Pov real hot blondie gets fucked

Pov real hot blondie gets fucked
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Tales From the Gutter Joanna the Germ Gets Fouled When I awoke it was dark. The door was open and the fluorescent light from the walkway outside illuminated the motel room ghastly white. I looked at the clock and groaned.

"9:20? Fuck me." The best-looking whores would all be gone. Having made their quota early they'd be home or off clubbing somewhere, but that didn't bother me much. my mind was festering and my body so agitated it was doing a slow boil, the signs were clear. no fetching, vivacious cunt with her lovely smile and splayed legs could possibly satisfy me tonight. tonight I wanted cheap whore meat to plunder and carve, a gutter bitch who'd take my cock hammered down her gagging throat gladly.

spread her hole open wide, sniveling with her teeth clenched while I fucked her brown meaty cunt into pancake batter. I stumbled from the bed and threw some water on my face. "You're a foul Tramp tonight, that's a fact." I thought staring woefully in the mirror. I dressed quickly, smoked a roach and headed out the door.

The reality of Tijuana's streets always takes me aback. no matter how festive it sounds from my room it's dark brooding baseness always puts me on edge at first. But tonight my mood and the street's were a perfect match. My nerves were sputtering. I walked down Revolucion rounding Coahuilla with my shoulders hunched and my legs jerking me spasmodically through the throngs on the sidewalk.

The scent of depravity billowed from my pores. pulsated through my body staining my thoughts bloody black. I wasn't just out on the prowl for sex, I was bent on revenge. Just any old fuck wouldn't do, I wanted to fuck some lowly whore into cringing pleading submission.

The Roja was in full Saturday night swing. Constitucion was packed with cars moving slowly down the hill, jockeying for position with their headlights ablaze. Men leaned over the balcony rail of the corner motel watching the bustle down below. whores lined-up shoulder to shoulder against the buildings and on the curbs in short skirts and scoop-necked tops showing lots of succulent brown tit. the music from the clubs thumped and blared, the barkers were doing their fast-patter hustle as men solo and in two's and three's milled the sidewalks and crisscrossed the street.

Mexicans in lacquered straw hats and shiny boots, guerros in t-shirts and short pants, Japanese businessmen, Europeans, Australians. all perusing the whores on their way to their favorite clubs and bars. A raucous street band was racing through a number around the corner, its drum pounding maniacally and its horns braying out of tune. I wound my way through the cars and made a beeline for the corner of the alleyway where the junkies hang out. Some junky hurting for her meds would give me what I needed.

There were so many whores leaning against the wall it looked like a chorus line. thin pinch-faced Jana was there. Veronica with her Fellini-esque makeup.

Alexa, short quiet Alexa with the downcast eyes. I'd fucked several and only vaguely remembered the experience let alone their names. I stared down the alleyway lit with so many colored lights it looked like a carnival fairway. The girls were lined up like pastries in store windows both sides of the street. cars crept slowly down its length with shadowed males craning their necks left and right at the bounty of bitch eye-candy on display. The music from the bars was cacophonous, colliding and mixing with the shouts of the barkers and laughter of the men criss-crossing the street.

I stood there watching and waiting till I couldn't stand it anymore. "Time for a walkabout." I thought, hoping by the time I returned the bitches upstairs servicing customers would be back on the corner waiting for another cock to suck and take up their well-lubed fuckhole.

My mood was growing fouler by the minute. I turned and made my way through the throng crowding the intersection and headed up Constitution. Walking in the street beside the line of parked cars I was gazing at the whores standing patiently along the buildings and the curb. The sidewalks were crowded with men.

they flowed between the whores either side like a river between its banks. Cars and taxis crested the hill on 1st street and slowly made their way down the incline with their headlights gleaming. I raised my arm to shield my eyes and saw a short dark figure silhouetted ahead standing slumped between two parked cars. I stopped short squinting, trying to make her out. She was bundled in a corduroy coat sizes too big, clutching it tightly at her neck and waist.

her black hair was snarled, wisps and tangles stuck out in all directions like a dandelion after a stiff wind. Her shoulders drooped and her eyes were focused on nothing. she looked dazed staring blankly at the trunk of the car before her, her face drooping like wax with a sullen gloom.

