Misty is a true slut

Misty is a true slut
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"Yes, Ms. Flynn. I'll let her know straight away." Pretty Maria Rozario disconnected, then speed-dialed Vivienne Wu's cell phone from the foyer. "Hello." "Hello, Mrs. Wu. It's Maria." "Hello, Maria. Is everything all right?" "Yes, everything's fine. Mr. Wu said he'd be late for dinner tonight, and Ms. Flynn from the library called." "Ms. Flynn called for me?" Vivienne was surprised. What could be going on at the library that would warrant a call?

"Yes, she said it was important." "All right; thanks, Maria. Why don't you go on and take the rest of tonight off? I'll look after myself." "Thanks, Mrs. Wu!" Vivienne had been running errands all afternoon.

She'd been to the post office, picked up dry cleaning, returned videotapes and made her dentist's appointment. The petite Chinese woman had just picked up the ice cream when the cellular telephone had rung.

Since the library was on the way home, she decided to see if she could still catch Ms. Flynn.


As she pulled up, she saw the lights of the Willow Lakes Library go out. Grabbing her purse, she snagged the paper sack from "Chocolate Dreams" by mistake.


In her haste, she didn't notice she had it until she was rapping on the window. "Vivienne - I was just trying to reach you!" "Hello, Jessica. I hoped I'd catch you before you went home. Maria said it was important." "Come on in," invited the statuesque redhead, opening the door wide.

"I saw something today I thought you'd want to know about. Come on over here to the computers and I'll show you." "Oh, I'm sorry - do you have a freezer? I grabbed this by mistake." Vivienne held up the lavender-and-pink bag holding the ice cream container. "I guess I've just been running around too much." "This won't take a moment. Our fridge doesn't have a freezer, but you can just set it over here.

I don't think a few minutes will do it any harm." Jessica said, as she disabled the family filter feature. The beautiful Chinese woman set the bag on the indicated desk. She sat down before the monitor as Jessica opened a website.

As the screen loaded, Jessica searched her mind for the right words to say. She watched Vivienne's face intently for her reaction. Vivienne watched with interest as the screen filled.

"'Teacher's Pet'?" she asked. "Why did you want to show me this?" "Let me get past the legal warning, and you'll see." Jessica said. "Now, this is going to be some pretty strong stuff." She continued to regard the smaller woman with some concern. Vivienne Wu was not only a generous patron of the library, and an influential member of its board, but a valued friend.

Vivienne sat bolt upright as digital images loaded. It couldn't be - but it was! The two sat in silence for a moment. Then Vivienne seized the mouse, and clicked a few times, as she'd seen her companion do. "I'm sorry, Vivienne; I thought you should know, and I thought it would be better coming from a friend -" There on the screen were pictures of Karen Wu, Vivienne's daughter. The pretty girl was posed as a flight attendant, a nurse, a cheerleader, a nun, a businesswoman and in graduation robes.

The thumbnails showed the pouting Asian beauty in states of increasing deshabille. Karen's images alternated with those of a pretty fair-skinned brunette girl, of about her daughter's age.

"There's more," Jessica said, gently. She opened another page. There, pictures showed the two young girls dressed in prom gowns.

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The series of photographs progressed until they showed the pair having explicit sex. Jessica reached over to switch off the terminal, but Vivienne reached a quick hand out to stop her. She was still unable to speak. "I can't believe it," she said, finally. "Oh, Vivienne; I'm so sorry." The beautiful Chinese woman looked up at the buxom redhead. A rueful smile pulled at a corner of her mouth. How could her curvaceous friend know that the lovely Asian's entire outlook on sex had changed, decidedly for the better?

Just a few weeks ago, Vivienne had made passionate lesbian love not only with her daughter's classmate, but with a female deputy as well!

Her smile broadened with the memory. "Don't be sorry, Jessica. Karen is entitled to her own life; it looks as though she's enjoying herself, at least!" It was true.

In every picture, the girl's expression bore a rapt look of enjoyment. The gorgeous redhead was shocked. Here was straitlaced Vivienne Wu, pillar of the community, devoted housewife and mother, casually remarking that her daughter was entitled to a hard-core website.

Jessica couldn't have been more surprised if the earth had opened up under her feet. Vivienne regarded her friend thoughtfully.

The recollection of her night of wild sex with two women made her suddenly excited. She'd always known Jessica was openly gay, but had never dreamt of acting on the knowledge herself.

The thought of her own daughter engaging in such activity for all the world to see somehow aroused her all the more. "Jessica, do you think you could print these for me?" Puzzled, the redhead thought for a moment. "Sure, Vivienne. I've got a color printer in my office. Let me just enlarge these. Are you sure you want them?" Vivienne nodded decisively. "Yes, all of them, please." "This will take a few minutes." "I'll wait.

