Two Horny School Girls Dirty Thressome

Two Horny School Girls Dirty Thressome
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After Daniel left that day I couldn't believe we did that. I had a rush of feelings about our experience. I was excited, scared, anxious and so many other feelings that I couldn't explain. I was worried because I thought he might tell. That he might of faked liking it just to tell on me.

But I also was excited and anxious because I wanted to that again with Daniel.


I must have jacked off 3 or 4 time the rest of that day just thinking about us giving each other blow jobs. I also started thinking about other things we could do with each other. I wondered how far he was willing to go or if it would be a one time thing and then he'd decide he wasn't gay anymore - that's happened before when I was younger with another boy. I went to work the next day. I was anxious to see him there because I knew if he came to the pool everything was cool.

Minutes felt like hours when recreation swim started. I was working the cash box for the first half and I would always look down the road to see if he was coming but no Daniel. That's when I started to get worried because I started thinking of what happens to people when they do sexual things with young boys.

I got off at 5:30 and went home. After I got home I grabbed my bike and wanted to ride to his house to see if he was home. I would have been happy at that point just to hang out with him like usual and to not mess around. I put my bike down by my car in the driveway to grab something. As I was picking my bike back up, I was looking at my Ipod to put a song on and I heard "Hey Tyler". I looked up and it was Daniel. I had the biggest relief feeling in my stomach.

I tried to not make a big deal and just played cool about things. "I missed you at the pool today" I said. "My Mom made me go with her shopping for clothes and house things" I could tell when he was thinking because he would bite his lower lip and shift his weight. "What?" I said in a laughing voice. "Was that OK what we did yesterday?" He asked me looking down. "What do you mean" I asked because that could have meant different things.

"I mean do you still like me?" He said softly.

I smiled at him and he smiled back. "Do you want to go to my room?" I asked. He smiled and nodded. I put my bike on the back yard and he brought his too because of all the bike theft in the town. We put our bikes down and he followed me into the house. We got into my room and I closed the door. "My parents won't be home until the end of the weekend, they took a vacation." I said. Daniel went and sat on my bed. "Cool" He said. I could tell he was uneasy.

"So what do you want to do?" I asked. "Whatever, I guess" Daniel said smiling to me. "Like stuff we did yesterday?" I managed to get out nervously. I started to get a boner.

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"Maybe more" he said. I went and sat next to him and he didn't waste any time rubbing my hard on through my pants. He was wearing pants too because it was a bit colder that day. I could tell he already had a full hard on and so did I. We just worked each other through our clothes. I looked at him and he looked at me.

He did one of those Beiber flips with his hair to get it out of his face and he leaned and started making out with me. I was loving every second of it. He stopped and looked at me "I was scared you wouldn't want to do this again" He said with both of our hands still stroking each other through our jeans. "I was also worried you wouldn't like me because of us being gay." He said.

"Of course I still like you" I said then kissed him. "I want to do this everyday if you want to." I kissed him again.

"What do you think about that?" I asked. He smiled and started making out with me again. We slowly lowered ourselves still making out. He was on top of me, I couldn't really rub his dick any more but he kept rubbing mine.

I could tell he was trying to unbutton my jeans but he was having a hard time doing it with one hand while making out with me. He stopped and laughed and was finally able to unbutton my pants. We continued to make out and he out his hand into my pants and underwear and started to jack me off slowly. It felt so good having Daniel work on me the way he was.

I stopped kissing and said "Let's take off our clothes except our underwear." I always wanted to do that for some reason, especially with Daniel. We both sat up. I took off my pants and socks and Daniel took his shirt off first then unbuttoned his jeans. I was wearing blue boxer briefs and to my surprise, so was he. It was the hottest thing I have ever seen seeing him in his fruit of the loom blue/white and gray boxer briefs with a full 4 inch hard on.

I got my shirt off and he didn't waste any time putting his arms around me then getting on top of me straddling my dick making out with me. I laid down and he was going to town humping me with his hard on. His arms were wrapped around my neck and I started rubbing his nice ass. I would rub his back then work down put my hands in his underwear to feel his ass with both of my hands.

As I was doing that he moaned a little bit while kissing me. I couldn't believe he was loving this as much as we was. At that point I couldn't take it anymore, I wanted to feel his whole naked body. While we were making out I grabbed his waistband on both sides and pulled his underwear down.

I then lowered my underwear and right then our dicks were right on each other. He took one of his hands and lowered his underwear to his ankles and I did the same. We never broke our kiss. It felt so good to be naked with Daniel, skin to skin, dick to dick.

After about 10 minutes of making out and humping each other we were both pretty hot. I could feel his body heat and I could smell the chlorine from my body from being in the pool half the day. We stopped kissing and he just laid on top of me with his head on my right shoulder. I kept my arms around him holding him on me.

Our dicks were still hard. We were breathing kind of hard probably from sucking each others faces for as long as we where and I could feel his heartbeat racing. Mine was going pretty fast too. We didn't say anything to each other and I felt we didn't have to. He shifted himself a little bit off of me but not all the way. I was sort of disappointed because his dick felt good on top of mine but he started to rub my upper chest and my shoulder.

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It felt really good for as simple as it sounds but it did. We still haven't said anything yet and was wondering if I should.

I decided to not say anything because for some reason it felt like we were having a some sort of connection. At that time I didn't know if I was falling in love with him or if he was falling in love with me. I knew that he was only 11, well 11 1/2, I was 22 and that this whole thing could be over in a finger snap.

I slowly started to stroke his smooth blond hair. We were definitely making some sort of connection. "I thought about you all last night and all day today" he said still slowly rubbing my chest. "Me too, in fact I was worried that something happened or that what we did yesterday - and now today - that you would get freaked out and not want to be with me anymore." "I've always wanted to do this with you but I was always too scared to ask." He said. "Well that's not an issue any more." I said then Daniel looked up me and smiled then kissed me.

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He sat up and sat right on my half hard dick. I remember looking at my dick and it underneath his balls. His dick went soft from the break so I started to jack him off. In the matter of seconds it was hard again.

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Daniel started to rock back and forth and by far that felt the best out of anything besides him sucking my dick. My shaft was rubbing his 'gooch' between his balls and his asshole and my dick head would come out under his balls.


I just put my hands on his thighs and let him do the work. "It's like were fucking." he said.

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"It feels like it" I managed to get out. I realized that I should jack him off, his dick was still hard. I wasn't sure but it seemed like that was feeling good for him and once I started to jack him off I could hear him starting to pant lightly.

I could tell if we keep this up we'll both get off. I know that when I have gotten fucked before that if I jack off while I am being fucked, it feels really good and I would orgasm within a minute. I wondered if this is what he was feeling. After about a minute he sped up I could tell he was getting ready to cum and so was I. But I wanted to save it until he went. Sure enough 15-20 seconds later he started moaning and he was going to cum and that sent me over the edge.

Amazingly we both came at the same time. My cum shot on my stomach and Daniel's cum shot up a little bit but the rest dripped down his dick and balls and onto my dick. We were both breathing pretty hard after that. I worked up a sweat and so did he. He lowered down and started to make out with me with our cum on our stomachs. He stopped and laughed and so did I.