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Wild milf Kianna Dior fucks a teeny hard cock
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WARNING WARNING WARNING! For ADULTS ONLY! This story is fictional. The author does NOT condone the activities portrayed in this story. Any resemblance to situations or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

(This story is so ridiculous that you'll either laugh, cum, or both. However, if you do not like the story please do not comment. If you do enjoy it, please comment and write why you enjoyed it. Thank you.) A Healthy Relationship Chapter 1: At The Doctor's "Doctor, Timmy's penis growth is really worrying me," I said to my gynecologist. My son's pediatrician was out of town and I needed a doctor's opinion as soon as possible.

My ten-year-old boy was sitting next to me and absentmindedly rubbing his gigantic cock through his sweatpants as I spoke to the doctor. I could clearly see his massive, thirteen inch dick trying desperately to rip through the fabric. I could even see the beefy veins on my son's donkey-cock pulsing and the fat head of his thick dork was leaking pre-fuck through his pants leaving a big wet spot, which I could actually smell. I felt my cunt begin to leak at the disgusting sight but I squeezed my thighs and composed myself enough to explain the problem I was having with my son.

"Do you see?" I said, pointing at my little boy's monstrous penis, "It's enormous! I don't have a clue as to how he got such a gigantic cock but it certainly wasn't from his father's shriveled, little nub! And the boy's hormones are absolutely out of control because of that big, nasty thing between his legs!

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And you should see the size of his testicles, Doctor, they're literally the size of two grapefruits! Timmy, be a good boy and pull your pants down.

Show the Doctor what I'm talking about," I told my son.


Timmy stood up and happily pulled his sweatpants down to free his aching cock. I heard the doctor gasp as she watched the front of Timmy's pants stretch obscenely outward as the elastic expanded to accommodate my son's ungodly fuck-meat. Timmy had to pull his pants down past his knees to free the whole thing and when the plum sized head of my baby boy's dick finally popped free, the mammoth cock sprung up and slapped my son's belly like a pink, fleshy baseball bat, *THWACK*!

The pud actually hit his chest and a big glob of dick-leak splattered against it, accompanied by what most people would think an odd sound, but I had grown accustomed to it. It sounded very much like a fart, but much wetter, more like a cunt-fart or an asshole blowing out a bunch of watery shit, but the sound didn't come from a cunt or an asshole, it had come from my son's fat cock.

More specifically, the disgustingly vulgar sound came from the thick lips of my son's piss-hole. The dick-lips looked just like a little mouth that had gotten collagen injections and they were so big and flappy that when my son leaked fuck-sauce or blew a load it sounded like the grossest fart imaginable. The large breasted doctor looked surprised as she gazed at my son's huge cock but not as shocked as I would have expected, especially considering that I had told her that Timmy's dick had been a normal size only a year earlier.

When I told her about the sound Timmy's cock makes when it ejaculates she didn't seemed surprised at all. "That's actually quite natural, considering the size of Timmy's dick. There's nothing to be concerned about.

It's called dick-farting and it happens when a man or young boy has a very large cock with fat dick-lips. How do you know what it sounds like, Mrs. Adams?" The doctor asked. "Well, now that I know what it's called, I can hear him dick-farting all over the house, at least when his father is at work or sleeping.

But he does it all the time and it's gotten so bad that I had to pull him out of school because his penis would keep blasting out loud dick-farts, disturbing his class. I've been homeschooling him, but every time I try to teach him about math or science or something he just ignores me and pulls on his cock until he farts his cum all over my face or even tits.

Sometimes he actually rips my blouse off and squirts his jizz directly on my naked jugs and there's so much of it, Doctor! I spend much of my time cleaning; soaking up huge puddles of his jizz if it lands on the bare floor and blotting it out of the rugs and furniture if he's careless, but he's usually careless with that big piece of meat!" My twat was very juicy by this point from telling the doctor about my son's cock as I watched Timmy pull on his meat, making cum bubbles fart loudly out of his pudgy fuck-lips.

