Horny gay gets bukkake after being fucked

Horny gay gets bukkake after being fucked
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The Language Barrier She stepped out onto the street, the door of the dance club closing immediately behind her. She looked each way to get her bearings and started down the street to her right, walking quickly the end of the street.

He watched her lovely form retreating in that tight black spandex dress, and waited for a count of ten before following discreetly. He had been following her all evening, keeping his distance, watching her have fun in clubs all over town. Now she had gotten angry with one of her friends and decided to walk home, alone.

He had admired her ever since he had first seen her on campus, had done his homework and learned that she was a foreign exchange student going to college here in the states. An arranged 'chance' meeting had revealed that she spoke almost no English, but fluent Spanish and Portuguese.

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It was after that moment that he had begun to prepare for a rendezvous, knowing he would be able to add a Brazilian girl to his list of conquests. Walking deliberately he caught up with his quarry, adjusting his fake mustache as he did so. She turned at the sound of his footsteps, then recognized his uniform and relaxed. He nodded and smiled, knowing that she would be glad to have a uniformed police officer along for her walk back to campus.

He offered her his arm, which she took with a grateful smile and they walked along together for another block or so. The street was quiet, empty of even the occasional pedistrian traffic.

He motioned off to an alley that would allow them to make better time, and after a moments hesitation, she nodded her assent.

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He allowed her to walk ahead of him as they turned into the alley way, watching as her spandex skirt pulled at interesting angles while she walked. Half way down the narrow street he stopped her beside a car parked between two dumpsters.

She glanced at him, not understanding when he motioned for her to stand still.

She pushed back her dark black hair and smiled up at him, shrugging her bare shoulders. He motioned to the breathalyzer test he had pulled from his shirt pocket and held it up for her to take.

She raised an eyebrow and then nodded that she understood. Slowly she leaned forward and breathed into the tube obediently, her eyes never leaving his. He held up the tube to what little light there was in the alley and shook his head disapprovingly. Pocketing the fake test he made a circling motion with his hand, indicating for her to turn around. She shook her head and smiled, clearly trying to get him to reconsider. When the pair of handcuffs appeared she shook her head even more strongly, but he persisted, snapping the cuffs around her right hand, and then working it around behind her until it met her left.

As soon as the cuffs were in place her pleading began to increase both in speed and volume. She switched from Spanish to Portuguese, then tried what little English she knew. He smiled back that he didn't understand with a shrug of his own, and started to put her in the back seat of the car. She stopped him with a brief struggle and then said as clearly as she could, "No, please, I give pleasure. to you. Please do not." He paused a moment to consider. It wasn't often that his conquests volunteered.

He waited a second longer as though he were really still thinking it over, and then nodded his assent. He guided her over into the shadows, letting go of her arm but not taking the handcuffs off.

She gave him a wide smile of gratitude and looked down at his crotch, raising her eyebrows. He unbuckled his belt while she got to her knees, tossing her mane of dark hair out of her face.

Before he went any further he reached out and tugged at the top of her strapless dress, pulling the yielding spandex down so that it revealed her strapless bra.

She grinned up at him, but said nothing as she waited expectantly for him to show her the bulge in his underwear. Stepping closer so that the cloth of his briefs was against her face he reached behind her and unfastened the clip on her bra, allowing her firm breasts to fall free.

She kissed the bulge and laughed as he stepped back to view the lovely olive skin and brown nipples of her bosoms. He caressed each and squeezed, finishing with a friendly tug on each hardening nipple.

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She sat there proudly while he stroked, as unafraid of him as she was the warm night air of mid summer. He pulled his underwear back to reveal his erect shaft, and she whistled softly in appreciation. He smiled as she kissed the head of his penis, then kissed his cock all the way down to his hard balls.

He watched her work her south american magic, feeling even more blood rush to his penis. She looked up and grinned when he moaned and ran her tongue from his balls to the tip of his shaft and back down again.


He reached out to steady himself with the side of a dumpster when she began to suck on his balls, one after the other. He pinched her left nipple, twisting it slowly while she sucked, causing her to flinch and then purr a little herself.

She leaned back, sucking on one ball as hard as she could and it was his turn to wince.


Releasing it, she ran her tongue back up his thick cock until she was circling the broad head with ever lustier strokes. By the time she eased the tip into her mouth he felt sure he was going to cum then and there. Tensing when she sucked on the head with all her might, he fought the urge and won, though not by much. She began working his shaft in and out of her mouth steadily increasing the speed and force of her movements.

He closed his eyes, forgetting where he was for a moment. Suddenly having had enough he grabbed her by the hair, pushing her away at the same time he pulled out of her mouth. Grabbing her arms he jerked her to her feet and spun her around, pushing her face first down onto the trunk of the car.

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She didn't resist when he yanked the black spandex down over her hips and let it fall to the pavement, baring her entire body to the faint light of the moon. He smiled at the tiny pair of black silk panties and tore them off one handed.

As she protested the wanton destruction in a violent stream of Spanish. Meanwhile he lifted her ass with both hands until he could see the warm flesh of her exposed, shaven vagina. She gasped in surprise and pleasure as he pressed his penis against the yielding flesh, and plunged in callously. She moaned and fairly purred as he thrust as far in as he could, pulling out and doing it again. Her protests gave way to another moan and then she lay against the trunk, unable to do anything but savor the feeling.

He pumped her as hard and fast as he could, using the handcuffs that tethered her wrists behind her back for a handle to keep her close. In and out, back and forth. He slapped her bare ass with his other hand in rhythm to his thrusts, working his pelvis harder with each slap. Suddenly he was cumming in her, his hips jerking, body shaking with the emissions.

Pulling out he zipped his pants quickly and reached down to collect her panties and dress. He shot a glance up and down the alley before proceeding.

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It was still empty, the only discernable sound that of her breathing and the thump of music in the distant club.

Carting her back a step he held the bunched up fabric of her dress over her mouth and nose, pinning her to him while she struggled in vain.

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Her eyes fluttered and her valiant resistance gradually subsided as her body conceded and she slipped into unconsciousness. Leaning her against the side of the car he opened the trunk and reached in for the duct tape. Wadding her tiny panties up he stuffed them into her open mouth and secured it with the tape. Switching the handcuffs for rope he bound her ankles and wrists before depositing her into the trunk.

He allowed himself one last look at his ethnic prize before tossing the dress in on top of her and closing the lid. He whistled softly as he walked around to the drivers door and climbed inside.

He started the engine and pulled out into the street, driving slowly to avoid attracting attention. It was difficult to do, since he really wanted to get her back to his house, and show her all the fun he had planned for the two of them.

The thought made him smile.