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Junge nackte muschis
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Christmas Wish for Sister A typically indifferent brother discovers that a little sympathy can go a long way. Kyle knew what his Christmas wish was. His family had a tradition. Every year on Christmas Eve, they'd each write a secret wish on a small piece of paper and throw it into the fire place. If they were lucky, the wish might even come true.

In past years, Kyle had often had trouble deciding, and would be almost as slow throwing something in as his sister, Millie. But this year, he knew exactly what he would wish for. He wanted tits. A curvy body, a round ass, big bouncy tits, a cute smile, and a tight, wet, willing pussy. And he wanted it bad. He wanted it so bad that the wish itself almost seemed unfair, taunting, focusing his intense desire but not actually helping get him there.

All wishing could do was remind him of what he already knew, but not get him any closer to getting a girl. His erection was uncomfortable, borderline painful in his jeans. He'd already jerked off twice that day, and it wasn't even dinner time. It wasn't relieving him, only making him sore. He waited a few minutes, letting it weaken until it at least wasn't so obvious, before going in search of distraction. His sister's door was open, and he stopped.

Millie's constant mopiness was a perfect distraction. Sometimes he thought she could bring anybody down. He never understood it. She was pretty, smart, never had trouble getting dates, but also seemed to lack interest in anyone past one or two outings, and just dragged herself around constantly, as if expecting someone to jump out and kick her in the shin if she ever cracked a smile.

"So, what are you going to wish for this year?" Kyle asked at the door. She was holding a book in her hands, open to the middle, but staring off into space.

Kyle tried to follow her eyes to see what she might be looking at, but they appeared locked on a bare patch of wall. He looked at her again and sighed. Looking down at the book, she flipped the pages idly, then closed in and set it down, leaning forward in her chair. "I don't know. I don't think I'll do anything this year." "Oh, you have to put something in." "I know.

I'll probably just leave it blank." "Eh, just wish for a million dollars. It can't hurt, right?" "I'll.do something." She turned around to him and gave him a small smile. Instead of being annoyed, it seemed to say, "Thanks for trying to cheer me up, even though it's a lost cause." She sank back into her chair, grabbing her book and staring off into space again.

Kyle waited a moment, and then left her. Though he was well used to this behavior, and had paid it as little attention as anything else about his sister, something about that sad smile affected him strangely. He'd spent months rolling his eyes at her melodrama and angst, but for some reason today it seemed to strike him differently. Their dad called them into the den, a little early since he was taking their mother out to dinner.

He joyously handed out the slips of paper.


Holding his paper, Kyle looked again at his sister, watching her clearly fake writing anything on hers before folding it over. For the first time he could remember, he could actually feel some of her pain and loneliness with unusual immediacy. The strange wave of sympathy washing over him and he put his pencil to paper.

His own wish somehow seemed petty and childish now. Instead, he wrote a different message, folded it over, and tossed it in. He watched it burn to make sure it wouldn't open enough that someone could read what it said.

"I wish I could give my sister whatever it is that she really wants." **** Their parents gone, Millie sulked back into her room. She didn't bother closing the door. Let Kyle know she's sad. What did he care? It's not like he ever said or did anything to try to make her feel better. He'd just walk by and ignore her, as always. She knew she wasn't being entirely fair. He at least seemed like he was making something of an effort before. It wasn't his fault she was disappointed in her life.

Not his fault she felt empty, without a future, and unable to make meaningful connections with other people. Not his fault every guy she dated was a bore, or a jerk, or just a pervert. At least the stupid wish thing was over. It's not like it meant anything, just wistfulness in a cruel world that didn't care.

She'd almost written something this time, but only got as far as the first mark before she saw the others watching her. Kicking herself for a moment of useless irrationality, she'd folded it over and tossed it. Now, with her parents gone and her brother uninterested, at least she'd be alone. She closed her eyes and laid her head back.

