Ravaging a massive male penis

Ravaging a massive male penis
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The four of them realize they still have four hours of fun. They all get cleaned up. "Now what" says Tommy. Brett speaks up " I'm not hungry but I say we order another pizza an Lisa answers the door in only a t-shirt." Tina chimes in "yes, maybe it will be Tony again.

He's so cute". Both boys look at each other and roll there eyes. Lisa agrees and calls for the pizza. The guy that answers gets the information and says "Didn't I just deliver there"? Lisa hesitates " uh yeah we ordered one but need another one" Tony laughs "I understand. I'll be more than happy to deliver it. This is my last run for the night.

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I'll deliver it on my way home". They wait at the door, Tina and the two boys in t-shirts and boxes. Lisa in only a t-shirt.

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He pulls up. Lisa is nervous but answers the door. Tony smiles and.looks Lisa up and down. "You guys having a party" ask Tony. No just four of us at a sleepover. "Shoot, I'm off work and bored was hoping it was a party" Tina steps from around the corner. "It's kind of like a party, come on in" Tony smiles and walks in. Tina introduces herself and the three others."I'm Tony, I'm a senior at the same school as you. You guys watching movies or what" Brett chuckles "I'd go with the or what".

They all giggle. "It looks pretty interesting the way they answer the door. Someone lose a bet? Lisa speaks up "kind of I guess". Truth or dare says Tommy.

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But what happens here stays here. Tony laughs "I've not played that for years, but appears you have better ideas than I did at the age of 10. We just did stupid little dares.

They invited home to the basement to sit. Tony says don't let me stop your game. "You want to play" says Tina. " I guess but what kind of limits? "We never discussed that" says Lisa. "Those two are brother and sister and gets interesting" remarks Brett. "Oh this could get interesting. Who starts" says Brett. Tina says I will. Lisa, truth or dare? Lisa chooses dare. "I dare you to kiss Tony for one minute" Lisa giggles and sets beside Tony. She leans in.

Tony moves towards her and there tongues tocuh. After ainute Tina says times up. Lisa says my turn. Tina I dare you to stand in front of Tony and let Tommy strip you down to your panties.

"Problem " says Tina "I didn't put any back on" Lisa laughs " no problem guess you'll stand there naked". Tina stands up, Tommy hurries over. Taking her t-shirt over her head exposing her perky tits. He then slides her boxers down. Her shaved pussy looks so nice.

Tony sits there amazed. Tina notices a buldge rising is Tony's shorts. She thinks to herself I bet he's huge. "Ok" says Tina" Tommy truth or dare" dare he replies. "Since you were in a hurry to strip me, go over and pull Tony's shorts and underwear down. Tony looks at her, "we said what happens here stays here" replies Tina.

Tony still not sure about another boy undressing him stands up. Tommy unfastens Tony's shorts and they freely fall to the ground. You could see his hardness tenting in his blue boxers.

"I said boxers too" Tina orders. Tommy grabs the waist band, as he pulls them down, Tommy's hard 7 1/2 inch cock flips up almost hitting Tommy in the face.

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His pubic hair was a full dark bush. Tina doesn't hesitate and says " are guys thats a real one" both boys are embarrassed. "At least I have some hair says Brett." Tony gets a laugh out of the statement "I'm taking they are not full puberty yet?" Lisa chuckles "look at brother's, show him Tommy." It's not your turn to ask" says Tommy.


Brett says " Tommy truth or dare" dare replies Tommy. " "I dare you to strip naked and stand next to Tony" Tommy's face turning a little red, yeah the girls have seen it but not next to his big cock. He takes his shirt off then drops his boxers. He stands next to Tony.

Tommy's tiny hairless cock. The girls look and giggle. Tommy asks Lisa truth or dare. She takes dare. He dares his sister to strip Brett naked. She dies. There is Brett's cock a little bigger than Tommy's with some hair. Brett ask Lisa truth or dare. Dare of course she replies. I dare you to go along and suck each of us for one minute.

She doesn't hesitate and gets on her knees in front of Brett. She takes the head in her mouth. Taking is cock in, after a minute she releases and moves to Tony's.

She looks at it. Never seeing one that big. She holds it with her hand. She licks the tip. Then takes the head in her mouth. Tony moans a little. She takes more in, but unable to take it all. She moves back and forth slowly. Finally Tina tells her the minute is up.

She moves in front of Tommy. She hesitates and thinks oh well. She takes his little cock in her mouth down to his tiny balls with no problem. Tony looks and amazed as she sucks her brother. She knows ts been ainute and stands up. She looks at Tony. Truth or dare, Tony replying dare. "He thought it was cute to make me suck all three including my brother. I dare you to walk over, have him kneel and suck a bigger one" " But I'm not gay" replies Tony.

