Photos of guy sex men cute sex and young teenagers male zone gays

Photos of guy sex men cute sex and young teenagers male zone gays
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KOKAB'S TALE I have one of my fast friends whose name is Kokab.She told me her realstory how she was initiated to the world of sex.Let us hear her story in her own words: Since childhood,I was very fond of reading stories.I got my first period in my 13th year.My breasts started grooming into the shape of small peaches with tiny cherry like nipples.Whenever i get a chance,I take off my clothes and standing infront of the mirror,take hold of my breasts,pinch and press them and taking the nipples in the grip of my thumb and forefinger,get much delight in rubbing and squeezing them.My lions were getting bigger, round and fleshy.In fact,I had fallen in love with my body.I got interested in romantic stories and novels after entering the teenage.

I was the only child of my parents.We have a male servant namely Dino in our house who was 4 years older than me but his figure was so small that he looks like 11 or 12 years old.I used him to bring the story books from a nearby general store on rent.One day,giving me the novel,he said,"Baji!Today the shopkeeper has sent this novel of his own choice and said that ur baji would surely like it."That novel whose name is not remembered by me,was written by Saadat Hasan Minto.When I read it,I came to know so many new things which I had never been known to me before.I cant tell how much I like that novel.I read it all in one sitting.After finishing it I was unable to stand.My whole body was shivering red with unknown sensational feelings.Unintentionally my fingers were touching my pussy lips who got wet with my first-ever precum.

After that day,the shopkeeper started sending me these types of sexual cum romantic novels and stories.Those books taught me how to play and get enjoyment from my body.On my 14th birthday,the shopkeeper sent a book in a black shopping bag and told Dino to give me in complete privacy.When I asked Dino how did the shopkeeper knew this,and getting angry ordered him to get out of my room.I was waiting anxiously for the night.After getting satisfied that all are gone to sleep,I locked the door and opened the bag.Beside a novel,some photos also dropped out of the bag.When I saw them one by one,my eyes popped out of their sockets.There were fully nude pictures of beautiful young girls in standing,sitting,laying poses,with marvellous breasts,thighs,lions and pussies.And when I saw the cover of the novel,a long handsome fully erect cock was looking at me with his only eye.Automatically my hand went forward and touched and rubbed it very slowly.I was feeling wetness in my cunt.I was trembling with some unseen fear.As I opened the novel,another picture was shining brightly in front of my eyes.A beautiful girl was bending naked on a sofa and a well-built healthy bearded man was trying to insert his fat long stout penis inside her pussy lips.Suddenly my body was in an unknown burning sensation.I had never seen any man and woman in such an action.As usual,somehow or other I read the whole novel.The novel was full of different positions and episodes of sexual intercourse with full details.Such powerful were the words that I took off all of my clothes one by one and started fingering my pussy which was very slippery with cunt juices.My teats were standing erect with some pain.Rubbing,pinching was not the remedy for such sexual arousal.The latest novel has given me the lesson that such uneasy sensation between my pussy lips could only be done with a male organ.

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Suddenly I got an idea.Dino used to sleep outside my room.With trembling legs and covering my body with a chaddar,I went to his bed and awakened him.I ordered him to come inside my bedroom and lock the door."My back, infact my whole body is very taut and aching.Rub and massage it with ur hands,"I said and half naked fell on the bed.He was wearing a knicker only as the night was very warm."Come on,Dino,hurry up"hearing my voice,he jumped and sat between my spread legs.He started rubbing and massaging my legs.This was the first time Dino,and also any man was touching my body.His hands were travelling upward and now he reached my buttocks.I could heard his heavy breathing.I could not control myself anymore.I asked him,"Dino,isn't it hot.Let's take off our clothes,"I threw the chaddar away from my body.He was looking at my naked body ,with interest and astonishment in his eyes.Getting fully naked,I tugged his knicker downward and OH!What a reward!!his almost 6 inches long rod of meat was standing erect infront of my parted legs.He was still in hypnotised condition and his eyes were roaming between my breasts and crotch area.I took his cock in my hand and squeezed it,bringing him to the present situation.I handed him the fucking picture and said,"Dino,Dino,see at the picture and do with me as the man is doing,understand!"I squeezed his cock again and took the bending position along the bedside.He stood between my buttocks and pushed my back to bend me a little more.Then he placed the picture on my back and hugged me from behind.Feeling his rubbing against my spread buttocks gave me thrilling sensation.I felt his fingers feeling and rubbing my virgin cunt lips and inserting a finger inside it.I felt a sudden orgasm.A moment later,I was feeling the head of his cock coming in contact with my nether lips.I got my 2nd orgasm.His arms were encircling my waist.He pushed a little and head of his slipped into my pussy lips.Then he pushed hard and a surge of pain ran through my body.His cock was straining hard against my hymen.A sudden thrust burst my hymen and his whole 6 inch member was deep inside my vagina.I fell on the bed but without any pause he started pumping in and out of my pussy with full force of his body.At the same time,his fingers of both hands were bussy squeezing and rubbing my breasts and their teats.I was enjoying the heavenly pleasure and satisfaction of sexual fulfilment.Just then,he started shouting,"Baji,baji,I am cumming,I cannot hold my self."I shouted too,in excitement,"Dino darling,plz cum.I am eagerly waiting to taste the forbidden fruit.Plz fill my womb with ur tasty healthy cum.Oh my darling!Cum,cum, cummmmmm.".His penis started spurting hot burning cum inside my pussy and filling it to the brim.I was feeling a surge of soothing pleasant sensation of completeness all through my body.

We used to fuck whenever we were alone in the house.We tried different postures and I tasted his cock and cum in all three holes of my body,i.e.mouth,cunt and anus.But soon I got fed up with his thin six incher.I was looking forward to try some thicker and longer rod of an experienced fucker.

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What happened next,you will see in next part.Bye