Babes megan rain and riley reid celebrating together

Babes megan rain and riley reid celebrating together
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Today is the day.


I have been meaning to go get this done for a few months now and it just never seemed like the right time. Now the wait is over. I'm standing in front of the tattoo parlour, enjoying the sweet mixture of anticipation and fright washing over me. I take a deep breath and pull the door open. When I enter I am momentarily overwhelmed by the hot air and seductive music that seems to never end. It's now after hours so he's alone in the studio, getting ready to tattoo my back.

Over the months when I couldn't decide on the final design for my back tattoo we've become quite close, always sharing ideas and teasing each other. Now he's smiling crookedly at me and saying: "I was afraid you changed your mind." "Never," I reply with a wink. When I take off my coat he grunts with annoyance: "Do you have to always dress so sexy?

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How am I supposed to work while you're so distracting?" I laugh and say: "Well you better figure it out since I'm only keeping on the skirt today." He rolls his eyes but the tiny little smile playing around his lips betrays his eagerness to get started. I move towards the hangers to dispose of my coat and bag while he locks the door and closes the curtains.

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He turns around and sighs, looking at my already too revealing top: "So, are you going to take that off or should I help you?" "The top I can manage but I might need help with my bra," I say in a deep seductive voice.

He laughs and moves closer. After I've pulled my top over my head and hanged it by the coat I take hold of my bra while he unbuttons its straps.

I find this way more arousing than I thought it would be and I bite my lip to stop thinking about his hands on my back since I'll have to somehow get through a lot more of touching tonight. I turn around and catch him staring at my still covered breasts, he quickly looks up and winks: "That might prove a bit uncomfortable for you, they look quite heavy." I laugh nervously and turn back around so he can spray the disinfectant all over my back.

I breathe in heavily at the cold drops on my skin, feel my nipples get hard and tighten my grip on the bra. When he lays the stencil down my spine I can feel my body starting to get aroused and think to myself that this is going to be a long evening. While I wait for the stencil to dry I watch him prepare the tattoo table and equipment.


I've been tattooed several times before but my other tattoos are all considerably smaller and I've never been to a tattooer that was even remotely as sexy as he is. Still I enjoyed the sensations if not that much the company, pain has always turned me on and tattoos were my way of getting my share of it. This time, the company itself is quite desirable and I'm not sure whether I'll be able to keep my hands to myself or not. "Hey!

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You still here? It's about time we started." he wakes me up from my reverie and I smile still half dazed, the images of what could be dancing in front of my eyes.

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I sit down and bend so my back is at the right angle for him to work, I hold my bra and wait for him to start.

When I finally feel the needle on my back the sweet anticipation in my tummy floods my whole body and I hold my breath while I wait for that first puncture. The combination of his hands and the suspension my body is in right know makes me want to sigh and I have to bite my lip again to stop myself from doing so.


When the needle finally starts I can't help myself and let out a small sigh. He chuckles behind me and says: "You're just like a junkie who's been too long without a fix." "I guess I kind of am a junkie since I know I'll always want just one more tattoo." And I'll never have enough of this sweet arousing pain, but he doesn't have to know that.

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I can feel my pussy getting wet and my body hot from the throbbing in my back I can't help but fantasize about how it would be like if he decided to stick something else into me, besides his needle.

I'm so involved with my daydreaming that I don't notice my hand releasing the bra until the pricking of the needle suddenly stops and his arms grab my boobs from behind.

"You dropped something," he whispers into my ear and squeezes my already rock-hard nipples.

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I let out a sigh and move my hands to pull him closer. As I do I can feel his boner against the small of my back and I rub against it, causing him to squeeze my boobs tighter and bite my neck. I sigh again as I feel his right hand sliding down my tummy towards the hem of my skirt while his left hand continues to pinch my nipples.

I slide my hands between us and unzip his trousers, trying to let his boner loose. He groans into my neck and bites me harder, his right hand reaching my panties at that exact moment.

In no time he's beneath them, searching for my clit which he finds instantaneously. My whole body shudders and he pulls me closer, jamming his now free boner into my back while my hands are rubbing it. His fingers are as agile at fingering as they are at drawing and I'm soon moaning quietly, my pussy now so wet his whole hand is glistening. "Seems like you're craving something else too, you little cunt," he whispers into my ear before he pulls me up, bends me over and slams his hard dick into my dripping pussy.

I gasp in surprise but one of his hands finds my clit again and the moaning resumes.

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I can feel my aroused body getting hotter and hotter, being deprived of sex for some time now, the sensation of someone else massaging my clit so good I can feel tears in my eyes. My pussy starts to convulse trying to pull his dick further inside, the climax coming way sooner than I'm used to. When he feels my body spasm he starts to push harder, using his hands to pull me closer in the rhythm of his banging.

I come hard and I can't help but scream as I feel my orgasms exploding all over my body while he keeps on thrusting his cock into my cunt and violently rubbing my excited clit.

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When I almost can't take it anymore, he pulls his cock out, turns me around, sits me on the stool and positions it in front of my face saying: "Let's see if those lips of yours are as good at this than they are at teasing." The tip of his penis penetrates my lips before I have the time to realise what's happening and I quickly move my tongue to meet it.

I'm quite proud of my 'tongue gymnastics' and I don't even try to be gentle, I suck him hard all the while massaging his sulcus with the tip of my tongue. I can hear him grunting now, getting closer to his own orgasm and I suck harder moving my head back and forth to get the most out of it.

Before long I'm rewarded with a shot of hot cum into my throat which I swallow hungrily. I don't let any go to waste and when it finally stops I lick his dick clean, kiss it on the tip and look up to see his elated face.

"I think your tattoo will need a few more sessions before it's complete," he winks at me.