.he took her hand and led her to the front door. "Where did you hear about this place again?" "From a friend.babe, don't worry.

Just have a good time." "k." John rang the doorbell and instantaneously it was opened by a little man in a tuxedo. He looked like a little penguin and for some odd reason, he bothered Diane. Maybe it was because he looked like an evil little elf with a bow tie. "Welcome, welcome.may I take your coat sir?" John gave it to him and took her hand as the elf/man led them to a room.

Opening the door he grinned at her. It sent shivers down her back and she was almost embarrassed, hoping the little man hadn't seen her reaction. He closed the door behind him after telling them they would be greeted by their server momentarily. Glancing around, she was pleased to see the lovely set up.

There were gold rugs and a huge bed with a ruby colored comforter. It was decorated with about a dozen big fluffy pillows.beautiful gold curtains were left open to let the stars shine in, and beneath the window sat a beautiful table. Two golden candles flickered joyously and a bottle of wine sat, chilling in a small pail. "Wow, this is so perfect babe," she smiled.

"Can we afford this, really?" "Don't worry about the cost, babe. Like I said.just relax." He walked back toward the door and pressed on a little buzzer along the side of the wall.

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A voice sounded over an intercom asking how they could be helped. "Bring down the best bottle of champagne you've got." "Sir, that's quite vague. We don't want to give you the wrong kind." 'This was odd,' Diane thought.

'Just order a specific bottle.' "The special bottle, George." 'George?' Diane walked toward her husband and touched his arm. He looked down at her face and noticed the curiosity. Chuckling, he wrapped her in a hug. "My friend that told me about this place.he works here part time." "We don't need the bottle, babe.

We have one on the table." "It's not enough. I want this to be a great night. You and I work so hard.it's time to be spoiled and forget about the stress.

Only for tonight, babe.and then we can go back to reality." She hugged John tighter. "I don't want to go back." She was startled by a knock on the door. Her heart beat hard in her chest and she wondered why she was so jumpy tonight. Was it this place? It had to be this place. She never heard of Lush before.

It was so quiet.so secluded. What did people come here for? John opened the door to the elf/man. He held two glasses and a bottle of champagne. The bottle had no label.

The green glass sparkled as it hit the light and as elf/man opened the bottle, Diane seemed almost mesmerized. She watched him pour the bubbly liquid into the glasses.handing one to each of them. He then walked past the couple and set the rest of the bottle down on the table. That was one of the last things Diane could remember before the world became a blur. She remembered taking a few sips in the beginning and commenting on how delicious the champagne was. The sweetness tickled at her tongue and awakened her senses.

She then toasted with her husband, took another long swallow and dove head first into the floor. When she awoke, her world was a pitch black.

Frightened, she began to scream. Only silence replied. She felt a draft run over her body and goosebumps rose on her arms. She was naked and couldn't move. Using her other senses she assessed the situation. She was tied. Pulling with her arms and legs, she felt the binding.

She heard a door open and voices carrying into the room. "Hello?" she called out. "Help me, please." Her plead was answered by chuckling. "John, where's John?" More footsteps walked through the door.

Diane turned her head toward the sounds. "Right here, honey." "John? What's going on! Let me out of here!" More and more footsteps. How many people were walking into the room and seeing her like this? "John, baby please.

I can't see." "That's how we need it. Don't worry, we'll be taking good care of you." "We? Who the hell is we?" "Now don't start, Diane. Act like a lady, would ya?" "What are you doing, John? Can we talk about this? Please, let me go." "The blindfold is just to hide identities, baby.

These guys are doing me a favor. They don't want any trouble if that's what you decide to give us in the end." "Trouble, hell yes you're in trouble, John. Make these people leave, now." Chuckles resonated throughout the room again, coming from every direction. She wrenched at her arms and pulled up with her legs, struggling against the bindings. Cat calls and whistles sounded in her ears as she felt hands start rubbing up and down her torso.

"Please stop," she moaned. "Maybe you should have a little talk with her, John," a voice far off in a corner said. "She's really scared." "That's the point," another voice said. Diane started to cry as they debated leaving the room. "Why don't you boys leave for just a moment. I'll talk to her." She listened as dozens of footsteps made their way out of the room. "What's going on?" Diane began to sob. "Babe, shhh.calm down. Please, just calm down." "Calm down? What are you doing to me, John?

