I feel my self orgasm milf halloween special with a threesome

I feel my self orgasm milf halloween special with a threesome
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The following story is fiction and should not be taken literally in any way. This story deals with very dark and perverse subject matter, and I do not condone child abuse in any form. To be clear, while there are very sexual elements in this story, it is not meant to be spank material, but rather a hypothetical look at a psychopath and the depraved actions that cause severe psychological disorders in his children.

Please consider the tags for this story before reading. This story deals with extremely disturbing concepts and is meant to be disturbing.

If you do not have interest in these subjects, please stop reading now. I welcome constructive feedback about the story itself. However, any hate filled rants or personal attacks will be ignored.

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If you are looking for a cut & dry sex filled snuff story, this is not it. This story is long and in-depth. I tell you this, so you don't waste your time. This is a reworked version of a previous story I posted on this site. I had originally used elements inspired from another author that I really like, but after careful consideration, I decided to try and come up with something I feel is more my own. ****************************************************************************** The Family from Redgrove Chapter 2 ****************************************************************************** Vicky was having a hard time sitting at the kitchen table from the pain in her ass.

She picked at her steak and eggs, as Trish watched her warily. She still wasn't sure about what they had just talked about, how could she be? In Vickies room, only minutes before, Trish had her hand on the back of her sister's neck, holding her against the bed. Her face was next to Vicky's ear as she said harshly, "Vicky are you crazy!? Do you understand that dad isn't joking and really will kill you? He's not even just going to kill you, he's gonna do you just like the girls you've seen in the barn.

Do have any idea how painful that's gonna be? It's gonna make his cock up your ass feel like a tickle!" She wasn't loud enough for her voice to carry, but short of that it was the same as yelling. Vicky wasn't fighting against her sister's hold.

She simply laid there and said, "I know Trish, but there isn't anything I can do about it now. I don't want to die, but dad already said he was gonna do it!" Trish knew her sister was right; it was too late. Trish had watched her father dispatch her mother and her mother's two younger sisters, not to mention nearly a dozen young girls her father had brought home. She also knew that for nearly half those girls she had helped her father carry out his wicked deeds, and she loved it.

She knew that her father and she were both monsters and in two weeks she would experience what she had helped those girls go through. However, now her little sister was going to join her. "Are you stupid or what? If you don't want to die, why did you tell him to kill you?" She didn't really know why she was so upset. She had helped lure several girls to their deaths for her father; a couple of whom were about the same age as Vicky.

Why did it feel different since it was her sister? She couldn't see her face, but her little sister's voice was sincere as she spoke, "When dad was raping me, he looked so happy and that made me happy.

I wanted to make him more happy… I felt like I needed to make him more happy. It just came out." "Something like that doesn't just come out Vicky! You either meant it or you don't, so which is it," Trish demanded.

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She could hear her sister's muffled whimpers before she answered, "I meant it ok! I don't want to die, but I want to make daddy happy. It makes my body all hot and tingly like I'm gonna burst when I see how happy he his.

I want more!" Trish really was impressed with her sister. She wasn't sure if she was a true masochist or not. It seemed that it wasn't the pain that she liked but the pleasing of the sadist.

In this case their father. She still felt unsure about her feelings, but she knew she wanted to be a part of her sister's final moments. A moment later they herd their father call up to them, "Hey, you two coming down, or have I gotta come up there?" Trish let her sister up then called back to her father, "yes daddy, we're coming down.

Vicky just needed some help getting her tail in." "Well hurry it up, your eggs are getting cold," their father called back, and the girls left the bedroom to head downstairs. Trish thought about how bizarre her life was, and just how crazy she and her father were. She was going down to breakfast to eat with a man who had decided to kill his seven year old daughter just the night before.

Then again, he was also going to kill her, but she would still sit down to have breakfast with him and the rest of her family like they were the goddamned Cleavers. That is except there was no mom at that table. She thought back to when she saw her mother die. It was the first time she had ever watched her father kill someone, and it was then she knew that she was as disturbed as her father.

