Horny teen getting satisfied with a bbc

Horny teen getting satisfied with a bbc
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This is part II for another fictional story.

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I lay there slowly waking up and thought I was dreaming. My cock was getting sucked and swallowed like nobody's business. I looked down and Celeste was bobbing her little brown head up and down the shaft of my cock, licking and kissing the tip, while teasing my balls with her hot little hands.

My cock woke up and instantly came alive and started getting hard. I leaned my head back with my eyes closed, in heavenly bliss. Her hot, wet mouth felt so good on my dick. Moaning and hissing, I put my hands on top of her head, helping her suck me. As my cock grew harder and started pulsating faster, she sucked and swallowed harder and faster, moaning at the power she had over my now, rock-hard dick.

"Ah! Celeste! You suck cock so good! Swallow it baby! I want to feel the tip of my dick in your tight throat! Ah, yeh! Mmmm! Oh, baby, yes! That feels so good! You're gonna make me cum, sweety! I'm gonna squirt a huge wad down your throat! Oh fuck, yeh! Oh baby! Yes! Uunngh! Uunngghh! Uunngghh! Here it comes, baby! Fuck! I'm cumming baby, I'm cumming!" I held her head steady as I fucked her throat, my cock exploding as I pumped my hot, thick jism, down, forcing her to swallow it.

I was bucking my hips up and down, ramming her throat hard and fast, cumming like crazy. I shoved my dick in as far as I could, holding it there, while my hot cock throbbed pumping the last few squirts down her throat. She was gagging and choking on the huge head of my dick as I held it against the opening of her throat. I couldn't move it until I stopped cumming. When I pulled my dick out, she gasped for air, choking and gagging. "Fuck baby! That was the best blow job, I've ever had!

And a great way to wake up!" I rolled her over on her back, pulled her legs up over my shoulders and proceeded to eat her sweet pussy. I teased her labia with the tip of my tongue. Her pussy was slippery wet from giving me head. I was really going to enjoy eating her wet, sloppy cunt and she was gonna beg me for her release. Her hips started moving slowly up and down as soon as my tongue touched her tender, swollen lips.

She smelled and tasted so good. I could hardly wait to make her cum, then maybe fuck her. I tickled her labia with my tongue, and went up and down from her ass to the top of her clit. I didn't touch her clit. I licked very lightly around it. She wiggled her hips, pushing them forward trying to get my tongue on her clit. But I wouldn't let her. I stuck my finger inside her hot, squishy pussy. It was hot and pulsating hard.

She moaned and whimpered, her body shivering and trembling from being so horny. Hearing her moan and wail and beg me to lick her clit, started making my dick hard again. I loved teasing her delicious, wet cunt. I licked lightly at her labia, barely sticking my tongue inside her, relentlessly, driving her mad. I wanted to hear her pant like a crazed bitch in heat. I wanted her to scream and beg me to give her the intense orgasms she needed and wanted. She was thrashing about, her body shaking uncontrollably.

She was no longer in control of her body. I was in control.

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I would decide when and if she'd cum. Women reveled in the control they had over our cocks, when they walked around in skimpy clothing or stripped, dancing naked in front of us teasing our cocks. Then, they didn't want to fuck afterwards after getting us so horny. I made sure they fucked me. I wouldn't let them have the satisfaction of being in control of my dick and try to walk away leaving me hot for their cunts.

I always made sure they gave it up. Celeste was no different. From the first time I was on the ice with her, I had made up my mind I was gonna have her pussy. I was gonna make it mine. She was panting and hissing, making wild guttural sounds from deep inside her throat. Her pussy was throbbing harder, her juices seeping from deep within, soaking the sheets. I was relentless. I wasn't going to bring her to that blissful high she wanted until I was ready.

I wanted to punish her for being so fucking beautiful and sexy and making me want to fuck her. I continued teasing her labia and just inside her cunt. My cock was rock-hard now and cum was oozing out of the tip. I wasn't going to let her cum, until just before I was ready to explode then shove my dick deep inside to her cervix, pounding her fuck hole relentlessly. She was bucking and thrashing hard and fast, begging and screaming at me to make her cum.

