Submissive anal teen Keira Croft

Submissive anal teen Keira Croft
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Sitting with you right next to me, Nowhere in the world I'd rather be, Your every move brings a smile to my face, With your awesome beauty and natural grace, I enjoy being with you day and night, Being with you just feels so right.

Of all the loves I have known, None have the kindness you have shown, None have the charms that you possess, None can match your soft caress, None can match the joy you bring, None can cause my heart to sing.

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Of all the loves who have come my way, None can match the passion you display, None can speak the words that always sound right, None can match the feeling when you hold me tight, None can match your special charms, When you hold me tight in your arms.

That's why I know I have found the one, A special love that is second to none, I know in my heart that you feel it too, That's why my heart is my gift to you, I just need to write this so I can say, To my special love, Happy Valentine's Day.


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