My cunt was almost always wet because of watching and hearing my son blow wads of fuck-juice on everything in the house, including me! "I just don't know what to do, Doctor. I suppose I could stand him just living at home for the rest of his life and let him squirt cum all day long. That seems to make him happy and he isn't aware of anything except his giant dick, but I can't go on cleaning the house every day like this!" The doctor simply nodded thoughtfully.

"Well, there are a few solutions to you and your son's problem. Taking him out of school was the right thing to do and a step in the right direction but the solution to the rest of the problem would be to simply let Timmy blow his dick-farts in you, Mrs.

Adams. He could dick-fart in your mouth, ass or even your cunt. If he squirts in your mouth you can just drink it all down and have little if any clean up, but if your son blasts a dick-fart in your ass or cunt you could then let it drain out into a large bowl or a bucket, if there is as much cum as you say.

Then you could actually put his sperm in jars or Tupperware and save it in the fridge to eat later. You could just eat it with a spoon or mix it into your favorite foods.

How does that sound?" I thought for a moment then looked at Timmy, who was half-listening because he had the head of his cock in his mouth and was slurping messily on it. "What do you think, Timmy? Does that sound like something you'd like to do?

Would you like to start blowing your dick-farts in your mother's cunt?" I asked my son as I watched him sucking his own dick. I began fingering my cunt through my tight, spandex pants, wondering why I offered my son my baby-hole first instead of my asshole or mouth. I realized then that I had been wanting my son to use my cunt-hole as his own, personal baby-factory and cum-dumpster for a while now.

Timmy popped the head of his cock out of his mouth just as a loud dick-fart blew out of his fuck-lips, splattering semen onto his face. Gooey strands of pre-fuck drooled out of his mouth as he smiled up at me.

"Oh yes, Mommy! Yes, Yes, Yes! I wanna blow my dick-farts in your cunt all the time, Mommy! Can I, Mommy? Can I please!" Timmy begged. I simply shrugged. "Alright, sweetie, if that's what you want.

From now on, whenever you need to dick-fart you can just shove it right up your mother's cunt and blow a nice, sloppy jizz-fart in there," I said with a motherly smile. "Neat-O! I really need to blow some jizz right now, though. Can I squirt my cum up your cunt now, Mommy?" Timmy asked as he used both his hands to pull up an down on his pre-fuck greased, donkey-cock. I looked at the doctor for her approval.

"I don't see any reason why you can't begin this treatment now. Why don't you get naked and go sit in the examination chair, Mrs. Adams," the attractive doctor said. I undressed as she suggested and enjoyed the looks I got from the doctor and my son. They were both admiring my new, double-F cup tits. I had begged Timmy's father to buy them for me five months earlier and they were just what I wanted.

They were gigantic and very fake looking with big juicy nipples in the center. I made my way across the doctor's office and sat in her examination chair.

"Make sure you put your legs in the stirrups, Mrs.

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Adams. We want your legs to be spread wide open to give your son plenty of room to fuck your cunt," the doctor said. "What's fuck mean?" Timmy asked stupidly. Honestly, how he learned all his other filthy words and didn't find out what fucking meant was a mystery to me.

"To fuck, or fucking, is what you are about to do to your mother, Timmy. In order to dick-fart in your mother's cunt you have to push it in and out a bit first. When a big, fat cock like yours gets slammed in and out of a tight, pink twat like your mother has between her legs that's called fucking." The doctor explained this important information to my son while helping him take his shirt off and leading him over to the chair. She grabbed Timmy's humungous cock and pulled him by it until he was between my legs and the big, half-hard fuck-flesh was resting on my stomach as it continued to fart and belch out filthy blobs of jizz, which slid down my belly and started drooling between my frothy pussy-lips.