"Are you doing anything tonight?" Kyle asked. It had almost startled her; she hadn't heard him at the door.

"No." "Why don't you go out? What about the guy you saw last week? He seemed interested in you." Millie sighed. "Greg? He was. I don't know." She didn't feel like explaining his stupid little dirty jokes and horribly awkward lack of charm to her brother, who was probably not that different on a date.

"Is there anyone else-" "No." "Do you not like dating?" Millie started to feel a puff of annoyance, thinking he was implying something. "I like men just fine. I'm not a lesbian," she sneered.

"Oh. Sorry. I wasn't trying to say you were." She could see that he hadn't, and felt bad for snapping. "I'm just tired of pushy guys, that's all." "Well, then, come on, I'll take you out." "A pity date from my brother? Yeash." "You need to get out. We'll eat and see if there's a movie you want to see. We don't have to call it a date. Now come on." **** "Can I tell you something? I hate Twilight.

I really do. Everyone thinks that because I color my hair dark and don't act like some cheerleader that I must be all goth and love that book, but I really don't. I read the first one, and just hated it. I cannot stand the girl, she's so stupid. And of course she picked the lame vampire over the werewolf, because she's an idiot." They sat across the table from each other, plates long since emptied and cleared.

The little black tray from the waiter was still sitting near the edge, topped with the bills and coins he'd brought back in change. Kyle couldn't help but laugh at his sister's enthusiastic dislike for a bad movie and book. "When the last one came out, Steve actually took me to it. You remember Steve?" Kyle laughed harder. "Yeah, I remember." "It was our third and final date. He thought I'd just love it. Dumbass. Actually, he wasn't that bad, just clueless.

By the third date he'd used up everything he knew to talk about, I think, and was counting on the movie to send me over the moon. Poor thing, I kind of felt sorry for him, he was so lost for words most of the time." "Yeah, I've had a few like that myself." "I bet you have," Millie said with a smirk.

"Well, if he'd been a little bit cooler, I might have given him another chance. But I got the definite impression he was hoping for something a little more that night.

Now I have no problem with sex, hell, I'm as horny as the next girl, but it's not a reward for good behavior or a thank you for buying me dinner. God forbid a teenage boy take the time to actually wait until it's meaningful. Maybe if one of these boys had some patience and charm, they'd actually get somewhere, and not just two dates, and I wouldn't always be left to take care of myself.

I can't wait to be out of high school. "God, I'm talking a lot." Millie started looking around. "Crap, what time is it?" Kyle glanced at his phone.

"8:15." "The movie started twenty minutes ago. Can we still make it?" "It'll take us another twenty to get there, another ten to get our tickets. I mean, so far it's probably just been commercials, so we'd only miss-" "Eh, forget it." Kyle fiddled on his phone. "There's another showing at 9:45." "I don't really want to stay out that late.

Let's go home. We can watch a movie there." "Alright." Kyle put the change and his phone away, leaving a good tip, and got up. "Sorry, I've been talking you're ear off." "No, it's good.

We haven't talked like that in a long time." Millie stood, putting her coat on, but got it twisted. Kyle came behind her and straightened it out, holding it up for her to put her arms in. "Yeah, it's been nice," Millie said. **** "Well, congratulations, Kyle, that was officially the best date I've ever been on." Millie hung her coat in the closet by their front door, leaving it open for Kyle.

"You were both engaging and gentlemanly." "And we missed the movie." "And we missed the movie," Millie echoed. "Well, I am both honored, and very sad for you." Millie chuckled. "Being a boy, I suppose you're expecting something now." Millie wandered a few feet into the living room, with Kyle following as far as the arch doorway from the entry hall.

"Yes. I expect you to sulk in your room and not talk to me again for a week." "Is that all? Ooo, Kyle, you're not like the other boys," she teased, stepping closer to touch his arm. "One of the benefits of going out with your brother, I suppose." "Well, if that's the case, then perhaps you shouldn't have stood under the mistletoe." Suddenly she stretched her face to his a planted a big kiss on his lips. She pulled back from him, then smiled and laughed.

