Skillful juvenile nympho in sofa

Skillful juvenile nympho in sofa
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Danielle is my age but has the stature and disposition of a girl many years younger.

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We have worked together for a few years now and through our close proximity I have developed a bit of an obsession for her. Every day looking forward to seeing her and hearing her voice.

Wondering what she is wearing today; thanks to summer, will it be a clingy cotton dress with a shawl for modesty, or will it be slacks and and a delicate blouse where I'll be hoping she needs to bend over all day long so that I might catch a peek of the soft valley between her amazingly perky 32C breasts. Danielle has dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and stands about 5'2" with a freckled complexion and cute mousy nose. She has generous soft lips for such a petite woman and I often catch myself imagining what those lips would feel like on mine.

She is fit with a trim waist and full hips and buttocks. Her voice matches her stature, high and with tones of innocence that belie her acute intellect. While she dresses conservatively, she has an absolutely magnetic sexual energy about her that draws you inward. I know that she is undersexed; she is recently off a long-term relationship and has entered the online dating scene. She is suffering through messages from many weak candidates and sitting through dates with boring men.

This makes me yearn all the more to fill her needs. And as I stand close to her at work, I imagine myself bending towards her and my lips finally touching her soft cheek; making that electric connection for the first time; a shockwave pulsing through my body down and out through the floor; feeling alive again for the first time in years.

Last summer I had the opportunity to visit her apartment unsupervised and I happen to have a fetish for womens underwear. I don't wear them but love to see the intimate things that women wear that aren't intended to be seen by most men. In a perverse way, it makes me feel that I'm in that small group of people who have the privilege to see her unmentionables. My arms shaking slightly as I pulled open the top drawer of her dresser. No sex toys. The most neat underwear drawer I have ever seen.


All the panties folded. The bras nested together like dolls one after the other. I pulled out a black satin pair of boy shorts with lace trim and imagined her perfect perky buttocks peeking out of the bottom.

White and soft and wishing those mounds of flesh be pressed against any part of my body. She had some hot pink bras, some plain black, some though were tiger striped.

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My legs grew weak imagining the parts of her body touched by these fabrics. The outer cup of her bras pressed against her shirts, just one thin layer away from being viewed by all. The inner cup cradling her firm breasts and dark nipples all day. The nipples occasionally becoming hard and pressing against the foam, yearning to be seen.

The clasp in the back between her shoulder blades holding everything together just waiting to be released at the end of the day. Her panties hugging her beautiful ass cheeks all day, the fabric flexing with her as she walks.


The front pressing against her labia which I imagine being trimmed neatly. The gusset pressing against her and soaking in her juices throughout the day; becoming full of her scent.

Recently she was wearing this simple cotton dress; gray with back curves almost like stripes waving along the length of her body. The dress was floor-length but sleeveless so she had to wear a shawl around her shoulders to keep a work-appropriate look. In a meeting when her shawl peeked open, I noticed her quickly cover herself. But later that afternoon when speaking to me it casually fell open again and my eyes were drawn to her shoulder. The area around her shoulder and armpit was uncovered and I could see the tan-colored t-shirt bra that she was wearing.

My eyes soaking in the detail, the stitching where the strap connected to the cups. The thinness of the foam cups visible where they pressed against the very sides of her breast at the armpit. I could see how tightly the cotton dress clung to her perfect figure.


As I sat and she stood speaking to me my mind entered a sexual trance and the following events unfolded in my mind. It was the end of the workday and we're the only two left, working late. Her wedge heels with cork soles and white straps move in a step closer as her head leans down to mine. A lock of her hair comes out from behind her ear and grazes my cheek while she leans.

Just the feeling of her soft blonde hair on mine sends a surge of energy into my body. Her soft full lips open and I see the urgency burning in her light blue eyes, an eagerness and nervousness but an absolutely firm determination to have her needs satisfied right then and there. As her lips meet mine I become fully erect and practically levitate off of my chair. Lips locked together my arms reach out to her lower back but quickly slip down over her firm ass which I can easily feel through the thin cotton dress.

Her moans into my lips tell me she enjoys the feeling of me holding her there as I bring her closer. Her tongue slips into my mouth first and I moan in response to her eagerness. The suction of our mouths together briefly broken as she straddles my legs and lowers into my lap. Her dress naturally hikes up over her hips as she squats and my hands quickly move to her thighs. She is smooth and toned as I feel her panties push onto the bulge in my pants.

Lips now swirling around and heavy breaths are interspersed with moans as the intensity heightens. The heat of her sex is radiating through her black thong and into my pants. My hands reach up to feel that perfect firm ass for the first time. I quickly unbuckle my pants and pull them down; the only fabric between us now is her satiny black thong.

She breaks our liplock again briefly to look in my eyes as I pull her thong to the side. Both our mouths ajar as I my cock first touches her warm outer lips and into her soft wet inner lips. Both of us moan loudly as we slide together. As her hips slowly slide down to meet mine she lifts her dress up over her head. My eyes trail its progress as her toned stomach is revealed and then the fabric pauses briefly on her breasts before popping off around her shoulders.

My hands race up to the clasp of her tan t-shirt bra and unook it. Our eyes lock again as she sheds the straps one by one and the cups fall away. The heat of her breasts radiate toward my face as my head bows. My lips seeking those lovely mounds and tongue extending to taste them. Her vanilla flesh overwhelms me and my cock surges inside her and her hips begin to rock over mine.

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My tongue teases her nipples as her moans move low into her chest. My hands reach down to her ass, encouraging her grinding which picks up speed. I can feel her wetness slowly dripping down around my balls as both of our excitement grows. The grinding motion slowly becomes a bucking motion and the office chair I'm sitting in beging to creak in protest.

Her eyes roll back and she leans away from me, focusing on the motion of her hips against mine. Her clit grinding against my pubic bone as my cock retreats and pushes back into her vagina each time.

Savoring the feel of every contour of her hot tight pussy. She increases her speed and presses her left breast into my mouth.

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I latch onto her nipple as she fucks me harder and harder my cock head grazing her cervix with each deep thrust. I can feel her vagina gripping me tighter as she pulls back and looks me in the eye.

"Matt" she says, mouth left slightly open. My eyes meet hers and she nods. "Danielle" I moan and she moans in response. Her hips now meeting my thrusts with a fierce intensity and pace. She grunts a couple of times and I feel the pressure of her vagina against my cock. Her hips pull close to me, my cock deep inside as I begin to come. The first pulse I hold back and then nearly black out as it releases inside her. She continues to move as we orgasm together, our cum mixing together.

Her hips come to rest now and she releases more of her weight onto my lap.

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My head is pressed against her heaving chest and she rests her cheek on top of my head. After a few moments she lifts her head up and begins to press into her legs and lift her hips. A pool of our cum gushes out over my genitals and onto my leather office chair; I enjoy the warm wet feeling covering me.

I peer at her glorious body in front of me. Dark nipples erect on beautiful full breasts, chest a bit blotchy from excitement, freckles dotting her soft smooth skin.

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She smiles as she adjusts her thong back over her labia, our cum soaking the gusset of her panties immediately. Heels still on she bends over to pick up her bra. After she dresses she leans in to kiss me once, softly she lingers. Then she smiles and walks out of the office.

She turns back and says, "See you tomorrow".