Bitch gets totally disgraced by being choked and screwed

Bitch gets totally disgraced by being choked and screwed
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And at this moment I'm saving lives. Some are lives I do not care for; one is a life I care for greatly. What I'm doing goes against everything I've learned and experienced over my time on this planet. I am doing this to save lives from each other and from themselves because war doesn't stop easy and sometimes you need to step in and make everyone else stop.

Carlos: Monday before the Incident After school and I'm all sorts of fucked up on how to get one person to sit down and talk things out. Yeah it's Guy I'm talking about but at this point I'd give him almost anything just to end this shit and get my sister to hate on me and my boys a little less.

Yeah I know she never liked my crew but over the past months she's had a serious problem with everyone under me and I'm not being spared just because we're blood either.

It hasn't turned to anything I gotta check my people on yet but I'm not taking chances on someone just thinking they can put her in her place. I'm outside her door and take a second to man up before knocking.

I hear her say to come in, she might not think it's me but I go in and when she sees me enter and close the door after me I get the disapproving sister look. "Well sooner or later it had to happen. So what am I supposed to do for the gang," Marta asks me and I stop at what she is saying," You've been following me for a couple days now like you want to ask me something and since you really don't have anything other than your gang it's pretty academic where your question is going to come from." "Sorry sis, not about my crew.

I need to talk about Guy," I say it and she closes her laptop setting on the bed beside her," I have tried to talk to him but he's so far gone that I could be talking to la Luna and I'd get a better conversation. I need to make peace and I can't figure out how any more so since you know him I need your help." "I'm not setting him up for you or leading him somewhere you can ambush him," my sister tells me and I groan. "You seriously think that's who I am," I ask and she shrugs.

"You don't show anyone anything else. You have all your little homies and homettes surrounding you and you spent three years beating on him because 'your people don't get disrespected'.

Then when he nearly dies you stand there and tell everyone that you didn't do anything wrong when you know you did. You can't even own up to your own shit with him but you want to make peace," Marta is taking it to me and I let her for a bit. "Just because I didn't turn my people out as scapegoats for shit they actually didn't do doesn't mean I ignored what we had done to him and every single thing since then that my people have been close to or involved in that wasn't making peace with him I stomped out," I explain and she shakes her head.

"Like Hector backing him into a corner so our cousin could get involved in your little feud," she says it but how does she know that much," I spoke to Imelda about it after she said I didn't have to worry anymore." "Well Imelda spoke with Guy because someone was threatening to hurt me by getting to you and Guy stopped that," I start to explain but she stops me. "Yeah both Guy and she said that and Guy said he had nothing to do with anyone coming after me because of shit you did but that still doesn't change the fact that you kept your 'boy' Hector at home for a couple weeks instead of actually punishing him for going after Guy when he should have backed off," Marta is bringing up my past with my people and it's not helping.

"Hector needed to cool off and understand that Guy isn't a problem," I try but my sister is quick with it. "If he's not a problem then why are you worried so much that you have to come to me to help you smooth things over," she asks it and it's making me angry," Is it because Guy isn't listening to the all powerful gang leader or is it because for once you need to change people's minds about you being the king turd leading the shits?" "It's about making things right and squashing all of it so we can just move the hell on.

Every time I see him he looks like he's waiting for something to happen like I'm the bad guy," I say the words and Marta is right on me. "You are the bad guy. You've been the bad guy and now you're just upset because you think you've been a good guy this whole time," Marta is talking about everything she sees but she doesn't see all of it.

"You don't know what I've done to help this family, this hood, hell this half of the damn city," I tell her and she doesn't look impressed," Remember that guy who was dealing at school, never got caught with drugs but we all knew it was him and Dad was worried about you going to the same high school as us?" "Martin Martinez, the loser pot head," Marta asks and I shake my head at her.

"More like meth and he's been out of the city since my freshman year. Then his suppliers, then their money, all of it gone in one year and not a single cop because I made sure it got taken care of, I might not be perfect but I'm not the bad guy," I state and she laughs. "Wow, taking credit for getting rid of one complete loser in high school and everything that allegedly happened after. You are really desperate to prove you're what? Some sort of savior," Marta says and she's making fun of me.

"Not really, I did what I did because it was going to help," I explain but Marta is on me again. "And how does you and your boys kicking the shit out of Guy help? Explain to me how you being the bully with the biggest gang helped anything for him," She asks it and I don't have the answer for her, not one that would actually be worth saying," Yeah, good talk big brother. I have other things to do." "I'm not asking for my crew or my boys, I'm just asking for me.

I want to talk to Guy, apologize and if we can figure out how to let all this get behind us and not be watching out for each other when we're trying to eat lunch," I ask Marta who is trying to get back on her laptop," Please take this serious." "I would if there were something I could do to help.

You don't understand I don't have any say over Guy, I can't tell him to sit down and talk as much as you could tell Hector to stop being a complete asshole," Marta explains and I am tired of the insults," Guy does what he wants, when he wants and when he does it he does it because from what I can tell it amuses him.

He fucked up Romeo because he thought it was funny, he thought what he did to one of your boys while you watched was funny, Romeo in pain screaming? He thought that was funny because he's not able to feel things like he used to." "How do you know all that," my sister has a lot of insight into how someone she's not always around is thinking. "Abby, she watches him and she listens.

Morning after he screwed up Romeo even though he was in pain he was smiling and even laughing a little. Your friends, your homies… they made him this way. And when he was dying you didn't even try to go to the hospital, you didn't put yourself out there to be spit on or have someone tell you how horrible you and your boys were because it wasn't convenient to be seen as weak," Marta is going for the throat on me but I shake my head. "I didn't go to the hospital because my people didn't do it, both times.

I admitted to what was done before but after it wasn't us," I start and she is quick to cut me off. "Please, you're memory isn't that bad to forget Hector pushing him around as a Christmas gift," she reminds me and I nod. "Which is why I pulled Hector out for a bit, made him think about when he went after Guy and when I said to stop," I didn't exactly tell him to think about it," Back to my thing I need your help.

I just want to speak with him." "Then go over to his house and see if they let you onto the grounds. I'd be surprised if you even make it past the gate before the cops show up," Marta is making fun of my situation.

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"Alright, be a bitch. I have tried to explain and I have been as honest and sincere as I can but you just want to be a bitch so fuck you," I get up to leave the room. "Excuse me," she stops me and I turn around and yell at her. "Fuck you, I have made sure that for four years your life has been fucking sunshine and rainbows while my hands are covered in dirt and blood. Your college fund, the one Mom and Dad have been 'saving' for the past four years?

That's me, that is my work paying for your ungrateful ass and yeah I thought it was funny at first watching Guy get his ass beat and when I said stop finally it stopped. I should have done it sooner but that's on me. Everything else you can shove up your ass," I yell at Marta and head out.

I don't think she came after me as I leave the house slamming the doors and my own ride door before pulling away from the curb.

I'm pissed off and that's when people need to worry because I don't get mad, I get furious and before I realize where I'm at I'm out the car and heading into the tattoo shop the Union run. Vicki is at the front to take customers but I'm not here for any new ink as I step past the counter and the chairs to the back where the Old Man is sitting going over his books.

He doesn't even look up as I slam the door to his small office closed. "If you're here to yell at me about something you might want to tell me the subject so I can decide if I should actually listen to you or throw you out for slamming my door," the Old Man tells me as I sit in his only other chair," Or this isn't about me and the Union." "I can't fix it," I state and he nods to me," This thing with that kid Guy, I can't fix it and now it's so far out from everything that happened I just yelled and my sister because she just looks at me and sees a piece of shit gangbanger." "You are a gangbanger Carlos, you're not quite a piece of shit but you do stick your hands in it just like the rest of us," he says and I nod a little as the Old Man turns to me," What is bothering you most about this kid?

Is it the fact that someone messed him up twice and it wasn't you or is it the fact that there are some people who don't accept the olive branch?" "The what," I ask and he chuckles.

"Old term, to extend peace the symbolism was an olive branch way back before you and I were ever even thought of. This kid, Guy, what seems to be the big hold up for him squaring shit up with you," the Old Man explains and I figure I'll get it out. "After all of this I just want to fix one thing that I let get messed up. You took over the drug dealers and it was your call to.

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You took over looking into who screwed Guy up for me because you got bigger reach. I just want someone not part of this life to look at me and not see the piece of shit that they all think I am," I explain and he leans back in his chair. "They or she? Always a girl when a man wants to change his stripes or at least how they see him and unless you're queer that means a girl unless we're talking about your sister then we're in a subject I'm not touching," he jokes a little but he's right.

"Guy's sister Abby, she hates me and that hate is spreading into my sister who had sex with Guy and this whole time I'm trying to get one of the three to sit down and not talk down to me like I'm some…," I try to explain but the Old Man is quick to stop me.

"I get what you're saying kid, you're young and want people to think better of you. When you get older you'll just want them to leave you alone and keep off your damn street," he says more to fill in for himself than me," Well I gotta say you're screwed until we find the people who messed with him." "You know who they are, where," I ask and he shakes his head. "No, you stay out because it's above your head boy. We're handling this and when it's over you'll be exonerated and that will be the end of it," he says and I groan in frustration," Carlos I like you, you're smart and you got ambition but you're also loyal and honest which is why nobody has put a bullet in your head.

When time comes you'll be standing to the side of it all with your people and everyone will know you weren't responsible." He's got a line on who kicked off the year of looking over my shoulder by stabbing Guy and Guy's real connections being found out but that does me no good now. I could go behind the Old Man's back, figure out who he's watching and do something before he does but that ends with me and mine hanging for it.

I say my goodbye to the Old Man and head back out, I got a couple messages on my phone mostly crew but a one from Mom asking where I am and one from a blocked number. I open the blocked one and immediately look around the message was short and simple: I See You. Neal Donnelly: Tuesday Evening before Incident Here I am at dinner with my family and my ex wife's family and the entire time I'm watching my son without him realizing it.

He's keeping something to himself and the longer I don't know what it is the more worried about him I become. Hiding a porn magazine or drinking underage is one thing but he's setting himself up against people who will kill him and not care about those around him when they do. I've been watching Carlos Ortega since I decided to show him he wasn't safe months ago. I almost put a bullet in the boy but people don't lie when you show them pictures of their loved ones and have a loaded weapon.

I actually thought the boy could be hiding something about what has been happening to my son but aside from the previous beatings and humiliation there isn't anything worth killing over. I turn my attention and thoughts back to my son. He's calm, almost happy and smiling but whenever I see him and he doesn't think anyone is looking I see the change and I see that darkness behind his eyes. We get it in war, it's a look that usually means we're about to do something that god wouldn't understand.

I have to find out where he's been going, I found the storage locker with the car and the clothes easy enough but there is another location I can't seem to pin down. My thoughts are almost distracting me when someone asks about desert.

