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Pov orgasmo cum leche esperma
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Author's notes: I'm sure there's another story around here based off the same concept, and I want to set the record straight that this story is not intended to copy another. This was just something in my head I thought I'd make a story of. Constructive criticism is welcomed! Also, if this story is crap, or there are inconsistencies, or any other problems, I apologize.

I'm writing this after staying up all night, so I'm tired. ---- Before I continue, let me describe myself and my family. For me, I'm Arthur, and am twenty one as of a few weeks ago. My name isn't one I particularly enjoy, but my parents claim it was the name of my father's granddad.

I'm really in shape, as my family tells me. Growing up, my father was a hard ass about staying in shape, and this resulted in taking up high school football, and going to the gym everyday. I'm not ripped like a body builder, but I do have a nice set of muscles. My mother, Tammi, is currently 54, while my father, Jack, is 60.

They had met in high school, and had been what you'd call a 'high school crush'. Eventually, that crush became marriage, and soon parenthood. Rose was my sister, and was younger by five years. Rose looked every bit like her mother, reddish hair to match the Irish heritage, and blue eyes that could kill.

Because we grew up together, I'd notice changes to her body as she got into her teen years. Her breasts developed nicely, and under that was a flat stomach that led to two long legs. Her ass, which I had unknowingly stared at, was enough to make even me drool, and that was difficult.

Obviously, my sister was developing into a drop dead gorgeous woman. I predicted my father would be buying a shotgun at some point to fend off guys. Unfortunately, my father never got that chance. I'll never forget the day the police officer was at our door, giving us his condolences for our father's death.

From what the officer said, a drunk driver had hit him, and his car flipped. I don't think I cried once, not even at his funeral. The entire time I was thinking, trying to absorb it all.

With my father dead, I was the man of the house, I would be that man with the shotgun fending off horny guys who wanted my sister.

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Since his death, I've made it my lifetime mission to keep Rose safe. Whether or not she knows of my protection to her, I have no idea. If she does, she's good at hiding it. The time to defend Rose came fast.

Horny teenage boys who just wanted to get laid would often show up at their house.

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Tammi had always buried herself in work trying to get over her husband's loss, which left the kids alone. This made it harder on me as I tried to juggle a job, college, and looking after my sister, but, I always managed. Thinking about it now, I had become a replacement father to Rose, I had become that male figure in her life.

Unfortunately for me, exams were coming up, which meant even less time to be home.

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Rose knew my schedule would be hectic, but she didn't complain, probably 'cause she'd have the house to herself from time to time. "Rose?" I asked, yawning softly. I had made her supper, which wasn't anything new. I had learned to cook after dad died and mom became a distant parent. "Supper is ready." "Hey bro!" Rose said sweetly, and without missing a beat.

"Can we hang out tomorrow night? Maybe watch a movie?" "No can do, hon.

I've got some work to do, so I won't be home. I'll leave money on the counter for pizza." I said with my best smile, knowing she'd be upset. "Aww." Rose said with the pouting lips. "Alright." The rest of the evening was quiet, which took me off guard. Usually, Rose would make some sort of noise to show she's alive. Shrugging it off, I crawled into bed, and dozed off.

The alarm buzzed loudly, causing me to jump slightly. Bashing the damn thing off, I looked at the clock, which read nine am. I had to be to work by 10:30. Work wasn't far from me, so it gave me enough time to shower and run there. I hadn't seen or heard from Rose, but I honestly didn't have time to check on her.

If anything, she was still asleep. The day went by slowly up until around 5:30pm.

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Usually, I don't leave work till around 7 or so, but I had finished all my documents, and my boss decided there was no reason for me to stick around. I was excited, and I knew Rose would be as well. She probably thought she'd be eating supper alone watching some crappy rerun on TV. Jumping in my Dodge Charger, I sped home (but still obeying the speed limit). Upon pulling into the driveway, the house looked quiet and empty, which was a surprise. Usually, I'd at least see the TV in the living room going.

I entered the house through the side door, and tossed my tie and work jacket aside.

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I had started reaching for the fridge when I heard an almost feint, muffled noise. My curiosity aroused, I slowly crept up the steps. "No, Bobby, please. I don't want to. Please, I'm still a virgin." Rose cried. "Let me take down these panties and I'll not hurt you." Upon hearing my sister and the boy known as Bobby, I charged up the steps like a hunter on the hunt, and burst through her room.

The sight that was before me made my anger increase. Rose was naked from the waist up, and was only in panties. The guy known as Bobby was naked, his cock inches from Rose's untainted pussy.


Without a second thought, I snatched Bobby by the neck, and threw him against the wall. I could hear Rose crying, and saying something else, but my anger got the best of me.

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My boot made repeated contact with Bobby's head, face, and chest as I kicked him repeatedly. After what seemed like forever, I moved away, and looked at him. He was bleeding all over, his nose busted, his ribs definitely fractured. Picking him up, I stared into his eyes. "Come near my sister again, and I'll show you what real pain is. I drug him outside, and tossed him into the yard, then went back inside and called the police with "there's a naked attempted rapist on my yard", and gave them my info.

After telling them what they needed, I went back upstairs to my sister, who was curled up on her bed, crying.


"Rose." I said softly. Within seconds of hearing me, she damn near tackled me to the floor as she hugged me.

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I pulled her tightly against me, and kisses her head, trying to ignore the fact that she was almost naked. With no luck of getting my mind off my almost nude teenage sibling, my cock started getting erect, and was threatening to press itself against her. I pulled away from Rose softly. "Are you okay, Rose?" I watched her as she nodded, and followed her eyes to my crotch. Blushing, I moved away from her. "The police will be here soon to arrest him, and they'll most likely need your statement." "I love you, Arthur.thank you for saving me." "You don't need to thank me, sweetie.

I'll do whatever I can for you." I helped her get dressed, her body still shaking from the attempted attack. Later that night while in bed, I reflected about what happened.

She had most likely invited Bobby over, which was something I'd need to talk to her about. My thoughts were interrupted by my door opening, and Rose came in.

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"I can't sleep.can I sleep with you tonight?" Before I could object, she crawled in bed next to me, and snuggled her body against mine. I could tell all she had on was a t-shirt from the feel of her bare legs against me, and for my sake, I hoped she was wearing panties.

Unfortunately, my cock still started to stir, and I hoped she hadn't noticed. "Sleep tight, Rose.


I love you, nothing bad will come to you again."