Ron jeremy fucking traci lords

Ron jeremy fucking traci lords
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The way he looked at me scared me. He looked at me as if I were a piece of meat, something to eat.

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As I walked out of the door he followed. It's okay, I thought. I'm at a public shopping mall, what can happen?

Little did I know, a lot could happen. I was sixteen at the time, and, naive. I had just go my license, and had decided to go shopping to celebrate. I was still a virgin, and I didn't have a boyfriend.

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Maybe that was why I was still a virgin. I wouldn't consider myself ugly, just average, and I didn't understand why this man was following me to my car.

That scared me. I popped the trunk, and put my stuff in. That was when he spoke. "Hello." He said, in a voice like satin. I ignored him, hoping that would make him go away. No such luck. "Answer me!" he commanded, his voice harsh now. I ignored him, yet again, and slammed the trunk and go into the car, as I was deriving away, I saw him writing something down.

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That confused me, but when he looked up, he had a glint in his eye. I drove home, wondering about the strange man, thinking about how good it would be to get home, where I knew that he couldn't follow me, at least that's what I thought. When I got home, half an hour later, there was a strange car in my driveway. I was confused. My parents weren't home, they had gone a three week cruise in the Bahamas, so there was no one home. Why would that car be in my driveway.

I examined the car. There was no one in it, which struck me as weird, so I shrugged, and unlocked the door to my house. When I opened it, I screamed. Standing there was the man from the mall, and before I could scream and leave, he had grabbed me, and covered my mouth with his hand.

He muttered quietly, "Keep your fucking mouth shut, or I'll kill you." Tears streamed down my face. I was scared, but I was also wondering. How did this man get here before me?

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I had left the mall and came straight home. Hell, how did he even know where I lived? This scared me, but then he dragged me down the stairs, and into the basement. As he flipped on the light, I noticed there was something different about it. in the center of the room was a table, and on that table was a huge board with ropes tied to it. This is where he took me. When he we got to the table.

he pulled something out of his pocket. It was a ball, a large ball, with a strap on it. He forced this into my mouth. It hurt, because the ball was a bit bigger then my mouth, but somehow he got it in there. Then he tightened the strap, and grabbed my arm. I tried to scream, but it was impossible. I was so scared, that I was sure I was going to die. As I was thinking this, he grabbed me, and shoved me onto the board, and tied the arm he was holding tightly to it.

He proceeded to do the same to the other, and to my ankles, and then he stood back, and laughed. "This was almost too easy," he said grinning. "I've been watching you for three years, watching you grow and develop into what I now see before me.

And every time that I have seen you, I have had inexplicable lust for you. And, now, look at this. I have you right where I want you. I know that your parents are away, and soon you will be gone too. Once I get what I want from you here, I am taking you with me. I can't risk anyone finding out what I am going to do. It will be fun, I promise, fun for me at least. You, on the other hand, probably will not have too much fun. I'm going to leave now.


I have to buy some, um, supplies to make me happy. I will be back tomorrow. I promise. Oh, by the way, the house is being watched. If you manage to get out of this, don't bother to try to get help. If you do, I will have to kill you. Goodbye, for now, sweetheart." He left, locking the basement door behind him, and I knew I was screwed.

Whatever he had in store for me wasn't going to be pleasant, and would possibly kill me, but, I realized that I would have to do what he said.

There was no escape. *** I didn't sleep at all that night, and bright and early the next morning, he was back. This time, he had a large bag with him, and he grinned when he saw me. "Well, well, well, you're still here. Are you ready to have some fun?" I couldn't answer, and he smiled, and proceeded to put a dog's choke chain around my neck, and slice through the ropes that held me. He laughed evilly, and when he had me in a standing position again, he said quietly.

"Now, it is not in your best interest to move. If you do, I will yank on this chain very hard, and it will hurt a lot. Nod if you understand what I am saying." I nodded, and he smiled. "Good girl." He took the knife he had used to cut the ropes, and proceeded to slice through my clothes.

I whimpered when the knife sliced into the flesh of my hip as my pants were removed.

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He examined it when he was done, and then slapped me across the face. "You little wimp, it's not that bad," he said, as he hit me. I just stood there taking it, and he looked at me, and said, "Now, I am going to remove the gag, and you are not going to scream, understand? If you do, I'll kill you. Got it?" I nodded, and he removed the gag.

Then he took the rope that was connected to the choke chain, and tied it to a beam. "Now, it's time for fun," he said. "Fun for me anyway." He shoved me down onto the floor on my back, and then took my breasts in his hands.

He gently stroked them, until the nipples became hard, and then he became rougher. Now he was pinching them and squeezing so hard that I whimpered. I shouldn't have done that.

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Wordlessly, he slapped me in the face again, and bit down on my nipples, over and over again. "I love nipples, and all the things you can do to them. Look at this, I bought it just for this." He took a box out of the bag next to him, and opened it.


Inside was a candle, which he proceeded to light, and as it melted, he let the wax trickle onto my left nipple. I whimpered again, but that got me another slap. I watched, wordlessly as he let the entire candle melt over that breast. Finally he was done with the candle, and slowly pealed the wax off, and bit at it again.

Soon, it was a bloody mess, and he smiled. He turned to the bag again, and pulled something else out, hiding it so I couldn't see.

Quickly, he slipped his hand between my legs, and I felt it.

The most amazing sensation ever. The vibrator felt amazing and he said, "Touch yourself," so I did as he ran the vibrator slowly over my G-spot. When he shoved it in my vagina, I moaned, because it felt so good. Then, it was my turn to pleasure him.

He dropped his pants, and grabbed my hair. "Open your goddamn mouth!" I did what he told me, and he shoved his cock inside. It was going so deep, and I gagged. He ignored it.


"Feel my balls, bitch, give me a damn blowjob!" He was controlling me. One minute, I was sucking on his dick, and the next I was rubbing it with my hands while sucking on his testicles. The more I did it, the more he moaned. Finally he said, "That's enough," and slid inside of me. I screamed, because he just went in, as hard as possible, and it hurt so bad.

As soon as a screamed though, his fist collided with my jaw and I heard a crack. I tried to cry out, but my jaw wouldn't work. He laughed and continued to fuck me. Soon he was sick of it though and said. "I think your asshole needs some love. Turn around." Before I could protest, he was pulling an abnormally large dildo out of the bag, and putting lube on it.

Then, he shoved it up my anus, quickly, sliding it back and forth. All I could do was lay there and produce silent tears. As he shoved the dildo in and out with one hand, he began to force his fist up my vagina.

I whimpered, but had given up. He was stronger then me. Finally however, he was done with me, and he stopped. "What a good little girl. You weren't as good as I thought though, so, I don't think I will keep you. Good bye sweetie." As he was saying that, he was tying my arms and legs together again.

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Then he was gone.