"How about some ice cream," the oldest boy, Mark Jr.

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suggests. "I don't think we have any Mark," my ex, Loretta informs him. "We'll go get some," I suggest and nod to Guy," Guy and I can go get some and bring it back quick." Everyone likes the idea even Guy until we step away from the table and he looks at me like he's putting together what I'm doing.

Mostly I want to talk to my son but I really want him to tell me everything he's thinking when he thinks nobody notices. We take the truck and I sit in the quiet with him when he just comes out with it. "Why are we here? Why take me with you to get ice cream," Guy asks and I don't know how to say it best.

"I missed a lot of time with you, a lot of little things. I just want to do whatever we can together before your sister and I leave to return home to Montana. Still going to see you graduate," I tell my son and he listens but he's waiting for something.

"I'm almost at the point now where I actually think you want to help me," Guy says and I almost shoot off that I do," But you can't, what I am doing next I have to do alone. Once it's done I'll have something I've been waiting for since this started at the beginning of the school year." "What are you planning on doing," I ask and he smiles.

"I'm going to get satisfaction. I'm going to balance the scales and I'm going to watch as people have to acknowledge that whether it's God, fate, karma or random blind luck the universe will give you what you deserve," Guy says and I'm more than a little concerned," After that I'm going to sit back, finish this chapter of my life and look at what I really want to do going forward." "Ever think that you could just let things go and move on," I ask my son and he smiles at me, I can see it from the corner of my eye.

"Could you have just let Gwen go," Guy asks and it's low but he's making a point. "No but I went for minimal collateral damage," I explain and he laughs a little. "That's the difference Dad, your list was small. My list… not so much," Guy states as we pull into the store parking lot. Ice cream and veiled plans have me at a standstill on what to do next with my son. Whatever it is I need to get out in front of it before he sacrifices himself or his future for a moment of revenge.

When I went after my brother's wife it was to get what was mine back. Guy's revenge is something much deeper and darker because revenge is dark. We return home minor heroes of the moment with ice cream and everyone gets dished up before the kids are off to bed and I can speak with Delauter alone.

"He's got something big in mind and I can't find out what it is or where but he's going to do it soon," I tell the Senior Mark. "How bad do you think it is? Could we let it pass by and just allow him the moment," he is asking more for his attempt to salvage my son.

I shake my head no and Mark senior nods slowly in agreement before we step out of his office and I'm back to figuring out how to find what else my son is hiding. Guy: Wednesday at school before Incident I know you're busy planning but I'm looking towards what happens after. You mean like a party or a celebration? He could use one. No, I'm thinking long term and that means he needs to find out who is best for him.

How about we just choose one and that's the end of it. He's looked for too long, we let them decide. Cat fight?

No… Maybe… it's up to them really. My guests arrive to my spot in the library after lunch and while I know everyone here intimately they don't quite know each other but the four all look to each other with wonder as to why the others are here. "So now that we're all here I want to thank you for coming. Each of you knows me in some form or another and each of you has expressed some sort of… attraction to me.

First off I want each of you to know that what I am doing here today isn't a declaration of intent I'm simply previewing the few people outside of my family that have shown a genuine interest in my well being. That being said a change is coming for me and in less than a week I'll be someone new, hopefully for the last time," I explain and they listen for a moment.

"Guy I'm not sure what you're saying," Marta asks and I begin to speak but Jenna is quick to say her piece. "You will be this or something more," the budding model asks me and I shrug.

"I could be less, that is the risk but I must risk it nevertheless," I state and she nods. "Risk what," Emily, the newcomer and most fresh of the four asks confused. "Risk my everything, in war whether of the heart and mind or the body there is risk and I've been at war.

A war I'm planning on ending," I state as Marta looks down. "You mean against my family," the gang leader's sister states and again I'm not the one to answer. "He means against everyone, everyone who wronged him and hasn't paid their due," Jenna explains and smiles," I'll see you after; I think you will be amazing after you are done." "A lot of people have made it their mission statement that my life is their play thing and they can hurt, humiliate and kill me at their whim.

I'm going to make a statement but more than that I'm going to make them hurt. It will not be a simple hurt either for it will be lasting and it will be something they will have to endure for almost as long as I have," I explain and they all sit back and absorb my words," That being said I don't know who I'm going to be after that Jenna.

This could go away in a matter of minutes and I could finally find peace." "You aren't at peace now," Emily asks with a note of concern.

"Just because he's not taking it out on everyone else doesn't mean he isn't upset or hurting but Guy," Sydney explains before turning her attention to me," Hurting other people back doesn't mean you won't feel pain for what's been done.

I'm not saying do or don't but consider your options and the fact that it might change nothing?" "And again, that is an outcome for me as well since I don't know how I'll feel after all this is has been done," I clarify and smile," But it will be done and as it must it will be done by my hand." "No, you're nice and we had a moment but I'm not sticking around to see you drag yourself down and I know," Marta stares straight at me," I know you are looking at my family on this and as much as I hate what is does he is my brother." "I know, but I will not lie to you and I will not deceive you Marta.

The greatest trick in the world is to be known as the greatest liar on the planet and know that you only have ever told the truth," I reply and smile a little sadly to her. Marta leaves the table quietly and I allow her to, she earned that and blood is blood. You can't hurt it like you can everything else and even if she says something to her brother I've planned for that. Even if they come to find me and stop me, I've planned for that too. And if they bring their biker buddies in on the situation to stop me, well they've been planned for too.

The remaining three are sitting quietly before Jenna figures it's a good time to add her two cents. "Well I'm hoping to see you like this but more… evolved," the beauty states and I shrug," Not the vengeance so much but the determination, the confidence and the purity of who you are." "Yeah you like him now, what about before," Sydney counters and I have to give her points on that.

"Okay no cat fights over him, it's not going to win him over," Emily states and she's right. Boo! Well she's right. Maybe but she didn't have to say it. The ladies leave to their own devices and plans as I sit and think on mine only to find one came back and honestly, it's the one I thought would. "I know you, I know all this is huge and painful but have you really thought it through," Syd asks quietly sitting back down.

"I have and it actually feels liberating to imagine doing what I have planned," I tell her as she nods. "I was here before, I'll be here after and beyond but you need to think about whether or not you will be," Syd states and I sit up a little," I mean physically.

Doing this could get you killed." "Only if I was going to do it dumb and blind," I start and she stops me. "Good, think it through… all of it and when it's over I'm waiting for you any time. Not when it's convenient or when I'm not terribly busy," Syd declares in the quiet of the library with her own quiet intensity. I watch her leave, all jeans and black leather jacket and have to think hard about that.

She really doesn't care what is left because she just wants me. Okay wants me alive which is a positive, honestly she doesn't have any real negatives but I'm leaving it to them after.

They will want what they want because I don't know what finally balancing my scales will do for me and that is something I can't begin to imagine. Hawk: Wednesday Evening before Incident And Smitty is messaging me again, probably telling me I need to keep a few of his boys with me just in case.

It's a freaking cop more interested in what the prostitutes are wearing than the biker without his leathers following him. Another bar, another stop, another pair of beers and he's back on his rounds through the local watering holes. I honestly thought he was shaking the places down but no money changing hands and plenty of people seem to know him so that makes me wonder if he's spotted me but no actual looking my way.

We're after bar number four and he's probably over the legal limit but who's gonna stop a cop in a truck. I follow in a van I grabbed from the Union lot, bikes a bit too obvious for tailing and find Officer Martinez in his cowboy hat stopping at a basketball court to scare off a couple local dealers. I think they're dealers because they're not watching the game and when he shows up they clear out. I finish following him as he stops at his home, a simple two bedroom house in a semi respectable part of the east side and watch as the man picks up his mail from the box against the house.

I pull a couple houses up and park before getting out and make my way down the opposite side of the street to get a look. Curtain in the living room is closed, no toys outside so no kids that I can tell yet and no second car. Single man living in a two bedroom usually says wife and kid or roommate but a cop keeping a roommate is an odd bird to fly.

I cross the street looking straight at the front of the house gauging his location by lights inside with all curtains closed. Living room, dining area behind maybe, down a hall to a bathroom, bedroom where I'm guessing he changes out of some of his clothes before killing the light and heading back to the living room.

More lights shut off and now the spare room light is on. Office or workshop maybe? Car coming up the block, I turn towards it and walk back towards the van. Big tip about looking like you're not stalking someone is to move towards people, not away. Moving towards means you're not doing anything wrong, moving away means running and running means guilt.

Back to the van and I see Smitty's latest message about sending me two Union reps just to keep me company but I know what I want to keep me company, Sheena.

Been down here for months because Sid can't seem to get it out of his head that he fucked up the deal with the Union a couple years ago and when he went off and blew up a local shop, even though it was sanctioned by the owner, he did so without Union or the ruling class's permission. So now I have to come down here to stalk and hunt for someone else and even though I like Jim and some of his people I'm still tired of this desert shit and want to head back to my water, trees and woman.

I start up the van and head back to the Union lot parking it and returning the keys to the mechanic on hand as Smitty makes his way to me with a couple boys. "Hawk you got my message," he asks and I nod taking off the denim jacket for my vest and no shirt," Good, I got two boys here to head back with you." "No," I like to keep it simple. "Listen, I know you're the big bad hunter and all that but you need back up and I say take these boys back with you," Smitty informs me and I shake my head at him.

"No, too big, too slow, too loud. I do this my way or I head back home," I can't really thanks to Sid but I ain't bringing that up.

"My Dad put me in charge of watching the cop and that means you do what I say," Smitty orders and I assess the situation. Smitty, large tattooed biker and son of Jim the President of the Union. He's flanked by two slightly smaller than he is Union boys who look like they know about fighting, riding, fucking and drinking and in no real order on those four things.

I square up to Smitty, who could probably beat me in a straight fight if I let him hit me and figure I need to end the discussion. "Listen here Smitty. I am here at my president's request and I'm doing what I am told by your father at his, Sid's, request. Now if you have a problem with that you can go ask your Old Man what he wants me to do and by the time you get it figured out I'll be back out on the road heading home where I belong… not down here in this dry ass hole in Texas," I state calm and ready.

Both of Smitty's boys are ready to beat my ass, one problem, they do that and one get's chain to balls as an opener.

Not gonna hit Smitty unless he moves then I'm just defending myself. Smitty has his boys back down and I watch him turn and walk, normally you don't turn your back on Devil's Best but Smitty, his Pop and their boys get a pass since it's their town.

I relax now, for real, and pull my phone to call Sheena. We talk a little, she asks me what I'm doing and when I'm coming home.

She misses me which I need to hear considering more than a few men have watched her walk past a little too interested and they needed and education in who's woman she is.