Why are you doing this? Please, please let me out of here." "Shh.baby listen to me. I'm going to explain this to you and I want you to listen. I hate to see you so frightened." Diane weeped into her blindfold, wetting what felt like a silk fabric.

"Can you take the blindfold off of me?" "No, baby. You'll learn to love it, just trust me." "Love it? What are you talking about 'love it'! You tied me to a bed, you drugged me or something! Listen.baby I know it's been hard times lately.I know that I haven't been doing right by you when it comes to sleeping with you.but please, can't we just talk about this?" "If you don't stop and listen to me, Diane, I will gag you.

Is that what you want?" She stopped weeping abruptly. "There you go baby." She felt a hand slide gently down her face. "This is where some men take their wives. They take them here to be trained. You are not trained well enough.you never have been." "You've never wanted me to be!" she blurted. She heard a drawer being opened and a rustling noise.

A ball was shoved into her mouth and fastened around her head. "There, now listen. We are going to be here for the next week. I paid the sitter in advance. I know we don't really have the money for that right now, but you need to learn to be good to me even when the money is low. And you don't know how to do that Diane. Now I've been putting up with this long enough. I asked the boys what they thought I should do and one of them mentioned this place.

He brought his wife here and it worked wonders on their relationship. I don't see any reason why it can't with ours." Diane began to weep again. She tried to speak against the ball in her mouth and gave up. It was too muffled. "Now you're going to do what I tell you, baby.

I'm going to train you and teach you how to be a good little girl again.because you've really upset daddy these days. You need to redeem yourself and learn your place. I want this marriage to work, darling. And if this is the only way to keep it going and going the right way, then this is what's going to have to happen." Again, the weeping stopped.

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"So you understand, baby? This is for your own good.for the good of our marriage." Diane nodded, sniffling a bit behind the gag. "Good girl," he whispered and she felt his lips on her forehead. "You'll see, baby." She listened as his footsteps sounded on the floor. A door opened and he ushered the men back into the room. They snickered and talked under their breath as Diane readied her body for whatever it was they were planning on doing.

She shook as she felt the breath of two men near her nipples and as hands began to run down the insides of her thighs. "Take that damn thing out her mouth, John. We wanna play with them lips." "Only if she promises to shut her trap," another voice said. "Can't stand when some of these women babble." "I like it when they do that," yet another voice pitched in. John's voice reverberated into her ear, "Do you want that gag out now, babe?" Diane debated whether or not she wanted anyone to play with her mouth.

She couldn't handle the gag. It was making her feel more claustrophobic and vulnerable and she was already tied.she needed something to be free. She nodded her head, thinking of how she'd appreciate a free mouth. She was wrong. As soon as the gag was let out of her mouth, she pulled in one deep breath of air and a cock was thrust deep down her throat. She smelled a man who must not have washed himself that night, and gagged against him as he shoved himself past her tonsils.

The gag was so forceful that she almost puked against him and he yelped and pulled out quick. Laughter filled the room. "You really don't have this one trained, do ya?" More laughter. "No, guess not," she heard her husband say. She felt a wave of shame and embarrassment wash over her. Diane felt the bed above her head being pressed down. Even with the blindfold, she could tell someone was standing right above her.

A hand came down around her jaw, opening it wide for her. She cried out and was slapped hard across the face. A faint rustle from across the room and someone telling her husband not to worry, that this was all part of it.

"Remember what you agreed to," the voice said. "Sorry, sorry, just not used to this." "You will be. Don't worry. She's in good hands." The person standing on the bed above her grabbed her jaw again. "Now don't make a sound. We're going to teach you to deep throat this week. Doesn't that sound like fun?" She moaned in reply as the men in the room began to laugh again.

The man shoved his dick into her mouth again, this time she felt balls flap onto her face. The smell of them alone made her want to gag but she controlled herself, afraid of getting slapped and humiliated again. He worked it in slow and she felt it slide past her tonsils. "There she goes," someone yelped. "Oh yeah," the guy inside her mouth muttered. He pulled out and thrust it back in hard, kept in there for three seconds and pulled out and did it again.

It was all Diane could do to keep herself from throwing up against the cock as he began to pound her face, quickening his rhythm with each thrust. Soon he was fucking her face as if it were her pussy and the men in the room were laughing and rooting him on. She couldn't breath and could feel her face turning purple from the lack of oxygen.