She was so crazed with desire, she screamed obscenities at me, "You mother fucker! Make me cum. Suck my clit! Oh you fucking prick, I'm so close! I need it so bad! Pleeeease make me cum!" After several minutes of teasing her labia, I was ready to explode so I touched the tip of her rock-hard, blood-filled, swollen clit with my hot wet tongue and pushed her into orbit.

I flicked it lightly for a few minutes before I stopped eating her out and shoved my dick in deep and hard. "Ah! Fuck!

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Celeste! Baby! I'm cumming again! Your pussy is so tight! It feels so good on my dick! Fuck me baby, fuck me!" She had started screaming from her orgasms and as soon as I shoved my cock inside her, her ass came up off the bed as she fucked me back hard and deep. We were both cumming hard and fast, like animals in heat. She grabbed my ass with her hands, digging her nails in as she pulled me further inside her.

She was fucking me like a crazed, wild tigress in heat. We fucked each other so good. I couldn't get enough of this bitch's tight pussy. We fucked for several minutes, seeming like we'd never stop cumming.

Her pussy was so wet from all the cum, my dick was sliding in and out easy, forcing the juices out onto the sheets and our thighs. I rolled over on my back, keeping myself inside her cunt and she started riding my dick like a mad woman on a run away horse.

Her tits were bouncing against my chest as she bounced up and down my hard dick hard and fast for several minutes. Finally, our orgasms started subsiding and our cum was only trickling now. We were both breathless and sweating profusely as our wild ride slowed to a slow fuck.

I continued fucking her through her orgasm. When her orgasms ended, she collapsed on my chest, my dick still inside her warm, wet twat. The cum was oozing out of her pussy into my pubic hair and down between my thighs. Slowly, my softened dick fell out of her pussy and all the cum, gushed out.

After a few minutes, she raised up, bent down and licked my hair, cock, ass and thighs clean. I laid there enjoying the feel of her warm, wet tongue as she licked up every drop of cum. When she finished cleaning me up, she laid down next to me and we held hands, while we gained control or our breathing and heart beat.

Because we had started fucking and could not keep our hands off each other, we could not dance together any longer and had to get new partners. Fucking Celeste was always great and I had to have her every chance we had to get together. Since we had new dance partners, we only got together a couple times a week and sometimes the weekends. My new dance partner was a hot little redhead. Again, I wanted to fuck this one too. Her tits were a little larger then Celeste's.

She had the same slender waist and curvy hips with a rounded ass. I was aroused by her body as soon as I got on the ice with her and decided to start fucking her too.

I thought I could get them together and enjoy a threesome. The idea of having two delectable, sexy women at once really turned me on.

Joy and I danced with the class for about a month, when I asked her if she wanted to start practicing by ourselves. She was in agreement, because she felt she needed more practice time. I just wanted her pussy. We started out much the same way as Celeste and I had. When we'd dance, I'd be sporting a hard-on and never missed an opportunity to accidentally "bump" into her nice round ass and rub up against it as if I had lost my balance.

She'd just smile and would continue skating. The night I fucked her, we met at the rink fairly early in the evening. I wanted plenty of time, to fuck her in every way I could. I also wanted plenty of time on the ice, to fondle and arouse her.

I couldn't wait to feel her wet pussy on my fingers and taste her juices. We didn't waste any time.


As soon as we had stretched, we got right on the ice. Our routine was about the same, but there were a few more moves that Celeste and I didn't have. But whenever we had a move that brought us together, I made sure she felt my dick against her body and I started filling her up.

She'd just give me looks, as if telling me to watch it. I'd just smile and shrug my shoulders. Then I decided it was time to get down to business. I was horny as hell and I wanted her! During one of the times she was skating with her back to me, I grabbed her waist, pulled her ass into my groin, pressing and rubbing my meaty rod up and down the crack of her ass and pussy and around her cheeks.

I moved my hands up, cupping her breasts, squeezing and twirling her nipples. My lips were against her neck as I licked her with the tip of my tongue, then nibbled and licked her ear.