"You should see the look on your face. It's like this." She opened her eyes and mouth wide. She laughed again. "Come on, let's watch a movie." They moved into the living room, Millie getting the remote to find something to watch. Going to the fireplace, she found it still smoldering, and added some wood. "See, most guys I've dated don't even get to the first kiss. Very disappointing." Kyle sat down on the couch.

Seeing him there, Millie got a running start and jumped on him, landing squarely in his gut. "Oof. You know, that wasn't much fun years ago when we were smaller, let alone now." "Please, you wuss." She slid to his side, still partly sitting on him as she channel surfed. "What are you going to watch?" "Don't know yet." "No period drama, please," Kyle said. "Kyle! On a date, you let the woman choose.

Don't you know anything?" "We're still on a date?" "Since it means I get to watch what I want, yes." "Then what should I be doing?" "If it's like most dates I've had, trying to get fresh." "Hmm Hmm Hmm," Kyle grunt laughed, running his hands up and down Millie's arms. "Sadly, that's still smoother than some guys. But seriously, Kyle, you'll be much happier long term if you learn how to handle a woman." Kyle shrugged, relaxing back into the couch and pulling his arm up, unsuccessfully pushing his sister off but managing to get his arm to the top of the couch.

The TV kept flipping, pausing for a painfully long time on each channel as Millie seemed to consider every piece of junk before moving on.

"So, with your perfect date, how would they go about 'getting fresh'?" "Casual contact is the way to start. Just simple touching in non-threatening areas." Kyle put his hand back low and to the right, poking with two fingers.

Millie squirmed. "No, more up here, like on the shoulder." Kyle moved his hand to her shoulder, gripping it tightly a bit. She didn't squirm as much that time and he just relaxed and left it there. "Then you, like, touch my neck." Kyle poked her neck half-heartedly a few times. "No, like softer and gentler with the back of your finger." Absently, he did so, running his finger along the side of her neck.

She said nothing, clicking the channel again, and he continued, moving his finger up and down from her shoulder to just below her ear. After a few times, her head slowly tilted away, stretching her skin where he touched it. "So at what point do you get to start honking the boobs?" He asked.

She snorted a laugh. "I recommend you hold off on 'honking' indefinitely. The breasts are kind of the first point of no return; letting a guy touch those means the relationship is something different. You have to approach those more carefully." "Really?

Seems to me like you should just jump right out and grab 'em." Kyle did exactly that, bringing one arm over her shoulder and down the front and the other under her near arm, palming both of his sister's breasts and squeezing just enough to make it clear. Head still tilted, she snorted and rolled her eyes at his joke. When Millie had kissed her brother under the mistletoe, she'd expected him to jump away in alarm. Instead, he'd simply stayed where he was and let her do, and, thrown off, she'd actually held the kiss.

Even with the unexpected development, she'd found that it somehow didn't seem wrong. Kyle expected a similar reaction from her when he grabbed her boobs, but she likewise simply stayed still, and his hands lingered, not letting go immediately, as if suddenly unsure what to do with them. "I suppose it's not without its charm. But she'd have to already really like you," Millie said. "But you can't just 'honk' them, you at least have to move your hands around." "Ah," Kyle said, and he ran his fingers in a rapid tickle motion across the front of both.

Millie again didn't react, changing the channel two more times. His tickling pace slowed gradually, until he was in fact running his fingers in secession along the bottom of each breast. The feel of the room seemed to change. It got quieter, the ticking clock on the wall and low chatter of the television became more acute, the whole room seeming somehow darker and smaller than before. His touch became delicate and slow, barely caressing around the curve of her breasts, pressure just noticeable through her bra.