She was seven years old and her father had just fucked her ass for the first time, but for her it wasn't rape. She had loved the way it felt when her father would work his fingers into her ass. She couldn't wait to have him ride her like he did to her mother and aunts. In the late afternoon of her seventh birthday she was laying in her mother's lap who held her arms while her aunts' Tomomi and Midori held her legs apart.

She didn't need to be held down.


She knew she wouldn't try and get away, but she still enjoyed the attention. Her mother and aunts had been more like sisters to her as far back as she could remember. Her mother was only 19 then. Midori was 14 and five months pregnant with what would later turn out to be identical twin girls, and Tomomi was only nine.

They were very close, and this was not the first time they had all been naked in bed together. Tomomi had just recently started having both vaginal and anal sex with her father who was also Trish's dad. Trish didn't know at the time that her mother, Mayu, was more than just like a sister to her but rather was her sister.

Mayu was the oldest daughter of Thomas Stewart. He was the same Thomas Stewart who was in fact the father to everyone within the household. The only one who had not been his sire was his long departed wife, Keiko. Trish heard some stories about her later on, and thought she sounded amazing, but never got to meet her since her father had killed her a year before she was born, and Tomomi no longer needed her milk.

With her legs spread apart, she saw her father move between them. He began by using his tongue, and instantly she felt like she was in heaven. Mayu brushed her hair and cheek as she told her, "this is a very special day for both of us honey. After he finishes with you, he is going to do something to me that he has been waiting on for three years.

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Do you know why he waited so long?" Trish just shook her head dreamily, as she enjoyed her father's tongue. "He waited because I told him I wanted to see tonight. I wanted to see him take your ass for the first time," as she said this her daughter was not processing the implications of her words. She was just building in anticipation of the big moment when her father would enter her. She didn't have to wait long as Thomas moved up to position himself. Midori and Tomomi took turns getting his tool and Trish's rosebud well slathered with their saliva.

As he began to push into her, her eyes flew open and her mouth gaped. It was much more painful than she expected, but that only made it more exciting and enjoyable to her. He was careful to go slow enough not to injure her but he was making steady progress. It didn't take long before he was in the deepest part of her bowels. To her it felt like he was inside her stomach. Her whole body felt like it was on fire as her father seemed to be trying to split her into two.

When he finally shot his ropes of hot cum inside her, she went over the tipping point. Her body convulsed deeply with her first orgasm. The others could hardly believe it. They didn't think it was possible for a girl so young to cum. Tomomi felt jealous since she still hadn't had one herself.

He father laid down on top of her while they recovered, but didn't pull out of her. A couple hours later, she woke up with Tomomi beside her. She looked over at her saying, "not long now and it will be mommy's special time. Do you want to go see her?" Trish nodded her head, and they went down to the cellar. Once there, Trish found her mother soaking in a tub filled with a wonderful smelling liquid.

It was making her mouth water. As she approached, she saw the liquid was a pinkish orange and had various spices and herbs floating in it. She hardly recognized her mother at first.

Her head was shaved completely smooth, even her eyebrows were gone. None of the girls in the house had any other hair on their bodies, so Trish knew her mother was now completely hairless. Her mother rolled her head and saw her daughter then waved her over.

"There's my baby. So what did you think? Did you like getting your ass filled with daddy's cock?" Mayu said to her daughter in an almost euphoric state. Trish nodded her head enthusiastically. Mayu reached up and brushed her daughter's cheek. Trish thought the touch felt oily but smelled wonderful. She looked Trish in the eye and said, "I love you so much baby, and I know wherever I go, I'm gonna miss you and Liz so much." Trish had no idea what she meant.

Her father came into the room still naked and told them it was time. Mayu started getting out of the tub, but seemed unsteady. Thomas and Midori supported her on either side and Tomomi put a sheer robe over her shoulders. They made their way up the steps then out onto the back porch. Tomomi went and got Mayu's youngest, Liz.

Liz was only two years old, but since she couldn't be left alone, she would also witness her mother's demise. They left the porch, and made their way along a stone path toward the barn. When they were all inside the barn, their father locked the doors from the inside then started moving straw from part of the floor.

