Dp meine geile Thaifreundin Jenny

Dp meine geile Thaifreundin Jenny
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SIGMA LAMBDA ALPHA PHI By Sir Jake The Invitation It was with more than normal excitement that I waited for the call. I wasn't sure how the invitation would be sent but I knew that it would bring the promise of a thrilling and adventuresome week. It had been five years since I moved from college life out into the "real world" and very few days had passed when I didn't long to be back at school. Not only because I missed the days (and especially the nights) spent at my college fraternity, Sigma Lambda Alpha Phi, but I knew there was much I could now contribute to my fraternity.

Then the day came.

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I had just returned home from a two-week fact-finding mission for my small manufacturing firm when the invitation arrived.

The plain white mailer contained an unmarked DVD disk.

I immediately inserted it into my player but was unable to get it to play so I quickly moved to my den and inserted it into my computer's DVD drive, accessed the media player and waited for the program to boot. "Please, Sir, with respect and admiration, enter your freshman year nickname in the password box." read the message on my monitor. I immediately typed L*I*C*K*A*S*S and pressed enter.

Three or four seconds later the scene came into focus. It was a tight shot of an attractive, not beautiful, but attractive young woman with dark black hair apparently pulled back into a ponytail. She looked directly into the camera and with a strained look on her face and a slight quiver in her low rasping voice said to me, "Sir, if you please, Sir, I humbly plead for your presence at our Alumni Worship Week, November &hellip.ahh… November fourteeee&hellip.aaaaaghhhh…………November 15th." Sir, if you please, Sir, I promise to be your total and devoted little sister slave for the duration of your stay here, Sir." I repositioned myself in my brown leather desk chair to give my now surging erection the room it demanded.

"Sir, I must find an alumni big brother before Alumni Worship Week, Sir. Sir, if it pleases you, Sir, please respond to my plead, Sir, as soon as you may, at your pleasure, Sir. "Sir, I beg you to agree to be my teacher and trainer that week, Sir. I will be yours and yours alone, Sir, to train and discipline and share as you see fit. "I have already learned how to be an adequate cocksucker and will give you relief and pleasure as often, whenever and however you command." With that her eyes widened sharply and a truly pained expression swept across her face as a long low grunt swung slowly from her throat.

"Sir, I'm Sorry, Sir.

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I failed my address instruction, Sir. I promise I will be trained better before you arrive, Sir," she pleaded anxiously. She waited nervously for something to again further her pain but none was forthcoming as she had apparently complied correctly with her addressing instructions. After maybe 5 to 10 seconds her face relaxed slightly and she continued.

"Sir, I implore you, Sir, please, please, please agree to use and train me at the A.W. W., Sir, please, Sir, please, Sir. Sir, please Sir, I cannot endure the punishment of a second rejection note, Sir" From my time at The House I knew what she referred to was indeed very difficult.

In fact, I had to ask three different alumni big sisters before I received a positive response as I was going through my induction semester. After my first rejection, the punishment and service that was hurled upon me was painful and embarrassing. After the second rejection I was willing to (and did) promise anything to avoid a third rejection note.

"Sir, please, Sir, say yes to my plead. I will give you anything you desire, Sir, and I will gladly endure at your masterful hand, Sir." She had apparently had some time to refine her pleads because she exhorted me with a conviction and longing I didn't think was possible from a once-rejected plebe.

"Sir, please, Sir, if you come here I will promise to give you anything you demand. My mind and my body will be yours to mold as you like. Use my cunt and my mouth and, Sir, if you wish, Sir, you may take my ass for the first time in my induction, Sir. Sir, I will offer all that I have to offer if only you will agree to come here, Sir, for Alumni Worship Week, Sir. Sir, I offer you myself and want you to discipline me as no other can, Sir.

Sir, please, sir, I don't want to endure another rejection punishment session, Sir, not like this one, Sir. Please say yes to me Sir, please." Then the camera pulled back from her face and I could start to appreciate fully the situation she was currently enduring. She was stretched tight across a training horse that appeared to be the same devise I had become well acquainted with from both sides of the power exchange. It was a solid contraption made of hardened cherry and resembled a large version of a sawhorse.