He'd trace from inside to the out, fingers coming gingerly off the contact on the outside, followed by a pause before she'd feel them again on the inside. Each time she waited, almost sure they wouldn't touch again, not quite sure that they had until they'd started to move. They both stared blankly at the television, though neither could have said what was on. Millie put her hand on Kyle's thigh and pushed off, slowly standing. She synchronized her rise with the stroke of his hands, so that they simply slid off her sides as she moved from him.

Without looking back, she said, "I'll be back in a minute." She did return a little over a minute later in her pajamas, long flannel pants and a thing cotton shirt, clearly with no bra.

She found that he hadn't moved an inch, or even touched the remote, and she carefully returned to the exact place she'd been, sitting to his side and half on his lap, with his arm falling gently to her shoulder as she sat down and picked up the remote. Unable to even think of something to say in justification, he slowly let his hands move back where they'd been before, contacting the underside of her now thinly veiled breasts.

As he made contact, he felt her take a slow breath, and noticed her head again tilting away from him slightly. Her shirt was much softer on his fingers and arms, the skin underneath adding to the softness.

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He moved his hands even more cautiously, savoring the difference between the thick bra and the almost direct contact. Previously invisible, her nipples now stuck out from underneath her shirt, large and impressive. Feeling emboldened after several slow passes, he left his forefinger drift north, adding his thumb to the contact on top and moving them together until they were just barely touching the sides of her little bumps. He continued trying to come up with something witty to say, something to imply this was all still just a joke, but everything seemed half-baked.

He pointed out to himself that he wasn't completely enthralled. This was his sister after all. But she seemed to like it, and it was pretty funny. And even if she would never be attractive to him, no matter how pretty she might be, there was still some pleasure to be found in touching her breasts.


Seeing her neck stretched just so, he knew what she'd like next, and lowered his head to it. Finding her hair obstructive, he took his hand from her breast and brushed it aside, tucking it behind her ear. She took a deep breath again, tilting her head more. He kissed her gently, placing one after another in a line going up her neck. She felt the moistness of his breath and the warmth of his lips on her, and felt no qualm when he returned to her chest, both hands holding and tugging lightly instead of just petting.

When the finger and thumb of one hand barely bookended and then squeezed her nipple, she was more than ready for it. He felt his hips shift beneath her, and she could tell he was trying to reposition without being obvious or disturbing her. She realized she could feel a bulge pressing against the outside of her thigh. Starting to feel a bit unconsciously agitated at just sitting while things happened, she decided to help out and tried to shift more to the side.

However, his bulge seemed somewhat caught under her and moved with her, causing him to squirm just a bit.

Knowing he wouldn't move his hands to address the problem, she moved her own hand down, wedging it between her rear and him and push against him to slide over just enough. It was only after she moved that it occurred to her that her hand was squarely on her brother's cock. She could feel it twitch at her contact, and feel his subtle and hopeful gasp. Knowing he couldn't see her face, she smiled to herself and she left her hand there, resting it gently with only a little extra pressure, as if she wasn't thinking about what she was touching.

His motion on her breasts and his kisses slowed, though the pressure did not, and she knew he was fully distracted by the feel of her hand on him. His breathing changed, as did the feel of his bulge as it began pressing more against her hand on its own. As it pressed more, and she felt its hardness, she got a better sense for its orientation, and realized it was bent somewhat awkwardly in his pants. She let her own touch stiffen, petting it upward in an attempt to let it uncrook. It staunchly refused to move.

She could feel the discomfort grow in him, but he himself refused to act, obviously afraid of risking taking a hand off her breast and frightening her away from what it was on. Smirking again at his vain attempt to stay cool, she pushed more, trying to resolve the problem without being too disruptive. Finally he could bear it no more and released her breast, bringing his hand down as he squirmed more but pausing at Millie's hand, trying to figure a way to do it while encouraging her hand to stay where it was.

Hooking his thumb under the waistband to the side of her hand, he tugged ineffectively. Millie hooked her own thumb in next to her brother's, helping tent it up at the zipper.