I head inside the Union house, it's one of many but if Smitty is here then so is his Old Man and after a little bit of looking I find Jim sitting down reading his ledger. Never seen what's in the ledger but I ain't that curious. "My boy seems to think you need backup," Jim says without looking up from his book. "He does, but I don't," I keep it short, again I like it short. "You got anything new," he asks finally looking up at me.

I give him the basics of Officer Martinez and the basic layout of his house and his routine. When I list the bars and a few of the people he smiles, the man knows something. I let him make a call and he talks to someone for a few minutes before coming back to me. "Hawk good work, just two more things and I will personally fly you and your bike back home so you can get back to that little lady of yours," Jim doesn't bullshit on what you need to do unless you fuck it up and I didn't fuck it up.

"Dad if we're grabbing the cop we don't need Hawk," Smitty says and I figure he's right. "Boy you are about as subtle as my bowels after two bowls of chili," a mental image I didn't need but a point is made by Jim," Hawk I can set up a grab but I need you to either help with the grab or get me something on the man from his home." "It'll be better if I can find proof and we turn it over to your lady cop.

Let me do that first and if there isn't anything you can still do the grab," I tell Jim who nods. I listen to them set up the backup plan, it's a simple drug and grab and they're bringing in someone as bait. I listen and laugh to myself a little. There are so many things that can go wrong and I have to put my two cents in even though it's just in case I don't come through.

"I'll do the break in but for the love of god just let me do it before you attempt to grab a police officer. I don't need the cops in the same spot I'm trying to get whatever I can from his home," I put it out in front of Jim and he nods. "I already said that we'd hold back till you are all done and back, after that he's on the menu and I know a few people that would love to hear what he has to say," Jim responds and I nod.

I get a couple things, mostly floor plans and what the neighborhood looks like during the day when the good Officer Martinez is busy at his job policing all the bad criminals of the city. I figure on the few things I need so I can go over the next day or so to do the job. Taking my time is one thing that pisses off most people but if you're hunting you use your patience and take the right shot and the right time.

Carlos: Still Wednesday Evening before Incident "So you still beefin' with your sister," Romeo asks me and I almost laugh at him. We're in my car driving towards his parent's house and he's about the only person other than Hector who can talk to me about Marta and not get told to shut their mouths. Yeah it's been two days since I tried to speak with her and get her to help me with Guy but that blew up in my face and then I blew up in hers.

At least the Old Man has a lead on who fucked up Guy and that might get me and him to sit down but still I want to do it before all that gets settled. But with Romeo… "You need to stop trying so hard, use that brain of yours and find some better words.

I let you into this crew because of you can think and you've been a good soldier," I give him a little praise and he is almost as happy about that as he is about his new girl," So how are things with Juanita?" "Good man, we don't talk like Marta and I would but she's funny and I don't have to worry about you kicking my ass if you catch me in bed with her," Romeo jokes and I almost don't laugh.

"Don't remind me, it's a good thing Mama thinks she's still a virgin or someone would be missing a pair of balls by the end of the week," I 'joke' back and Romeo laughs a little. I drop Romeo off at home and head back to my folk's place and park outside to see my bedroom light is on. I don't know why Mom would be in my room in the evening and when I get inside see her and Dad sitting on the couch watching TV.

I'm not sure what is going on till I get my door open and see my baby sister sitting on the edge of my bed. "What the fuck are you doing in my room," I ask and I'm not polite. "Waiting for you, I wanted to talk a little," she says as I step out of my doorway. "Well I don't so get the fuck out," I keep it quick cause I need some rest.

"Please just let me tell you okay. Guy had a couple of us girls with him today, he thought I was interested in him long term and if it were old Guy I would be but now he's too… well he's too driven to hurt people," Marta explains and I close the door since she ain't moving.

"Well he fucked up Romeo in front of you and that made Romeo one of the boys for real and let everyone know Guy was a nightmare in a fight so now that we have that settled you can go now," I offer again and she doesn't move.

"I was mean; I pushed you because I know you could be something else. Probably something better than all this and you still choose to be a thug and lead your not so little crew," Marta says it and now I'm a little interested," I know there are things you did for me and you watched out for Romeo while we were in high school even before we dated." "And I'm a piece of shit leading pieces of shit, blah blah blah get out," I point at the door and now my sister is getting tears.

I am pissed off at her but she's still my little sister and she's crying which means I gotta sit down on the bed, my bed, next to her and put my arm around her so she can get it out. It takes a minute before she can talk again. "I spoke with Guy today; I don't think I can get him to sit down with you now.

I kinda walked out on him," Marta explains and I wonder how they got in a boyfriend/girlfriend thing," He was talking to a couple of us and said that he was going to do something big and it would change him. He said that he was going to be different and I knew he was talking about you or Romeo or your people and I walked out on him." "So he's coming for me, he said that," I ask and she shakes her head. "I think you're on the 'list' but he didn't deny it," she says in leaning her head on my shoulder," I don't think I can help you now." "I get you don't like my crew, I know we ain't been the best when it comes around to winning over people but we are doing things to make shit safer," I try to explain.

"Only way to prove people wrong is to show them what you did," Marta says and I shake my head," Is it that bad?" "I can't tell you all of it but yeah, some is not really good lil sis," I tell her and she nods. Well here we are only now she's not so pissed at me, probably more than a few of my people are still on the shit list but I'll deal with that later if I have to.

She walked away from Guy and that's a plus except it puts me farther away from getting him to sit down so we can just put shit in the past. Tomorrow is a new day and we have time, it's not like he's actually able to get at me or anyone in the crew.

Guy: Thursday after school before Incident Seriously, we're going to see her? Yes, is it that odd to you? No but this is not what you've been looking at if this changes him.

Well call it adding a little salt to the wound if you don't like the idea. Wait a minute; you're getting last shot in before the end?

I take it all back and go get him some my friend. It's one thing to go somewhere you are expected but when you go where nobody expects you at all, that's a magical feeling so as I'm leaning against my car in my one of my best suits staring at a taco truck and messaging on my phone to Gwen who is still on about me taking a month to visit her in Montana.

I shoot off a bad joke about her wanting me there so she can have her own hired help pull practical jokes on me, she doesn't find it too funny and I have to give her 'talk to you later' so I can watch the people at the truck. Two in particular and since I'm parked in almost the exact same spot I was months ago, I'm hoping to get a little bit of attention. I'd like to say that as I stand here and watch Hector and his slightly older girlfriend Lupe talk on what I can only assume is her break that at some point they notice me staring from my spot but sadly they don't and I figure I could get something to eat, well something for someone to eat.

I walk up and place my order, quietly waiting to see if anyone says anything as I pay cash and leave a tip. Not a damn thing and now I'm wondering what a man has to do to get people to take notice. In their damn faces boy, in their faces and lives like you own it. "What the hell are you doing here," Hector asks as I'm standing across from the table he and Lupe is sitting at.

Small picnic tables with built in benches and an aisle way between two rows is where I find myself leaning and looking straight at him, not sure what brought me right here but it's where I want to be. "Just doing a little research on where stray dogs go when they aren't chasing cats," yes it's a joke, I don't think he gets it," having fun with your sister?" "Back off my girl homes," Hector warns me and I smile.

"Oh she's your girl. How silly of me, I thought by the video I saw she was Brandon's girl but then again he does seem to have so many," I am twisting the knife in an almost closed wound, I say almost because I can see he's still pissed and she's not happy about it when she gives me an odd look. "I know you," Lupe says more than asks. "Do you? From where? I don't know any amateur porn stars but if I did I would be damn sure to remember them," I continue to joke and she stands up.

"You're Jeff! You had me sign those contracts for the audition and the video. This is him, that's Jeff," Lupe is standing now and I'm just smiling like a cat from Cheshire. "I'd love to indulge this fantasy that I'm some low end porn producer or whatever but I'm more of the financier and contract holder in events like this and if I did hold a contract for actionable videos that have been signed on camera," I state my 'theoretical position'," then I would have signed someone to a multi scene deal and would probably need to remind her that she has two more left on her contract.

Granted if she had actually read the contracts she would realize this without it needing to be said." "You son of a bitch," Hector is almost in my face and for once I'm not even remotely afraid or even excited, just a little giddy. "Don't talk about my mother, I don't talk about yours… oh wait she's not around anymore is she," I ask and he's only holding back because he's trying to be a good dog.

Careful, we don't know if she is dead or not. Really? We're worried about that? Nah, not really. Just wanted you to stop and think before you make Hector throw first punch.

And what is wrong with that? What is the plan? Plan… right… I do have something for this. "What do you want," Lupe asks pulling Hector back.

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"Satisfaction but I'll get that soon enough. You on the other hand I'd hate to see something happen before you are able to get your contract settled with… Jeff was it? I mean if I'd signed a work contract for services and didn't complete it I would hate for someone to take you to court and force you to complete it or even worse make you pay for a breach of contract," I love my details and now she really doesn't.

"I'm gonna rip your heart out," Hector threatens and I laugh. "Not possible… no really I'd have to have a heart for that and you along with your little gang did their best and succeeded in burning that out of me," I am not laughing so much as I use a more sinister tone.

"You want satisfaction," Lupe asks and I nod," What the hell does that mean?" "You really don't know who I am to him," I ask nodding to Hector.

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"I know you as Jeff but I don't know how you two know each other," she says and I laugh a little. "You two just love keeping secrets from each other. It's like your thing except for how it damages trust in a relationship. He ever tell you about some kid he beats up, some skinny white kid that he beat and humiliated whenever he felt the desire to show he had back up and could push someone else around," I ask Lupe who is remembering what I can gather are a few stories," That is who I am and your boyfriend and his little gang are owed and I plan to pay them in full for what they did." Hector has backed off and is on his phone speaking Spanish a mile a minute and I hear the name Carlos which tells me exactly who he's on the phone with and now I think about leaving.

Hell I am leaving, this isn't worth my time since I have plans for Carlos soon enough. Wait. I only get a few feet away from the table before I figure this could be fun and turn around and take my spot leaning against the table I started this wonderful conversation at. Hector hasn't noticed that I almost left so when he ends his call I'm still there watching him with a smile. Now we make them hurt.

Really? You are going to make them hurt? Just because I don't attack the body doesn't mean I won't scar them.

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I can hear the cars coming, I have my eyes closed and am listening as what can only sound like a small army has arrived and I can hear them moving around me. I almost laugh a little as I open my eyes and see Lupe is now well protected by several of Carlos's people and Hector is saying something about me, I can tell by the gestures since it's in Spanish, to Carlos who is staring at me like he wants to do something but it's not violent.

"Can I be included in the conversation," I ask as a joke. "You set up Hector's girl. Put her in a video with Brandon from school," Carlos asks taking a spot in front of me. "Why would that matter or in actuality change anything," I ask and Carlos is picking his words, I can almost see him going over them in his head. "I know we hate us…," Carlos begins but I have to laugh at the audacity of his word choice.

