Culo en calza privado con gus

Culo en calza privado con gus
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I take you into my bedroom and shut the door. I lock eyes with you and graze your lips slightly with my fingers. You respond to my touch and I reward you with my lips on your neck.

You can feel my hot breath as I move upwards toward your ear lobe. I can hear your breath shorten as I run my hands in your hair and grab a chunk of it abruptly.


This contrast of light and rough touch gets me excited and I can see from your eyes that you are suddenly afraid and aroused at the same time. I pause for a moment to say - "I want you to cum for me." You start to speak but I cut you off ".only when I say so." You smile and I take off my shirt.

You run your hands across my chest and up my neck as I pull you in and kiss you deeply for the first time. Our lips melt into each other and I use my tongue to desperately fill your mouth as we dance inside each other. I'm pulling your clothes off and you help me undress your beautiful young body.

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My cock is starting to rise and you can feel it pressing against your thighs and I can feel your hands start to trace the outline of my cock from my jeans. I lose control when you're stroking my cock, so I take off your pants quickly, exposing your small pretty panties. I can feel the heat coming off of them as I lightly brush the outside and hear your slight gasp from my touch.

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I've got one hand tightly gripping your ass while the other is slowly moving down your pussy.lightly brushing it while making circles around your clit. I increase the speed and pressure of my fingers and I can feel your wetness through the panties. I listen to your breath and your moaning and as your hands are tightly wrapped around my hard cock. Like a good girl, you pull my cock out of my jeans and motion to go down on me, but I say "No, not yet" and I finger you more aggressively.

By now, you are soaking wet and as I've got my left hand deep in your hair and my right just stroking your wet pussy. You know I'm teasing you by not putting my finger in, but I want to elongate this.I want to hear you beg for me to penetrate you.

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We are rubbing all against each other, body temperatures rising and I finally indulge myself by slipping one finger inside of you. The look on your face of ecstacy is nearly enough for me to cum, but I concentrate on you, the way you breathe, and your perfect breasts. I finger you until you loosen a bit and I stick a second finger inside.slowly.slowly. I make sure you feel every inch and at the same time, I have my thumb working your clit.

You are tightly grasping my cock as I push into you deeper and deeper. Every time I hear you are close, I say "Don't you dare cum." And I pull back a bit just to make sure you understand I'm serious.

By the third time I've edged you, you look manic and frustrated. I enjoy this look the most. By now you've already asked me to cum, you've already asked me to enter you. But I'm having too much fun. I curl my fingers up this time and I can feel your swollen G-spot.

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The sudden change of pressure and pleasure makes you arch your back and I kiss your neck as your nails dig deep into my upper back. I am slow but firm at first, and as I can hear your excitement rise, I quicken my pace. My cock is almost bursting as some pre cum is dripping from the tip. You use that as lube and stroke me with long deep strokes that make standing upright and fingering you near impossible.

I hear you say, "Oh my god." And I respond, "Don't cum" but at the same time I'm going faster and faster inside of you. I'm breathing so fast because I'm been denying my rock hard dick from your warm wet pussy and I am just dying but I know I want to let go at the last second. I can feel your hips move in time with my fingers and I am enjoying every second of it. Finally, after I tease you and tease you and tease you, I pull my fingers out of you and tell you "Get on all fours, I want to fuck you from behind" You obey like the good little girl you are and I deny my dick once more by licking your delicious juices and having them drip down my mouth.

I lick my lips and hear you moan and after your begging for my cock has becoming a near yell, I thrust into slowly. We both moan at the same time because for some reason, tonight you feel molten hot inside and my cock is huge from all the denying. I press into you from behind.inch by inch, never going fully but slowly getting a rhythm.

I can hear your breathe quickening and quickening so I stop and say "Don't cum yet, are you gonna be a good girl and cum when I say so?" You respond by backing into my dick a bit more because you can't help yourself, and I respond by slapping your ass.

This breaks your rising orgasm for a second, but then makes it rise even further. But you obey and like a good girl, you stop moving.

I'm excited because of the sound of flesh against flesh and I slap your ass on both cheeks, making sure that I get a good swing and make both of them red. I'm inside of you and I can feel your pussy walls tighten with each slap. I'm timing them so that I thrust deep and slap at the moment I'm deepest inside of you. By now my hips are moving by themselves and now we have a glorious rhythm. I'm bucking deep inside of you and your hair is moving so wildly so I run my hands near your scalp and grab hard and rough so that you can feel my grip.

I bend over while I'm fucking you so you can hear my breath on your ear and I say "Do you like that? Huh? Tell me, say it." You respond that you like me being deep inside of you.

You like getting your hair pulled, you like your ass being slapped, you like it when you're bent over and being fucked. This turns me on even further so I go faster and faster and I can hear you say - "oh, I'm so close, can I cum, please, can I cum for you?" I say "No." I pull out "Not." I enter you "Yet." I pull out You are gasping and moaning and now I know I'm near.

So I flip you over and put your legs on my shoulders as I start fucking you missionary. You said that this position hits your g-spot the best so I make sure to do that, while aiming my dick straight into it.

You moan and writhe and the look of your face is pure pain or pleasure, but whatever it is it is beautiful. While deep inside of you, I take my fingers and put them in your mouth and you suck on them ravenously. As soon as they are lubed up, I take them and start working on your swollen clit. You gasp from the new sensation and I am working in tandem with my dick. By now, you are moaning louder than I have ever heard you before and I can see your back arching more and more.

Your head is tilted back and the crimson red of your blood is flooding into your chest and neck and face. I can feel your wetness dripping down my balls and shaft as I plunge into you deeper and deeper and the only sounds in the room are the bed groaning and squeaking and our gasps and moans. I go faster and faster and faster and then I say - "Be a good girl and cum for me, come on girl cum, cum for me now." And I go even faster while your eyes have now closed due to the force that's been building inside of you and you.

finally cum you cum so hard that your legs close up around my neck and squeeze. I'm pressing your clit and I know that it makes you cum harder, but at the same time I press my dick into your g-spot so you can get both. You are moaning so loud and your pussy is pulsating on my dick.

I've been holding back for so long that I can't take it any more and then I say - "I'm gonna cum" And you buck your hips into me and that sends me over the edge.

I feel my dick grow just a bit more and for a few amazing moments, I can't feel anything but my cum starting to build in my balls and as i thrust into you deeper than I've ever been I can feel the cum rise in my shaft and start spurting out my head.

It's so hot and the cum keeps flowing. I yell in agony because my dick has become so sensitive. Each time I spurt cum into your pussy, it feels so good it hurts and I've been cumming for 5 straight loads.


I can feel your pussy still tight on my still hard dick as my hips keep bucking into you and I can feel your cum and my cum just envelope our sex and bind us together. I'm so hard inside of you and I tighten my dick around your g-spot and start thrusting again, which alarms you I trace my hands around your clit again and soon enough, I can see your face flood red again and I say "That's it.cum for me again" and I can barely say it because i'm out of breath, but I do want you to cum again because you made me so hard.

I see you lose control and I feel you tighten again, pushing all the cum against my dick and out of your pussy. I am shocked as I cum again, because of your tight pussy just milking my dick. After just locked into each other, I slowly pull away, but you tighten your legs around my butt and ask me to stay.

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I stay inside of you and kiss your lips while I can feel our cum warmly dripping around us.