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Jessica, I'm touched that you were concerned enough to tell me about this. You're a real friend!" Pleased, the redhead smiled for the first time that evening.

She'd been updating the library's college tuition database, and had been stunned to chance on this site. Apparently, it was a hot one with the most banners she'd ever seen. She wasn't into cybersex, instead preferring the real thing. The thought of little Karen Wu suddenly becoming an X-rated website mistress disturbed her, though. Was it that she was getting old?

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Or was it . something else? "What does this do?" Vivienne asked curiously. "I think that's an mpeg file for video." "How does it work?" "Click on it." Jessica did so. The screen blanked, as a large dark frame popped up. The transfer rate cranked up toward 100%. When the file had downloaded, the two women watched silently as Karen kissed the pretty brunette.

As the action heated up, both women became increasingly agitated. They were both quiet as the clip ended. "Well, I'd better see about those prints," said Jessica. She self-consciously smoothed down her dress as she got to her feet. Vivienne noted the tall woman's discomfiture with amusement. She, too, was feeling unusual warmth, but was oddly at peace with herself and this intriguing new aspect of her own daughter.

When Jessica returned with the printouts, she was surprised to see Vivienne had removed her jacket and shoes. "I hope I'm not keeping you from anything, Jessica." "Just my empty house, dear." "This is all so sudden, I'm afraid I need someone to talk to." "Well, you know I'm always good for a shoulder to cry on, Vivienne." The aristocratic Chinese woman was looking for more than a shoulder that evening.

"Let me see those," she asked without inflection. The gorgeous librarian handed the printouts to her friend. "Hmmmm. Not bad." Vivienne heard herself say. It was true. The images all had a highly professional, yet spontaneously sexy look to them. Vivienne impulsively clutched the colored printouts to her, looking Jessica straight in the eye.

"What do you think, Jess?" she asked, gazing pointedly at her friend. The tall redhead was flustered. She'd known Vivienne for as long as she'd lived in Willow Lake, and had always known her friend to be straitlaced. This was a side of the trim Asian woman she'd never suspected existed. What was going on? The Chinese woman was wondering that herself. What had gotten into her? "I . I think they're very nice." Jessica managed.

Vivienne got up and slowly, seductively approached her old friend. "Only . 'nice,'?" she purred, fanning the pictures in front of her red-faced companion. Jessica backed away nervously. "Why . yes, they're . nice ." she faltered.

"Oh, look, your ice cream is melting. You'd better get this home, Vivienne." "But Jessica," the demure Chinese woman murmured. "I haven't begun to thank you properly yet." She picked up the dripping bag. It gave her a wickedly decadent idea. She opened the bag and lifted out the container, moist with condensation. Still advancing on the retreating Jessica, she opened the top and scooped out a generous fingerful of the chocolate ice cream within.

It was soft and icy-cold. Perfect. Vivienne dipped the generous fingerful into her mouth. She closed her eyes as she savored the confection. "You've been so sweet to me . let me thank you with 'sweets to the sweet.'" Vivienne stopped, inches from the panting Jessica.

The tall redhead's back was now to the wall, her magnificent chest heaving. What had gotten into her friend? The elegant Chinese woman again dipped her finger into the cool gooey dessert.

This time, it was Jessica's mouth to which she brought the heaping mouthful. Jessica gaped at the profferred offering. She licked her lips slowly. Then, under Vivienne's watchful gaze, she opened her mouth and took the ice-cream. She moaned throatily as the cool, sweet mouthful slid down her throat. "That's my girl," encourage Vivienne in a hoarse whisper. Her tits had been warming since she'd first seen the pictures of Karen in costume.

Then the nipples had caught fire when she saw the stills of her daughter with the other girl.

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But the video - the video was the reason her pussy was dripping like a leaky faucet! "Mmm." husked Jessica. She didn't know what had possessed Vivienne, but she approved. Content to let her friend be the aggressor, the tall redhead continued to follow the smaller woman's lead.

Setting down the container, Vivienne stood tall to bring her mouth to her friend's waiting mouth. The two women intertwined tongues sweet with chocolate and passion. Her hands unbuttoning the redhead's blouse, Vivienne whispered to Jessica.

"Now you can compare Karen with my spread. Undo me!" Jessica was happy to comply. Her fingers found the zipper in the back of Vivienne's dress. Practiced hands undid the lacy brassiere, while the Chinese woman's more inexperienced fingers fumbled with the unfamiliar strap of her own straining bra. "It fastens in front," she got out just before Vivienne clamped her mouth again to her lips.