"Hate? I hate you? I am so far beyond hate for you and your little 'neighborhood watch group'," I spit the last three words out as they are me applying a lie to my statement," that I could literally watch the entirety of you die from being flayed alive and the only thing I'd want is some popcorn and a refreshing beverage.

Actually that leaves me with a thought." I stop leaning on the table and move through Carlos's group, they part for me, and head over to the taco truck. I place a quick order and have my drink in hand before walking back to my spot and resume leaning on the table. "What was that for," Romeo asks now flanking his boss/friend. "I place more importance in whether or not I have a drink than I do what you and your little friends have for me today.

So are we going to have my ass kicked for what I allegedly did to your boy's girlfriend or is this where you tell me how we can have peace and put everything behind us," I respond to Romeo's question before turning my attention to Carlos. "We can man, I want it," Carlos starts and I have to laugh a little before taking a sip of soda. "No you don't, real peace comes at a cost and trust me Carlos you can't afford it and even if you could afford the cost it's not like you'd pay it," I state smiling and it's not the humorous or friendly kind of smile," you seem to think that a half assed apology from you and a pat on the back is going to make things alright, yes?" "No I don't but I'm willing to come half way," he says it and I almost laugh, almost.

"However I am not," I keep it short, no point in wasting words. "What do you want, honestly name it and it's yours if we have it," Romeo adds and I don't even look at him, this is between myself and Carlos. "Am I talking to him or am I talking to you Carlos," I ask and Carlos nods. "I'm talking here, anyone else wants to speak up I'm telling you now to keep it shut," Carlos tells his people who get really quiet. "Hmmm, not bad… can you get them to sit on command too?

How about pee in the yard and not on the carpet," I ask and I'm back to being my funny self even though they aren't laughing. "Man I get it okay, we did a lot of shit and you want to get yours back okay. Just tell me what you want and I'll give it to you," Carlos asks and I take another sip. "See that's the problem, you keep saying that all I have to do is 'ask' for it and you'll 'give' it to me.

Did you ask to kick the shit out of me for three years before you did it? Did you ask to humiliate me and take what little pride and self respect I had," I counter and now Carlos is beginning to understand," No Carlos, there is nothing you can give that I want.

What I want I am going to take and I'm going to take it from you. I might not get all of your people but they will feel your pain and they will remember me because Carlos… you have it coming." "Yeah, we do," Carlos adds and I laugh a little," but it doesn't have to be like that. You can let this go." "Could he? Could he," I ask pointing first to Romeo then to Hector," Would they just let it go after three years?

Would your code of 'respect' let them? When I do something to you, and I will, would you just let it go?" "I don't know but… and I know this sounds hypocritical of me," Carlos uses the word and I actually didn't know he had a vocabulary," You can choose not to do anything and we all can walk away peacefully. I'm not saying we have to be friends but we'll pay a price man, willingly pay instead of you having to take it from us like we took from you." "You really think you have the capacity to give… really give… to the point where it will hurt," I ask and Carlos nods.

He should not have done that. I say he takes it anyway. Never said he wouldn't but won't you enjoy seeing the pain on their faces? No way… are you going to make them hurt? Don't think I can? Physically no, but knowing you someone is gonna cry.

"Guy we'll do anything, any one of us. Just to squash this," Carlos is back to his ghetto speak. I don't say anything; I simply raise an arm and point right at Lupe. Nobody moves, nobody even speaks but I can hear it coming before it even happens. "Carlos man, don't," Hector is starting his protest and I want to laugh but I am making a point.

"I'm not asking for anything from you Hector, it's not about 'you'. It's about her," I state coldly. "Me? What about me? This is gang shit," Lupe says and I turn my gaze to her. "I own you for two more scenes according to you… right? That means I beckon," I wave my hand to here to come," and you come because that is what you signed on for." "Oh no, fuck that I'm not gonna be your play toy asshole," Lupe counters and she's hot but I'm not, I'm laughing.

"Go ahead and breach the contract, try me and see what happens. Ask your 'familia' here who I am and who is backing me," I say it out loud and Romeo turns to Lupe. "His family… they got power, legal power. He takes it to court he'll destroy you and if he has you signing it on camera he wouldn't need a witness," Romeo explains and the boy knows more than just school topics. "Guy she's not part of my crew, you can ask for something from us and we'll give it but she's off limits for a deal.

If you got a contract we'll buy it off you," Carlos offers and I laugh," No bullshit, whatever you would have paid her we'll pay you it and double." "But that's not how you buy something. You don't set the price, I the owner set the price and since you seem so easy to try to give me money I want," I close my eyes and roll my head on my neck thinking," Half a million." "You're shitting me," Carlos asks and I smile," We don't have that man be reasonable." "I'm not being reasonable; this is business and has nothing to do with your people or even what they did to me.

You got connections right? A biker gang, a mechanic shop, a church that speaks for you; you got a lot of little things on the side so I'm sure you could come up with the money if you needed to.

You'd just have to hurt some of the people you are working with or the ones who've been speaking all the good and noble things you've been doing," I am clearing the air and laying down the impossible. I watch Carlos back off and it looks like he's making a phone call, he's seriously considering this. Hector has Lupe a little bit behind him and he really hates me. I mean burning a hole in my soul with his stare and all I can do is smile and fell that warm fuzzy.

Most of Carlos's crew has backed off more than a little bit but I am pretty sure someone would stop me if Carlos asked but I'm not going anywhere, this is getting interesting.

I almost want to ask who he called as Carlos hangs up the phone but he doesn't come back to me, he goes to Hector and they begin talking in Spanish. I almost want to make a racist comment but I keep it to myself, it's low and I'm on the high ground right now. "Guy can we talk a sec," Romeo asks me and I cock my head to the side and chuckle. "I'm almost a captive audience here," I remark still chuckling. "They got friends here, bad friends and they are looking into finding out who did the shit to you this year.

If they hand the people responsible over to you would that be enough," Romeo asks and I almost laugh in his face. "You mean you actually think I'll take your word or the word of the people holding the leash as to who has done what to me," I ask Romeo and he is trying. "They got a lead and they could find evidence, real evidence soon.

Give us that time and we'll make sure they hand the people responsible over to you and they'll let you do whatever you want," Romeo is really on this and while I'd be remiss if I didn't consider it there is one problem.

"See here's the problem, you have a story. It relates to me but it's still a story and that is only as good as the people telling it," I explain being very plain," Your people, they could just grab someone and get them to confess, maybe pay someone to confess and take a beating if I was interested then back out of their word if I decided that torture or death was on my mind and I'm screwed, still screwed and all of your 'people' would expect me to honor my word when you shorted me on yours." "People we deal with aren't like that," Romeo begins to explain and I hear and engine pull up.

I see a van, black panel van that looks like it does kidnapping, pull up to the curb and a large tattooed man steps out.

He nods to Carlos before walking straight up to me and I recognize him from the fight where I beat up Romeo. "Come on, you got a meeting," the big man tells me and I smile but shake my head. "I'm sorry but I'm already in a meeting so we're going to have to reschedule," I take out my phone to pull up the calendar," how does the fourteenth of 'Ain't gonna happen sound'?" "I ain't asking kid, get in the van.

You wanted to screw around and now you get to deal us," he informs me and I shrug but stand my ground still leaning on the table. "Well that's all fine and dandy, dandy and fine but if your boss or whatever passes for a leadership title among your type of organization wants to speak with me I'm right here and I'm not moving just because the kidnapper van pulls up and the large 'scary' man decides to try and order me around," I say it and then it hits me.

Well not so much it but him, the big guy, he must have punched me pretty hard because I am still mostly aware as I'm grabbed rather roughly by my jacket and shirt.

I get dragged and thrown in what I can only presume is the van they brought before getting driven off to somewhere people probably won't hear me scream. I know they are taking me somewhere somewhat close since we're not in the van long and I'm pulled out by the big tattooed biker asshole and dragged to a door and pushed inside once he opens it.

The room isn't brightly lit but it is lit and there is a girl there who looks a little surprised to see me come in so quickly. I see chairs which look like they're for people who will be sitting and getting some sort of body modification done when I see the artwork on the walls and realize it's a tattoo shop. The man I see come out of what could be a side office is the same older man from the races and fight that I was at and so rudely was forced out of because I wouldn't do shit his way.

It looks like he's not happy to see me. "Smitty dammit boy what the hell happened," the man asks the big biker. "He got lippy and I smacked him hard to get him in the van," the big Smitty, weird fucking name, replies. "Nobody lays a hand on him, that was the order," I hear him say it and realize that it's more than just Carlos's people that have been keeping an eye on me," Look kid I'm sorry about my boy, he was just supposed to get you to come down here and talk to me.

According to Carlos you're not interested in being reasonable and he asked me to step in and talk on his behalf." "Oh so you're the one who is going to get me the half a million," I state picking up where I left off. "Now that's just unreasonable," the older biker starts and I laugh a little," You got a contract and people are offering good money for it, it's a reasonable offer." "And after slapping me around and dragging me here against my will it's up to a full million, call it asshole compensation," I counter and I'm not being polite.

"Hey kid lay off okay. You don't have to be shitty just because things turned a little sideways," the female at the counter from when I came in decides to chime in and I immediately hear the older biker speak up. "He's got a right to be pissed Vicki girl but he's also being stubborn," the older man tells the girl and I'm almost full throttle tired of people thinking I'm someone they can piss on.

Oh no, don't let him do this. It's too much and this is not a quiet situation he can get out of.

Fuck quiet this is war. His chances of surviving are very small. He could and probably will die if you do this. He'd die with big ass balls. That's better than living with the shame of everyone knowing you have no balls at all.

The Plan, stick to The Plan. The Plan will give you the pain you want. You broke plan when you decided to make things interesting. I swear this will pass, let me turn it. I'm still standing where I was pushed to inside the room; I have no reason to move since I didn't come here willingly.

The older biker motions for me to sit on a stool as he takes a seat on one of the artist chairs. I walk over to the stool and gently shove it aside with my foot before standing in front of him and wait for him to address me. "Jesus kid, take some hospitality for a change," he offers again and I shake my head. "Pop he's just being a shit head," Smitty adds his two cents and I don't have anything to say. "Well since you won't sit maybe you'll listen. You screwed with people who help me out, you got Carlos's pants in a twist because he wants to make some sort of peace and now you got some contract or whatever they want or a girl has to do some… amateur porn," he asks and I nod," But you don't want to give it up." "Pretty much, they said they wanted it but it's too expensive and now I'm 'unreasonable'.

I said you could come talk to me where I was and I'm being a 'shit head'," I say the last looking at Smitty," and they tell me you're 'working hard' to find out who stabbed and tortured me and if I play nice you'll give them to me on a platter to do whatever I want." "Whoa kid, I never offered any of that but if you want it I can get it when we get the fuckers who messed you up," he says it but there is something… off in his delivery.

