Dünn Oma fickt den Jungen

Dünn Oma fickt den Jungen
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I Was In 8th Grade. I Was Just Another 14 Year Old Kid. It Was Friday Afternoon. Not Much Was Going On. I Was At School Which Totally Sucks. My Boring Teachers Babbled On And On About Nothing In Particular.

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It Wasn't Much Fun Until I Got To Gym. There Was Something Different About Me. I'm Gay And I Had A Crush On The Hottest Boy In School. His Name Was Chase Krit. He Had Short Blond Hair, Ocean Blue Eyes, A Cute Boyish Face, And A Crooked Grin That Drove Me Wild. He Was About 5' 9" And His Body Was In Perfect Condition. He Was Skinny, But He Had A Layer Of Muscle That Was Easily Seen. He Was The Quarterback On The Football Team. When I Was In Gym I Saw Him. Gym Was Always The Same At My School.

First We Run A Couple Laps, Then We Run Basketball Drills, Then Football Drills. Always At The First Of Class We Dressed Out. Today When We Walked Into The Huge Gym. The Basketballs Were Out As Always. It Wasn't That Far Into The School Year And We Already Had A Routine.

The Couch, Who Was About 50, Was Sitting In His Usual Spot At The Front Of The Gym On The Stage. And As Always, He Bellowed. Coach: "Dress Out!" All The Guys Walked Into The Locker Room Which Was Actually Built Inside The Bleachers. Inside, There Were 2 Benches Surrounded By Lockers, And Behind That Was A Shower That Was Hardly Ever Used. It Was A Make-Out Spot Used After School. Guys Would Bring Their Girlfriends Back There And Feel Them Up And Kiss Them Or Get Head.

Soon, The Room Was Filled With People That Were Bumping Into Each Other, Trying To Get Into Their Lockers That Contained Their Clothes. The Outfit For Gym Was Simply A Gray Sleeveless Shirt And Light Blue Basketball Shorts.

All The Boys Inside Began Stripping. My Eyes Were On Chase The Whole Time. I Watched Him Take Off His Shirt, Exposing His Perfect Chest That Had Not Yet Had Any Hair On It, And Watched Right Below As His 6 Pack Rose And Fell To Indicate That He Was Breathing.

I Then Watched Him Strip Off His Shorts To Expose His Boxers. My Cock Got Instantly Hard As I Saw, Through The Hole In The Front, Part Of His Cock. As He Began To Redress I Turned Away And Did The Same. I Was The Last One Out Because I Was Watching Him. When I Got Out, I Joined The Basketball Line Up. Normally, We Practice Passing Or Line Up For Free-Throws. But Coach Did Something We Didn't Expect.

Coach: Ok Guys, Today We're Gonna Team Up. Shirts Verses Skins. My Heart Skipped A Beat. The Coach Went Down The Line Splitting Us Up. Chase Was On Skins. Throughout The Entire Practice My Eyes Were On Chase's Hot Body.

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I Fell 6 Times, Got Hit With The Ball Twice, And Missed 3 Shots Because My Attention Was On Chase. Coach Finally Made Me Sit Out. At The End Of Practice We Dressed Out Into Our Regular Clothes. Because I Was On The Football Team, After School I Went To Practice With The Other Guys.


It Was Another Normal Day. Chase As Quarterback, Me As Wide Reciever, And The Other Guys On The Field. We Ran 20 Plays Which Took An Hour. As The Team Was Dismissed All The Guys Began Walking To The Street So They Could Use Their Cell Phones To Call A Ride. I Was Heading Back To The School Because Stupid Me, Left My Cell Phone In My Basketball Shorts Which Were In My Gym Locker.

I Entered The Door Of The Locker Room And Went Straight To My Locker. An Unexpected Cough From Behind Me Made Me Jump. I Turned But Saw Nothing. I Shrugged It Off And Went Back To Unfastening My Lock. I Then Heard Water Falling And Realized Someone Was Taking A Shower. I Opened My Locker And Got My Phone And I Was About To Leave When I Heard A Familiar Voice Say "Hello?" Me: "Yeah?" Voice: "Who Is That?" Me: "Just Getting My Cell Out Of My Locker." Voice: "Oh." My Hormones Took Over.