Her insistent tongue probing, the smaller Chinese woman managed to get her stacked lover's bra off, despite her closed eyes. She opened them to inspect her handiwork and widened them still more at her first sight of those magnificent beauties. "Ohhhh." she moaned in abandoned lust, admiring the lush view. Beautiful milky-white orbs stood out for her inspection. Flattered, Jessica couldn't help standing a little taller and thusting out her chest slightly. Vivienne broke off and bent at her knees.

She buried her face in Jessica's crotch. Groaning, the redhead leant on the wall for support. She clutched her breasts in wanton heat, as the Chinese woman nuzzled her damp panties. Abruptly, the shorter woman stood again. Jessica just had time to wonder what she was up to when she felt the icy shock of Vivienne administering ice-cream to her already stiff nipples. She gasped. Both hands covered in the sticky half-melted sweet, Vivienne was working her friend's tits in earnest now.

Jessica writhed in delicious pleasure, as she felt the lascivious lubrication of Vivienne's coated fingers, tongue and lips on her sensitive nipples. Eagerly, she continued to undress her companion, while the Chinese woman held her chocolaty hands away from their clothing. When both were entirely nude, she too bent to gather a handful of ice-cream to share.

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Vivienne gave a quick, sharp intake of breath as Jessica's cold fingers found her breasts. She squirmed with delight, as the tall redhead applied the gooey sweetness to her entire body. Jessica drew Vivienne to her. Together, they reveled in the glorious sensation of both bodies covered in the melting ice-cream.

Breast to breast, belly to belly, they embraced and stroked each other, moaning feverishly. The beautiful redhead broke their embrace to sweep the Chinese woman off hre feet. Giggling, Vivienne playfully kicked her legs as Jessica carried her to her office. She lay her lover on the full-length couch. Vivienne cooed as she touched herself.

Her cunt was oozing lovejuice that mixed with the sticky ice-cream. She pouted as she observed her lover bend to her.

The pussy fluids trickled obscenely down her thighs as Jessica gave her another French kiss. The redhead squeezed her friend's tits as their tongues battled for more and deeped contact.

Holding Vivienne's gaze in her sultry eyes, Jess straightened and langorously licked her fingers. The Chinese woman couldn't believe her eyes as Jess dipped three fingers into her own sopping pussy while sucking at the the hand that had wiped ice-cream from Vivienne's sticky tits.

She watched avidly as Jessica worked herself. Vivienne busied both hands at her hot, throbbing lips. Again, the red-haired beauty approached her Chinese friend.


Wordlessly, she offered her fingers slick with girlcum to Vivienne. Eagerly, the Asian licked her lips and lapped at the shiny hand. The saltiness of Jessica, mingled with the sweet of the ice-cream, tasted divine to the lust-crazed woman.

The reclining woman was positively oozing now, her cunt spewing a rich flow of fragrant nectar. Jess clambered over to afford herself a closer look. Her knees astride Vivienne's torso, Jessica supported herself on her elbows as she probed the Chinese woman's cunt. Jess's twat was equally as wet as Vivienne's, the Chinese woman discovered, as she thirstily licked the slick love-tunnel with a long extended tongue.

She started as she felt the redhead part her swollen lips with practiced ease, thumb puling back her hood to reveal her hardening clitoris. She squirmed again and did the same. Her activities were rewarded with a muffled "ooh!" from Jess. She redoubled her efforts. Faster and faster they licked and sucked, twiddling each other's pulsing clits with one hand, other hand tweaking a nipple to ever-increasing hardness.

Overcome by the sensations, the tastes, the fragrances, Vivienne felt her senses whirl.

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"Yesss." she hissed between clenched teeth, "that's it!" Jessica had begun plunging her fingers into her inflamed vagina. "Faster, faster ." she moaned. "Do you like it? Do you?" "You know I do . give it to me . give it to me," hissed Vivienne. "Fuck me! Fuck me with your fingers!" Jess rammed her fingers into Vivienne's furry pussy, steadying herself by placing one palm on the Asian's inner thigh.

With each thrust, she felt her own orgasm mounting. The Chinese woman's persistent attentions were beginning to take their toll on Jessica's pussy, as her own activities were exciting her beyond belief. Absently, her peripheral vision caught the fine cut of the older woman's calves, accentuated by the dark stockings and black heels.

"Oh! I'm going to ." Vivienne's mouth worked spasmodically as she gasped, unable to continue aloud. Jess felt the Chinese woman contract around her fingers, then grunted aloud as her own climax struck her. "Unhhhh!" Jessica punctuated her cum with a nip at Vivienne's distended clit, sending her way over the edge.

"Ahhh! Oh!" The Chinese woman cried out as she came, her juices spilling over Jessica's face. I love this job, Jess thought to herself, as she kissed Vivienne's bottom tenderly. END