" What happens here stays here plus I like watching" Tony walks over and Brett knows to get on his knees. Brett grabs the hard part cock and takes the head in his mouth. He pulls it out and realises it is leaking a little precum. He stands up "I'm done you didnt say how long" They all laugh.

Tony looks at Lisa. " Truth or dare" Lisa says I guess we don't even have to ask anymore it's always dare. "I dare you to take your shirt off, lay down and have Tina eat you. No hesitation Lisa strips. Her tiny breast with hard nipples. She lays back, you can see the small patch of trimmed pubic hair. She spreads her legs inviting Tina. Tina eases her face down. The three boys watch as Tina licks Lisa's pussy.

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Tina spreads the pussy lips, as she licks her clit, Lisa moans. Then Tina teases Lisa's pussy with her finger while licking her clit. All three boys rick hard watching the two girls. Tina then eases away, Lisa whispers how good it felt. Tony ask where if it's ok to use the restroom down there. Tommy says yeah no problem. As he starts to put his boxers on and walk that way Lisa says " Tony I dare you to leave those off, let Tina go.with you and help hold it, but then don't shake it Lisa, Tommy you suck it clean" Tommy says yuck, but realizes it probably just a pay back.

Tommy walks that way now semi hard. Tina and Tommy follow.

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Lisa holds his cock as it starts to Hardin she aims it at the toilet and he starts to pee. She holds it until he's finished. " Your turn now Tommy" he bends down, Tina holds it up and Tommy licks the tip. Tina grabs the back of Tommy's head forcing Tony into his mouth. Tommy can taste drops.of warm pee. Tina says yeah don't.stop, suck him. Tommy then starts getting into it.

Taking more in, deeper on his shaft. Finally Tina let's go of his head. They all smile and walk out. Tony says Lisa I dare you to French kiss your brother, see if you taste any of it.

Hesitant she walks up to Tommy. They French kiss. Then Lisa says Tommy I dare you to lay down. Tony I won't to see a guy, not a boy suck him while Brett licks your ass. Not just your cheeks.

Tony has a puzzled look. Never been licked before ask Lisa? He says nope. Never sucked a guy either. She laughs "you mean boy in this case" They all laugh except Tommy. Tony gets between Tommy's legs and bends down. He takes Tommy's little pecker in his mouth. Tina why don't your spread his ass for Brett.

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Tina hops up and spreads Tony's ass, exposing a hairy hole. "Have at it Brett" Lisa says. " You guys enjoyed watching us girls so much" Brett gets on his hands and knees behind Tony. His tongue touches Tony's ass. Tony jumps a little at first. Brett licks again, Tony settles in. Brett licks the asshole likes it's a pussy. Tony is sucking Tommy's little cock but rocking back. Tina chimes in "tongue it Brett. Yeah get your tongue in there". The words encourage Brett, he tongue fucks Tony.

Lisa lays back watching ass she is rubbing her own trimmed pussy. Tommy mumbles, Lisa says " don't cum yet" the boys stop. Your turn Tony says Lisa. Tony looks at the two girls. I dare you both to get on all fours. These two get behind each of you, lick your ass, finger your ass and don't move if they decide to do more. Tommy gets behind Tina and spreads her ass. His tongue goes straight for her tight hole. He licks her ass. Brett does the same to Lisa. Tony admires the two young asses.

He watches as the two boys lick the holes. He makes a motion, both boys then use a finger and lightly slide it in the girls asses. Both girls moan. Finally Tina says "I need fucked. I don't care where, fuck me someone" Lisa tells Tony to lay down, she wants to watch that big cock fuck her friend.

She tells Tommy to keep playing with her ass.


Tony lays down. His rick hard cock straight in the air. Tina immediately straddles him and eases the head in. She tells him her doctor put her on the pill. As she is trying to accept the cock in her shaved pussy, Tommy's goes back to licking her ass. As she takes all of Tony's cock, Tommy starts to finger her ass. Brett says "fuck her ass Tommy" Lisa chimes in "your the perfect size for that. Lisa leans over and spits on her brother's cock. Ease it in. Tina feels the tiny head touch her ass.

The head enters.


"Yes, both you fuck me" screams Tina. Tony is pumping his cock in and out. Tommy is riding her ass. "Yes, don't stop. Fuck me, I'm cumming. Fuck me, harder oooh yes" as Tina orgasms both boys cum, Tommy's little cock squirting in her ass and Tony filling her pussy full. They all settle down. Lay down on the flooor Brett, Lisa says. Brett lays down thinking Lisa is going to climb on top.

Lisa climb off and let Brett rat you. Let him clean you up. Before Brett can say no, Tina straddles him. Cum drips onto his face. She sits on his face, he can't resist and starts eating her cum filled pussy. Don't forgot about the mess my brother made, says Lisa. Tina edges up, spreads her ass.

Brett feels his best friend's cum ooze out. Not near as much as Tony's. Brett's eats her ass clean.