Xxx sex stories story 2019 reip

Xxx sex stories story 2019 reip
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She picked up her journal, the one she had kept ever since she had learned about adult life, and as she turned the page she smiled as the memories came flooding back to her as she recalled the pleasure and knowledge they gave her. She came across and entry entitled . "Sarah for dinner tonight", and just above it in a different pen was the word "hopefully!!!!" Julie laughed to herself as she remembered how, after her divorce from Tony and her wild visit to America, she had drifted in and out of casual relationships and one-night stands, with different men and women and sometimes both at once.

At 33 she eventually sort of settled down with JJ (Jonathon Joseph), a rough, tough soldier who was kind and gentle in his own way, and whilst Julie loved him dearly and would never hurt him, she still missed a woman's touch.

She had never shared her thoughts and feelings about this with JJ, but sometimes those yearnings got too much for her and she just had to do something about it, like the night she seduced Sarah. ***** "It will be fun," giggled Julie down the telephone, "Anyway while the men are away the girls will play". Julie was talking to Sarah, the wife of one the men who served in the same regiment as her boyfriend. They had been out as a group and whilst they all got on, Sarah always seemed a bit straight laced when it came to the subject of sex.

Sarah would blush and get very shy if Julie tried to raise the subject outside of the men's earshot about their respective love lives.

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Sarah always looked shocked if it was even hinted about being unfaithful, swearing she was a good and dutiful wife and that her husband was the first and only man in her life. Notwithstanding her straight-laced attitude about sex, she was good company and Julie knew Sarah was a bit down while the men were posted overseas on exercise and she needed cheering up.

She had talked Sarah into coming over so they could have a few drinks and spend the evening chatting and watching films. Julie had told Sarah she could sleep over saving her having to drive home, to which Sarah had agreed, albeit she sounding a bit hesitant. Julie lay in the bath on Friday afternoon thinking about the night ahead, and although she would have loved to seduce Sarah she thought that it was unlikely, as she seemed the straight and happy housewife type. As Julie lay there soaping her body she started to run her hands across her breasts imagining to herself that it was Sarah's hands touching her.

Her nipples hardened to her touch and as she rolled them between her finger and thumb and she closed her eyes and fantasised about Sarah. Julie could feel the aching in her pussy and as she slid her fingers gently across her lips beneath the water, feeling her desire mounting.

Giving in to the sexual tension that was consuming her body she lifted her legs out of the water and positioned them on the either corner of the bath, and began to stroke her clit in earnest.

Julie closed her eyes again and as she dreamt of Sarah's blonde head bobbing between her thighs and started to rub herself with more frantic strokes.

Julie pushed two fingers deep inside of herself with her other hand rubbing hard on her clit and as she was nearing her climax when the phone rang beside her. Breaking off from her pleasure she dried her hand and picked up the cordless phone, answering and trying to keep both the annoyance and frustration out of her voice. She heard Sarah's sweet voice in her ear and as she listened she couldn't help but to begin to stroke herself.

Sarah was oblivious of this as she chattered on about the evening and as she talked Julie started to rub more vigorously. Just as Sarah asked if she should bring a bottle and Julie's fingers quickened as her orgasm built Sarah suddenly asked, "Are you OK? It's just you sound a little breathless". Julie barely had time to stammer that she was fine and was in the bath, before clicking off the phone, and then arching her back in a screaming orgasm as she pushed three fingers hard into her aching pussy.

Julie smiled at Sarah as she opened the door admiring Sarah's full and curvy body that was shown off to its best in the tight jeans and a casual top. Julie had chosen her own clothing with care, in a loose dress that buttoned with tiny buttons all the way from top to bottom. Julie had carefully left quite a few buttons undone to reveal her cleavage and also a fair amount of leg when she sat down.

Deliberately, well more in hope really, Julie had left off both her bra and knickers, thinking to herself 'Well you never know'. Sarah looked at Julie and stammered a bit as she remarked she didn't realise she should have dressed up posh to which Julie just laughed and told Sarah that she had looked fine as she was, leaving unsaid the thought that she would look better naked.