She nearly fainted when the man pulled out. She sucked in as much air as she could before her mouth was filled with his cum. It sprayed into the back of her throat and into her nostrils and she choked on it, lifting her head off the bed, trying to spit it out and let it run out of her nose.

A hand grabbed her by the hair and shoved her head back against the mattress. "Swallow, bitch!" She swallowed the salty cum and wailed with disgust and horror. "Please, please stop," she sobbed. Laughs from each direction. "John!" she wailed.

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"It's okay, baby. Just do as they say. It's for the best." She quieted down and her chest heaved with the sobs she held in. "Good girl," the man above her muttered and she felt the bed rise again as he stepped off of it. "She's very trainable, this one," a familiar voice said.

It was elf/man. She felt her body heat up with embarrassment at the thought of that ugly little man seeing her so naked, so open. It made her realize, even more, that she was naked in front of a room full of strangers.

She felt the bed above her head give in once more. "No, please.not again," she whimpered softly. "Yes, young lady," a husky voice said. "Again." A hand clamped around her jaw and she had just enough time to take a quick breath before another cock was shoved into her mouth.

She felt hands roam her body as the man above her fucked her mouth slowly, moaning and telling her what a good little cocksucker she was. Fingers tweaked and pulled at both nipples.

She felt a mouth close around her right nipple and then another on her left.and then two more licking up and down her thighs. She moaned. "She likes it, boys! See, told you she was trainable," the elf/mans voice cried out. Shocked and humiliated by the sudden bursts of pleasure that were racking her body, she stifled the moans behind the cock that slid over her tongue. Hands reached in between her open thighs and someone flicked her clit, hard.

She cried out behind the dick. Laughter resounded throughout the room again. Her body heated up and the fingers flicked at her clit again and again.harder and harder till she was screaming and crying.

With each scream the man in her mouth fucked her face harder and harder. She was afraid he would break her nose and she prayed for the fingers flicking her sensitive clit to stop. She wiggled and moved, pulling at the bindings holding her down, her clit searing with pain.

Tears were drenching the blindfold above her eyes and the pair of balls were slapping her hard on the forehead. The flicking stopped and a dick replaced them. Someone was rubbing her clit gently with their penis and she moaned as it caressed her pounding button. The man above her pulled out. Warm cum sprayed on her breasts and he growled and moaned. It trickled down her tits and grew cold as it fell down her sides. It had a strong odor and he rubbed his cum into her nipples and slapped each one as hard as he could.

Diane yelped in pain and pleasure. Her pussy tingled and her own juices trickled out of her. "Oh, that's lovely," someone in the room moaned.

She sobbed as she felt the man above her step off the bed and another man climb over her head. She took another breath and waited for him to penetrate her mouth. A large dick forced it's way into her pussy and she felt her body lift, involuntarily, to meet it. It hit her cervix and kept on going, pushing at the inside of her pussy, stretching it and making room for itself.

The man above her laughed at the sight of her open mouth and she closed it fast. She was slapped in the face again as the man between her began to slowly pull himself out till the tip. "Open your fucking mouth.

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Don't you do that again, you hear me?" She nodded and opened her mouth to him. A dick slapped her in the nose and on the forehead and the men laughed all around her. The dick in her pussy hesitated and suddenly pushed itself back in, hard and fast.

It hit her cervix and she started to wail when the other dick above her face was shoved down her throat. The two cocks pounded away at her pussy and her face until both were filled with cum.

She swallowed as fast as she could so she wouldn't choke. "She's getting used to this," the man above her said in amusement. "Good girl." She was shocked to feel herself become happy, proud of herself for doing it right.

She pushed the feeling away and weeped. "Here," someone said. She heard a drawer open again and something being lifted out of it. "It's time for this." Another man straddled her face and another made himself comfortable in between her legs. She opened her mouth to the waiting cock he shoved it into her mouth, thrusting in and out.

She choked a few times and waited for the other dick to penetrate her pussy. Instead she felt something cold and inhuman sweep over her pussy lips and trail down to the opening of her anus. She froze. "Ohhh." the group of men said almost in unison. "She's a virgin." "Yeah, she is," she heard her husband say, sounding somewhat ashamed.

