Camgirl Feeling Senseless after a huge squirt

Camgirl Feeling Senseless after a huge squirt
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Chapter one My Inception means my Beginning. When I was 12 I got a job delivering milk to households in an area not too far from my home in the small west coast town that I grew up in. I'd done this job for four years, delivering the milk in plastic sachets six mornings a week, on one evening a week I would go round all the houses on my route and collect the money for the cost of the milk plus delivery. Being the mid-seventies the pay wasn't that great but there was always the chance of a few tips from customers when collecting the money, that plus the annual charismas tips added up and I was pretty well off for a boy of my age.

I also had a little side business, the owner of the dairy always left more pint sachets than I needed every morning, to make allowance for spillages and the odd morning I would be stopped by a householder who wanted their milk delivered. I'd add them to my route, delivering theirs from the extra pints I was provided with and pocketing the cash they'd pay me when I went to collect, it added up if you had half a dozen such customers, each was only £3 - 4.00 a week but since I was only paid £6.00 by my boss it was worth the risk.

Like every teenage boy I had fantasies about scantily clad ladies opening their door early in the morning just as I was delivering their milk, no such luck, the best I'd get would be the man of the house in his vest and work jeans complaining that I was late and should have delivered his milk earlier so he could have his breakfast before leaving for work, how they thought a 14 yr. old could be bothered to get up at 6am so they could have their cereal before catching the bus to their workplace at 7am was beyond me ?

All my classmates were still in bed at 8am, catching the 8.30am bus to school, I thought getting up at 7am was early enough. I'd spent the several years on my route without seeing so much as a bit of thigh and only had a month or two left on the job as the summer and my 16th birthday approached, I had considered keeping the job if I was going back to school after the summer but circumstances dictated that I never returned to school and left there and the job to enter the workfare before the summer ended.

It was the week before my 16th birthday or "LEGAL" as we used to say, using all our male bravado when referring to a girl we found particularly attractive, boasts about how we would "shag the arse off her" once she was legal, empty boasts every one, but you had to at least play the part, besides, I wasn't interested in girls my age, hard to believe I thought them immature when it was quite the reverse, we were the immature ones, sexually, intellectually, everyway !

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But they held no fascination for me, the ones with big girl tits were just that, big girls, fat, I was barely 9st soaking wet myself. Others who were physically developed were not the most pleasing on the eye; "growlers" was one endearing term we used.

No, I was more attracted to older women and by older I didn't mean in their twenties or thirties, I was attracted to ladies in their forties and older, though to be honest I would have been grateful for any age "from natural hair to grey hair" as we used to say, and we were not referring to their heads.

There was a few in particular on my route that had caught my eye over the years, I rarely saw them early in the morning but they were the one who would always answer the door and pay their weekly bill when I went to their door, but as this was always in the early evening they were always fully dressed. It didn't stop me ogling their backside as they retreated back into the house to get their purse after answering my knock on the door, or trying to get a look at their tits as they rummaged in the purse for the correct money.

Chitchat was almost always kept to a minimum during such transactions, I was only the milk boy, grownup weren't prone to becoming involved in casual conversation with someone my age and besides their favourite program was probably on TV or they were in the middle of their evening meal when I arrived on the doorstep. There was however a group of houses inhabited by families which for one reason or another always seemed to have male "visitors".

There was an air force base a few miles out of town and at this time it was also used by American Navy Seals, they used the surrounding area for training, it was always rumoured that the first stealth fighters had used the base due to our remote location, geographical surroundings and long runway. From time to time one or more of the doors I knocked in this stretch of homes would be answered by a young American serviceman, I always looked forward to such occasions as they were great tippers, from time to time the tip would vastly exceed the bill for the milk, it was not unusual to be handed a ten pound note for a four pound bill and be told to keep the change.

It was rumoured that at least two of the females of these houses were little more than prostitutes, not strictly true, yes they had sex with the Americans and yes the Americans were very generous to them but it wasn't a cash for sex transaction for these ladies.

There was a hard-core locally of a few dozen, were girlfriends of these guys, the relationships only lasted as long as they were stationed at the base but over the years dozens did marry and move to the states, more than a few are still married to this day some thirty years or more later, some married, left, divorced, came home, married again, then repeated the process, a few stayed stateside, a few, now in their fifties have returned home over the years after at least two failed marriages to servicemen.

The girlfriends in question on my route did not interest me, for a start they were in their early twenties, some even older and secondly and more importantly they were not particularly attractive, some downright plain.


No, it was the mothers who caught my eye. One in particular was to my young eyes simply stunning, thinking back now, she was more than pleasing on the eye, not plain but not traditionally beautiful either, what fascinated me was the way she looked and dressed.

She was like a throwback to the 1950's, jet black beehive hairdo, tight pencil skirt with plain white blouse and she always seemed to wear a fake leopard skin coat, long black lashes and bright red lipstick, to my young eyes she looked like a cross between Elizabeth Taylor and Isabella Rossellini, as they looked in cat on a hot tin roof or blue velvet, to my 16yr old eyes she was hot and sexy looking.

One night she came to the door instead of her daughter or her daughter's American "friend" .On this night she made Smalltalk, I put it down to the alcohol I could smell on her breath. She asked me my name, said she knew my family, it's a small town, everyone knows everyone, I'd have been more surprised if she hadn't known my family. She asked what age I was and I told her I would be 16 in a few weeks, this being the beginning of June 1978. " I'll need to give you an extra special tip next week for your birthday" she replied, I had to stop myself laughing as she'd never ever given me a tip, neither had her daughter, various servicemen had tipped me but never the woman or her daughter, I'd never seen her husband, I didn't even know if there was one ?