With that Julie went into the lounge where she had prepared some snacks for the two of them to nibble on and opened the wine. The evening went well with the pair of them becoming more relaxed in each other's company as they cried and laughed together at the latest romantic comedy they were watching.

The film came to an end and Julie carefully steered the subject round to sex. At first Sarah was reluctant to talk but as the alcohol took effect she started to discuss matters more freely.

When Julie raised the subject of anal sex she blushed and looked shocked when Julie told her how much she liked it. Sarah reluctantly told her that whilst it was something she had heard of she had never tried it, as she would be too embarrassed to raise the subject with her husband.

Picking her moment Julie casually dropped into conversation, "And I suppose you have never been with a woman either have you little Miss straight laced", followed by a relaxed laugh to keep the conversation light.

Sarah blushed before replying in a very quiet voice, "No I haven't. I'm not sure what I would do.

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Anyway have you been with a woman?" Leaving the question unanswered Julie rose to her feet and slotted another tape into the video player, before settling back down next to Sarah and letting the tape play without saying anything. As the tape ran a hot lesbian scene developed on screen and Julie half watched the film and half watched Sarah's face to see the reaction.

The film got hotter and hotter and as the two women on screen began to kiss and lick each other's pussies and Julie saw Sarah's neck colour and her nipples poked through her top. "You are turned on by this aren't you Sarah?" Julie asked in throaty voice and as Sarah turned towards Julie the answer was written in her eyes that shone with sexual excitement, whilst her face was bright red. "There is nothing to be embarrassed about," said Julie "See, it affects me in the same way," and with that pulled her dress up revealing her naked pussy.

Sarah watched open mouthed as Julie parted her legs and began to rub her own clit as she watched the women on the screen. Sarah held out her hand asking shyly if she could touch and Julie just nodded. At first Sarah's touch was a little unsure but with encouragement from Julie she gradually became more and more confident.

Soon Julie was writhing under Sarah's fingers and it seemed so natural as the two women started to kiss. Still locked in a passionate kiss Julie's back arched as she came in a shuddering orgasm, her juices flowing over Sarah's fingers.

As she recovered her breath Julie listened as Sarah told her quietly that she had never touched another woman there before. Julie smiled as she took Sarah's still wet fingers and held them to Sarah's mouth, encouraging her with a soft smile to lick them.

At first Sarah seemed reluctant but then she took the two fingers into her mouth and smiled, as she tasted Julie's juices. Julie stood quickly and pulled her dress over her head before lifting Sarah to her feet, and gently taking her top over her head. Sarah stood there in silence as Julie unclasped her bra, and then bent her head and began to lick and suck her erect nipples. Moans escaped Sarah's lips as Julie's tongue did its work and her hands began to stroke and grip Julie's hair as she became more and more excited.

Julie knelt before Sarah and unbuttoning her jeans she pulled them and Sarah's knickers to the floor. Sarah kicked away the last of her clothing as Julie pushed her back down onto the couch parting her legs at the same time.

Julie began to kiss up and down the inside of Sarah's thighs as the woman moaned and writhed in the seat. Then carefully parting Sarah's pussy lips, Julie pushed her tongue into Sarah's body, delving just inside, and scooping out her sweet juices as she savoured the taste. Lifting her head Julie smiled at Sarah as she said, "You are so wet, you must be really turned on," Sarah's reply was simply to grab Julie's head and pull it close to her pussy and push her hips up to Julie's mouth.

Julie searched and found Sarah's clit and as she licked in a steady rhythm she felt the hands grip her hair tightly before Sarah screamed out as an orgasm ripped through her. Julie placed her mouth over Sarah's pussy sucking in the juices that flowed down her throat as she bucked and writhed in ecstasy. Julie stood and without speaking held out her hand to Sarah, who rose to her feet and taking Julie's hand they went upstairs and laid on the big double bed in Julie's bedroom.

Julie lay back on the bed and opened her legs wide as Sarah knelt between them. Julie could feel her breath on her pussy as she looked, for what seemed an age.

