Stoya and her lesbian girlfriend are laying on the

Stoya and her lesbian girlfriend are laying on the
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Today was my first day of work at at Franklin Heights Middle School. I was a P.E. teacher while I was working towards my degree in college. I am 18 years old, and the only reason I got this job was because I was recomended by the last P.E.

teacher, my dad. I have brown hair, green eyes, and for some reason, all of the girls I go out with say I have a perfect smile.

I wasn't a bit nervous when I saw my first 8th grade class. It was a very small class, but was filled up mostly with girls. They all giggled and I just ignored it.

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"Okay," I started to say, "are there any questions before we begin the basketball unit?" A girl, who was very cute giggled, then raised her hand. "Do you have a girlfriend?" she asked.

I was shocked at the question, and I felt reluctant to answer it. "Okay, that wasn't the question I had in mind but.

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no, I don't have a girlfriend." I'm not sure if this was in my mind or it happened, but all of the girls cheered and screamed as the small amount of guys rolled their eyes. "Okay, back to basketball." I started explaining the rules of basketball. I explained the layups, blocking, and passing. The girls seemed interested, while the boys talked the whole time.

I let them talk because I they already knew this stuff, and I wasn't paying attention. After class, I continued with the rest of the classes, 6th and 7th grade. Both classes had an equal amount of sexes, but all of the girls giggled together in small groups. After school, I was in my office when there was a tap on the door. "Come in," I said. I wasn't expecting the person who walked in. It was the girl that asked if I had a girlfriend. She was even hotter than she was in her P.E.

uniform. She wore a tight shirt that made her boob stick out, and a skirt that was very, very short. "Hi," I said. "What do you need?" She sat down in a chair. "I'm not sure I get the basketball thing. Can you show me again?" We walked out of my office to the gym and I showed her a perfect layup. "Now you try." She tried a layup and that lifted her skirt even more and I saw her ass. She had a thong on. I tried to cover up my erection by sisting down and looking at her angled shot.

Finally, when my cock couldn't take it anymore, I said to her that I had to go. "What's your name, anyway?" "My name is Leah." "Okay, Leah, I'll see you next class." I left the gym and went to my office. I took a shower jacking off my 8inch as hard as I could. Once I came, my cock finally went limp, and I got out of the shower. I walked out of the shower with a towel on my lower half and Leah was standing right there.

The cock I had been rubbing so hard to get soft was now hard again. I guessed my cock was showing through the towel cause Leah was staring in that direction. "Leah, what are you doing here?" I asked. "Just trying to help you out." Leah got on her knees and pulled off my towel. "Ooo, I like." Leah licked the side of my cock. "Leah," I said straining. "We can't do this." "Yes, we can." Leah led me to my office chair. She liked my balls softly and then up to my cock.

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"You're a slut aren't you," I said as she used her tounge to lick the left over shower water off my cock. "No," Leah said. "I've never had a boyfriend and I've never fucked anyone." "And you decide to now?" Leah didn't answer my question. Instead, she tossed me out of the chair and sat in the chair. I think she was begging me to lick and fuck her.

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I dug my head right in, knowing it was wrong. "Mmm," she moaned. "Stick your tongue in, please!" I stuck my tongue in her pussy. The juices there were better, tastier, and sweeter.

I stuck my finger in her as i licked her and with the other hand, i jacked off. Precum came out of my dick, and I rubbed it all around my head. I looked up when she started to scream in extasy. I felt cum ooze and drizzle on to my tongue and finger. "Fuck me now!" she said impatiently. "I can't." I said. "WHY NOT???" She really wanted to be fucked.

"Number one, what we've done is wrong, and it would be worse if I fucked you. Number two, I don't have condoms, and I'm not getting u pregnant." I stopped jacking off and stood up.

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I think I wanted to fuck her double than how much she wanted to fuck me. But it was out of the question. "If you don't fuck me," she said as I turned away, "I'll tell everyone what we did, and you'll get fired." I had no choice but to fuck her, but I didn't mind. I walked back over to her and positioned my myself on her. I punctured her virgin pussy with my 8 inch. I paused. "Man, your tight." I looked up at her and she was nearly crying.

That made me feel bad, and made me wanna fuck her even more. "More," she said. I continued. I slowed up, and I fucked her very softly and asked her if she was okay every 5 seconds. I sped up the speed and she finally got to enjoy it. It got down to the point were she was rubbing her clit and saying "Ohh yea, fuck me, mmm, more, harder, faster" all the time.

I came when she said that and I took my dick right out of her. "Oh, shit." I said. "Dont worry, I'm on the pill.

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But if you want me to have your baby we can do this again later." She said with a pretty little face. "Nice try," I said. She got up and kissed me hard. She put her thong back on and left, leaving her number and address behind. The next weekend I got a phone call. "Hello?" "Hi, Coach!" It was Leah. No one had ever called me coach before. "What do you need?" I moaned.


"I need some Pre-Algebra help." "And that pertains to me how?" I asked as my brother walked in the house, grabbed the milk bottle, and chugged it down. "I don't know, my dog suggested it as an excuse when he pissed on my algebra book." "I see you're desperate." I rolled my eyes. "But don't do anything this time, my brother's here," I whispered. I gave her my address and told her to come over my house at 1.

She came at 12. "I just couldn't wait!" was her excuse. We went into her room, and I really did help her with her algebra.

We talked about all the stuff that I remembered from 13 and she did well. She asked to use the bathroom and I let her do so.


It was a lot longer later and I didn't here Leah come out the bathroom. I walked over to the bathroom. "Leah are you-" "Ohhh!" It sounded like she was crying, so I opened the door (it had no lock).

Leah was siting on the toilet seat, pants and panties down, and 3 fingers stuck up her pussy. "Coach, help me!" She said kiddingly. "What do you mean help you? It's not like you're raping yourself," I said. "Push it in farther, all the way," Leah begged.

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"We're not doing this again." My cock started stiffening, it was poking out of my pants. "We're not are we?" she said seductively. Leah pulled me down to the floor and forced my 2fingers in her. She started moving up and down on them. I just went along with it and added another finger. I begged her to hush when she moaned loudly, or my brother would hear us. My erection encouraged me to go further by sticking a fourth finger in her tight cunt.

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She gasped in pain and pleasure, and that made me break my fist into her. She screamed so loudly that i knew my brother heard her. At that point, both of us were filled with lust for more pain and cummings. I don't know how many times she came while I fisted her, maybe 20? I sucked her tits and chewed on her nipples as she enjoyed the pain of my fist.

It was so tempting and lovely that i lifted my head higher and landed a bite right down on her neck. I wondered if her parents would notice a massive hickie when she returned home. We were about 15minutes into our violent fist fucking when there was a knock on the bathroom door.