She appeared lost, as though she knew once where she was headed and for what but had somehow forgotten along the way. It was Joanna, the runt whore I referred to in my journals as the 'monkey-girl', an undeserved slight because she was actually kind of cute depending on where in her high she was. She was tiny, barely 5 feet tall, dark-skinned and soft around the middle, and almost always a filthy mess.

it was rumored she was a major carrier of sexual diseases and I believed it. That was the main reason I'd never fucked her, even though her small cuteness reminded me of some of the 12 and 14 year-olds I'd fantasized fucking.

She was a crack and chiva (black-tar heroin) junky, and the street's preeminent pariah whore. She must have sensed me staring. whores have this acute sixth sense about possible customers.

She looked up suddenly and those dull, weary gloom-filled eyes of hers momentarily cleared and locked on mine.

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I stepped forward leaning close. "Cuanto para fucky-sucky?" I asked her. She suddenly looked distracted as though she thought I was talking to someone else. She glanced down at the trunk of the car in front of her, pushed her ass off the hood behind and stared up at me hopefully. "Diez." she said with a crinkly smile. "Para treinta minutos?" She nodded her head.

"Bien. donde?" She raised her hand and pointed across the street, her eyes never leaving mine. "Bueno. vamos." I told her. I'd found my bitch. She gathered her coat and side-stepped out and scurried down the line of parked cars without looking back. she crossed the street weaving between the traffic, shuffling and clutching her coat like a house frau in bathrobe and bedroom slippers with me close behind.

The whores on the sidewalk stared at us quizzically but I didn't give a fuck.


my brain was already fidgeting like a toad on a hot wire. Just watching this little runt hurrying to get a room before I changed my mind was a turn-on. I couldn't wait to get this bitches little brown body splayed and naked, pinned down and skewered on my throbbing cock. She turned into an entryway off the sidewalk, a short walkway painted bright turquoise that opened onto a long cement courtyard.

Several cages with small birds were clustered amongst a jungle of hanging plants. from the sidewalk you'd think the place had all the charm and quiet civility of old Mexico. but I'd been there before with other whores and knew it's rooms were as squalid as any I'd ever seen.

nightmarish rooms, rank as animal's dens with the smell of base hollow sex between strangers alienated from their humanity. I liked the place, it suited my mood tonight to a tee. Joanna stopped before the open door at the front and said something to the woman inside. A small TV atop a filing cabinet in the corner was blaring a Spanish variety show.

The woman turned and scowled at us, held out her hand and said "Tres dollares.". I handed her the money and off the runt Joanna scurried. past peeling doors and darkened windows hung with threadbare sheets to room number 7, right next to the outside washbasin and toilet. She pushed the door open and we stepped inside as Joanna clicked on the light.

It was as loathsome as I remembered. A swaybacked mattress covered with a thin, grease-stained bedspread worn to holes was pushed against the back wall lengthwise. a stack of chairs leaning alongside a dusty desk. next to the door a large window with a light blue bed sheet pinned to its frame. on the opposite wall an empty wardrobe cabinet without doors. Two bent wire hangers hung askance from the wooden rod inside.

The wire hangers did it for me. summing-up the sad emptiness of the place. It'd already been used by dozens of whores that night.

the floor was littered with used condoms and crumpled wads of moist toilet paper. wet globs spotted the floor round the mattress where the whores had spit out their drool and the cum of their customers. A vague musky odor of tense, expended sweat and cum permeated the place. the thought of stripping this bitch naked and fucking her like an animal in the sallow glare of the bare ceiling bulb electrified me.

It was the perfect sewer to enact my raw effluent fantasies in. Joanna said nothing, she hadn't glanced at me once since that first hopeful look on the street. Her momentum had stopped now that we were inside the room, she fell back into her torpor. the real work was just begun, and like most whores she was trying to waste as much time in dawdling as she could.