It turned out that there wasn't, he had died when the boat he was on sank in 1965, leaving her to bring up two small girls on her own. I didn't hold out much hope for a tip the following week. I put the whole incident out of my head that night as I finished the rounds collecting payments from the remaining homes on my route, I'd forgotten all about it by the time I delivered her milk the following morning, and on subsequent mornings for the next week.

A week passed and I was out on my evening rounds collecting payments once again, I wasn't until I was about to knock on the door that the promised tip once again entered my head. I wondered if she'd even remember the short conversation of the previous week. Quickly deciding that she wouldn't and that in all likelihood she wouldn't even answer the door herself, I knocked.

I say knocked but I had only raised my fist to give the door a rap when it was opened from within. It was the daughter, dressed by the look of things for a night on the town. "I'm in a bit of a hurry" she said before I could even open my mouth, "could you come back next week, I'm just on the way out" It was more a statement of fact rather than a request, she wasn't asking, she was telling, again, before I could answer, the mother's voice came from within the house.

"Is that the milk-boy?" I could hear her call from inside the house, "tell him to come back once he's finished his collections and I'll pay him myself. "Rather than wait for the daughter to repeat her mother's request I just told her I'd heard and I'd be back in an hour for the money, then I left. The home was in a three storey block and I had two other customers on the floors above so I took the stairs to the next floor, the daughter's voice echoing from the landing below, telling her mother that I'd be back later, I heard the door slam and the sound of the daughter's heels disappearing into the distance as I reached my next customer's door.

I almost forgot to go back, it was only the fact that I had to pass close to the building on my way home that reminded me that I'd said I would return, "a lot of bother for what will probably be a pretty small tip" I thought to myself as I entered the building and headed for the door, I was already pretty fed up with the trek through several neighbourhoods that evening and was ready for home, I still had some last minute schoolwork to catch up on which had to be handed in before the end of the week.

I knocked at the door. Chapter two In the dark everything rises "Come in, the door is open, close it behind you" came a female voice in reply to my knock.

Unusual I thought, I'd never been invited into a customer's home before? Even if they had to go and look out a payment I would always be left standing on the doorstep, regardless of the weather conditions. Unsure of why I was being invited in, I entered the house, closing the door behind me. It was pretty dark in the house; the hallway was practically in complete darkness, the only light coming from a room on the left which I took to be the living room.

"In here" came the voice from the same room, the door, half open gave no clue as to what lay inside. "Too dark to get out of her chair" I thought to myself as I approached the door, by now sure there would be no tip, probably no payment at all, just an excuse about why she couldn't pay me that night.

I pushed the door open as I entered the room, my eyes adjusting to the light after the darkness of the hallway; I wasn't seeing the usual trappings of a family room. What I saw was a bed, a large double bed; the light was coming from a lamp on the far side of the room, on a dresser against the opposite wall. I couldn't make out much detail other than the bed, the dresser and the light, and then I noticed a slight movement from the direction of the bed.

"Good, you came back, you didn't think I had forgotten your birthday tip did you?" came a voice from the bed, several thoughts raced through my head, all accompanied with a large gulp of air, my mind went from she is just teasing me to she fucking wants me in quick succession. The dark option winning easily, wishful thinking on the middle option was the stuff of pipedreams or more likely wet dreams for a boy my age.

I had no idea what age the lady of the house might be but had previously surmised that as the daughter was at least ten years older than me; she would have to be in her early to mid-forties at least? By now my eyes were growing more accustomed to the light and I could now make out the shape of her as she lay on top of the bed, propped up on a couple of pillows, I could make out the trail of smoke from the lit cigarette which she was holding in her right hand, her left, gesturing me to come closer.

I shuffled a few short steps closer, stopping at the foot of the bed, trying to look but equally not looking. "Put your bag on the chair and come closer, sit down" her right hand waving in the direction of a chair at the foot of the bed, her left patting the bed beside her. I took the moneybag off my shoulder, set it down on the chair and took another couple of steps closer to where she lay on the bed.

"Come on, don't be shy, I won't bite you, not unless you want me to?" Even from within the haze I'd been in since entering the room I still remember thinking how corny that had sounded. Two more steps took me to the head of the bed, where I stopped, still staring at the hand that was patting the empty space on the bed, desperate not to make eye contact, even more so trying not to let my eyes wander towards her prone figure, I still hadn't noticed what she was wearing.

"Good boy, now sit down beside me, you do want your birthday tip, don't you?" Now I looked up and got my first glimpse of what she was wearing, for a boy of fifteen the sight was breath-taking, she was wearing a flimsy nightie, almost completely see through, short, reaching barely the top of her thighs, even then I could just make out in the dim light that she was wearing no underwear, no knickers, no panties, no bra!

I'd never paid much attention to her breasts before, he hairstyle being her commanding feature when clothed, although I must have noticed her breasts, they were impossible to miss, they were big, not too big, just big, in subsequent encounters when she was clothed I often wondered how I could have missed them ? They were magnificent, firm, perfectly formed; I could make out her nipples as they poked at the thin material, pushing it out an extra half inch at least.