Surprised at the help but still having trouble, Kyle finally just stuck his hand in and straightened it out by directly. With his hand out of the way, Millie let the waistband back down, but not pulling it upward, so that the end of his dick stuck out. She left her fingers setting across his zipper, while her thumb tip just pressed against the side of his shaft. She felt him inhale at the first contact, and smiling to herself, pushed her thumb along the side of his dick, her fingers wrapping more around him through his pants.

Kyle grabbed her breasts again, full hands. Her boobs had, in a way, always annoyed him. He remembered watching them grow as his own interest in such things had been growing, and it had always seemed something of a cosmic joke that of all the breasts he'd seen, probably the best were on his sister.

It had filled him with a sense of protectiveness about the guys who showed interest in her and, if he admitted it, a bit of jealousy. Now that he was actually touching them, he realized just what he'd been missing. They were hefty in his hands, definite weight to each as he lifted them from her chest, not able to wrap around them entirely.

While they'd never been huge, they were hardly modest. They were well-proportioned and shaped for frame, with perfect plump nipples, the skin through her thin shirt as soft and supple as could be.

He squeezed, pulling and hugging her body, feeling her back on his chest, her butt on his hip, her hand just touching his cock. Her thumb pushed under it, hooking the other side, and with thumb and fingers, she rubbed. Giving up the grip, she pushed her elbow up his chest, moving her hand to his stomach, and then squeezed it into his jeans, wrapping it around him in a full grip. She started stroking, moving the whole front of his pants with her hand as she did.

Satisfied that this wasn't just a passing joke anymore, Kyle ran his fingers across her nipples. One hand still over her shoulder, he pulled and bunched up her shirt at her collarbone until her breasts came free. Placing his hands on her now bare skin, he ran his fingers from the inside of each breast until he was cupping them both firmly. He dove onto her neck again, kissing and licking, down to her shoulder, as close to her breast as their position allowed.

Pulling her hand out, Millie tugged at the button of his pants, and getting it open, moved to the zipper, fumbling its angle and so having trouble. After a few useless tugs, she got the little handle upright and, finding the zipper finally pliant, yanked it down sharply. His jean flaps open, she grabbed him again through his underwear, then stuck her hand under it, trying to push it down in the front past his dick. Finding it sliding back up, she gave up the tactic and simply started trying to tug everything down at the side with sharp jerks.

He moved his hand to help and she lifted her butt off him, and together they got his pants down to his thighs. Kyle returned his hand to her breast, but not satisfied, Millie kept pushing the pants down with her hand and then foot until she'd stomped them down to his ankles.

She grabbed his cock, holding it firmly, and sat back down on his hip. Spreading her legs, she pressed her back into him and threw her thigh across his, so the outside of her leg pressed against the base of his shaft and on the top of his balls. She stroked and rubbed him, the head of his dick rubbing a little abrasively against the fabric of her pajama bottoms at her hip. He relaxed into the couch cushions, feeling his sister stroke his cock, her body pressing into him.

He realized that she was slowly gyrating her hips with her legs open, her butt pressing into his own lap. Abandoning one of her breasts, he gripped her knee, pulling it gently and increasing its pressure on his dick. He jumped up to her inner thigh, crossing his arm over hers, careful not to obstruct her movement.

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Her thigh was almost as soft as her breast, and he could feel it wiggling as she stroked him against it. Kissing her shoulder at the neckline, he moved his hand up until it was on her vulva. It was her turn to breathe, pushing into his fingers. He rubbed up and down her, and she twisted her hips to press back and forth against him in both directions.

She slowed on his dick, though not loosening her grip. He slipped his hand down into her pajamas, pushing down to touch her pussy again. On the back of his fingers her panties had a silky texture, on the front, the mild coarseness of short pubic hair. A thought struck him like a slap in the face. Millie's pubic hair. He wasn't sure he'd given his sister's pubes any thought before, certainly never even wondering how she might groom them.