She took off her coat and placed it neatly on the table, walked back to the bed unbuckling her belt. "Tu blousa primera, puta." I told her, fingering the hem of her top. She pulled it over her head and stood there dull-eyed and swaying as she rolled down the sleeves. Her tummy was soft, protruding like a child's. her tits hung heavy, round as softballs, big handfuls of sumptuous brown bitch meat with thick, spongy nipples the color of dark chocolate.


I grasped one and kneaded it, clutched the nipple and waggled it while I squeezed my cock through my jeans. Joanna didn't move, didn't even look at me as I toyed with her tits and nipples. she just stood there picking at a loose thread she'd found. "C'mon you cunt. strip. ahora!" I barked and gave her tit a slap before laying back on the bed. I kicked off my shoes and started wriggling down my jeans watching her closely.

The poor little cunt was obviously at the tail end of her high. She unzipped her pants and wriggled them down mid-thigh with her panties, bent over and slowly worked them below her knees.

Black pubes bushed out in a matted tangle between her thighs.

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Stuck within the snarl was a folded pad of toilet paper. She carefully peeled it off her cunt lips and peered down at it squinting, turning it to the light. I cocked my head to see and shuddered. a long yellow stain ran down the middle. cunt ooze or cum, I didn't know which, but bells started going off in my brain. The situation was suddenly all too real. the electricity that'd been coursing through my body simply evaporated, leaving only a sickening sadness about the whole endeavor.

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I abruptly held up my hand waggling it back and forth saying "No puta. esta no bueno.", and started pulling my jeans back up. She crumpled despondent on the edge of the bed with her shoulders slumped and head bowed. I didn't give a shit, I just wanted out of there. no way was I going to stick my dick in that foul oozing cunt of hers.

I worked my jeans up my thighs glancing at her smooth brown shoulders, her dirty black hair sticking out in snarls. "Como sucky?" she asked quietly without turning, her voice so meek it was barely audible. "Cuanto?" I inquired.

I'd completely overlooked the possibility of a blowjob in my haste to leave. "Cinco?" she queried tentatively, without raising her head. That was all I needed to hear. a $5 blowjob from this filthy little street whore would suit me just fine, give the little cunt the mouth-fucking she so deserved.

I got off the bed without a word, clasped her head with both hands and shoved my dick in her mouth. It was just so fucking lewd. her mouth was so moist and warm, her lips so eager to suck dick. my cock was immediately electrified again. I gripped her head and hunched my dick at her face fuckhole like a dog. This little whore's mouth was mine to use and abuse anyway I wanted for the price of a pack of cigarettes.

If she didn't like what I dished out I'd cock-slap her and pull up my jeans, throw her a dollar and walk out the door. and she'd be kissing that precious medication of hers goodbye.

I had everything to gain and nothing to lose, it was Joanna who was behind the eight ball tonight. She just sat there docile, her hands in her lap like a half naked obedient schoolgirl. I hammered away at her mouth for awhile, then tilted her face to the light so I could watch every delicious detail.

lusterless black hair snarled in tangles, round brown cheeks and oily pug-nose, lush thick lashes and pretty eyes that scrunched to my repeated hunches, lips pursed tight then yawning, trembling every time I stuck it in her deep. my dick looked like some tuberous gelatinous fish, bloated tight and translucent, glistening in the light sliding repeatedly between her lips, the veins raised and throbbing along its surface.

She lifted her hand to take hold of it and I slapped it away.

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"No manos!" I barked. She dropped it into her lap and sat there in a quiet state of surrender. I pulled out my cock and casually whipped her face back and forth with it. I pushed it's wet swollen belly against her nose and hunched it up and down, wriggled my balls between her lips and told her to suck on them. I gave her a few more good cockslaps then shoved my meat back in her mouth.