"She leant away from me to put the cigarette in the ashtray on a bedside table on the other side of the bed, allowing me to watch as her breasts swung away from me, her left buttock lifting from the bed, taking the flimsy nightie with it, her naked thigh and buttock exposed to my view.

I guess I must have let out a small gasp, hopefully an appreciative one as I heard her chuckle, "Take your coat off, and your shoes and make yourself comfortable" she said as she turned back towards me, I did, but comfortable I was not, I sat on the edge of the bed, feet on the floor, my back turned away from her, not daring to look at her magnificent body again lest I turn to stone.

Using my adult knowledge of the female form I'd say she was something like a 38, 26, 40, and curved in all the right places, big beautiful titties, not too slim in the waist but with a flat belly for her age which I later found to be 46 at our time of meeting and a great big tight beautiful ass, bootylicious I think they'd call it these days. At this point all I was studying was my feet, wondering if my socks were clean.

Then I felt her hand on my shoulder, both hands, rubbing my slim boyish shoulders, I still hadn't grown to anywhere near my adult height, standing only five foot nine and weighing no more than nine and a half stone, she was bigger than me, no doubt about that.

The feel of her touch on my shoulders was like the best feeling I'd ever felt, can't get better than this I thought, how wrong I was, I can't honestly say that I was even aroused at this point, stunned would be more accurate, my mind was racing, wondering if she'd let me touch her big titties, if I'd get a glimpse of her pussy, infantile juvenile thoughts of your average fifteen year old virgin.

As these thoughts competed for space in my head I felt her hands move from my shoulders down over my chest, at the same time I could now feel her nipples poking into my back as I felt he shuffle closer to me as I sat stone like on the edge of the bed. I could feel her breath on the back of my neck, smelling the faint whiff of whisky, "I told you I had a birthday tip for you, and I've made sure we have plenty time for you to enjoy it" she whispered as I now felt her tongue flicking against the back of my neck, working its way round to my right earlobe which she took between her lips, sucking lightly on it, her hands having now found my nipples, fingers doing little circles round them, I was surprised to feel them harden, and an exquisite sensation run between my earlobe and nipples, the hairs on the back of my neck on end, it was only now I realised that I was getting hard, harder than I'd ever been before, I'd been masturbating since I was twelve and my cock had grown over the years to a respectable seven inches, like most boys my age I'd measured it !

But now?, now it was much harder than any porn mag or my ragged copy of the happy hooker had ever managed to make it. I didn't dare breathe in case I broke the spell or ruined the moment, I didn't know what she intended, would she change her mood if I dared move, or tried to touch her? Would she come to her senses and throw me out? I was afraid to tempt fate, I need not have worried. I couldn't help but arch my neck backwards, so amazing was the feel of her lips and tongue on my neck and earlobe, her right hand slid further down my chest puling my T-shirt from the waistband of my jeans, before returning to join the left attending to my now bared chest and hardened nipples, then down, tracing a line with her finger towards the top of my jeans, as far as she could reach until her hand touched the denim covered head of my hard cock, straining against the buttons and confines of my boxers.

I felt her hot breath as she found my hard cock with her hand; she murmured a little "mmmmm" in my ear as she ran her fingers over the outline of my shaft.

Her lips returned to sucking greedily on my lobe as her fingers found the top button of my jeans, popping it open with ease, I still had not moved, I still had not spoken a word since entering the flat.

Another button popped, freeing some of the strain my cock had been feeling, I sighed with relief, arching my back even more, allowing my ass to raise slightly from the bed. She took control, undoing the remaining buttons and worked the jeans down over my thighs where they fell to the floor. She eased me backwards so I lay flat across the bed, her big tits swinging above me, blocking out what little light there was in the room.

She sat back upright and I heard her slip the short nightie over her head, heard it land with a whisper on the bedroom floor. I could feel that my cock had escaped the confines of my boxers and was now plainly in her sights. "Right now young Scott, you just lie back and let your auntie Linda give you a delicious birthday blowjob" Of course she wasn't really my aunt but it didn't half sound dirtier and made me harder if that was possible.

Leaning forward over my head she took my cock in her right hand, giving it a few slow strokes before I felt her spit trickle down onto the mushroom head, her hand drawing the foreskin back before joy of joys, I felt her lips enclose around it for my first ever blowjob.

The slurping noises she was making as she sucked my shaft deep into her throat sounded so loud in the confines of the room that I was sure the whole building would be able to hear, a gagging gurgling noise as her mouth reached the base of my cock, then the slurp as she sucked her way back up the shaft, all the while her tongue flicking and licking, an act my teenage brain could hardly take in. How did she manage to do that? obviously she'd sucked a lot of cocks in her time and even to my untrained mind I realised that I was lucky enough to not only be getting my first ever blowjob, but to be receiving it from a master or should that be mistress in the art ?

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Chapter three watching the spoils of your own doing, and ripping what you didn't exactly sow By now my fear of being discovered by a member of her family had been replaced in my brain by the desire to not only enjoys it but to make the most of it, I now had an overwhelming urge to watch! I wanted to see what she was doing, I couldn't believe my brain, now I wanted to watch with my own eyes, not just imagine what it looked like?

It already felt so good, my best ever wank had never come anywhere close, I wanted to watch her suck me, I needed to watch, in hindsight I think it was the desire to see, to witness this amazing experience that was preventing me from shooting my load down her throat. I'd masturbated often enough that I knew how to prolong the experience, when to ease off and slow the pace to make it last longer, to know the signs that told me I was close to Cumming, right now I was completely under her spell, she was in control, while I didn't want to cum to quickly I was reluctant to speak and break the spell, fearful that if I did speak she might come to her senses and realise what she was doing and throw me out unsatisfied.

