Indian maid secretly getting fucked in the bathroom

Indian maid secretly getting fucked in the bathroom
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Desperate Footballers Wife "Nice knickers," Errol whispered as he stood in the frame of the kitchen door. "What did you say?" I retorted without taking my eyes off the TV. "I like your knickers…you suit black…very sexy." He grinned then took a long drag on his cigarette. I nervously ran my hand along the back of my jeans until I touched an inch or two of my lacy thong.

Immediately I moved off my stool and hitched my jeans up. "Mac will kill you if he knew you'd said that," I hissed. "No.I don't think so.

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Mac?" He looked at my husband who was sitting in the other room, "He couldn't take me," the young black lad grinned confidently as he threw his cigarette end nonchalantly onto the lawn. His eyes never left mine as he strolled past me and re-joined my husband and five other friends that were watching football and drinking beer in my lounge.

My husband, 'Mac', was the Captain of an English Division One football club. He'd made his reputation as a 'hard man' in Scotland some years ago; and had moved to England for three million pounds two years previously; just as his current team got relegated from the Premiership.

We had a fantastic house and to all extents and purposes lived a millionaire's lifestyle, but I was bored witless. We had first met 8 years ago and after a whirlwind romance we got married.

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One Scottish newspaper dubbed us 'Beauty and the Beast' on our Wedding Day. I had always been regarded as 'cute' rather than 'pretty'. I have Strawberry Blonde hair (light ginger!), a round face with freckles and a tiny 'turned up nose'. Just like my mum I'm naturally slim with a 32b-22-34 figure.

Before meeting Mac I'd never had any shortage of boyfriends; but the moment I first saw him I fell in love. Now…he was a just a drunken bore who revelled in his 'hardman' image.


I continued drinking wine and watching my soap operas in the kitchen as the guys got drunker, louder and coarser as they watched a rival team getting beat on our huge TV. After a few minutes my gaze drifted into the living room where Errol was sitting slightly behind the eye-line of the others. He winked when I noticed him, making me blush. This went on for the next hour or so; each time our eyes met he would wink or pull a funny face making me smile.

Then he began licking his lips lasciviously and slowly stroking his crotch. I didn't know what to think or how to react but I couldn't stop looking at him.

Mac and I are both 31 and are from Northern Scotland. Errol was 22 and a flash, black Londoner who played in the Premier League. Apparently he'd had a bad injury the previous season and had been 'loaned' to Mac's team for three months as part of his return to fitness.

I'd seen him after a couple of games but this was the first time that he had visited our house for Mac's weekly gathering. As Club Captain my husband took it upon himself to organise the player's social events; which meant 'getting pissed out of their minds' twice a week.

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Once would be straight after a match when they would go out into the local town 'wining, dining and 69ing'. The other would be at our house where he could be 'Lord of the Manor', showing off his big house, huge TV, massive stereo system, awesome games console or purpose built snooker room. (Do you think that he was over compensating for something?) As usual the night ended with Mac getting so drunk he fell asleep on the sofa before the guys' taxis arrived. "Do you need a hand with him…or anything?" Errol asked as the others shuffled out into the cold night.

"No thanks," I smiled, "I'll manage by myself…thanks." "I bet you will!" he chuckled as he ran his hand along my thigh, making my heart miss a beat and my stomach turn over. For the next few days I couldn't stop smiling as I re-lived the attention that Errol had paid me. On the Saturday night immediately after the game I was waiting in the Players Lounge like a nervous teenager; when the lads crashed through the door. They were in high spirits because they had won 4-0 with Errol scoring twice and Mac being very lucky not to be sent off after thumping an opposition player.

History told me that my darling husband wouldn't make any attempt at conversation on a night like this but I would still be obliged to play the part of 'adoring wife'; a role that I was very good at.

After making small talk with a couple of friends Errol finally caught my eye and motioned me towards a quiet corner. I surreptitiously made my way to where he was standing. As I congratulated him on his performance he secretly slipped a small package into my hand. "It's just a little thank-you gift, for the other night." He smiled nervously and quickly moved back into the busy crowd. I looked down to see a beautifully gift-wrapped parcel tied with a ribbon.

Intrigued I made my excuses and went to the ladies room where I opened it. My jaw nearly hit the tiled floor. My gift was an exquisite pink g-string.

I recognised the label immediately they were very expensive.

I hid them deep into my handbag and joined my husband who had already arranged to go out with the lads to celebrate. I slept alone that night - only wearing my new knickers and thinking about Errol.

I wore them again the following Wednesday night when Mac and 8 other players watched the football on TV.


After half an hour, Errol joined me in the kitchen for a cigarette. "So you like them," he laughed as I stretched across the worktop flashing the new G-string to my new admirer as I poured myself a glass of wine. I shrugged my shoulders and pretended not to know what he was talking about.

"I bet that you were thinking about me when you pulled them up your long legs and they covered your pretty pink pussy," his deep Caribbean accent made my body tremble, "didn't you?" I desperately tried to ignore him but he continued…on and on.