A Voice In My Head Said "Go Over There! There's A Naked Guy Taking A Shower And There Are No Lights Which Means He Won't See You!" I Walked To The Door Of The Locker Room, Grabbed It, Pulled It Open And Let It Close So He'd Think I Left. I Heard A Sigh Of Relief. I Then Heard The Voice Let Out A Low Moan. I Sneaked Over, Careful Not To Make A Sound, And Peeked Across To The Shower Stalls. My Eyes Widened As I Saw Chase Sitting On The Ground, His Hand Moving Up And Down On His, What Had To Be 7 Inch, Cock.

My 7 Inch Cock Got Rock Hard. I Watched Him.

His Blond Hair Was Turned To A Dark Amber Color From The Water. I Stared At His Cock And Saw His Pubic Hair. He Had To Trim It. It Wasn't At All Bushy. His Cut Cock Head Was A Deep Shade Of Red Because Of The Pressure He Was Applying To It. He Looked Up From His Cock And Saw Me. He Jumped. Chase: "Shit! What The Fuck Are You Doing?" I Hurridly Thought Of A Lie. Me: "I Was Just Seeing If I Knew You." Chase: "Well, Shit, How Long Have You Been There Watching Me Jack Off?" Once Again I Lied.

Me: "I Just Now Came Over And Saw Who It Was." Chase: "Well Are You Gonna Go Or What?" Me: "Yeah, Sorry." I Began Walking Off. My Hard On Was Gone. Chase: "Well, Hey, Wait!" I Turned Around.

Me: "Yeah?" Chase: "You're The Wide Reciever, Right? Mitchell?" Me: "Yeah." Chase: "Why Do You Stare At Me During Basketball Practice Or When I'm Dressing Out?" I Felt Blood Flood Into My Face.

Me: "I-I-I Don't Stare At You!" I Forced A Laugh. Chase: "Yes You Do! You're Blushing!" Me: "Fine, I Do. You Have A Fit Body. I'm Just Jealous." Chase: "I'm Not Stupid.

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You Want Me Don't You?" He Sneered. His Voice Was Cocky. Me: "No! I'm Not No Fag!" Chase Walked Over To Me And Grabbed My Face With His Hands. He Kissed Me On The Lips. My Cock, Once Again Grew To It's Full Length. Chase Looked Down And Saw It Clearer Than Day. Curse My Loose Shorts! Chase: "You Want Me. Look, You're Harder Than Fuck!" Me: "Fine, You're Right. You're Sexy. I'm Gay. I Want You. Happy? I'll Leave." Chase: "Wait! You're Not Gonna Tell Anyone About This Are You?" Me: "No.

I'm No Snitch. You Can Jack Off Back There As Long As You Want I Could Care Less." Chase: "That's Not What I Meant. I Meant, You Are YouGonna Tell Anyone About This. He Walked Over To Me And Once Again Kissed Me On The Lips, Only This Time He Used His Tounge. I Kissed Him Back Using My Tounge Too. I Looked Down And Saw His Cock Grow Hard Under His Towel. I Looked Back At His Face. His Eyes Were Closed. He Was Enjoying The Kiss.

Finally, He Broke It. His Hand Went Down To His Towel And He Undid The Tie That Kept In Hooked Onto His Body. The Towel Fell And His Cock Was Now Out, Rubbing My Leg. Me: "What Are You Doing?" Chase: "You Want Me Right? You Can Have Me. On One Condition. You Don't Tell Anyone I Swing Both Ways, And I Won't Tell That You're Gay." Me: "Y-Y-You Want Me To Have Sex With You?" Chase: "Yeah. You're Cute." I Thought Of Myself. I Had Short Brown Hair, Eyes That Switched From Green To Blue, An Okay Build, I Was A Little Short Compared To Chase.

I Was 5' 6". Chase Krit Thought I Was Cute. Me: "Would I Be Your First?" Chase: "Would I Be Yours?" Me: "Yes." Chase: "You Would Be Mine, Too." He Kissed Me Again, This Time On The Neck. I Pushed Him Back And Kissed His Chest. I Licked His Hairless Chest And Licked A Path Around His Nipples.


I Put My Lips On One And Sucked While He Let Out A Moan. I Got On My Knees And Continued Kissing Down His Body Until I Got To His Pubic Hair.

I Went Down To His Red Ball Sac And Sucked On Each One. I Then Stuck My Tounge Under His Ball Sac And Licked A Line From His Balls, To His Cock Shaft, To His Head.