And he knew what panties she was wearing, he'd seen them before. They were a light blue, thin, enough to cover the butt and pussy but with only a band on the sides. Millie could be bad about her laundry, and he'd seen them in her room before, as well as once when she'd left them sitting on the bathroom counter after a shower.

He'd shown the appropriate level of disgust for when a brother finds his sister's panties somewhere they shouldn't be, and demanded she immediately get them. This was Millie, his sister, not some girlfriend. He had definitely gotten carried away. He didn't find her attractive, and never had. How could he? She was his sister. What was going on? Millie felt him hesitate and even tense, immediately guessing why. Of course he was apprehensive. This was Kyle, and she was his sister.

And he was her brother, whom she'd teased, and kissed, and stripped the pants from. She'd gotten lost in a moment, swept up in a feeling of romance, the connection she'd suddenly found, the sparking glow of the fireplace.

But it should stop. She could just let go of him, make a joke, and act like it was nothing. But for some reason she couldn't identify, she didn't want to. His dick felt good in her hand, thick and meaty, the way he breathed and moved as she touched it. And he was so close to touching her, and she'd wanted to be touched there so badly. It's not like she was forcing him; he could stop if he wished. She could just let him make up his own mind what to do.

And she could make up hers. She began stroking him again. It felt good, he couldn't deny it. Sister or no, it was nice. He had to make up his mind, he knew, and soon. How to weigh something like this? His feelings were all over the place. Where his fingers were was warm and inviting. His hand seemed to decide for him, as it continued sliding down. The skin under the fuzz grew softer as the angle fell.

Lower still she opened up, smooth and wide and wet, so wet. She was ready to feel his finger inside her, frustrated by his slowness and lack of confidence. The poor boy was just unsure despite his age, she reminded herself, but at least he was still keeping the energy up, as his fingers explored around the outside, even sometimes flitting unknowingly across her clit.

She squeezed his cock, loving its thickness, imagining what it would feel like pushing inside of her. She opened her hips wider and rose against his hand. Finally getting the idea, she felt him at her entrance and then slowly sliding one finger in.

Millie thought about moaning, just enough to let him know she wanted it, but couldn't quite bring herself to do that in front of her brother.

His finger delved in deeper, feeling around all sides in little circles. Constricted by the angle and her pajamas, he stretched his arm across her as best he could, still unable to get much past the second knuckle into her. He moved his finger in and out, pressing the rest of his hand against her, his palm pushing against her pubic bone with greater effect than he realized.

Gripping his dick tight, she slow-stroked it from high on the tip to a hard press against the base. Suddenly she brought her legs together, Kyle's hand pulling back in surprise, his dick falling to his stomach. She jerked down her pajamas as forcibly as she had her brother's, kicking them away, and fell back on Kyle's hip, skin against skin. She grabbed his hand and put it back on her pussy, then put her own grip back on his cock. He immediately slid his finger back in.

Her exposed legs and thighs felt cool in the air, but his hand and touch was so warm inside her. Free to pick his angle, Kyle was able to go in deeper, losing his whole finger inside her.

She pressed his dick against her thigh, rubbing the slick head across her skin. His other arm was now behind her back instead of over her shoulder, and he grabbed her breast again from under her arm. Holding her tightly against him, he slid in and out, doing his best to finger-fuck her.

His technique wasn't perfect, but still quite serviceable, and Millie let herself get lost in the feeling. The angle was hard, and his stamina soon started to waver, loosing strength. Millie wanted more; it was as simple as that. Letting go of him, she slid off to his side and turned, laying and pushing back until her upper back was setting on the arm rest. She spread her legs, hanging one in the air with nowhere off the couch to set it and the other into the back of the couch, pushing her toes under her brother's butt.