He then rolled back a large rubber mat, revealing a metal door hidden underneath. He unlocked it with a keypad and a motor came to life, opening it. From there, they descended a steel ladder to an underground room, lit with florescent lights. The room was covered in white tile and polished to a gleam.

Trish saw a strange metal table with a butcher block top and some shelves underneath it. Next to the big table was a smaller one with a white sheet over a tray, and beyond those was a walk-in freezer. Mayu gave Trish's hand a firm grip then walked away from her and stood next to Thomas who slid the robe from her shoulders then put his hands on her shoulders and asked, "Are you ready?" Mayu looked at Thomas then said, "Are any of us ever really ready?" He bent down and kissed her passionately then helped her onto the large table.

She was on her back and Thomas pulled out a small pillow from a lower shelf of the table and placed it under her head. Her father then walked over to Trish and told her, "baby, what happens next might be scary to you, but your mom has known this was coming for a long time and it's something that needs to be done." She didn't understand, but she nodded her head anyway.

He then walked back over to the tables and removed the white cloth from the smaller one. On it was a wide array of wicked looking instruments. He began by starting an I.V. at her wrists, then her elbow pits, and followed by her neck. He didn't stop there though. He added I.V. lines to her ankles and legs as well. He attached two bags to each line, one clear and one a dark red.

When Trish saw the red liquid travel through the line to the needles, her mother began to jerk and squirm wildly. She looked like she was trying to tolerate the pain, but soon it overwhelmed her and she let out a loud howling scream. Thomas left her like that for nearly an hour. Her skin was shining with a mix of the oily liquid from the bath and a thick sheen of sweat. Trish wondered what was going on since the underground room felt cold to her.

Once she was infused with the strange liquid, her father moved to her feet carrying a pair of pliers. He held her right foot with one hand then gripped the pliers onto her big toenail with the other.


A sharp yank and the nail was gone. Mayu screamed and Trish winced at the sight. One by one he removed her toenails, just waiting long enough for her to catch her breath between each one. As soon as they were all gone, he moved onto her left hand followed by her right. After her nails were all gone, he began tying off rubber tubing above all of her joints. He didn't rush with anything.

He just carefully checked his work and gave her a kiss before picking up a shiny pair of garden shears. Moving back down to her feet, he placed the shears around her small toe. Trish realized that her father wasn't like the psychos in the movies. He didn't have a wild crazy look or anything like that. No, he was calm with an almost gentle expression on his face and slight smirk as he closed the shears and her mother's toe came off.

Mayu let out another agonizing scream and then another as he moved from toe to toe. By the time he finished with her toes she was gasping, trying to catch her breath, but Thomas just moved on to her left hand.

She begged for him to give her a moment but he acted as if he couldn't hear her. Trish heard a metallic scrape, the crunch of bone then the clink of the shears closing. Her mother's pinky fell to the floor and was soon joined by the ring, middle, index and finally her thumb.

Her face was pale and she looked confused. Thomas knew she was going into shock and went to each of the I.V. bags. He adjusted them to drip a little faster, and soon Mayu was fully alert again. He didn't waste any time though going back to his work, placing the pinky on the right hand in the jaws of his shears. Another clink and another finger fell to the ground, and so it went until they were all gone. Trish thought that there should be more blood, but guessed that the tubes had something to do with it.

Thomas put the shears back in the tray on the small table then picked up a large scalpel. Once again he moved down to her feet. He rubbed her right foot for a moment as if he was giving her a foot message then carefully started cutting into the joint.

Mayu's body went rigid and tried to grasp the table, but had no fingers to grip anything. Thomas just kept cutting deeper and deeper as if he hadn't a care in the world. Finally, he cut her Achilles tendon and her foot was severed as her calf muscle seemed to roll up her leg. When this happened she wasn't able to scream. She wanted to but it caught in her throat. Her father just moved onto the left foot and continued his work. After her left foot, her left hand was removed followed by the right.