Not wanting to push too hard Julie waited and just gently stroked Sarah's hair. Then, as if making a decision, Julie felt Sarah's tongue gently probe into her, almost reluctant at first then as she got use to the taste becoming more and more frantic in her licking.

Sarah probed and delved deep into Julie's pussy licking every fold and Julie felt her own orgasm building. As Sarah felt Julie's orgasm burst she clamped her mouth tightly over Julie's pussy and drank in her juices causing Julie to shudder and groan with pleasure. A little while later they lay snuggled together talking and stroking each other's bodies when Sarah asked Julie, "Does this mean I am lesbian now, what will I do about cock, I do love it so".

Julie laughed as she explained, "No darling it means you are probably bisexual like me and anyway you can always use a dildo or a vibe".

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As soon as she said the last comment Julie looked at Sarah and saw the slightly unsure look in her eyes. "You do have a dildo, don't you? You know for when hubby is away" and was amused when Sarah stammered that she didn't. Julie leant over the bed and rummaged through the drawer underneath, pulling out toys of various shapes and sizes and handing them to Sarah. Sarah looked at each one with interest and giggled when she held the two pronged vibe and gasped when she saw the monster 12" dildo.


"What's this?" said Sarah holding up a contraption with straps attached to it and a wire to a remote running from what was very obviously shaped like a man's cock. "It's a strap on dildo" Julie replied, "Want to see how it works?" Sarah nodded eagerly as Julie stood and fastened it around herself making sure the clit plate was in place and the cock part jutted out almost obscenely. Taking the control in her hand Julie showed Sarah how it worked two different vibration parts, one in the cock and one in the clit plate.

Sarah lay back and lifting her legs high and opening them wide, gone was the shy girl from earlier, as she held her pussy lips apart inviting Julie to use it. Julie placed the tip on Sarah's soaking pussy and allowing her weight to do the work felt the dildo slide into Sarah's body.

Sarah's eyes shot wide open as the full nine inches sank into her and wrapping her legs round Julie's back implored Julie to fuck her hard. Julie began a steady rhythm with her hips and when she turned on both sets of vibrations Sarah went wild under her.

"Yes.yes.fuck me.oh god.deeper.harder" Sarah screamed as Julie continued to fuck her in long slow strokes. The vibrating clit pad was doing its work and Julie felt her own orgasm mount as Sarah dug her nails into Julie's back. Both women orgasmed together and then collapsed glistening in perspiration, in a tangle of limbs, kissing each other faces over and over Julie was still in a post orgasmic daze as she felt Sarah tugging at the fastenings of the strap-on that was still embedded deep into Sarah's pussy.

"Please can I try.? please. pretty please" said Sarah eagerly and Julie removed the strap-on harness from herself and helped Sarah fasten it on. Julie watched in amazement as Sarah paraded round waving the thing with no signs of her earlier demureness. Sarah looked at Julie and said "I want you on your knees so I can fuck your ass then I want you to fuck mine". Julie bounded to her knees realising she had unlocked a sexual tiger, and only just managed to advise Sarah that it would be better if she lubed it first with the gel on the bedside table.

Julie braced herself for what could be a bit of a brutal assault as she felt the dildo jabbing at her ass. Sarah prodded in her inexperience and then pushed hard and Julie felt the initial bolt of pain as it was pushed inside her ass past her anal ring.

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Breathing hard and trying to relax, Julie had to bite her lip as Sarah just forced it deeper and deeper. At first Sarah was thrusting with clumsy strokes but soon began to get the hang of it, and Julie began to enjoy the feelings as her ass stretched to accommodate the dildo. Julie slid her hand between her own legs and rubbed her clit as Sarah continued to pound into her.


Julie couldn't help the yell that escaped her lips as her orgasm crashed through her, half from her fingers, but a lot from the brutal fucking she had received. Julie fell face down onto the bed breathing hard as felt Sarah body pressing onto her back as she collapsed on top of her. Sarah was panting as she whispered in Julie ear "Was that good lover?" as she kissed Julie's neck with thousands of excited kisses.