He looked down at her, with so much bare skin. Her thighs and legs, her stomach. He stared at her pussy, finally getting a good view of what he'd been touching, pink, wet, and wide.

Her tits rested softly on her body, the shirt having pushed half way down them, but not getting past the nipples. Not letting himself think, he turned to her, yanking off his own shirt and kicking free his feet from his jeans, and crawled until he was positioned over her, arms at her side. He lowered his face to her chest, kissing and licking, pulling her shirt back up off them with one hand. Millie peeled her shirt off, leaving her hands reaching off the side of the couch over her head as her brother's mouth ran across her breasts, sucking on one nipple and then the other.

It felt good, but she wanted to feel good somewhere else, too. She could see his dick and balls dangling beneath him, pointing at her. She reached and took it, now feeling so familiar in her hand, running her fingers on his balls and giving it a few cursory strokes. Then, using it to pull him to her, she guided it to her pussy.

Raising his head from her tits, he looked back, and they both watched as she rubbed his glans against her, finding the spot where the resistance stopped and he popped into place. With her gently tugging and him gently pushing, he slowly entered her vagina. After about two inches, she let go, and he kept pushing on his own, going just a little faster until he was completely in, their pubes pressing together. Millie gasped a bit, breathing out a slow but stuttered breath, while Kyle held his breath, almost overwhelmed by the feel of having every bit of his cock cradled and squeezed in warmth.

Millie started moving, rubbing herself against him and feel his cock slide inside her. She grabbed his arms, which still supported his upper body over her. Kyle began moving with her, surprised by just how strong all the sensations were. Millie was soon increasing her force, moving her hands to his sides and pulling as she rubbed. She moaned, light and breathy but audibly, in a clear voice.

Kyle's eyes shot open. The sound reminded him of one his sister made when annoyed, when she'd shake her head about something and sigh.

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Another wave a memories came to him, of times his sister was being grumpy, or petty, and condescending. It was a noise that generally irritated him. His eyes opened, half-expecting to see her elsewhere in the room, having caught him with this strange girl. But she hadn't just walked in.

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She was underneath him. He looked down, suddenly seeing Millie, and not just a naked body anymore. He knew her face and shape so well, but now it was so strange. This may not be the scowling sister he knew and had been expecting, but it was still clearly Millie.

Her eyes were closed, mouth slightly open, with the hint of a smile. Her body was completely bare, unlike he'd ever seen it, her breasts sliding up and down as she rocked. She was beautiful and womanly. He was fucking his sister. He kept up his own movement, even as he thought, and he knew he couldn't stop. She was fucking him, too, and he wasn't going to stop her, even if he wanted to. He would go along with her.

Except, it couldn't just be simple compliance, there was something else. The action felt so strongly to him. And the sensations were doing to him what they were physiologically supposed to, he could feel it already.

Whether he wanted it or not, it was happening. He realized, in a flash, that he couldn't let it. He froze, and started pulling back, his dick sliding free. Millie pushed once into the air, coming up empty, and her eyes shot open in surprise. "I'm sorry, if I do any more, I'll." Kyle. She could see her brother's fear in his eyes, his worry. Her brother had been so different tonight, had that come to an end? Was he pulling away again?

The shock had almost brought her back to a normal mindset. Flashes of compassion aside, Kyle was still just a selfish brother, a selfish person in a world full of them. In a moment, her anger and loneliness tried to bubble back.

But there were his eyes. Something was different about them as he spoke. He was actively looking at her, not just looking away. He was worried about how she felt, not just himself.

The moments of shock, fear, and self-pity washed past in a flood and were gone. Things could be different; this was a new man before her. He'd been kind and thoughtful, considerate and caring. He hadn't coerced or pushed her into this, it had happened organically because they both wanted it. Even at the critical moment, he was thinking of her instead of what felt good for him.

She loved him, and she wanted him more. Not just because she was horny. She wanted him to feel the way he'd made her feel. He hovered over her, not ready to pull away for fear of offending her, even after he'd decided to stop.