At this point Tomomi and Midori began picking up all of their sisters severed appendages and placed them in a large metal bowl. Once this was finished, Thomas removed Mayu's lower legs followed by her forearms. Those parts were neatly placed on a tray then he worked to remove what was left of her limbs with a hunting knife. He worked much faster than he had so far, and when each limb was removed, he clamped the artery with forceps and cauterized it.

He took a short break as he got out new bags for the last of the I.V.s. All the I.V.s had been removed with their subsequent limbs except for the one in her neck. Thomas attached a new line, letting it completely fill before attaching it to her neck. He then retrieved a smaller scalpel and aligned it on her stomach just below her ribcage.

He put his left hand on her chest to hold her still while his right moved steadily down her body, opening her. Mayu's screams echoed off the tile, reverberating through the room in a horrific symphony.

The scalpel continued down one side of her vulva, around her anus, across her tailbone, then up the other side.

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He continued until he was back at the incision in her abdomen. He took out another pillow and placed it under her head. This one raised her head up, so she was looking down on herself. Once she had a proper view, he reached inside her and pulled all of her intestines out in one large pile. Midori came up next to her father carrying a glass jar filled with clear liquid.

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Thomas made sure Mayu had a good view then cut her pussy and anus free from the gut sack next to her then put it in the jar. Midori closed the lid and moved away. Mayu had seen all this done to other girls and thought she was ready to face it, but the experience was more horrific than she could have imagined.

She was a pain slut, but this was too much. During most of the process she just wanted to die, but he wouldn't let her. The saline and blood were keeping her systems going along with a special elixir that kept her in a hyper state of alertness and prevented her from either passing out or going into shock.

She watched as her father cut away her intestines and dropped them unceremoniously into a bucket on the floor. She then saw him remove her kidneys and liver, setting them aside on a tray.

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She thought she could feel them being removed, but her whole body was in such agony that it didn't feel quiet real. However, for all the pain and burning elixir cursing through her, she was starting to feel cold.

She knew she wouldn't last much longer; just long enough for the final step of her expiration. Her father removed the pillow from under her head, and gripped her forehead in his hand. She saw him reach across her to pick up the final instrument she would see. The glinting silver of the handsaw sent her into a panic. Despite everything, she still had a desire to live. If she had the ability to think clearly, she would have known that she would be dead in few moments anyway, but as the cold, surgical steel came in contact with her slender neck, she still couldn't quite accept her fate.

She felt the fine teeth bite into her flesh and tried to scream, but only a grotesque gurgling came out as the saw moved back and forth through her windpipe. Her vision was fading quickly, and all she could taste was her own blood.

She heard a scraping sound and felt a vibration as the saw worked its way between vertebras in her neck. She thought she saw her mother right before everything went black.

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Thomas watched the light go out of her eyes, as he separated her head from her body. He wiped some of the blood from her mouth then stared at her with what Trish thought looked like a loving expression. She felt very confused about what she just witnessed. It was monstrous and horrific beyond words, but also more exciting than anything she could have imagined.

She then realized that her fingers were fervently rubbing her slit. Her fingers were soaked, and she couldn't believe that her pussy could get so wet. She noticed that she wasn't the only one who was captivated by what they saw.

Little Liz hadn't blinked the entire time. She was wide eyed and her mouth gaped. But her expression was one of intrigue not terror.

Thomas turned around and surveyed the reactions from his girls. When his gaze fell on Trish, his eyes travelled down to see her hand between her legs. He walked over to her and knelt in front of her, but she still had to look up at him.

His face and body were covered in blood, and she thought he looked like a demon. "So, did my baby like what she saw?" he asked with a big smile. She nodded her head enthusiastically in response.

She leaned toward her father and asked, "when do I get to do that?" Thomas was taken aback a bit. Never before had any of his children taken such a keen interest.

He leaned a little closer to her and asked, "To be the one doing or having it done to?" Trish thought his grin was more menacing that the scariest monster she had seen on TV.

She thought about what her father just asked then looked him straight in the eyes and said, "Both!"