I could feel the muscles in my thighs involuntarily contract as the sensation became more intense. Linda was quick to pick up on this and eased off on the deep throat job she was performing on my dick. Letting my cock slip from her mouth she started to slowly lick my shaft, then my balls and inside of my thighs. After a few minutes of this she raised her head from the depths of my groin and kissing the tip of my cock whispered "Don't want my milk boy to make an early delivery of his cream now, do we?" Then it was as if something occurred to her, she sat up, shuffled round on the bed until she could look me in the eye and said "When do you need to be home?" " About half nine I suppose" I answered, trying to think what time it would be at this point, not wanting to give her too early a time.

"Mmmm, it's just gone eight now, that gives us a good hour, I reckon a horny young man like you can manage at least two nice big loads in that time, can't you?" It was more a statement than a question and although I wanted to say yes, I was too busy trying to guess what she had in store for me in that hour to reply.

I didn't need to, she'd already made the decision for me, "This is your first ever blowjob is it not, my little virgin milk boy?" She asked. "Yes" I replied, quickly deciding that honesty was the best policy. "In that case I bet you've never eaten a pussy either, so that's what you are going to do, just as soon as I taste your fresh young load of cum.

"She leant across me and arranged the pillows in a heap at the head of the bed, taking one in her hand she told me to move up onto the bed proper and make myself more comfortable. "Stick this one under your cute bum for me Scott, then you can watch as Auntie Linda takes your big load of hot cum in her mouth" She said in the sexiest voice I'd ever heard, not hard considering my age and the fact nobody had ever sucked my cock before, far less told me they intended to swallow my load, but to this day I've never had anyone talk to me in such a manner to such effect, I very nearly came on the spot at the sound of her voice and the implications of what she intended to do.

Once I'd made myself comfortable Linda got to work, she could have had me shooting my load in seconds if she'd wanted to but she was so confident that she had time for her plan to be successful that instead of wanking me with her hands or returning to the blowjob she'd interrupted a few moments earlier, she crawled up between my legs and leaning forward she engulfed my throbbing cock between her beautiful tits.

A tit-wank, the stuff of every schoolboys dreams, "All that's missing is the soap" I thought to myself, a favourite comment among boys my age when spying a girl or woman with big tits was "I'd love a soapy tit-wank from that pair of puppies" Youthful bravado, none of my friends had ever experienced such a delight, that I knew for a fact despite the odd boast, it was commonplace at the time especially among older teens and guys I knew who were even into their twenties who used to tease us younger lads with questions about our virginity and boasts about their own conquests.

A few I knew who worked in the same job as my father would even try to embarrass me by saying this about my own mother who was six year younger than Linda, they'd say the same about the girl who lived next door to one of my grans who was 21 and had been babysitting for me and my brothers since she was fifteen, she was a really beautiful blonde and wouldn't have given them a second glance, it was her that I had been picturing during my first experiments with wanking as a twelve year old.

She was still my favourite fantasy fuck for years after that too, even now in her mid-fifties she is still my fantasy "older woman" still as beautiful as ever. Chapter three Giving it up These abstract thoughts racing through my head were enabling me to delay my climax such was the pleasure I was experiencing as she wanked me with her titties, or rather, I gave her a titty-fuck, raising and lowering my hips to fuck those creamy globes.

Linda would stick out her tongue to lick the tip of my cock as it drove its way up between her tits before sucking on the head as if it was a lollypop. I was growing braver by now and reached out to touch her tits for the first time, taking a nipple in each hand and rolling it between finger and thumb. Linda manoeuvred so that I could continue to play with her nipples as she again took my cock into her mouth. This was a bit hard to do the way I was laying so I sat up a bit bending my knees and leaning forward to get better purchase on those big hard nipples, I was desperate to suck them.

Now at last I had a great view of Linda sucking my hard cock. I managed to rest my upper body weight on my elbows so that I could watch her titty-fuck my cock and play with her nipples at the same time, an experience that was short lived when she moved again to suck me, taking those fabulous globes out of reach of my outstretched arms, and in the process blocking my view with her hair. All I could see was the top of her head and I noticed that the roots of her hair were actually grey!

I tried to move her hair out of the way so I could get a better view but without success. Linda must have realised that her hair was in the way because she stopped for a second to move her position so she was kneeling at 90 deg to my prone body, giving me a much better view.

What happened next was one of the sexiest sights I've ever had, even to this day. As she started to lick her way up and down my shaft she turned her head to look at me, giving me a great big smile, then she kissed the head of my cock and looking me straight in the eye, mouthed "Thank you" before planting yet another kiss and licking from one side of my cockhead to the other, muttered "Sweet young pre-cum" to herself and swallowed my whole cock in one go.

The sensation was almost too much to bear, I was still desperately trying to prevent myself from Cumming, wanting this to last as long as possible, until that was I remembered that I didn't have the luxury of time and had still to be initiated into the world of pussy eating and maybe even, if I was lucky, a full blown fuck, a chance to lose my virginity, have my cherry plucked, my night to become a man, in the words of local parlance "give her a good seeing to".