His voice getting deeper and deeper as the night wore on and his questioning and comments got more and more personal every time he came in the kitchen for a smoke. I was squirming on my stool as he described how he thought I masturbated thinking about him and his big black cock. At one stage in the night; I was becoming so turned on I nearly orgasmed on the spot when Errol asked me if I'd ever seen a black cock.

I could only stare at the portable TV and shake my head. "Do you want to see mine?" He whispered as he walked back into the lounge. I looked longingly into his big brown eyes but didn't move a muscle. I daren't. The phone rang the following afternoon; "Hi babe; just checking that you were at home." My knees buckled as I recognised Errol's voice.

"Mac's not in…he's gone to London." I mumbled. "I know," Errol purred like a lion, "he'll be back tomorrow. Let me in." I turned to see a tall dark shape filling the glass panel in the front door. Within a second of him entering my house he had forcefully pulled me towards him and had begun kissing me. It was a long smouldering, sexy kiss.

His snake-like tongue filled my mouth, swirling around; touching my own demure tongue, licking the roof of my mouth and tickling my tonsils.

Before I knew what was happening he had me pinned against the wall and had removed my camisole top and bra. His hands and mouth were stroking, sucking, squeezing and licking my heavy breasts and diamond hard nipples as he fumbled with my belt and fly buttons. "Not here…not here," I mumbled as he pulled my jeans off, leaving me wearing just a tiny white transparent thong. "Where then?" He gasped for air as he discarded his own jeans; exposing a magnificent bulge in his boxer shorts.

I looked around. Even in my heightened state I knew that I couldn't have sex with another man in my matrimonial bed. "In here!" I chuckled as I took his shovel-like hand and dragged him into Mac's snooker room. I swear his package wobbled as we hurried along the corridor. Once inside Errol lifted me onto the edge of the snooker table and resumed his passionate kisses; only this time I wrapped my legs around him and ground my aching pussy against his swollen baseball bat.

I had a mini-orgasm as our mouths consumed each other and his hands sensually caressed my soft titties, occasionally rolling my pink nipples between his ebony fingers. "Lie back," he moaned as he broke off our kiss. I still held his hips in a vice like grip with my legs and slowly arched my back until I felt the cold green baize on my skin.

"Jesus!" he kept groaning as his fingers slowly touched every inch of my upper body as if he was blind and reading Braille. I relaxed my grip with my legs and rested my feet either side of him on the shiny wood of the table…legs wide apart. Resting on my elbows I stared at his muscle-bound torso and gorgeous grinning black face as his fingers stroked my pubes then my soaking wet pussy through the thin material of my panties making me moan with desire.

I'd never been with a black man before and had never even given it a moments thought. But at this exact moment the contrast between his coal black skin and my own pasty white flesh was the most erotic site in the world. I gasped when his pants twitched as he pressed his thumb against my throbbing clitoris. "He, he, he," he wheezed, "You're a very horny lady." I tried to dig my hands into the table to steady myself as he put his thumbs into the waistband of his tight pants.

"D'ya wanna see me cock now?" he asked. I nodded. My heart pounded in my chest as his ebony rod sprang into view.

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It looked amazing! Absolutely huge compared to my husbands little 'Walnut Whip'! "D'ya like what ya see?" Errol teased me as he made it sway from side to side. I could only meekly nod my head. His hands were now touching the elastic waist on my knickers. "Let's get these off and see if ya can take all o' me cock," his voice was now very, very deep making him sound like a Jamaican Barry White.

I was trembling as he pulled my knickers off exposing my hairy pussy to the first man other than my husband since I had got married. His face cracked into a lovely smile as he tugged and stroked my red pubic hair with one hand and ever so gently touched my aching swollen labia with the other.

"This looks like a mighty fine pussy to me," he whispered as his thumbs easily parted my fleshy love-lips, "me thinks that you can take it all…very easily!" With that he nudged the fat purple tip of his cock against my entrance. "No, no, no," I muttered as my eyes suddenly grew to the size of saucers as inch after inch of his dark meat filled my pink cavity.

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"Don't worry baby, you're going to enjoy every minute…and it's going to be a very long day!" Errol reassured me as he lifted my legs in the air forcing me onto my shoulders, making it easier for the last couple of inches of his monster cock to fill my tight little Scottish hole.

He was being very gentle with me as my pussy stretched to accommodate what seemed like the biggest cock in the world. "You okay baby?" he asked as I twisted my hips, "ya ready to fuck now?" My eyes were now closed tight shut as I struggled to control my emotions. I nodded my head and spread my hands and arms along the table. Errol gently moved his hips; pulling his heavy cock a couple of inches out of my pussy then pushed forward, making me struggle for breath.

Still with his arms under my thighs he pulverized my under used vagina for what seemed a lifetime until I shook with a great big orgasm. He took no notice and continued fucking the life out of me for another couple of minutes until he too began gasping for air as his pounding became more frenetic.