I Stuck The Head Of His Cock Into My Mouth And Sucked As Hard As I Could On It. When His Moans Turned Into Grunts I Let Off And Saw That I Had Turned It A Deep Red. I Put My Lips Back On His Cock And Started Deepthroating It. I Went All The Way To His Pubes And Back To The Head. I Stoped Doing That And Wrapped My Mouth Around Just The Tip, Swiviling My Tounge Around It Until He Moaned.

I Sucked Harder And Started Bobbing My Head. I Incresed Speed Until I Felt His Hands On My Head Pushing His Cock All The Way Into My Throat. In Between His Moans I Heard "Swa-Swallow!" I Felt His Cock Grow And Throb. I Heard A Loud Moan And Finally Felt His Sweet Cum Spurt Onto The Back Of My Throat.

I Swallowed As I Was Instructed To. He Panted Harder And He Sat Down On The Bench. Chase: "Have You Ever Taken It Up The Ass?" Me: "No." Chase: "Strip." I Did As I Was Told And I Took Off My Shirt, Pants, And My Boxers.

When My Hard, 7 Inch Cock Popped Out Chase's Eyes Widened. Chase: "Bend Over The Bench And Let Me Fuck You." I Giggled. I Put Both My Hands Down On The Bench And Bent Over And Spread My Legs. I Felt Warm Syliva In My Ass. I Turned My Head And Saw Chase's Face Buried In My Ass, Licking Me. His Tounge Went All Around My Hole, And Finally In It. He Continued Licking Until My Ass Was Slick.

He Stood Up And Lined Up His Cock With My Ass. I Felt The Head On My Hole And I Told Him "Be Gentle." He Pushed His Head In And I Felt My Ass Expand To Let Him In. He Pushed His Cock In Inch By Inch Until Finally I Felt His Balls His Mine.

He Pulled Out Until Only His Head Was In, And Then Started Fucking Me Slowly. I Moaned Hard, Telling Him "Harder!". He Went Faster And Bucked Harder.

His Cock Slid In And Out Of Me Faster And It Felt Great! "Faster! Harder!" I Moaned. He Started Going Faster Than Ever Before. His Cock Was Sliding In And Out Of My Ass With Enough Speed To Make Me Almost Reach Climax Just From Stimulation.

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He Started Fucking Me Harder, Rising His Cock And He Trusted So That His Cock Reached Deeper Inside Me. Chase: "I'm. Gonna. CUM!!!" Me: "Do. It! Inside. Me!!" He Thursted Harder And Harder Until Finally He Stopped Very Suddenly. He Pushed All The Way Inside Me And I Felt Spurts Of Warm Cum Go Inside Me. His Cock Drained His Sperm Inside My Ass. He Pulled Out His Cock.

Chase: "Sit On The Bench." I Did As Told. Chase: "Lay Down And I'll Jack You Off." I Lyed Down And Felt Some OfHis Warm Jizz Drip Out Of My Ass. His Hand Reached Around My Cock And Went Up And Down It. He Put His Lips On It And Deepthroated It Until It Was Nice And Wet. He Started Quickly Pulling And Tugging On My Cock.

He Put One Of His Fingers In His Mouth. He Pulled It Out And Went To My Hole. He Started Fingering Me As He Jacked Me Off. I Opened My Legs Wider And Let Him Go. He Pulled Harder On My Cock And Applyed More Pressure. My Cock Head Was Deep Red. As He Jacked My Cock He Started Squeezing And Releasing In A Constant Motion. It Felt Great. He Put His Head Down And Started Tounging My Balls. He Sucked On Each On Individually.

His Grip On My Cock Tightened. Me: "I'm Gonna Cum Soon!" He Squeezed On My Cock So Hard That It Hurt. He Then Jacked As Fast As He Could Until Climax Was Moments Away. He Released His Grip And Cum Squirted Out Of My Cock, Onto My Stomach. My Balls Drained Onto My Stomach And There Was A Puddle Of Semen On It.

He Bent Down, Moved My Cock, And Licked Up All My Cum. Then, He Kissed Me. I Stuck My Tounge In And Tasted Something Different.


I Realized That He Didn't Swallow My Cum. He Pushed Half Of The Cum In My Mouth And Swallowed His Half. I Swallowed Too.

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I'd Never Swallowed My Own Cum But It Was Awesome. Kis Kissed Me Some More Then He Stood Up And Got Dressed. When He Was About To Leave He Turned To Face Me. Chase: "I Hope We Can Hook Up Again Very Soon, Baby." Good Reviews = Sequel