"You expect me to do all the work, whore? Suck my bone you dog. you Mexican mutt." My cock was fully erect now, sticking straight out shiny and taut, the knob red and engorged. I aimed it at her mouth. "Suck it bitch, you better suck it good. this is what you were born for, what your cocksucking Mexican mouth is for.

sucking-up slabs of hard white dick-meat. guzzling down mouthfuls of slimy white dick cum." I cursed, watching for her response. Whores sometimes didn't take kindly to my blunt racist comments but I liked it, it got me hot.

if they knew what I was saying they'd react, give me looks, hesitate or object. but not Joanna. She pursed her lips round my cock and drove her mouth down it just as fast and hard as she could, gripping the edge of the mattress her knuckles white, throwing her body at it relentlessly, driving it into the back of her throat, moaning and slurping and huffing in air.

"You don't understand a word of English, do you puta?" She glanced up then down again keeping her frenetic pace, totally unfazed. Whatever she understood in word and tone just rolled off this little whore like water.

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"Good, you filthy dog whore. you miserable brown mutt. your mouth is mine, I'm gonna fuck your face so hard you'll be puking up last week's tacos." and I ratcheted my hips double fast and hard at her slobbering mouth, holding her head totally immobile while I drove my dick into it relentlessly. I pulled out, bent over and hand-slapped her face two or three times. she sat there shoulders hunched, squinting, her lower lip flapping like a loose piece of meat, taking it, saying nothing.

"Fucking cunt! Get it in your mouth! Right down your cum-guzzling throat." I was totally enthralled with the sadistic pleasure of it all. cock power supreme, relentlessly thrusting my meaty tool into her warm drooling mouth, pounding it at the back of her throat. anything I wanted I could do without restraint, and I was frenetic to do it all.

I stove it hard into her cheeks bulging them out one side then the other. pressed her lips between my fingers till they puckered like a rolled pussy and pierced it with my dick. clasped her neck and gripped her hair and threw her mouth down it viciously. pulled her on it by her ears. pinched her nose, held down her chin and hunched-fucked her gaping mouth madly. I wanted to climb on her face, pin her to the bed and cram every last inch of my throbbing cock down her throat and squat there rhythmically hunching till I blew my nut strait down her gullet.

When my hand pooled with saliva I casually wiped it on her face. "You filthy little fuck. you piece of shit slobbering whore.", as drool copiously rippled over her lips down her chin, waggling then falling peppering her tits, tummy and thighs with gleaming viscous drops.

I jerked my jeans down either side till they slid below my knees and bent into it, jerking her head furiously down my cock like a farmboy behind the barn with an over-ripe mellon, the drool rippling down her chin like fermented juices. I wanted her throat, my cock wedged, stuck in it tight and deep. So far she'd kept her throat clenched tight and evaded it, I could pound at her throat fuckhole all I wanted and not get in.

I grasped her head and held it tight, I jerked and pulled her lips down it deeper. trembling lips and eyes clenched tight, her head thrashing side to side trying to break loose. Her mouth suddenly burst open yawning wide and off she wretched to the side. a stream of yellow puke like squash soup gushed out and splashed to the floor beside the bed. She hung her head breathing in huffs, a string of saliva stretching in a graceful arc from her lip to the end of my cock.

It was fully erect, radiating heat, tuberous and gleaming. I smacked her cheek repeatedly with it, waiting impatiently. "C'mon, you fucking piece of shit. open up your dirty slut's mouth." Beads of sweat dappled her upper lip and brow, drool streaked shiny across her cheeks and greasy forehead.

She opened her mouth to protest but I'd have none of it. I slapped her once hard, then spit on her face, a foamy glob that curled over her nose. she reared back complaining, but I jerked her mouth onto my cock again yanking her head back and forth on it furiously while she garbled wild-eyed frantically trying to keep up. "Fuck you!. you miserable shit. Fuck your dog's cockhole throat!" I was a man on a mission, I wanted to park my swollen meat in the little cunt's throat.

I wrestled her head cramming my dick in as deep as I could and she clamored trying to resist, waving her hands and making garbling noises. but she didn't touch me, she didn't dare. "Take it whore! Take it down your fucking throat!." I spit on her forehead, a big foamy glob that looked like bird shit. She broke free and reared back whining.

her eyes were closed, pinched-up miserably as she shook her head back and forth. I bent low and sprayed spit sparkling in her lush black lashes and she shrieked, jabbering away in Spanish, but not moving from her throne seat on the bed. I grabbed a handful of hair and threw her mouth down my cock again. "Fucking whore! You'll take anything I give you. comprende?!" I hissed. Her body slumped pitifully and her hands braced against the mattress. I held her head either side, her eyes were scrunched tight in pain and her lips hung slack, drool flowing copiously down her chin and tits.