To use a line from the film "a****l House" released that same year, which I'd yet to see but which to this day is still a favourite, "Fuck her brains out, suck her tits" I wanted to do both, all three in fact, but first I wanted to eat that pussy.

Linda was really going to town on my cock, the sensation of her tongue licking the underside of the shaft as her lips created suction, I could feel the head of my cock rubbing against the roof of her mouth as she took the whole length into her throat, then a completely new sensation, she was licking my balls when my cock was deep in her throat, how she managed this feat still puzzles me to this day, never mind the fact she was deep throating me with ease, I gag when I brush my teeth, mine was obviously not the only cock she'd ever sucked, probably not even the first cock she'd sucked that week !.

I dare say that if I'd been an American serviceman I would have been paying for the privilege. Linda seemed to be really enjoying herself, if not she was making a very convincing job of pretending to enjoy it. I would happily have spent the rest of the night in this position but after about five minutes Linda stopped and asked me what the time was?

That brought me back to earth without the bump, I looked at my watch and told her it was a quarter past eight, "Better get a move on" she replied before once again burying her face in my crotch and proceeded to suck one of my balls while pumping my cock with her left hand.

I haven't been blessed with the biggest balls in the world and when I was sixteen they were not yet fully developed, so it was no surprise when she took both into her mouth at the same time and started to suck on them like they were gobstoppers.

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It was actually quite painful, I didn't want to cry out but she felt me flinch and eased off on the ball sucking, rolling them around in her mouth with her tongue, now this I loved, I ceased all attempts to delay my climax any longer and relaxed myself for what lay ahead. I could feel my balls tighten in Linda's mouth, she felt it too and let them plop out of her mouth with a final slurp. "Time for you to give your Auntie Linda to get your cream" she said, winking at me and taking my cock in both hands she started to up the tempo.

My neck was getting quite sore as I strained to watch her wank me, licking the head of my cock as it started to get even bigger, throbbing, the pulse from my cock was travelling up my body, I could even feel it in the back of my neck !.

My whole body tensed as I could feel the moment of climax approach, "Would you like to see me take you're cum in my mouth, or do you want to cum all over my face"? She asked. I'd read about women who liked a man to cum on their face in my well-worn copy of Xavaria Hollander's book The Happy Hooker, never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd ever meet a woman who offered to let me do it.

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"Yes please" I answered, forgetting that it was an either or question. "Both, you are a dirty boy" Linda laughed "I'm sure a horny young boy like you has plenty of spunk to satisfy both our wishes" she continued, increasing the pace of her wanking as she lowered her mouth back onto my cock. I couldn't hold back any longer, I could feel that my load was about to blow at any moment and tried to relax my whole lower body to allow nature to take its course.

My head was spinning with the sensations that were running through my body, "Here it comes" I cried as I felt my balls practically explode. Linda positioned her face above my cock, awaiting the first blast of cum, I didn't disappoint as the first spurt blasted her between the eyes, Linda flinched, which meant the second spurt shot straight into the air, it must have been three foot in the air before it dropped with a splash on the back of Linda's neck, it would have landed on her beehive if she hadn't already recovered and engulfed my cock with her mouth to take the third, then fourth, fifth and sixth spurts of my hot cum.

I'd never cum so much in my life, nor seen my load shoot high into the air before. I was still Cumming, smaller spurts as my arse cheeks tensed while I tried my best to keep Cumming, my head was spinning, I felt quite faint, my whole body was twitching and shaking as I had my first real orgasm. Only now could I feel that my climax was easing off, my body relaxed, until Linda's tongue rolled around the head of my cock, dipping the tip inside my japes eye.

It was like electric shocks running throughout my body, the touch of her left hand as she caressed my stomach and chest eventually finding my right nipple, my nipples have always been very sensitive, no more so than on that very first night.

I could feel my cock begin to soften in Linda's mouth as she eventually gave it one last suck and let it slip from her mouth to land with a thud on my lower belly. Linda sat up and moved closer to me, hovering over my body, she smiled at me and opened her mouth to let me see it full of my cum, then she let it dribble from between her lips, running down her chin to drop onto my belly and chest.

"Thank you darling that was the biggest load of cum I've ever taken and such a lovely taste too" She lowered her face and kissed me, her tongue probing my mouth, I could taste my own cum, can't say I shared her obvious love for it. Linda broke away from the kiss and proceeded to lap up all the cum from my body, I swear she was purring like a cat as she did it.

Before too long she'd completed her task, smacking her lips she looked up at me and said "Now it's your turn to taste Auntie Linda. Linda instructed to get up from the bed, something I had a little trouble doing for a few seconds seeing as the experience I'd just gone through had left me quite weak at the knees.

I was bathed in sweat, my head still spinning from that first ever orgasm, quite out of breath. My normally shy demeanour had returned and I was suddenly aware of my nakedness as I stood at the side of the bed, Linda had no reservations, as she passed me a pillow, saying "Here, kneel on this; it will save those skinny little knees of yours." I must have looked very awkward, standing there naked with a pillow in my hands, feeling suddenly self-conscious I was holding the pillow in front of myself, hiding my now deflated hard-on.

This didn't stop me taking the opportunity to finally get a really good look at Linda's naked body. To my sixteen year old eyes she looked magnificent, a vision of perfection, she wasn't what you would call slim, full figured would describe her body better, those big beautiful breasts, which had seen better days I suppose and were beginning to sag slightly, her waist, a bit too thick if you were being ultra-critical, not fat, but showing the merest signs of a paunch, or "grunt" as we call it in this country (gut hanging over the cunt), but definitely not fat, just an inch or two thicker than would be called perfect.