"Huh, huh…I'm cumming.huh, huh.I'm cumming!" He grunted as he dropped my aching legs onto the table and quickly slid his wobbly cock out of my stretched pulsating pussy. With two quick 'tugs' he was shooting jet after jet of hot cum onto my titties and tummy. We were both now gasping for breath as Errol squeezed the last few lumps of his white juice onto my pubes as I rubbed the sticky goo into my sweaty breasts.

When he had finished I began to move off the snooker table. Errol waved his hand and motioned me to stay where I was. As he regained his composure he flashed a great big toothy grin and bent forward until his big brown lips kissed my gaping pussy. "Oh my God&hellip." I sighed as his long tongue lapped at my bountiful love juice, "Oooohhh&hellip.Jesus. Oooohh Errol that's…that's…oooh…that's fucking lovely!

" My young black lover was now stroking my inner thigh as his snake-like tongue probed the inner reaches of my recently fucked hole and his nose kept pressing against my tingling clitoris. I couldn't stop myself as my nipples felt like they could explode; so I was pinching them and rubbing his cum all over my heaving tits as he sent me to Heaven and back. "Fuck yes!

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Fuck yes! FUCK YES!" I screamed when he brought me to yet another earth shattering orgasm with his glorious tongue. I've never been very vocal during sex always being content to moan and groan (sometimes just for effect) but Errol was bringing out another side of me a dark side. His cock was rock hard again and his face was gleaming when he stood up between my floundering legs.

"Is there beer in that fridge?" he asked as looked at the large grey Smeg in the corner. "Yeh," I panted as I struggled off the large table, "get me one please." I was on Cloud 9 as I stared at his shining naked muscular body when he crossed the room to the fridge.

He turned around and waved two bottles of cold beer in the air. "Thanks," I told him as he nonchalantly walked back towards me; his long thick cock swaying from side to side. We stood silently about two feet apart as we swigged the ice cold beer. My senses were now so heightened I could smell my own sexual odour as well as Errol's stale spunk that was still clinging to my large firm breasts.

I slowly ran the cold lager bottle over my hot tits making my sensitive nipples 'pop out' again; making Errol flash his milky white teeth. "Sit down…there," I instructed him, and pointed to the leather swivel chair that my husband used when he playing video games, "I'm not finished with you yet!" He did as he was told and sat with his legs spread wide apart making his balls hang over the edge and his magnificent cock point towards me.

Staring into his twinkling brown eyes I knelt in front of him and stroked his shiny purple helmet against my titties. I could hardly get my fingers around the girth as I wanked it before kissing the velvet knob. It was Errol's turn to purr now as I devoured his cock with my mouth licking and sucking as if my life depended on it. His cock tasted lovely as my pussy juice mingled with his dry spunk. My white fingers looked terrific as they wrapped around his ebony pole which was so big I could only get the fat head and another couple of inches into my mouth before I gagged.

But that didn't stop me; I kept sucking and licking and stroking and digging my long red nails and diamond engagement ring into his tight flesh until he begged me to stop. "Fucking Hell Suzy you're one helluva cocksucker," he groaned as I began nibbling his bald scrotum, "I think I'm gonna cum again!" I looked up and whispered, "That's the idea!" Errol then grabbed the back of my head and began thrusting into my mouth, making me need to hold onto the arms of the chair.

"Oooh yesssss…baby…that's fucking good," he groaned as his cock completely filled my mouth, "come on cocksucker make me cum…do ya want to taste my spunk?

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Do ya?" I tried to nod but his grip on my head was too tight as he fucked my mouth. "Do ya? Do ya want me to fill ya mouth with spunk? Do ya?" He continued as he became more excited. Then with a couple of vicious thrusts I felt the hot salty liquid hit the back of my throat. "Ohhhh&hellip.Ssshhhiiittt…Suzy baby!" he sighed as he sunk back into the leather chair.

"Mmmm…that tastes nice," I purred as I sucked the last couple of pearls out of his piss-hole and calmly swallowed the lot. I relented and we spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening fucking and sucking like two teenagers in just about every position imaginable in my matrimonial King Size bed.

I especially liked the contrast of our skins of our black and white skins as I watched him fuck me doggy style in our full-length wardrobe mirrors. I felt 'alive' for the first time in years as Errol concentrated on pleasuring me in every way imaginable including and especially fingering my arsehole as he fucked or licked my ever eager pussy.

His cock was far too big to go in 'there' but the sensations that his fingers created were out of this world. I lost count of the number of orgasms I had that day; especially when he jammed two long black fingers in my anus as he filled my pussy with his fat cock. Errol and I met at least twice a week for the next couple of months, usually in his flat, until he was due to return to his Club in London. By that time I was well and truly hooked on his black cock, even to the point where he bought me a black dildo that he would fuck me with when I was sucking his cock or occasionally he would fuck my arse with it when he had his monster cock buried deep inside my now sloppy cunt.

I began craving his fingers or dildo up my arse; I would always cum when he teased me about getting fucked at both ends by him and one of his black friends.

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I would never have believed three months earlier how dirty and depraved that I would become. Suzy