The crossbeam was fitted with a soft leather cover and was well padded --- a good thing since many hours of discipline where often administered on "Old War." Her big brother had done an excellent job of affixing her to it. Her ankles where shackled with one-inch clips to the legs--high enough so that only the tips of her toes actually touched the cement floor.

Large leather-covered cushions inserted between her knees and Old War's legs effectively opened her ass and pussy obscenely wide. The cushions were buckled in place and matched the crossbeam cover. A wide leather belt buckled on her back just above her ass kept her lower torso in place.

Nothing held her upper torso in place.


However, her wrists were shackled tightly to the very bottom of the front legs and a second strap kept her upper arms securely in place. The coup de grace, however, was the hair bondage.

Her long dark hair was braided into a lengthy leather thong which had to be at least 10 feet long because it stretched behind her, wrapped around a rod in the ceiling grid and came back to the front leg of the bondage horse where it was tied off.

In this way she was forced to keep her face up and her throat available. It also caused the bound girl's back to arch and her kept her tits taut---making the weighted nipple clamps all the more painful. There appeared to be about 6 to 8 ounce weights attached to each nipple.

The weights came ever so close to touching the floor but not close enough for her to be able to give herself any kind of relief.


In all, I'd have to say her big brother had learned well. The camera surveyed her predicament from head to toe and I enjoyed every minute of it. Eventually, though, the panning stopped on a still frame of her meaty ass cheeks with just a hint of the swollen pussy lips peaking into view.

At that moment I became aware of the sound of movement in the bondage bay and the appearance of a young man dressed in leather pants and boots with his face obscured by a half-mask.

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"As you know. slave sarah, each failed plead results in two full-strength strokes with a cane. Are you ready to receive your plead inducement?" he asked. Immediately she responded, "Yes, Sir, I need and deserve such treatment, Sir." I could see the cane raise high into the air, the whistle of the air being pierced and the crack of flesh being met. "OOOOOOWWWWaaaaahhhh," she managed, "Sir, thank you, Sir." Whistle and crack.

"Oooooooooooooouchh. Ugh.

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Sir, thank you, Sir." The camera zoomed in on her ass and I could actually see the almost perfectly placed lines begin to appear. Tan turned to pink, pink to red.

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They were beautiful marks. She was indeed earning her stripes. After just a few moments the camera stretched back to its original frame and followed the brother as he strolled to the plebes head. Wordlessly, he took hold of the hair strap, pulling her head even further up as he removed the end of the thong from its mooring.

He stepped up onto the pedestal that was secured to the front of the horse. With his free hand he untied the fly of his pants and removed a fully erect and impressive erection.

"Mouth open," he instructed. As soon as she parted her lips he placed the tip of his cock in her mouth and said, "Suck." With him holding the thong all she could do was suck on the tip. "Harder" Her cheeks puckered as she tried desperately to please her big brother. In just a few seconds he raised his arm and the thong slackened allowing her head to fall completely on his cock as it disappeared into her throat. I heard the clang of the nipple weights hit the floor as she gagged slightly on the fleshy invader.

Very soon afterwards he pulled on the thong, raising her head almost off his cock and the weights off the floor. She drew in a gulp of air as she waited for the next stroke. She didn't have to wait long. His hand was raised and she took his whole cock yet again as the weights clanged and she grunted and gagged.

Again and again he repeated this action as her face stroked up and down on his dick. I loved watching her eyes roll high into her head as she was pulled off his cock and the nipple weights swayed. She moaned and grunted each time she was returned to the base of his prick. Sometimes he would hold her head high for several beats before feeding her again and sometimes he made her stroke up and down quickly.

This game continued for quite some time but eventually his rhythm consistently quickened as he approached orgasm. Finally, he lifted her almost off of his cock and began shooting a sharp stream of cum into her mouth.

He backed out of her lips and left a thick trail of milky white juice on her forehead, left cheek and the bridge of her nose. She moaned in approval as he wiped his cock on her chin and put his retiring member back into her mouth for one final cleaning as her face was lowered and her nipples were giving more permanent rest.


Semi-erect he withdrew and slowly stepped down off of the pedestal. The camera moved in closer as one more time he pulled with moderate force on the thong as the cameraman gave me a close-up view of her sperm-covered face. She looked directly in to the camera and said, "Sir, please, Sir, come for me, Sir." How in the world could I refuse?