Her hips and ass? mmmmmm, I think that's where my lifelong love of a nice big ass came from, the Beyoncé or J-Lo bootylicious butt. Nice wide hips, beautiful round ass, still high and firm, not heading south that's for sure. Chapter four Reaching your objectives I hadn't realised that I was still standing there staring until Linda's voice broke the spell her naked body had cast over me, "Are you going to stand there staring or are you going to lick my cunt "? This brought me back to the present, my line of vision switched to Linda's face as my brain took in what she was saying.

Linda swung her body round so that she was lying across the bed with her knees on the edge, feet dangling, legs spread wide enough for me to kneel in between them. "Get on your knees and lick my pussy, there's a good boy, I sopping fucking wet down there and really need to cum before my head blows off" Never one to decline to do as and elder told me I dropped the pillow on the bedroom carpet and kneeled on it, resting a hand on each of her thighs.

Just touching her naked legs was enough for my young cock to start twitching, I'd never experienced consecutive hard ones before but then I'd never been with a naked woman before either, this moment alone was beyond anything I'd ever dreamed of, here I was kneeling between the naked thighs of a woman, staring at her obviously wet pussy.

Linda's pussy hair was neatly trimmed, shaved around her pussy lips with what would now be called a "landing strip" of pubic hair above. I thought all pussies looked like this and would find out in later conquests and relationships that this was not the case, it was the seventies after all, still the era of the natural bush, by the time the shaven pussy became more fashionable I would be fucking women who'd grown up during a different kind of bush era and still sported a full blown jungle covering their cunts.

Younger men don't know how lucky they are these days, not having to hack their way through a forest of hair, or experience a hairball stuck in the back of their throat after eating out their lady, even worse the pubes stuck between the teeth or what we used to call "fanny rash" a redness of the lower face which was a sign that someone had been having themselves a "prawn sandwich" named after that lingering aroma of pussy juice which resembled the smell of a certain brand of prawn flavoured potato crisps.

Linda reached between her legs and used her fingers to spread her pussy lips, giving me a close up view of the wet pinkness within. I was still a bit apprehensive, unsure what was expected of me, she'd told me to lick her pussy so that's what I did.

I bent my head close to that elusive prize, getting my first whiff of the smell of pussy, not too bad I thought, I could get used to it, I nervously poked my tongue out to have my first tentative taste of pussy, that treasure, the dream of nearly every young boy who's ever wanked reading a dirty book or jizz mag.

I'd seen my first pussy in a damp copy of Penthouse found under a bush near my home when out playing with mates when I was about eleven, it was amazing, the stuff of dreams and boyhood bragging.

It wasn't until a copy of a Dutch mag came into my possession by similar means, found in an abandoned house we used to play in, that I realised that the Penthouse was pretty tame, this mag had cocks, women sucking them, being fucked by them, big hard cocks shooting what looked like gallons of cum all over their faces, from that day on I always preferred to look at cumshots, fuck pics didn't really arouse me but show me a pic of a woman taking a load on her face and it was an instant boner.


The first sight of a man taking a load on his face didn't happen until for many years until the advent of the internet, that gave me a boner too! I just love looking at and watching cumshots, I hadn't realised as I knelt between Linda's legs that she still had my cum all over her face.

I gave her pussy a few tentative licks before looking up at her face seeking approval, only then did I notice the long streak of cum which was zig zagging across Linda's face, Bowie's Ziggy Stardust entered my head, her eyes were closed and she was playing with her nipples, she realised I'd stopped and opened her eyes, lifting her head to see what I was doing.

"Am I doing it right?" I asked. "You are doing just fine baby" she replied, "Just you go for it, get your tongue and lips in there, lick and suck like your life depended on it". She lowered her right handed and placed a finger on a hard looking little lump hidden under the top of her pussy lips, I say little but it must have been over half an inch long.

"This is my clit, honey, suck and lick this and Auntie Linda will soon be Cumming buckets" That's all I needed, a bit of instruction, no sooner had she lifted her finger from her clit than I was straight in there. I took the hard clit between my lips and gave it a suck, Linda moaned, a series of Oooh's and Aaaahs and deep growls that I found a real turn on, and gave me another idea, I'd nibbled her nipples and she'd liked it, why not try nibbling on her clit ?.

As soon as I took her clit between my teeth and flicked my tongue across it, adding a little pressure to the bite the effect was immediate. "That's it baby, that's it, nibble on my clit, suck it, lick it, bite it, and make me cum baby". FUCK! I thought, this is amazing, I thought I was an instant expert, it took a while to realise that all women were not the same, not all clits were the same, and some were harder to get off the starting block and on the road to a climax.

This clit was a perfect starter's practice object; Linda was getting really into giving me a master class in making a woman cum. "Stick a couple of fingers in my cunny baby, fuck me with your fingers while you eat my clitty" I was a good boy, always did what an adult told me, it wasn't easy to do without dislocating my wrist but I managed to stick two fingers into her pussy, she was sopping wet, I thought she'd peed on my hand, I had a lot to learn.

I lifted my fingers to my nose and sniffed, it didn't smell like pee so I figured I was just mistaken, Linda's plea "Don't stop baby, don't stop, auntie is really close" settled it for me so I went back to work finding her clit with my tongue so I could get it between my teeth again. My fingers also went back to work, I'd managed two in her wet pussy so I tried to get a third involved in the action, they slipped right in, even though they were getting in the way of my attempt to nibble and lick Linda's clit.