"See you already have a plan, promise one thing, deliver another and when I want something that would make me whole you'll take it away and say you couldn't or you had arrangements already made and I'll get left twisting in the breeze.

No deal, but hey thanks for playing," I am done with this conversation and try to leave. "Hold up kid, Guy right? Listen things aren't as simple as what you're talking about and yes I'd love to let you have them but things gotta be done right. People need to see who did it for what they are; these people will be made to suffer.

That I can promise," he says it and I have to turn to face him. "You promise? No, you just want me to stop well I say no. If you want the contract you know the price. As for me taking what is mine from them well there is no price that will buy me off," I explain and he sits back to think.

"I can offer you my word as a man and my clubs name," I let him speak that much, just that much. "Which are worth nothing to me," I counter but he continues grumpy from the interruption.

"As I was saying my word that we'll take care of the people who screwed with you and we'll buy whatever contract you have with the girl.

Then you sit down and work out a deal with Carlos in front of me, I'll make them honor whatever you want," he offers and I laugh a little," this is the best offer you're going to get kid." "Listen, Guy right? I don't get involved my family's stuff often but not a lot of people get made offers where my grandpa is going to make sure they walk away happy," the girl, Vicki, explains," Maybe think about it." I am so tired of you helping him chicken shit out.

The Plan is ready and now you have another target. This doesn't work I am done. "Again all of this comes back to your word and I don't trust you or your club. Second you talk about doing things right but you drag me away from my car with violence so that I can be made to listen to the pleas of a slightly smarter than average gang leader who can't seem to grasp the concept of having things taken from him. No Mr. 'I'm the man in charge' I don't care for your deal and honestly even if you had the money I'm not sure I'd take it," I state and he sits up.

"Then why offer to sell it," he asks and I shake my head. "I never did, Carlos wanted to buy it and I gave him the first 'reasonable' price that came to me," I explain and the word reasonable doesn't sound too good to him right now. "You know I made Gabriel and his crew leave the city, right? You don't have them to back you up if you go after Carlos," the old biker explains and now I know what happened to Gabriel.

"Well that explains a few things, gives me some clarity on the situation," I state and leave it open. "Kid anything, I mean make me an offer and I'll do what I can to make it happen," the older biker offers and I think, then smile big.

I'm done fucking around. Could have fooled me. "Bring me Carlos's right hand, here and now," I state simply," Do that and I'll actually sit down and listen." I watch the Grandfather Biker nod to Smitty who steps out and I finally decide to take a seat on the stool.

We wait and before long I hear the van and a couple other cars pull up, that's more vehicles than needed to bring me my request. I watch as Carlos and Hector walk in with Smitty behind them and I stand up, I'm not happy. "And here we are with dragging your feet on actually delivering me what I requested," I state and I'm hot. "You said bring you Carlos's boy, that is his main boy right there," Smitty nods to Hector and both gang members are looking at me funny.

"Kid calm down, we got them here now you said you'd sit down and listen," the older biker says and I shake my head. "I didn't want Hector brought here; I didn't say bring me Carlos and his best boy or sidekick. I said very clearly," I lock eyes with the older man on this," Bring me Carlos's right hand, here and now.

I see it still over there and attached so either you're doing this here or I am walking out." Well shit… I mean really? Let's see who blinks first. Hawk: Same day only a couple hours earlier I had to climb over four fences, not a problem. Avoid a large dog on a chain, he's a good boy. A smaller dog with no chain, little shit flew when I kicked it. Now I'm at the back door of Officer Martinez's house and working the lock, it's something I'm not best at but that's why we have tools and time.

I didn't bring any of the Union boys with me because I'd like to succeed without people asking questions as to who the red head biker and the two goons are. Goddamn five pin locks are a pain in my ass, I'm just glad there isn't one of those electronic security systems, I don't have the tools or know how to get past one of those.

I'm in the backdoor and find myself right where I thought, the kitchen. He's a bachelor from the look of the empty food boxes from local take out and he's got good taste too.

I keep my head down and quiet as I move through the place and straight for the second bedroom which by looks of it is a converted office with a small desk and computer. I don't have time for the computer as I do a quick search of the room and find almost nothing till rolling the chair out of the way I catch it on the floor rug. Hardwood floors and he has a rug down for the chair? Move the chair and pull back the rug to find some of the nice hardwood floorboards with a little less shine on them.

I get the boards up, not too difficult with a decent knife and find a small combo safe. There are a lot of ways to pick a safe lock but when it's a small almost box safe easiest is to jam a blade in the lock part at the door and pry in one quick motion opening the whole box. The box itself doesn't move and I see a couple grand in bills but this is too easy.

Couple thousand in bills and a lock box that couldn't keep out a hungry pot head? I push the box and I see it, actually I don't see it and that's got my suspicion. The little box safe doesn't move and I should be able to pull it out with one hand but it's stuck in place. I work it around a little and get some movement before prying the whole damn thing out of the hole and see a pair of cinder blocks.

Another minute to pull them out and there it is, a single key locking box and it's not coming out anytime soon so instead of getting it out I lay on the floor and put myself a little in the hole and begin working the lock. So much easier than the back door and finally I get it open and give myself some light.

A couple different things in here, a file on the guy Jim met with a couple weeks earlier, some drugs in a giant plastic bag that is divided into smaller bags on the inside. Figure that is for planting evidence. A little more digging and I see a screwdriver with the head broken off and the end sharpened.

It's all wrapped up in a Ziploc bag of its own as I pull it out and put the rest of the goodies back. I have the bloody tool, smoking gun is a bit of a stretch, and even the term bloody is a bit of an exaggeration. I can barely see any blood on this thing but I'm wearing gloves and I'm guessing he might have been while he was holding the tool but not the bag.

Common mistake really and I'm hoping this buys me a ticket on a fucking plane home this evening so I can tuck Sheena into bed tonight. Now biggest thing is to put all this back the way it was which takes longer than it did to find and dig it all out. I retrace my steps and quietly exit through the back door. Quick look around and back past the four fences, two dogs and into the van I borrowed.

I keep it under the limit and move around town making sure everything is fine as I get a moment and double check the time. Officer Martinez should be off work and doing his rounds soon.

I drive over to his precinct and wait for him to get off shift which happens right on time and I go about following him as I have on prior days. I could just head back but I need to see something and sure enough after the mild bar hopping he's back home and I'm watching as he goes through his house again following his movements by the lights he uses and I wait as he gets to his office. Twenty five minutes of nothing.

Just him sitting or not moving around much before the light goes off and he settles into the living room for a quiet night of television and beer. Why wait… because if he went into his stash and found something missing the time table for everything would have to be sped up.

Since he doesn't know anything is missing Jim can plan out his shit and get me home. It's not a short drive to the tattoo parlor but there is an extra car parked on the side, looks like Jim is calling a meeting. Good thing he did because I got something for him that will make him happy. Guy: Right now Talk about there being a problem at the negotiating table.

I made my demands even more simple and now they're having trouble with it. It's like they don't actually want me to work things out. I don't want to but I'm more thinking of ways to screw with their heads as they keep trying to figure out a way around half a million dollars, no chance there honestly, or cutting Carlos's right hand off his body, still no chance there but I have hope on the latter. "So does this mean that my 'reasonable' request is being ignored," I ask with my hands behind my back and a smile.

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"Kid you're out of your damn mind," Smitty the large biker informs me and I start laughing. What is it about near continuous laughter for a minute or two during tense times that has people stop whatever they're doing and watch the person laughing? I don't really know but it's what's happening now and to me it's hilarious. Pretty hilarious to me too. "It's taken them months to come to that realization but make no mistake," I stare at Carlos and Hector," You raised a devil you can't put down." "Someone ask about a devil," I look at the side door and notice a shorter, than Smitty, thin biker with ginger hair tied back," I got something.

That's the kid from the meets right?" "Yeah he is, any good," the older biker asks and the ginger biker nods," Kid we need to talk, can you take this serious for two minutes?" "Go ahead and talk among yourselves since nobody is taking me seriously, I'm gonna be over here making sure I have free time in the next couple days for a video shoot," I say it and pull out my phone just to check the calendar.

I'm not actively watching anyone but when I see movement coming straight for me I can guess who it is and don't even bother to stop the punch. I am waiting for the hit but he's stopped, I'm almost confused till I look up to see the barrel of the gun pointed at my head. Abort, abort now, we need to pull back for his safety.

Nope, we help him stand his ground. Are you insane? I might be but he's done running. Time to stare them down.

It's so quiet you can hear everyone's heart beating a mile a minute and you know something, I'm calm. I feel amazing, hell this could be the best thing to ever happen right here and right now.

"H man put it down," Carlos tells his boy. "I want that fucking contract, now hand it over," Hector orders me and I smile. "I don't have it on me," I inform him and keep smiling," Even if I did why would I give it to you?" "Everyone needs to calm down right now, Kid shut the hell up. Hector, son, you put that piece away right now or this gets real bad real fast," the Old Biker is talking but I don't think Hector's listening, I know I don't care what he's saying.

"Awww, don't ruin the moment. We're finally getting somewhere, kind of a surprise that it's Hector but still it's progress," I state looking down the barrel of the small pistol Hector's holding," Now someone is taking me seriously." "Kid we're taking you seriously but right now you need to shut up before you get shot," the Older Biker says and I turn my attention to him and smile.

"Hector stay right there, we'll get to this in a minute. Do I seem like I'm not aware of the reality in this situation? Do I look like I haven't noticed he has a gun to my head and he's pissed off," I ask and everyone is watching either me or Hector. "Listen everyone needs to calm down and take a step back okay, this is my family's business and if you shoot someone here you're going to go to jail," I hear the girl, Vicki I think, tell us and I shake my head. "Hector doesn't care that he's got a weapon pointed at me, what he does care about is that I'm not going to give him what he wants.

One thing to take it from me Hector, contract becomes null and void if I die," I return my attention to Hector and he's pissed off and barely thinking. "Give me the contract right now," Hector is mad and not thinking, good. "I… do… not… have… it… with… me…," I say it slowly with a smile," Now here is the problem, you don't kill me and I'll make your life a living miserable hell with that contract.

One thing I always was before all of this is smart, a hell of a lot smarter than you." "Kid shut up, Hector I'm warning you," I hear the Old Biker warn and I hear what sounds like a couple guns cocking. All the bikers have guns pointed at Hector, Carlos is partially in the line of fire and Hector has a gun pointed straight at me. I am smiling like its Christmas as I slowly step around Hector without turning so that I'm facing him the whole time.

Two circular side steps with is gun on me the whole time and now I'm in the center of the crossfire. "Now Hector, you can see where I'm at. You can see who else is has a gun but you still want to shoot me… good," I explain to Hector who is more aware of his surroundings but still hot to shoot me. "Kid what the hell are you doing," the Old Biker asks and I turn around to face him, now the gun is at the back of my head.