"A little rough but nice," said Julie kindly "And once I get my breath back it's your turn." Sarah knelt on the bed on all fours with her head down and waited expectantly for Julie to begin. Julie knew that Sarah's virgin ass wouldn't take the kind of battering she had just received and decided to introduce her slowly and gently.

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Kneeling at the side of the bed so that her head was level with Sarah's hips Julie began to gently lick across her thighs and cheeks. She heard Sarah moan as she delicately ran her tongue around Sarah's anal star before travelling down and licking her pussy lips.

Keeping the touches and licks varied Julie waited until she felt Sarah had relaxed enough before starring to probe in more earnest at her anal star.

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As she heard Sarah sigh and felt her relax she slipped her tongue just inside her, wiggling it slightly to open her up. Julie felt Sarah move her hand to her own pussy but Julie gently batted it away. Still probing in and out of Sarah's ass with her tongue, Julie began to gently massage Sarah's clit feeling the juices flood onto her fingers.

As she made Sarah's ass wetter and wetter with her tongue Julie sipped a finger inside of Sarah's soaking pussy collecting her juices. Moving her tongue away Julie gently pressed against Sarah's ass and smiled as she heard the moan escape from Sarah's mouth as her finger slid in. "It feels so big" Sarah said, "And it's only your finger.I am so sorry baby I must have really hurt you". Julie quieted Sarah's protests as she explained that she was used to it whereas they needed to go slow with her virgin ass.

All the time Julie was talking reassuringly to Sarah she was sliding the finger in and out; flexing so she stretched her gently. Using her other hand Julie began to finger Sarah's soaking pussy, pushing two fingers in and her thumb rubbing on Sarah's swollen clit. As Julie introduced a second finger into Sarah's ass she heard her began to moan and swear.

"Finger my slutty ass," Sarah hissed through clenched teeth before screaming and humping back onto Julie's fingers as she came time after time. Lying side by side as they recovered their breath, Sarah turned dreamily to Julie and asked "Why were you really so breathless when I phoned earlier?" Julie replied with a light laugh. "I was in the bath, rubbing myself, imagining what it would be like to have you doing it for me". Sarah's eyes lit up and asked Julie if she could watch her make herself cum.

Julie nodded and throwing back the covers began to stroke her pussy lips gently. Sarah watched open mouthed as Julie gently slide a finger in and out and then across her clit moaning with pleasure as she did.

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Sarah moved and knelt on her heels with her knees spread wide, so she could see directly into Julie's pussy, without touching. As Julie became more and more turned on knowing her new lover was watching her she began to thrust two fingers in and out of her pussy with one hand the other flicking and rubbing at her swollen clit.

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Sarah began to stroke her own clit in time with Julie's fingers and with her other hand offered a six inch vibrator to Julie. Julie switched it on to full vibrations and played the head across her swollen clit before pushing it deep in.

Julie's head arched off the pillow and she caught a glimpse of Sarah frantically rubbing herself as she watched. As she grew more excited watching Julie perform, Sarah handed the monster twelve inch dildo to Julie wanting to see if she could or would really use it. A sigh of amazement and awe escaped Sarah's lips as she watched Julie remove the smaller vibe and place the large dildo to her lips. "Yes, yes, do it" Sarah implored in a lust-ridden voice, as her hand became a blur on her own pussy.

Her hand then stopped for a moment as she held her breath, watching Julie open her legs high and wide and begin to push. Sarah could see the beads of sweat appear on Julie's forehead as she pushed it deeper and deeper, her pink lips expanding to take it bit by bit.

As the last few inches disappeared into Julie's pussy, Sarah felt her own orgasm start to run through her body and she screamed out with a string of swear words. The noise of Sarah cumming and the feeling of the huge monster invading her body triggered Julie's own orgasm, and she plunged the monster in and out cumming again and again.

The two women lay holding each other tightly and just before she closed her eyes Sarah asked Julie quietly, "Can we do this again some time? I want you to ride me like I fucked you." Julie smiled as she replied "Of course we will do it again, and of course I will fuck your ass and many, many more things as well." Holding each other tightly the two women drifted off to sleep.