I couldn't figure out how to avoid poking myself in the nose with my thumb so changed my method of attack, swapping a finger for my thumb which had two effects. Firstly my thumb was now rubbing the underside of her clit with each stroke and secondly the finger it had replaced was now prodding at her arsehole as I frigged her. By now I was beginning to throw caution to the wind and decided to be a bit adventurous, I'd seen the odd picture of women being fucked in their arse and wondered if Linda had ever given this a try ?.

My finger was well coated with her pussy juices which appeared to be flooding from her gaping cunt, so I tried prodding the free finger into Linda's waiting arse hole. I was surprised that it slipped in as easily as it did; now I had two fingers and my thumb in her pussy and a finger in her arse. "Oh my God, Scott, that feels fucking amazing, don't stop, don't stop, finger that pussy, fuck my arse hole with that finger, oh my God, my clit is on fire, bite it, suck it, suck it harder Scott, I'm going to cum, make me cum baby, make me cum" If I wasn't already hard then Linda's pleading and moaning would have given a dead man a hard on.

With my free hand I grabbed hold of my cock and started to wank it furiously, it needed some lubrication so I wiped my palm across my face and chin which were wet with her juices and returned the hand to my hard cock, slowing down the pace a bit, I didn't want to cum before she did. Linda must have been close to Cumming, she lifted her leg and dug her heels into my back, crossing her legs at the ankles to try and f***e my face even deeper into her pussy, her thighs were squeezing my head and I was finding it increasingly difficult to breath.

I tried breathing through my nose and practically inhaled her short pubic hair, if she didn't cum soon I was going to pass out or hyperventilate.

I could tell the moment was close as her legs were beginning to shake, her whole body was beginning to tremble, her heels dug even further into my back, "Don't stop now, faster, faster" she cried out.

I stopped nibbling on her clit and taking it between my lips I sucked for all I was worth, flicking my tongue from side to side as I sucked. What happened next nearly frightened the life out of me, she came, and came hard, her whole body shaking, her thighs squashing my head holding it in place, I couldn't move, then she started to squirt, hot fluid pumping in short bursts, once, twice, three times, each one longer than the last, squirting all over my face and chest, I thought for sure that she was peeing on me this time.

It was many years before I discovered that a lot of men would have been extremely jealous that the very first pussy I ever ate belonged to a squirter, can't say I've been disappointed that I've never found another, it's an acquired taste in some respects and I've never been fully convinced that she wasn't actually peeing on me when it happened, that night or on many of the subsequent nights when I ate that otherwise delicious cunt.

Every other pussy I've eaten has failed to live up to Linda, might simply be down to the fact she was my first, might even be down to the fact she would squirt at least seven times out of every ten that I sucked on that beautiful clitty ?. She seemed to hold me in that vicelike grip for what felt like forever, probably lasted no more than a minute or two as her body continued to shake and quiver, I'd stopped sucking on her clit but was still finger fucking her furiously, giving her clit an occasional lick.

Linda was softly moaning, her teeth seemed to be chattering as if she was suffering from hypothermia, every time I'd lick her clit she'd cry out, "Oh my god, Oh my God, Oh my God" I didn't know what else to do ? I'd no idea what was expected of me but she seemed to be liking what I was doing, I figured if I was doing something wrong she would have released me from her grip by now.

I'd stopped stroking my cock and brought the hand up to run my fingers across her trembling belly, she seemed to like this as well, I was trying to play with one of her tits but they were tantalisingly out of reach, it was immaterial some seconds later when Linda relaxed her grip on me and grabbed me by the hair, pulling me up from the floor.

Linda released my hair and sat up to face me, "That was the most incredible orgasm I've ever had in my whole fucking life you sweet boy, you are fucking, fucking amazing. God boy, that can't be the first time you've ever eaten a pussy, it just can't be?" She kissed me, nearly eating my face in the process, her tongue entering my mouth, working its way round my teeth before finding my own.

I was still a bit out of breath but did my best to reciprocate, she sucked on my tongue, then my bottom lip giving it soft nibbles, she was still shaking and our teeth kept banging together. Her hands were all over me, rubbing up and down my back, grabbing my arse cheeks, squeezing them then grabbing my head to pull my mouth closer. I tried to return her urges though I was a bit limited, just a touch on her back had her shivering, an attempt to play with her tits had her meowing like a cat, shaking and pulling away from me, only to pull me even closer, squashing her breasts against my chest so I couldn't reach her nipples.

After a few minutes she drew back, looked me in the eyes and said "I don't care what the time is, you have to fuck me, fuck me now Scott, I want you inside me" "Oh my God" I thought to myself, "It was one thing lying back and getting my first blowjob, another experiencing my first ever taste of pussy, but my first fuck?

Face to face, looking each other in the eyes, with a woman thirty years older than me? Not far short of being old enough to be my grandmother? If all that had gone before had not been daunting enough, the prospect of my first ever fuck? a word I would in later life hate when used in this context, seeing it as a bit disrespectful to the partner in the act, ok, I'm a bit old fashioned in that respect, wouldn't go too far though, suffice to say I find it far sexier and much more of a turn on when someone says "Make love to me", on the West coast of Scotland "Fuck me" is more often used as an exclamation of disbelief, usually when something unexpected happens, but here I was, a few days shy of my sixteenth birthday and a forty six year old woman who despite her age I found attractive in an experienced, very well preserved, sexually alluring way, was telling me to fuck her.