The doctor then began slapping the shaft of my son's fat cock on my belly until it was throbbing and sticking out thirteen inches in front of him. She then walked him back a bit so that the huge dick-head was resting on my pouting fuck-lips before she started whacking the beastly fuck-sausage on my open cunt-hole. I keep my cunt shaved as smooth ass a baby's bald split so in its puffy, aroused state it looks like an overgrown toddler-cunt and it got very slimy and messy from pre-cum as my gynecologist slapped my son's bloated fuck-apendage on my inflamed dick-hole.

*SLAP* *SLAP* *SLAP* went the sound of my cunt being battered by my ten-year-old boy's dick and I couldn't take it anymore.

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"Jesus fucking Christ, Doctor! Put the fucking thing in me already! Shove my son's giant fucking cock up my hole! For the love of fucking God, I want my son's dick! Do it! Put it in my cunt!" The good doctor didn't wait a second longer. I knew she was a mother herself and knew what I must have been going through.

The good doctor immediately placed the engorged head of my son's dick at the opening of my oozing fuck-tunnel and popped that fat fucker in my pink, dripping hole. My eyes bugged out of my head and my mouth gaped open as I felt the biggest thing my cunt had ever had begin to split me open.

My eyes went back and forth between my son's face as he stared at my huge tits and drooled and the unbelievable sight of his thirteen inch horse-cock slowly being worked up my pussy by my doctor. I could actually hear my son's massive penis squishing up inside my messy fuck-hole.

The doctor let go and stepped back slightly once she had shoved a good eight inches of Timmy's dick-meat up his own mother's vagina. "There, Timmy, that's a good amount of cock for now, you can shove some more meat in your mother once she gets used to that big dick of yours. But you've only got your dick in your mother's cunt. Start working that thing in and out of her hole. Start fucking your mother," the doctor encouraged Timmy gently as she began undressing herself. Timmy did as he was told and started yanking his dick in and out of my fuck-trench and got into a good rhythm.

I thought of how the doctor verbally motivated Timmy and realized that I should also support my son's effort and began giving him some motherly encouragement.

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"Atta boy, Son! Fuck your mother's God damn cunt! Aw fuck yeah!


Pump that fat bastard up my filthy fucking cunt, you little shit! C'mon, you big-dicked mother-fucker, fuck your big, fat cock up Mommy's dirty, little twat.

I want you to work the entire fucking thing up your mother's cunt, young man. Mommy wants every fat, fucking inch of your disgusting donkey-dick in her hole! Mommy wants you as deep as possible when you cum. You're gonna dick-fart straight into your mother's womb and hose it down with your incestuous jizz! Fuck your incest-filth up your whore-mother's cunt! FUCK YOUR INCESTUOUS FILTH INTO YOUR MOTHER, YOUNG MAN!

By this point the doctor was bare ass naked and squatting between my legs that were spread open from the chair stirrups. She pulled a lever on the chair which caused the stirrups to open wider. As I felt my legs being spread even wider I couldn't help but yell, "Oh fuck yeah! Spread my fucking legs open for my son! I wanna be as wide open as fucking possible for my son's big dick!" I could hear the doctor chuckling wickedly but could not see her at all.

Fortunately my son was vocal enough to let me know what she was doing as she squatted beneath his pumping ass. "Aw yeah, Miss Doctor, suck my fucking balls while I fuck my Mommy!" Timmy yelled as he kept drilling into my cunt.

There was an audible *POP* which I realized was the sound of my son's big testicles being pulled away from the doctor's cock-sucking lips long enough to say, "Jesus Christ, Mrs.

Adams, you were right! I've never seen nuts this big in my life. They're bigger than a fucking bull's! I can't even fit one in my mouth! All I can do is suck on the bloated nut-bag!" I heard her exclaim. "Well then shut the fuck up and suck on em', you dirty slut!" I yelled. The doctor immediately did as she was told.

"That's it, you sick cunt! Get those beefy testicles good and fucking wet! Suck my son's balls until they tighten up and pump a nasty sperm-load up my cunt. My son's filthy sperm has to be bubbling in his balls!