"I am telling you again, I want the money or you can cut off Carlos's hand and then I will sit down and we can talk terms otherwise all I have to do is leave," I say it and I can almost hear Hector tense up," and walk back to my car." "You're not going anywhere," Hector growls and I almost laugh.

This ends one of three ways from this point. One Hector shoots me in the head. Two the bikers shoot Hector and probably hit myself and Carlos, not a completely bad option. Three, I walk out and nobody does anything, which means more work for me. I give it a ten count in my head before turning towards the front door to the business and slowly walk out.

All those guns and not a single shot fired as I walk out like I own the place… add it to the list and I can probably buy what's left cheap. Are you mad? Nah, feeling pretty good actually. No I mean mad like insane. You're trying to get him killed. No, I'm trying to help him live and you're never more alive than when you're surrounded by people who can kill you and walk away. He did that, we helped him do that.

You are mad. Wait till Sunday. Carlos: Right now Holy shit, holy shit Guy just walked out of the shop with four guns pointed at him and he didn't even care.

Not a fucking drop of sweat, not a single shake in his step, didn't even look back. Just said his piece turned around and walked out.


Hector still has his piece in hand but he lowered it as soon as Guy left and he's very lucky that Jim and the rest did too. Everyone in the room is just kind of putting together what guy just did. "I'm sorry but as messed up as he is I'd fuck him," Vicki, Jim's granddaughter and Smitty's daughter says it breaking the quiet.

"That kid has some fucking balls," the red head biker says as we try to come up with something," oh I think I found the evidence you were hoping for." We watch as he takes out what looks like a screwdriver or an ice pick in a plastic bag and holds it up for the Old Man to see.

Gloves come out and I watch as the man in charge opens the plastic bag and smells the inside. "Not sure this will hold up, he cleaned it," Jim says and now I'm a little bit frustrated with everything.

"Dammit, can't we catch one fucking break. That could have shown Guy and everyone else we weren't the ones who attacked him," I say pacing the floor. "Fuck Guy, we need to get things together and put him back down hard. I'm tired of you playing nice because you wanna fuck his sister or some old guys don't want him hurt because he's bad for business. He just disrespected the shit out of all of us except her," Hector points at Vicki," Now are we gonna handle this shit or are you checking out AGAIN?!" Never had to do this before, not once but I stand up and punch one of my oldest friends and my right hand in the mouth.

He drops his gun and I pick it up before handing it to Smitty and watch my friend check his face, he's bleeding a little from the lip. "You got a death wish too? You want to die that badly because unlike Guy, you KNOW what is going on around here and you still want to do everything to piss off people who have made shit we used to talk about fucking real," I ask Hector as he sits up and hopefully checks himself. "I'm gonna let it slide that you pulled a gun in my shop kid but grow a fucking brain cell or two and figure out he's fucking with you.

All of this is to fuck with you two and it's working," Jim explains closing the bag up," take this to the detective and have her get it into one of those scientists they love making shitty shows about." I watch as Jim hands the, hopefully real, weapon someone used on Guy off to Smitty who nods and leaves his shop to make sure it gets taken care of.

Everyone is quiet except for the non Union biker who is talking to Jim and not liking what he's hearing but Jim is making him promises. Only problem is the biker doesn't believe him. "You said one more thing and now it's another one more thing. I have been one more thinged for months, I'm done and I'm going home," he tells Jim who is holding his ground but being nice about it. "Hawk I need this put to bed and more than that I need someone who can keep things under their hat and quiet, that means I need you," Jim explains and Hawk just grunts," I'll make this right by you I swear." "I'm starting to side with the kid here Jim, you keep making promises but you aren't holding up your end of the deal," Hawk says and for once I see the Old Man either angry or apologetic, not sure which one.

"Just a week or so and you're in the wind back home to Seattle, I promise Hawk. Keep an eye on things especially that detective till she gets some real evidence," Jim promises Hawk but he grunts. "Let's just say I'm doing it but I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for you to keep your word," Hawk tells Jim before walking out the side entrance.

"Carlos handle your boy, get him under control or I will start looking into cleaning house for you," Jim tells me and that is a threat and a promise. I pick Hector up off the floor of the tattoo parlor and walk him out to my car. We're in and down the road about two minutes when he speaks. "I fucked up again," he asks and I shrug. "You want to end this, so do I but he is picking at you more than anyone else," I know Guy went after Hector because he ran the beatings," An apology isn't gonna cut it anymore I guess." "Neither is money or a woman.

You seen some of the girls who hang around him," Hector asks and I nod," I know you still have a thing for his sister but man she's never going to let you take her out let alone in her panties." "Don't want in her panties… not now anyway.

Just want her to look at me and not see a piece of shit gangbanger," I tell him and he shrugs. "You ain't a piece of shit man; they just live up in the clouds eating fish eggs and shit. We down in the real world where bad shit needs to get handled. Think they got proof that we didn't fuck Guy up," Hector asks and I shrug pulling up to the taco truck.

"I hope so man, need something to go right once," I tell my boy as I park," go see your girl and just take it easy." I give him back his piece and he puts it away before getting out of my ride. I watch him hug Lupe and she is being all protective girlfriend since I punched him but not surprising he's cool with me doing it. I look around and see Guy's car still parked and figure I need to wait and see if he makes it, just to be sure nothing more happens to him.

Hector leaves and most of the crew is back home when Guy finally walks up almost an hour later. He's still got that swagger and a smile on his face as he makes it to his car but almost like someone was talking to him he stops and looks straight at me in my car. I get out and hold my hands out like 'I'm here, deal with it'. Right now I'm looking at someone who I honestly believe has lost his mind and wants me dead.

I need to figure out what to say to him, how do I make him understand I fucked up and I'm genuinely sorry? "Want to kill me now," I don't even know what I just said. "Excuse me," Guy asks walking across the street towards me and I move straight to him.

"You want to kill me know," I ask again and he gives me a funny look," You keep saying I need to kill you but how about you trying to kill me for a change?" "Did your boss get all mad that your boy pulled a gun on me," Guy asks and I shrug," See that's why I can't kill you? You don't know what it's like to hurt, I mean really hurt.

You sit there and expect everything to be alright because you say so. That doesn't change what you did, what you allowed because you needed to make a statement." "No it doesn't but I want to fix this, I don't want to make it like it was because that was what started all this shit we've been dealing with and yeah, you've been fucked with longer than I have by all this but," I am trying to explain and he stops me. "You know you laughed, I heard you laugh, you laugh and laughed and laugh and then you left but now you know I'm utterly mad," Guy sings to me and I shrug.

"You want me to hurt, I get that and I am hurting but I want to put this behind us and move forward. I'd do whatever it takes to make that happen," I tell Guy and then it hits me," Follow me to my house." "Excuse me," Guy asks confused. "Come to my home, meet my family, I want to introduce you to them," I tell him and he laughs a little.

"Which me are we talking about," he says it but I actually know what it means. "The you I first met four years ago," I tell him and head back to my car. I get in my ride and turn around to drive back to my parent's house. I do a quick check and see Guy following me in his muscle car, it's a fucking nice car, but he's following me.

He wants me to hurt so I know exactly how to show him I am. I pull up and park to see Mom and Dad are home. I get out as Guy parks across the street and walks over waiting to see what I'm going to do. I lead him up to the house and let us both inside. Dad is watching the TV but Mom is in the kitchen working on dinner. "Mom, can you come out here please," I call to my Mom in Spanish. It takes a minute but Mom arrives and I see Marta come out from her room down the hall and as soon as she sees Guy she speaks.

"What is he doing here," Marta asks keeping with Spanish. "I'm going to tell Mom and Dad the truth," I tell my little sister and she doesn't look like she is going to enjoy this. I don't get into detail with my Mom and Dad about who Guy is now, I really don't get into the new suit and money though Mom can see that better than Dad can.


What I do bring up is the three years. I explain Hector picking on Guy, the beatings, the way they embarrassed him publically. Some of the stories they knew about but never knew who the 'poor kid' was. I finally get to the end and explain that I never stopped it even though I was in charge of my people I just let them hurt and really destroy someone who never did anything to us.

Dad has that stone faced look but Mom is crying a little. I've moved to sit on the smaller couch while Mom and Dad sit in their recliners taking in my confession. Guy hasn't really moved much, he hasn't even sat down.

He's just standing by the door waiting for something to happen. Dad leans forward and puts his hand on my shoulder. "Son it is tough to admit when you have done wrong but telling your mother and I is good for your soul. You are a strong young man and this will pass, he is here, all is forgiven," Dad says and I look at Guy. "I don't know if it is Dad," I reply," I've tried to apologize but he can't forgive me." "My son is a good boy, he is tough and sometimes he needs to be hard on people but he respects you.

Please forgive my son," Mom asks Guy and he just looks at her with almost no expression. "Guy aren't you going to say anything," Marta asks and she's got a few tears in her eyes. "Sure, I'll say something," Guy takes a breath and finally looks straight at my mother," I don't speak a lick of Spanish. I have no clue what any of you have been saying for the past half hour until Marta just spoke. This has been a monumental waste of my time so pardon me while I leave however allow me to say you have a lovely home." And Guy just walks out without another word while Mom and Dad sit there confused as to how he didn't understand us.

I am out the door after Guy even though he's at the edge of the yard and even Marta is coming with me. "Guy wait, just wait one minute," my sister calls to him and he stops at the edge of the street. "Why," he asks my sis turning around to face us. "I told them Guy, I told them about what I did to you, what I allowed them to do to you," I start to explain but he just stands there quiet," They know what I've done." "And," he asks keeping it all to one word questions.

"Guy he told our parents, he's trying to own what happened to you," Marta explains but he doesn't look like he cares. "Did they ask how you hurt my family? Did they ask about the times I had to be patched up by the school nurse because I was left bleeding by your friends? Do they care that what you did ruined me for three years," Guy is asking me hard questions but I feel good enough to answer for once.

"No, but they asked you to forgive me… my mom did and Dad believes you coming to our home is something towards you forgiving me," I explain and Guy's face goes from neutral to amused. "Me… forgive you," Guy says it and then it happens. It's not quiet, it's not subtle, it's Guy laughing hard and he's laughing at me and my family. I thought this would reach him, show him I'm serious but it doesn't matter to him.

He keeps saying that I can't give anything to make this right and I'm starting to believe him. I watch as he, while laughing, moves to his car and drives away.

Marta touches my arm and I feel like I can't win… how many times did he feel like this? We head back inside as my parents wonder what happened to Guy. I have no answers and head to my room as my sister follows me. "Explain it all to me, what has he been saying," Marta asks and I sit down and try to think of where to begin. "I apologize, I tell him I will do anything or give anything to put this behind us but he just looks at me like I offended him and goes on about how I've been saying things like all he has to do is ask then talks about what we took from him and I just don't get it.