Which brings me to my next problem, not the time constraint, not my willingness to perform the act, and definitely not the physical ability to perform? That husky voice, those big brown eyes, those hot full lips, think Angelina if she was really as beautiful as popular media have tried to convince us she actually is. Linda was way better looking, Isabella Rossellini in her prime, to my eyes she was beautiful, even now, in here late seventies Linda still looks twenty five years younger, not that I'd be having sex with a seventy six year old woman, would I ?

We did have the odd "birthday" encounter until she was into her sixties, she ended these trysts, not me, though I'd reached the same conclusion myself the previous year but couldn't bring myself to broach the subject. Linda took control, "I want you to fuck me from behind" this confused me for a second, I thought she wanted me to fuck her in the arse, ok so I'd fingered her butt briefly but sticking my cock in there ?

for my first ever fuck? Well I wasn't sure about that. Linda rolled over onto her front, tucking her knees up under herself, her big shapely bum sticking up in the air, I was still unsure.

She reached back with both hands and spread her pussy-lips, now I caught on; she wanted me to fuck her pussy from behind. I'd seen the pictures, I'd read the stories, now it was time to do the business and experience it for real.

It took a bit of fumbling on my part and the assistance of Linda's hand to guide me in the right direction; I wasn't prepared for the feeling once I hit the right spot. The heat from the inside of Linda's pussy was pretty intense, I thought my cock was going to burn, hot and wet and when Linda's pussy muscles gripped my cock? I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. When Linda pushed back on my cock I nearly fell over, I wasn't prepared for it, I wasn't prepared for the sensation either, she'd released the grasp of her muscles as she pushed back and tightened them as she moved forward again, I thought she was going to either pull my cock off by the roots or pull me onto the bed on top of her.

I put my hands on her hips to brace myself and realised this might just be what I was supposed to do. It was up to me to make sure she didn't pull all the way off my cock; likewise it was my job at this point to brace myself when she pushed back onto me again.

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It was my first time after-all, I wasn't yet versed in the niceties of fucking "doggy style", after about thirty seconds of this I'd had a eureka moment and realised this must be what doggy style was, I'd often heard the term when listening to the youthful boasts of my mates, might even have used it myself ?. I recalled one boy relating a tale of his "latest" conquest, when describing how he "rode her doggy style" his display of gyrations made me think he had actually been on a horse.

Reminded me of youngsters coming out the cinema after watching a western, and riding their imaginary horse all the way home. So this was riding doggy style was it? I liked it, mainly because I didn't need to look Linda in the face, due to my own embarrassment more than anything, under normal circumstances I wouldn't mind looking, to tell the truth I always hoped she would answer the door when I was on my weekly collection route, even daydreamed early in the morning that she would open the door as I delivered her milk, dressed in something flimsy.

That dream came true quite often after that night, even if it was just for a quick kiss, it wasn't long before those early morning kisses lost the taste of alcohol from her breath, I only had to remark on it once and that was that, she'd drank because she was lonely, from then on she didn't, the odd glass now and again, but that was all.

Chapter five The fire rises I couldn't help it, I was fucking, and fucking hell, it felt good, I had a grin like a Cheshire cat and even punched the air at one point until Linda looked back at me over her shoulder and said "If you are punching the air like you just scored the winning goal in the cup final I'll bite your cock off with my cunt muscles" She punctuated this by giving it a tighter than up to now, normal, squeeze.

Hands quickly returned to her hips, though I did give an extra firm thrust as she drove her arse back onto my cock, "cocky little bastard aren't you" she said, "Enough of the funny stuff, I need to get fucked and you are going to fuck me, now let me up, my knees are cramping" I stopped and withdrew, not sure what would happen next, Linda simply rolled onto her back and beckoned me with a finger, I approached the bed and stopped, awaiting instruction.

She patted her pussy and said "ok big boy, climb on board, auntie Linda needs some more of that cock before I send you home with your balls drained." I climbed onto the bed as Linda spread her legs to accommodate me, giving me instructions as to how to support my weight on my elbows before and after I entered her.

She then bent her knees and spread her legs wide, guiding my cock with both her hands till she was happy that I was correctly situated to penetrate her. This felt even better if such a thing was possible, tight and wet and hot, plus I could now get one of those nipples in my mouth, still was too embarrassed to look at her while we fucked, if I did I was sure I'd lose my hard-on, Linda settled that awkward theory by telling me to kiss her.

I needn't have worried, though I did close my eyes the first time, her kisses were passionate, the same quivering lipped, teeth knocking, tongue wrestling kisses of earlier when she'd cum as I ate her pussy. Fuck it was sexy, such a turn on, this older woman who I thought could probably get any man, as long as they were single and over 35, or young and lonely and thousands of miles from home, or young and thought their mates wouldn't find out, or like me, young, virgin and with a thing for that sexy older lady on their delivery route.

I didn't care, I thought she was beautiful at that moment, and for a few years after too, even after I was married, by which time all her f****y had gone, both daughters having married US servicemen and moved to the states, they came home every few years to visit and she went over there the odd time too, the rest of the time she was alone, but not lonely. -----------------------------------------------------------THE END------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A new one is coming but I don't know when it involves early world war 2.