Get his little swimmers all excited with your mouth and ready to blow out real fucking fast. Those tadpoles have to be swimming as fast as they can if they're gonna bust through my eggs and breed me with another snot-nosed kid to fuck!" The doctor must have been having a tricky time sucking on my son's nuts because I could feel them swinging back and forth and slapping against my spread asshole. I realized then that my little mother-fucker was bottoming out in my cunt and I started screaming to high heaven as he nailed me like a worthless whore in the doctor's office.

Timmy was grunting and drooling as he grabbed my tits with both hands and slapped them together as he hammered his dick up my bald pussy. "Ugh, fuck, Mommy, this is how babies are made, isn't it?" Timmy panted.

"You better fucking believe it, Son! This is exactly how babies are made. This is how your tiny dick dad made you, but I bet that dumb fuck never planned that the boy he put in this hole would one day grow up and fuck the living hell out of his wife, Haha! If You're a good boy and blow a nasty dick-fart in your mother's cunt, you might knock me up! How does that sound, baby? Do you wanna cock-fart a filthy load of jizz into your mother's cunt and knock her up?

Do you wanna breed your mother like a God damned whore, Timmy?" I moaned as Timmy kept stabbing me in the cunt with his massive prick. "FUCK YEAH, MOMMY! I WANNA FUCKING BREED YOU!" Timmy wailed.

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"Aw yeah, baby! I fucking know you do, you little shit! Now come the fuck on and blow your jizz! Fuck it! Fuck my fucking hole! Pound the cunt you crawled out of! Pump your giant dick up your mother's fuck-hole! C'mon, baby, Mommy wants to feel you blow a nasty dick-fart inside her!

Knock your mother up with a juicy fucking cum-fart! Fuck your mother, God damn it! Mommy wants to hear you rip a wet, nasty dick-fart in her womb!

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Fuck Mommy's pussy full of cream. Dick-fart your jizz in Mommy's filthy cunt, you snot-nosed little shit!" With the doctor sucking my son's balls, my loving encouragement, and the feeling of my tight fuck-hole milking his huge cock, Timmy couldn't take the pressure in his balls anymore and let out the most disgusting sounding dick-fart I had ever heard inside my womb.

It sounded like my stomach was growling and it gurgled crudely as my son kept dick-farting his sperm directly into my womb. After the first initial blast of cum, my womb and cunt-cave began to fill up till I felt it oozing out of my pussy around Timmy's still thrusting fuck-organ. "Oh fuck, baby! Mommy can feel all your filthy jizz spilling out of her cunt! You blew a very nice dick-fart in your mother's hole! I'm so proud of you!

Jesus Christ, I can still feel you shooting your dirty fucking load in me!" I moaned. "Oh Mommy! I love it!

I fucking love dick-farting up your cunt! It feels so fucking good, Momma! I wanna blow my jizz in you every single fucking day!

I hope I knock you up, Momma! I wanna see you shit my fucking baby outta your cunt, Mommy!" wailed Timmy.

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My son and I were too caught up in the climax of our incestuous breeding session to notice what the good doctor was doing as Timmy emptied his balls in me, but we found out after a few minutes of resting with our genitals together. I felt Timmy's dick being slowly pulled out of me and I began to complain to my son to leave it inside my cunt for a little longer until I saw that it was my doctor that was pulling him backwards and out of my sloppy fuck-trench.

Timmy's enormous inbreeding machine made a loud popping sound as it left my hole and the doctor quickly placed a large specimen cup beneath my pussy.

I could see that it was already a quarter full and realized that she had been holding it under my son's testicles as he ejaculated in my vagina to gather what cum had spilled out. I watched in awe as my own son's thick semen flowed out of my battered twat and into the large, plastic cup until the damn thing was almost completely full!