I'm ready to give whatever," I am talking but Marta is shaking her head. "His words, what happened to him, what you're doing… you're offending him," Marta starts to say but I cut her off.

"I'm not trying to offend him," I try to interrupt but Marta hits me in the arm to stop me. "But you are because you don't get it. In his mind you stole from him, you took from him and what you 'took' you can't give back," Marta says it and I have to think on that level for a moment," He keeps talking about what he's doing but what you 'took' isn't something you can 'give' back so he has to 'take' from you to balance it out." "Okay but what does he want," I ask and that's where the real thinking begins.

Guy: Friday after school, Before Incident He's making a list, checking it twice, gonna find out who burns and who bleeds… Actually it's pretty much just burn. Okay but I needed something for the song. I know, you are positively evil today.

Feeling like the end is coming. I know it is, after we pull him through this we are free and he is made new. Ever thought about not leaving? Like maybe we stay and watch, push and pull a little just to help him along? Rules, we have rules and you know we can't stay forever.

But we could try. I'll be there when you go, same as you for me. Two days left and I'm walking out of school alone but not for long, I promised Syd I'd come over right after school so we could talk. I think it's more of her talking to me and me not changing my plans for Sunday. I get to where my car is in the parking lot and find more than a few of Carlos's crew watching me and I can't figure out if they hate me or if they are afraid of me.

Hopefully a combination of both but I'm no longer afraid. I get out of the parking lot and make my way over to Sydney's home and park next to her Dad's work truck, guess we won't be as alone as one could hope. I remember my first time, so far only time, with Sydney and it was good. Hell it made me feel something that wasn't a burning hatred and I was able to forget myself for a short time. Most people don't want to forget themselves but I said it to a priest months ago and I'll remind myself of it now.

Even the Devil doesn't want to be the Devil all the time. I knock and Syd lets me in and we head back to her room. "Couldn't you change before coming over," she asks closing the door after us. "I like these suits," I joke but she doesn't laugh. "They aren't you, not who I know you to be or hope you will be once you're done," Syd says sitting down on her bed.

"I think it's the mentality you don't like, the way I carry myself. Not the suits," I state my fact and she shrugs. "What I miss was that you could actually hold a conversation without being a fucking enigma. Yeah you kept your secrets but I knew where I stood with you and now I'm wondering who the hell is the new girl at the table and how do I hold up against Jenna in your mind," Syd asks and I actually think on that.

"My biggest thing is acceptance which is where you two are so much same and different," I tell her and she gives me the 'continue' look," She likes this me, the cultured and well dressed. Also completely goal oriented and ruthless." "And I like the original you or post first hospital you that just wanted to be left alone and couldn't care what the world wanted," Syd adds and I nod.

"I did care, I wanted everyone else to care too because I felt alone with all my caring," I explain sitting down on the edge of her bed," Now I don't care and I like it but in two days I'll be something new." "And I'll be here holding my breath that you'll be more like the old you and less like the suited up asshole you," she uses the word asshole and I give her a look," you're still you but you treat people horribly, women included." "Fair point but I have been treated horribly so it makes sense to an extent.

It's kinda why I always left you outside everything, like a static point I can always look back to," I am trying to not diminish Sydney's position in my little world. "How about we go out tonight, no suits, no fancy cars or restaurants just you and me in my little beater," she offers and it sounds good.

"Okay but I'm paying, I have the money and like to spend it," I counter and she grimaces," I'll spend it where you take me, fair?" We agree and I get off her bed to head home so I can change. Not much happening at home, Mom is in and working on dinner as I let her know Sydney and I are going to get food out. She likes that Mom does, I can tell by her smile.

I get changed out my suit and now I have to think, what did I used to wear? I actually spend more time trying to look like crap or more like I used to than I have been with my suits.

I finally settle on a grey hoodie with a black shirt and blue jeans, it actually takes me a few minutes to find sneakers instead of dress shoes. I finally get dressed again and head out with Mom's blessing. Back at Syd's house I don't even get parked as she comes out her door and after I lock my car we're in hers and heading down the road.

"Now you look good," she compliments me and I am not sure I believe her," Now you look like you can relax." "I was relaxed before," I tell her and she laughs. "You were worried about where you'd sit because you didn't want to get anything on your suit or wrinkle it," Syd laughs and it is true somewhat. I feel good as she drives and I just sit in the passenger side and wait to see where we're going. It doesn't take long for her to get us somewhere that serve drive up food and I recognize the spot, Mark brought me here once I was out of the hospital.

We order and she doesn't skimp on food, something I like, I pay and we park so we can eat on the hood of her car. About halfway through devouring our meals we start talking. "So where are you going to college," Syd asks and I shrug," You got nothing?

No place you can go for school? Really?" "No I have plenty of places and money I just haven't decided. I'll be making that decision after Sunday," I tell her and leave my plans out of the discussion topics. "Okay is everything on hold till after Sunday? You aren't making any decision till after whatever it is you are planning to do," she asks and I nod," Ever thought about just walking away?" "I used to think about it a lot.

More than you probably realized," I tell her and she nods," I was literally going to be gone end of January." "Then more things kept changing and now you're sticking it out till the end of the year and walking at graduation. But what about after, you love singing and you're smart," Syd says it and we both know what I can do, not what I will do.

"I just don't know how I'll feel after Sunday. Will I burn out and feel less hurt… less shame? Will I like it too much and want more? I don't know but what I hope is that someone will be there when I'm done," I try to keep it honest and Syd nods but there's something there.

"How about just walk away from the hate," she says it and I honestly don't think I heard her right. The fuck she say? She said what about him walking away from all the hate. She is thinking of him just letting it go and moving away from the pain he's been put through.

And we haven't blown that shit out of the realm of possibility for her why? Because he likes her and he's being nice. It might not be horrible for him to just walk away from all of them and start over. Step Daddy could make that happen. "I don't think they would let me," I tell her and she gives me a funny look," I've done something's that aren't in the 'forgive me' category." I explain a lot to Sydney as we finish eating.

She listens through everything and instead of judging she is putting everything together.

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Only thing I leave out is the weapons, I'll need those hidden away considering what I have left is going to Sunday's final chance at taking it away from Carlos and a couple of his people.

I finish and Sydney looks at me quietly and balls up our trash throwing it away before sitting down on her car hood.

"You don't need it, whatever Sunday is going to be. You want it, you probably can have it but you could take the higher road. Yeah you're the big bad monster that is coming for everyone but I say blast it out there like it's happening then just don't and walk away all their shit," Sydney explains her thought and I really wonder. "I don't know if I could honestly. Too much time and effort have been put in," I tell her but I'm thinking about everything after.

You're letting him doubt the plan. Just because he doesn't tell her no doesn't mean he's not doing it. He needs this. They need this to understand what real pain is. He's not backing down; if anything she's just showing him she cares about him.

Watch. "Hey, not going to tell you what to do. I just don't want you hurt anymore than they've already done… okay," Syd tells me and I wonder what look I had on my face.

We get back in her car and drive around a little as I think she's looking for something to do. It's a weird thing as we're just driving and not talking about anything really. It's about an hour before we stop again and we're just in a car park on the edge of the city sitting in a her car and looking at the sun set and the stars come out.

Syd takes my hand and interlaces our fingers just keeping things quiet and nice. I pull her over to me on the seat and with her in my lap I just rest my head on her chest and while it's now cramped I feel warm and safe.

I kiss her soft, Syd kisses me back and we're making out the right way and it feels nice to be slow and calm. We're pushing against each other and suddenly the seat falls back and Syd laughs a little.

Now I'm on my back and she is pulling jeans down as I'm trying to get mine down but she's got more work that is involved than I do. I get her on top of me and after shifting around she puts me at her entrance and slides down till her ass is resting on my lap.

I watch in the near dark of the setting sun as Sydney bites her lip and slowly works herself up and down my shaft. She's still tight, we should get more practice at this honestly, but she feels good and we kiss again pressing our bodies together. The more she works the wetter she gets till it's not as forced with her moving and I grip her ass with my hands, it's not a big ass but it's nice and it's mine. Are you doing this?

He likes her, what do you expect? Him to keep his fucking options open since she might not like what he becomes. I could have been going after more girls, I could have been going after a few of them more regularly but with Sydney bouncing up and down on my lap and me being inside her I find that I am very eager to finish and she isn't giving me the option of slowing down.

I don't feel her cum first as I push up inside her hard but I hear Sydney moan and push back down onto me. We hold ourselves in the passenger seat of her car and hold each other in the peace and quiet. Sydney kisses me again and I kiss her back, it's nice and soft and&hellip. where the fuck is that light coming from. "Hey looks like he does fuck bitches," I hear from outside the car and Syd pulls off me and grabs her jeans. I pull up my jeans and look around, yep we're surrounded but I can't figure out who it is so I get my pants buttoned up and step out.

I see cell phone lights like a couple people are either recording or just making sure I'm well seen. "Syd go," I call back to Sydney in her car. "Guy get in," she calls and I turn to her. "Drive," I tell her and she whimpers. I listen as she turns over the engine of her car and backs up, I hear people calling out in surprise as she nearly runs them over and I start to figure out how many people are out here. I turn my gaze for a moment and see Sydney's headlights turn away from where we were parked and then taillights heading away from us, good.

She doesn't need to see this. "And here we are, you find me away from everything else and surprise me. Gonna post this to Facebook afterwards?

Maybe your Twitter account," I ask the lights on the phones. "Easy deal Guy, contract for the video before I use it to embarrass your girl," I hear the offer and immediately smile.

"Hector? Is that you? Did you put this together all by yourself or is Romeo out here too," I ask smiling. "It'll be all over the internet in a couple house unless you give me the contract," Hector threatens and I figure there is an ante here that needs upping.

"You mean you'll show me and my friend in a video having sex," I ask and I hear him pause," Wonderful, how about you tell me where you're posting it so I can post the video of your girlfriend fucking someone else and we can make a page out of it. How about 'Girls getting satisfied'? Good title or no?" He's pissed, I can hear it and while the idea of making Sydney an internet sensation or blurb on a porn site isn't what I want out of this situation I'm not backing down and giving him the upper hand.

I see the phone in front of me go down and barely make out Hector in the dark with the other small lights but it's him and he's not very happy with me. "Just give up the contract and we'll even give you a ride home," Hector offers and I almost laugh.

"Oh do I get to ride your girlfriend all the way there," I ask in mocking him. "You just don't know when you're beat. There ain't anyone here to help you, no bikers, no Carlos, no women, no cops or teachers to stop us so think about it real good before something bad happens to you," Hector threatens me, now I'm game. "Don't you mean again? Something bad happens to me again? Tried twice now and I'm still here, gonna take all the masks and anonymity out of it and just go for broke face to face for a change," I ask Hector and he smirks at me, odd.