I spit on her cheek and she didn't even react. It hung in a foamy glob and slowly dissolved, a snail trail to her jaw and down the side of her neck. I continued to fuck her mouth viciously. she just sat there docile as a mare getting her mouth studded.

It suddenly yawned open wide and she waggled her head back and forth trying to get off it. but I held her, my meat wedged firmly against the back of her throat. She bucked and disgorged another spew of yellow puke warm all over my cock. she groused vehemently but didn't move an inch while I just stood there poised and coiled like a snake, my cock glistening and swaying an inch from her nose. "Lick my dick clean you fucking mutt." I said, but the bitch turned her face to the side.

so I cleaned it on her cheek. I grabbed her chin, pinched my fingers round her lips and fucked her mouth like a pussy. "This dog's getting boned." I hissed, and slapped her face again. She went strangely quiet. I tilted back her head in the light and jacked my fist furiously down my cock. I could feel my sap starting to rise. She knew what was coming. She held back her head quietly while I pried apart her lips with my fingers and held it open wide.

Her face was so slimed, wet and greasy with spit and drool and sweat, strands of her coal-black hair matted on her cheek and forehead. "You fucking cunt. you cocksucking piece of shit whore. gonna blow my creamy wad all over your puke drooling Mexican face.

you piece of dog meat whore. got a big load of creamy cum for ya, gonna glaze your cunt's face good." And jizz came barreling up my cock like it was pushing glass. tearing the inside of my dick, exploding out the tip in a creamy white glob splattering across the bridge of her nose, trailing on her cheek.

then another, pumping out in an elongated dollop streaking in her eyelashes onto her forehead. I jerked the rest of my load off in her mouth. She shook her head making noises protesting but I had my thumb locked over her teeth. I held her in place while my cock disgorged its last pearly globs and droplets in a pool of slime on her tongue, then smacked my dick in it.

I bowed low and spit one last time in her mouth and before she could react shoved my dick in, pushing my wad and my spit down her throat. "Swallow it puta, swallow every drop you miserable cocksucking shit." But the monkey girl didn't want to swallow.

She waggled her head and turned to the side but I pinched her nose and held her chin up cursing her until my cum slithered down her throat, and that set her off whining again. She complained vehemently, shaking her head and muttering in Spanish, leaning on her hip pulling the bedspread up and wiping her face with it.

She kept up a stream of invectives while she dabbed the drops of puke off her thighs, but I didn't give a shit at that point. I was finished with the cunt, my terrible fury spent. I pulled up the corner of the bedspread and wiped my glistening drool-covered cock, quickly pulled up my jeans and buckled my belt. I sat on the end of the bed with my back to her, pulled on my shoes and tied the laces. Her muttering came in fits and starts now, finally all was quiet as we each tended to our cleanup, as though we were on separate planets together there in that squalid little room pungent now with the smell of her puke.

I stood and handed her a five-dollar bill. She looked at it then up at me distressed, started jabbering excitedly, pointing to the puke on the floor. "So what whore. it's an occupational hazard" I said drolly, threw my coat over my shoulders and walked out the door.

leaving it wide open with her sitting there with her jeans down around her knees and her tits hanging exposed. I walked to the front basin by the entrance and washed my hands while the woman at the desk stared on, then casually strolled out the entrance to the street again.

I felt like a king, the king of depravity, of squalid humiliation and junky whore degradation. I strolled back along the streets now totally at ease among the carnival atmosphere that was still in full swing. back to my room at the motel where I stripped, threw my clothes in the corner, and took a 30 minute shower, contemplating which club I'd go to when I finished. Now that I'd worked my kinks out with the runty cunt Joanna, I was at peace, ready to continue the evening's debauchery at an easy relaxed pace.

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"Life is good. that was perfectly vile." I thought, smiling.