I whispered to her, "Mmmm! You turn me on so bad, sweetie. I want you! Mmm, oh how I want you!" I continued rubbing my hardening, throbbing dick against her ass and caressing her tits with more pressure. With one hand, I reached down, barely touching her clit, through her tights.

I grazed the tip of it with my fingernails and she gasped as her body jerked and started trembling. I continued rubbing her clit with my fingernails putting more pressure on it, making it rock-hard. She started moaning and rolling her hips around and up and down, against my hard dick and finger. She reached around behind me with her hands, pulling me tighter to her body as I continued my seduction on her pussy, getting her worked up to an orgasm, then I was going to have my way with her.

I stopped rubbing her clit, making her whimper out loud, telling me not to stop. I wanted her naked. With both hands, I grabbed her top in front just above her fantastic tits and started pulling her top down her arms. Her body still shaking and trembling, she pulled her arms out of her tight top, then let me slide it down past her hips to just below her knees. Then I slipped my hands inside her tights, pulling them down past her knees. I was kneeling down as I pulled her tights down and took that opportunity to squeeze and bite her gorgeous, plump ass.

I kissed and sucked them, leaving little hickies, then begin slapping each cheek, rub it and kiss it and slap it again. She gasped and moaned as I was spanking her ass, clearly enjoying the sting of my big hands on her tender flesh. I spread her cheeks apart, exposing her tight ass hole and licked it, slipping the tip of my tongue inside.

She was so tight and tender, it was going to be heaven to fuck it. I replaced my tongue with my finger, pushing inside as far as it could go and fucked her for a few minutes. This seemed to arouse her too, so I stuck two fingers then three and fucked her hard and deep.


She was cursing and screaming at me, that she wanted me to eat her pussy and fuck her. I just said, "Yes ma'am!" But I wasn't through playing yet.

I turned her around and there was her beautiful, horny bud, just asking for a good licking. I licked my lips, but didn't touch it. Her pussy was clean shaven and so perfect. I parted her thighs, sticking my fingers deep inside her cunt, fucking her hard and deep. I found her G-Spot and pushed hard on it, making her body tremble more as she panted and started perspiring.

She was on the brink of a series of painful orgasms. Her pussy was slippery wet and oozing down her thighs and my hand. She took a deep breath, as her body spasmed, almost falling on the ice as her pussy started throbbing hard, getting ready to explode. I quickly removed my hand from cunt, stood up and pulled her on the ice to the bench. She called me a mother fucker for teasing her, but not letting her cum. I just laughed at her and called her a nasty little cum slut.

I sat her down on the bench, and pulled my pants down to my knees, pushing my hard, trembling cock against her mouth and told her in a lust filled voice, "Suck me bitch! You'll get yours in time, but I want mine now!" I grabbed the sides of her head, forcing my rock-hard, thick cock through her tight lips, pushing it all the way to her throat. I told her in a menacing, raspy voice, "You better suck and swallow cunt, if you don't want to gag and pass out!" She immediately sucked and swallowed my dick as hard and fast as she could, gasping for breath through her nose.

"Fuck! You're gonna take me straight to heaven! You don't know how fucking good that feels!" I begin slamming her hot, wet mouth with my steel rod, making her whimper, gag and gasping for air. She was making slurping, popping noises as her mouth filled with saliva. It was dripping out through the sides of her mouth, down her chin.

Soon, my dick grew harder and pulsated faster as I was on the verge of exploding. "Oh!! Baaby!! You're gonna make me cum!! I don't wanna cum in your mouth, I wanna cum inside your horny cunt!!!

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Fuck!! Fuck!! Oh yes!! You feel so good!!!" I squirted some into her stomach, as I held the tip of my hot, pulsating cock against her throat, forcing her to swallow, the sticky-thick, hot, salt tasting juice down her throat.

