Big booty lady loves getting fucked hard

Big booty lady loves getting fucked hard
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This story involves teen male/teen male oral sex between brothers. If you do not like this type of thing, please stop reading here.

This story really happened to me. I think all boys do it at least once… As boys are growing up and start to learn about erections, masturbation, and sex, I think they all play around with another boy's penis at least once. Usually they find out about girls, pussies, and sex and they don't ever think about other boys again. As I was growing up, I lived in a very rural area, and sex was a topic that was never touched openly.

My parents never told me anything about sex. At school, our health teacher talked briefly about sex in a couple classes (one about male anatomy, and one about female anatomy), but the topic of intercourse, or other sex acts was never really discussed. We were all left to learn about sex on our own, usually through older brothers and sisters or friends telling about their experiences.

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I had managed to learn about masturbation by accident in the shower one day when I was about 13-14 years old. I practiced that every chance I got, when one day about a year later, I happened to pass my older brothers room and saw him looking at a Playboy magazine because he had forgotten to fully close his door.


He was laying on his bed slowly stroking his hard penis and I don't think he noticed me. A few days later, I sneaked into his room and found his stash and swiped a couple to look at myself.


I didn't know what I had found at the time, until I started to browse through them. I had grabbed a Penthouse and a Hustler. Needless to say, I had many a great masturbation session with those magazines.

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A few months later, I went back to look for some new material and I grabbed a couple more Hustlers. While I was leafing through one of them, I found some Polaroid photos marking a picture series.

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One of the photos had my brother sitting in a chair with a nude woman sitting in his lap. The next photo had him behind her doing her doggy style.

The last photo had the woman sucking my brother's cock. Needless to say, I almost came in my pants when I saw those photos of my brother, and I masturbated to them many times. A few weeks later, my brother hadn't closed his door again, and he was laying there stroking himself while looking at a magazine again.

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I watched for a few seconds, before I quietly went into my room and stripped to masturbate to the magazines & photos I had taken from my brother's room.

I almost had a heart attack when he walked in, still nude and he handed me a couple more of his Hustler magazines and told me that if I wanted more to just let him know, but I needed to keep them hidden from mom.


I was just staring at his hard cock, and I don't know where it came from but I blurted out "I want to try you." "What do you mean?" he asked. "I want to try to suck your cock." I replied He asked me if I was sure, and I could only nod my head yes.

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He stepped towards me as I was sitting on the edge of my bed. I leaned forward and held his cock in my hand for a second, then I leaned my face in and sucked his cock into my mouth. I managed to get about a third of his cock in my mouth and I sucked on it, not knowing what I was doing.

After a little bit (maybe 45-60 seconds), I stopped sucking and sat back up asking him if I was doing it right. He pushed me back on my bed and took my hard little penis into his mouth completely, while rubbing my balls with his hand. He bobbed his head up and down a few times before I felt that fuzzy feeling I got right before ejaculating.

He lifted up smiling a little and my penis was getting soft, but I didn't feel the same as when I would masturbate myself. It didn't feel like I had actually ejaculated, but I was getting soft as if I had.

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He quietly left and I laid there with the new magazines and tried to get hard and masturbate, but I fell asleep fairly quickly. I woke up still naked and with one of the magazines on my belly. My brother and I never talked about that incident. I kept sneaking magazines from him for the next few years and I'm sure he knew I was doing it.

I would occasionally find a new Polaroid of him and the woman in one of the magazines, and I even found a few of a man sucking my brother's cock, or my brother sucking the man's cock, but they never showed the man's face.

When I got to know the owners of a local restaurant, I realized that the woman was the one in my brother's pictures. I could never be positive, but I was betting that the person taking most the polaroids was her husband.

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I never tried to use that information, or those polaroids to my advantage though. To this day, over 20 years later, I still feel I owe my brother a decent blowjob, and I still regret that I never tried to use those pictures to my advantage.

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It wasn't until I was in my second semester in college before I ever had sex with a girl, but I have never received a blowjob from anyone other than that one my brother gave me. To this day, I do still have thoughts and fantasies about having sex with another man, or involving another man in sex with my wife, but I have never had the courage to take it any further.

Who knows, maybe I will someday.