"You don't know yet do you, nobody told you. Well Carlos and Romeo told you but you didn't listen," Hector says it and I'm curious what I was told," We didn't do it man, and we have proof finally." "You may not have done it, but&hellip. what if you did," I ask Hector and now I'm not smiling," What would I care who did or didn't do anything.

What if all that was left was a heartless, ruthless creature that has learned firsthand about cruelty and is fueled by hate." Now he backs off but it's not me, I hear the motor coming and that doesn't sound like Sydney's car. I turn and see bikes, motorcycles, not a lot but enough. I'm almost disappointed they're here… no I am disappointed; this was going to be good and visceral.

"Hector get your ass back in your car and take your people with you, you were warned," I hear someone in the dark tell Hector, and what does he mean warned. Hector doesn't look happy but he starts speaking in Spanish to the small crew he brought and I hear them shuffle off towards wherever they put their cars while I wait in the headlights of the motorcycles.

I wait to see who decided to save me and after a few moments I see the red haired biker from Yesterday. "You alright kid," he asks checking me. "No, I haven't been alright in a long time and I almost got to have some real fun," I tell him stepping round him and starting to head down the hill. "Kid I've been following him because he's reckless and stupid and you could get hurt," he says and I turn.

"And why the hell would you care? It's not like you know me, we don't have anything connecting us so why are you so concerned with my health and well being," I ask before he cuts me off, from where I'm walking. "Because I want to go home, soon as the truth comes out as to who really stabbed and tortured you I am on a plane heading home," he tells me and now I see his weakness. "How about I put you on a plane in the next few hours and you go home early," I offer and he shakes his head," My god I can't even buy people off." "It's about doing the job, not money," he explains and I scoff.

"It's about everyone screwing with me but I have one more day of this before the day of hellfire," I tell him and continue my walk. "I'm not even going to pretend to know what the hell that means but kid you want a ride," he offers and I shake my head," You really don't trust anyone do you?" "Not really, not outside my family.

Nobody has earned my trust because I say something then they insult me by offering nothing of value. I would have stopped all of this yesterday had they just cut off Carlos's hand and gave it to me. Small price to pay for what happens next," I state and continue walking. How long do I walk, not very long after the bikers pass me heading back to wherever they came from but personally I like the walk till headlights come blaring into view and I hear a familiar engine rumble.

"Bro get in, your girl Sydney called," Mark is here and I almost laugh but I do smile, it's good to trust people. I'm inside his car quickly and we're down the road for Syd's house then home. I explain what I happened and get into Hector confronting me but I leave out the bikers. Mark wouldn't know to keep that to himself. After all of it he asks me the Mark question. "Dude so you finally hooking up with her," he asks and I laugh. Only Mark would be more concerned about my sex life and happiness than how much danger I was in fifteen minutes earlier.

We get to Syd's house and I knock on her door and wait a few before she answers and I am nearly tackled in a hug. Then she breaks the hug and I'm getting hit. "You idiot, when I say get in the car you get in and we leave," Syd barks quietly at me as I take shots to the arm and chest. "I could handle it, I was more worried about you," I explain and she hits me again.

"No excuses, after Sunday you need to learn to listen to me more," Syd says before smirking a little. I get a kiss and grab my car before heading home following Mark home. I don't get four feet in the door and Mom is checking to see if I'm okay and as is the current trend I am and I smile and let her know that I'm being smart and the only reason I needed Mark was because I was looking out for Sydney.

A good deal of male approval from that coming from Mr. D, Dad and Mark. I head up to my room and settle down; tomorrow is final planning stage and then Sunday. A new day, and possibly a new me.

Hawk: Saturday I had to run that little shit Hector off the kid Jim wants protected and I actually wonder if the kid's offer to fly my ass home that night was legit or not? Now I'm following Hector around from a comfortable distance the day after since he can't be trusted to follow a simple fucking instruction.

Hell if we want to get that kid to calm down and listen to the other shit Carlos why not just fuck up Hector till he's happy then roll his ass to a hospital? Good plan from where I'm standing. Back to the mouthy little shit I'm watching he's been all over the place visiting a half dozen different little groups of Carlos's crew and twice went by to see his girl at her taco truck job. I can tell shit is tense between them and it's only when the two of them head back to her place do I see something that I didn't expect.

There's the kid, the Guy kid, driving a beater down the road. I almost stay put until a truck with a man, older than me, comes behind the kid's beater car and that's when I see someone else doing some tracking and figure it's better to check it out. My bike keeps me in the chase following the kid around but the old man is smart and trained, very well trained as watch him follow from spots that make no sense to me. I keep them in sight as Guy keeps going around to different spots, a street near that gang leader Carlos's, the abandoned lot a few building's up from the tattoo parlor.

In total we got six spots near Carlos's crew or the Union and I have to wonder what this kid is up to. I check in with Jim but keep what I'm doing to myself, no use in reporting shit that ain't major. The kid is out for almost five hours scouting spots and looking around at different buildings and whatever before stopping at a storage unit. I can't see shit but the older man can so I watch him and try to figure out what his deal is. Okay since I don't have a magic eight ball to read its pretty much make sure he doesn't go after the kid and keep my head down.

Another hour and the kid leaves one storage unit for another only this time he changes out his car, smart move, but the older man is watching and this time doesn't follow as the kid leaves. I follow the kid and make sure he gets to his destination, which is a big fucking mansion, before heading off to the Union meet. It's a big ass party at an abandoned air strip and I check in with Jim who is glad to have me help out but is still keeping me here, it's bullshit and he knows I don't like it but not my call.

Hell if it were my call I would have never come down here. I don't stay and that makes a statement to Jim that he doesn't like, the kind that says 'I'm fucking done with your hospitality'. I head to the small apartment the Devil's had set up for me and crash out. "Hmmm, what? Hello," I answer my phone and remember I keep it on vibrate while I'm sleeping.

"Two choices, stay here and keep following things that are going to get you hurt or killed," the voice on the other end tells me and now I'm awake," Or two, take the two bags to the man keeping you here, buy your freedom and say the people who had them are already dead and return home." "Not sure who you are man but it's a bad idea to threaten a Devil," I get up from my bed.

"Not a threat, more of a cautionary warning. Like watch your step," the voice says as I head to the window. "What the fuck," I almost trip and fall over a green duffel bag on my floor," How the fuck?" "Take the bags, buy your way home, stay out of business that has nothing to do with you… fair deal," the voice says before hanging up and now I'm confused.

I don't sleep heavy, I am a very light sleeper and someone… somehow… someway got into MY room. My room which is chain locked and all the windows are secured, on a second floor with one way in, the front door. How the fuck?! I dress call Jim, he's almost done for the night but makes his way over with Smitty and a few Union. I stomp out to them and drop both duffel bags at their feet. "I got the last of your missing hardware, I found the fucking evidence you needed, now I'm going the fuck home as you promised or I'm going home on my own but either way I'm going home," I am tired and pissed and barking orders at the President of the Union.

Guy: Sunday Morning, The Day of the Incident Christmas, my birthday, when I lost my virginity to Ally. All of these are moments that can help define me but what I do today, what I have planed is pure destruction. I will break lives, I will leave devastation and I will enjoy it.

I'm up and moving early for most, about seven or so, and I get dressed down in some inconspicuous clothes so I can move about mostly unnoticed.

The house is quiet like a funeral but not a real funeral, just the end of me. Okay I actually think I'll be alright after I burn down a few houses and a business or two. I'm really excited. Fuck that I'm positively throbbing to do this. He's done all the lines and has schedules taken care of; its six spots to burn down.

And our boy stole a fucking rocket launcher from the bikers and Carlos to do it. It's an RPG, Rocket Propelled Grenade… but yes and I'm so proud of him. So after this we walk away? Are we sure this is it? Go out on a high note and enjoy retirement away from his stress. Yeah but I like him. I think we should stick around. What was the rule? Get him moving, get him ready and turn him loose.

Took long enough. Which is why we're taking matters into our own hands… well his hands. I'm gonna miss you. What? Nothing. Hey, I'll miss you too but this is a good thing. I'm taking my time getting everything squared up at the first storage unit.

It's not much but changing out the car, working the plates so it's not the car they think it is if anyone did run it and guaranteeing that not a fucking soul will pay attention is a big thing so that I can finish this fight and take back what is mine. First place, Carlos's home. He and his family will head to church in about thirty minutes and after that I show up, put an incendiary RPG round through their front window and let them deal with the fallout.

Tattoo parlor, taco truck, mechanic's shop and Hector's house are on the list after that but I've been scouting. All good hidden spots to shoot with easy access to the streets so I can get in check the area quick, fire of the shot and get out before people figure out what happened.

It'll take months for them to figure out it was all connected and connecting it to me will be impossible. I mean they couldn't find who stabbed me let alone tortured me and I plan to melt the evidence. Foundries are good for that. I get the rental to the second storage unit and park making sure I'm mostly off camera and have the car blocking what I'm loading so nobody can see.

I open the unit, it's not huge but it's big enough. It's too big, too empty… where are my weapons? There isn't enough in here to move to search and I see my charts, just some plotting for the shots scattered on the floor. How? How did someone find it? Where are my weapons? "Guy," I hear a voice behind me and freeze. What the shit is this? No. Are you fucking kidding us?

I turn around and like a fucking ghost my father, my biological father, is standing there at the entrance to the unit staring at me. "Where are they," I ask quiet, I can't find my voice. "The weapons?

The ones that were going to get you killed or jailed? They're gone, I used them to buy your safety," he says it and I feel my stomach drop. "Those were mine… those were going to fix me…," I tell him and I can barely feel anything.

"You were going to get yourself put in jail, what were you thinking," Dad asks and I scramble to figure out how to finish this. "I… I need to get moving… I have to get this done…," I tell him and grab the papers left on the floor," I have to get some fuel and figure out how to get it inside the buildings…" "Guy its over.

The weapons are gone and it's a good thing. You weren't thinking and you were going to hurt people," he, my Father, tells me and I feel… something. No… I can see inside you, the sickness is rising… I said no… It seems all that was good has died… Please no… Don't make me… I know that the world is a scary place… Stop… please… Now that you've woken up the Devil… IN ME!

"You dare tell me what I am and am not thinking? You after nine years doing everything except keeping your word to me… your only son… have the audacity to tell me what I'm thinking," I spit and now I feel anger. "Guy I'm your father," he starts, I stop him. "In name, not in action or any sort of real fatherly way.

It's over, we're done old man. Go home and die miserable. I will not allow you to spoil my life anymore. What I do now, who I hurt now is because of you. I was going to make this painless compared to what I will do now. I will suffer, all will suffer and when they ask why," I step forward and am right in his face, this false father figure," When they ask why you and you alone will have to stand up and tell them that you did this to them." I step past him and get in the rental.

It's all over now, I lose.