It was as if a savage beast took over me as I acted like a crazed animal, enjoying her tight, hot mouth so much and hearing her gag and gasping for air. I wanted to make her pass out, punishing her for having such a gorgeous, sexy body. "Oh you fucking bitch! I wanna drown you with my cum! Damn you for being such a hot, little, fuckable bitch! Damn you for making me want you so bad!" I slapped both sides of her face, as I fought to regain control of my cock and stop cumming.

I was going to have this whore's ass and cunt. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and pushed her back on the bench. She was choking and gasping for air as she gagged and her saliva and my cum spewed from her mouth. With my dick still standing at attention and glistening wet from her slippery mouth, I knelt down, untying and pulling her skates off, then roughly yanked her tights down her legs and threw them aside. I pulled my pants down to my ankles, sat down next to her, watching her pull herself together as I pulled off my skates.

She was dizzy and dazed from being deprived of oxygen. She looked like she would faint.


I patted her face, bringing her around and gave her some water. I wanted her fully awake and conscious when I fucked her brains out. When she was revived, I was smiling and told her, she sucked cock good. And I was gonna fuck her mouth again and pump my whole load down her stomach. I turned her around on the bench, facing me, spreading her legs far apart looking at her beautiful, swollen pussy. I stuck my fingers deep inside her, banging her relentlessly, until she started moaning and panting.

I was going to bring her to the edge again. She laid back, arching her back, pushing her hips forward, forcing my fingers deeper inside her womb, pounding on her cervix.

She was fucking my fingers so hard, I thought they would go inside her cervix. I stopped finger fucking her and told her to get on her hands and knees with her legs spread as wide as she could get them and stick her ass up as far as she could. I climbed up behind her and started working on her tiny, virginal ass hole.

I was definitely going to enjoy this. Her ass hole was so tight. She started to object, telling me my huge cock couldn't possibly fit inside her ass. I assured it could and it would. I continued working on her hole, pulling and stretching, forcing it to open. I got two fingers inside, and started fucking her slowly until she started moaning, then a third finger went inside, then a fourth.

As she became accustomed to my fingers deep inside her ass, I started banging them deep inside her harder and deeper. She started rolling her hips and fucking my fingers, moaning and panting. "Oh yes! More! Fuck my ass more!" I finger fucked her a few more minutes, then worked her hole again with my thumbs until she was stretched enough to start taking my cock.

With one hand holding her ass open, I grabbed my throbbing wet cock with the other and slowly pushed the head inside, then I pushed the knot through. She was so fucking tight and felt so good, I wanted to cut loose and cum right then. Still working her hole with my thumb, I started fucking her with my dick, then removed my thumb. I fucked her nice tight ass, slowly, then faster and harder. "Ah, you fucking little whore! Your ass feels so nice! So tight and hot! Ah, I could fuck you all day long!

Aaahhh!!! Yesss! Oh, you feel so good!" I started slamming her ass, "Take it all baby! Take my whole cock!" I was fucking her hard and fast, my balls slapping hard against the back of her legs. Damn it, I wanted to cum. She was moaning loudly and panting, as she screamed at me, "Fuck my ass hard! I love the feel of your big cock slamming me! Fuck me, make me cum, you nasty bastard!" I wasn't going to let her cum, though. When she came, it was going to be so explosive and painful and rock her world senseless.

I was going to turn her into a fuck slut and cock sucker. She was going to become my slut just like Celeste. Ah yes, thinking about Celeste was making me reach my peak.

Her pussy was so fine and I had trained her well. If she ever fucked another, it wouldn't be as great as with me. "Oh yes, baby! You feel so fucking good. But I'm not thinking about your wonderful body. Oh no! I'm thinking about Celeste!

I bet you didn't know I'd been fucking her too! I turned her into a cock-crazed bitch! Now, you're going to be another one of my cock-crazed bitches! I own your whore's cunt! You're mine! And don't forget it. Even if you fuck someone else, you'll come back to me, begging for my cock, brutalizing your pussy!" I slapped her ass, to further enforce my point. She screamed out loud, "Oh yes, make me your slut! I wanna be one of your whores!" I had to calm myself.