I couldn't believe how much sperm my son had shot up my cunt. The doctor held the cup up for my son and I to see. "Wow! Good job, Timmy!" The doctor said. "That's the biggest load of fuck-sauce I've ever seen a boy dump in his mother! You ought to be pretty proud of yourself for blowing such a healthy dick-fart in your mother's cunt. And if you really wanna fuck a baby into your mother's womb then you don't have anything to worry about. I know she's very fertile and with the amount of cum you squirt, there should be no problem with you breeding your mother.

Hell, the dumb cunt might already be knocked up with all the jizz you just farted in her!" Timmy was just standing and pulling on his dick as he listened to the doctor. I think he was enjoying the afterglow of incest with his mother too much to respond to the her comments. The doctor simply smiled at him and screwed the lid on the cup, placing it on the counter next to the chair before squatting back down between my legs to suck up what sperm was still dribbling out of my crack.

I felt her sucking and chewing on my fat cunt-lips as she drank my son's semen from my well fucked hole as I beckoned to Timmy. "Come over here, Son. Let Mommy clean the jizz off your pud.

Come here and feed your mother with your big dick." Timmy, as always, did as he was told and went to stand next to my head. There was a foot stool next to the chair, which I figured was there specifically to ease the fucking of a young boy's cock into his mother's mouth. Timmy took the hint and stood on the stool then he lovingly shoved his dripping, half-hard cock into my face-hole. My son's fat dick-head fit in my mouth perfectly to my surprise and it made its way past my jaw and down my throat until I had at least seven inches of cock-meat in my gullet.

My ten-year-old son stared into my eyes as he began sliding his gigantic dork in and out of my throat-hole. Drool spilled from his mouth and landed on my face and I tried to smile around his cock to show him I liked it but all I could really do was moan as he fucked my throat like a street-whore and the doctor tongue-lashed my cunt like the stupid twat that she is.

With my mouth being stuffed with cock, the good doctor busy lapping my hole and Timmy out of his young mind with lust, all that could be heard was sucking, licking, moaning and even the occasional dick-fart down my throat as my son's leftover testicle-sap farted into my stomach. We kept that up for about ten minutes before my son pulled out of my throat and dumped his load in my mouth so I could taste his gelatinous seed. I swallowed some and chewed the rest, smacking my sperm covered lips happily as my doctor ate me out to a wonderful orgasm.

"Now remember, I want you to let your son dick-fart as much cum in you as he wants." The doctor said to me after we had all gotten dressed and were once again seated around her desk. "Now, like I said before, to cut down on cleaning you can suck your son's cock and swallow his jizz-farts but since I know you want to inbreed with him and you'll probably want him to dick-fart in your ass occasionally, you can always place a bucket or bowl beneath your genitals to catch the sperm, which can be saved for later consumption.

Which reminds me, don't forget to take that jar of your son's cum home with you. Now, you can eat it of course, but you could also pour it into your cunt for fertilization or use it as a skin cream, which is how I often use my own son's cum.

Any questions?" The doctor finished, smiling kindly at me. "Yes, one question, how do I keep Timmy's father from catching us? I don't think he would approve of his son using his wife as his own, personal cum-dumpster." I said. "Ah yes, I suppose you're right. I can prescribe some strong sleeping pills for when he's in the house and your son wants to spend some time dick-farting in you. Anything else?" She said. "No, I don't think so.

Thank you so much for all your help. I'll call you to schedule another appointment. Come along, Timmy. Maybe we can get home before your father gets back from work and you can blow another dick-fart up Mommy's cunt.

You can fuck Mommy in your Daddy's bed if you like. How's that sound?" I asked as I took my son's hand. "That sounds great, Mommy," Timmy replied enthusiastically. "Don't forget your son's jizz!" The doctor said, pointing to the countertop.

"Oh my goodness! I don't know where my mind was. How could I forget an entire cup of my son's cum? Thank you for reminding me. Now let's hurry along, son. Mommy really wants to feel you shoot another nasty cock-fart up her cunt before Daddy gets home." The End?