Again she felt embarrassed. "What do ya say, boys? Lube it up or what?" An echo of no's and yes's. She tried to squeeze her legs shut, pulling them toward her as much as she could. It was no use. They had her spread eagled her tightly. "Lube it up for her, would ya," she heard her husband say.

"Okay, okay.that's your call anyways," the man between her legs grumbled. "But you should see the reactions on some of the ladies when we shove it in dry.it's priceless." "Okay, well I'm taking this out in case she's a biter," the man in her mouth said, extracting his dick with a pop.


She felt the cold object enter her vagina slowly. It was worked in and out and she heard herself moan as she shuddered with pleasure. A finger touched her tender clit and rubbed vigorously as the phallus shaped thing inside of her pushed into her cervix, the man working it into a rhythm. She lifted her ass to meet it and the room was silent with the watching men, the only noise was her heavy breathing and moans. Diane tried to hold the moans in, not wanting to give these men the satisfaction of watching her unwanted orgasm.

But her body was unmerciful and as the object penetrated her, faster and harder, slamming into her cervix, she burst with a scream, coating the thing with her own juices. Hands clapped and the men shouted and laughed as they watched her body twitch with pleasure. She cried, horrified at her bodies own betrayal.

Two hands grabbed at her breasts, massaging them and flicking at her already erect nipples.

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She winced in pain when the hands pinched them hard. She felt something cold clamp around them and she let out a screech as a clamp pinched down around them. "She doesn't like nipple clamps?" a man snickered. "Get used to em honey." The clamps pinched harder and harder and her shrill screams were stifled with a hand that covered her mouth. When the clamps were in place, the man let the chain that connected them drop onto her chest. "Tomorrow you'll be led around by these, like the little slave bitch you are," a voice said.

The object that was still lodged in her pussy was extracted and placed, again, at the entrance of her ass. "Quick or slow?" "Quick," she heard her husband mumble.

She shook her head and began to plead. The hand was lifted from her mouth at the very same time that the object was shoved deep into her ass. She let out a blood curdling scream. Laughter filled the air and she unclenched her ass to make the passage easier. She moaned and cried with each stroke and waited for her ass to accept the intrusion. "You'll get used to this, I promise," the stranger in between her legs said. The man shoved it in deep and left it buried in her. She felt hands under her ass lifting her up and a strap was wrapped around her to hold the object in.

"Daddy's going to teach you to be stuffed, baby girl," she heard her husband say. "One day you'll learn to really enjoy this." Suddenly someone penetrated her pussy and began to fuck it. "She's so wet," a new man growled. She felt her hands being lifted and filled with two more cocks. She wrapped her fingers around the strangers dicks and heard her husband in the distance as another cock was inserted into her mouth. "Good girl, baby." She sucked at the cock with all of her might while she yanked at the dicks in her hands trying to make them cum and get it over with.

The man inside her pussy fucked her with such force that the man above her was receiving deep throat without working it himself.

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Her body was forced up with each thrust and her face bounced off the other mans cock, the balls slapping her nose. The two men in her hands and the cock in her mouth pulled out simultaneously and the result was a cum bath from all directions as each man stood above her face. The cum slid into her nostrils again and she was forced to open her mouth to breath, allowing semen to run down her throat.

She gagged and coughed but knew better to get up. She swallowed everything she could. Her nipples pulsed and the man in between her legs pulled out and exploded, covering her pussy with four to five gushes. She heard the sounds of men jacking off all around her. They switched off, someone new in her mouth, in her pussy and in her hands; the object in her ass still lodged deep. This happened until every man was satisfied. She entire body was covered in cum, some wet and some dry.

She choked on each mans cock at least three times that night. When the last man came on her breasts, her chest was heaving though the rest of her body lay limp and her head lay sideways with exhaustion. "Damn, the suns up," someone laughed. "You were a good girl," she heard the elf/man say. "You satisfied your husbands friends." She made no attempt to respond. She only turned the other way. "Should we let her out?" she heard her husband ask. "No, just leave her like that for tonight, she'll fall asleep." They walked out of the room together and she was left alone in a dark world, covered in strangers semen, the cum in her nose still dripping into the back of her throat.

She fell asleep, her ass wide open around the phallus shaped item and her nipples still clamped.