I forced myself to stop thinking about Celeste and concentrated on shoving my stiff, beefy dick deep inside Joy's pretty cunt. I couldn't wait to impale her with my hard-as-steel fuck rod, ravaging her beautiful pussy hard.

I was going to fuck her so hard, it was going to hurt. But she was going to love it. And in the end she was going to crave it. I stopped fucking her ass and pulled my dick out. I was so lust-filled, I pulled her up by her waist and flung her back on the bench on her back, then I roughly grabbed her thighs, bruising them, forcing them apart wide as I assaulted her dripping, wet pussy with my tongue and mouth.

She screamed in ecstasy when she felt my hot tongue on her cunt. She bucked and wiggled and slammed her pussy into my mouth, she arched her back again and again, fucking my mouth and tongue with her sweet, hot pussy.

She was so close to cumming and was screaming obscenities at me, "Oh, you fucking mother fucker, lick my clit!!!! Make me cum, you fucking bastard! Make me cum!!!!!" Mmmm.

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I loved hearing women begging and demanding for that sweet release. I loved torturing them before pushing them over the edge into wonderful bliss beyond their wildest dreams and fantasies. I loved hearing them beg for my huge thick cock, pounding their pussies hard, fucking their brains out. I was in total control and it was a great feeling.

Her body trembled faster and she started panting and whimpering, writhering her hips and back fast and hard. She was almost crying for that wonderful, heavenly release. "Oh please, please, make me cum?! I'll do anything for you! I'll be anything for you! Please, please make me cum?!" I replaced my tongue with my fingers, fucking her hard and deep and asked, "Anything?

Really?" Whimpering and panting, she said, "Yes!!!! Anything, anything at all! Just tell me what you want!" I continued finger banging her, pretending to be thinking. I already knew what I wanted from her and I was absolutely certain Celeste would agree, because she was a fuck slave too.

"Okay baby, I'll make you cum, but when I set it up, you gotta fuck another woman like a nasty little slut, lezzy, while I watch and jerk myself off. You'll have to eat each other out and rub your cunts together, suck each other's tits, while I masturbate and cum. Then I'll fuck one of you while you eat the other's pussy and make her cum.

You have to eat her cum! Will you do that?" She was moving her hips faster and harder, as she breathlessly screamed, "Yes! Yes! I'll eat another woman's pussy and fuck her and I'll suck her tits and nipples and French kiss her and I'll eat her cum! Now, please make me cum!" I replaced my fingers with my tongue once again, savagely eating her, dripping, slippery pussy. She smelled and tasted so good. Finally, I touched her clit and made her screech at the top of her lungs as her back arched like she was possessed.

She was not in control of her body at all, as I held my tongue against her clit, starting her massive explosive orgasms, squirting her cum hard. I made sure her orgasms were going strong, then I quickly got up in between her thighs, shoved my dick into that velvety, slippery, hot pussy.

My body jerked hard as I fucked her deep and fast, both of us cumming and wailing as our orgasms made our bodies soar blissfully with our explosive orgasms. She had wrapped her legs tightly around my back, fucking me hard and deep, her arms around my neck, digging into my skin and biting my neck as she moaned and panted, hissing through her clenched teeth. "Oh you fucking bastard! Fuck my cunt! Fuck it good! Fuck it hard and deep!!!!

Ah, yes!! You're making me cum so hard!!! You fuck so good!!! Oh, fuck!! I've never wanted cock so bad in my life!" We fucked through our orgasms until we were both through cumming and completely out of breath.

She turned out to be a better piece of ass then I first thought. Breathlessly, I told her we couldn't be dance partners anymore, but I'd fuck her like crazy, but only after I watched her and Celeste fuck each other. Then I told her I would get another dance partner and fuck her senseless, adding her to the mix.

I was going to have several whores to fuck, while forcing the others to watch and join in. I told her if she objected, I would never fuck her again or make her cum.

She wasn't happy about it, but she wanted my cock so bad, she reluctantly agreed. We dressed quickly and left the studio before anyone else came in. I didn't take her to my apartment that day. Celeste was waiting for her fuck session.