She grabbed him by the hips. "Don't stop," she said, looking into his eyes. "It's okay, I'm on the pill. It's okay if you cum. Just don't stop." He looked into her pleading eyes and his resistance melted. He let her pull him back down. She guided his dick back to her hole. Pausing only a moment at her entrance, he plowed into her, catching her a bit by surprise with a gasp. Then they were at it again, harder than ever.

She grabbed his butt with both hands, grinding against his thrusts. Trying to get better leverage, he lowered onto her chest, feeling her breasts against him, and wrapping his arms under her, pulling her shoulders and pounding with all his energy. The brief pause had at least succeeding in buying him time, but he knew he wouldn't last. He tried to distract himself, reminding himself again that this was Millie.

He opened his eyes and looked at her profile next to him, the strangeness of his sister in the throes of passion, his own dick inside her.

The thought didn't have the effect he had been going for, but found he couldn't let the images go. She was lost in the moment. His grasp was so sure, his arms strong, their bodies meshing together as they were designed to.

He was going cum soon, she was sure of it, and he'd love it, and love her, and never forget. His weight felt so good pressing down on her, his cock felt so right inside her.

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She came, sucking in air unevenly, trying to stretch her face past his and her hair for breath, Kyle thrusting into her. Her body tensed and she held it taut, somewhat fighting against the jerks, the sensation of him on and in her pussy almost too much, and she waited, expecting and demanding at any moment what she knew was coming.

She didn't have long to wait. Kyle felt his sister tense under him, though it took him another half dozen thrusts to realize why. With pride of accomplishment, he ceased holding back. After just a few more thrusts, he went. She felt his pace change and then, she could just feel it inside her, moving.

Instinctively, he pushed deep and held, pressing into her clit just right. He kept jerking inside of her, and it delighted her that they were cumming together. She pressed back, pushing hard. After a moment, he made an attempt to thrust again, seeming to think that's what she wanted. She squeezed his ass and held him tight. "Just hold it," she said in his ear.

Thinking of him, she opened her eyes and turned her head, wanting to see his face. His mouth was open, face scrunched in shutting his eyes. She could see his focus on the feeling, and felt the small movements in his torso. Both finished, their bodies relaxed, lying together.

Kyle shifted slowly, and Millie, seeing his thinking, moved her hands around his back, hugging him close so he couldn't get up, not concerned about his weight on her. That suited him. He might have already cum, but he found he still liked the feel of her vagina enclosing his cock. They lay together, even after he had receded to normal size, only staying in by the pressure of their pubic bones together. It was Millie who finally broke the stillness.

"Crap. What time is it?" Kyle's head stuck up, looking around, realizing he'd have to get up to check the time. Reluctantly, he rose up from his sister, dick falling out easily. He stood up, looking around into the next room at the clock.

"A little after 9:30. Their movie didn't start until 8:00, so we have at least another hour." He looked at his clothes on the floor, knowing it would be appropriate to put them on, but decided he didn't have to, and sat back on the couch.

Millie stretched her legs out over his, and he rested a hand on her knee. The TV was still on, blaring softly on a channel neither of them could have identified without checking. The fire had grown bright and popping, its warmth noticeable from where they were. Millie turned its head and watched it crackle, enjoying its glow on their naked bodies. "You know, I didn't write anything, but I did have a wish in mind earlier." "Oh?" Both their voices were utterly calm and relaxed.

"Yeah. I figured I was just being stupid, but I thought about how much I wanted to find a great guy who would sweep me off my feet, who was actually charming enough that I could get lost for a while." She smirked at him, strands of hair across her face. "I guess you have to be real careful what you wish for." Kyle looked down on her, again surveying her body, her legs, her skin, her pussy and breasts, which floated so softly on her chest.

Spent as it was, he noticed is cock start to stir again. He thought back to his own wishes. "I guess so."