Teen cutie gets her tight love holes completely destroyed

Teen cutie gets her tight love holes completely destroyed
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Hey, just want to tune you in to what kind of story mine is. It's a roleplay between me and my boyfriend.the only thing I've edited is the speling and punctuation.

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Hope you enjoy, and leave me reviews so I know what you like and what you don't. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ fucinhigh08: i'm a construction worker fucinhigh08: and your home alone fucinhigh08: no school yankees2girl: kk and i'm 15?

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fucinhigh08: yep yankees2girl: are you working at my house or the neighbors? fucinhigh08: your house fucinhigh08: putting in a window fucinhigh08: in your room fucinhigh08: yep fucinhigh08: k so it's early in the morning and i knock on your door wearing jeans and a t-shirt and my tool belt yankees2girl: hmm its early in the morning, i open the door wearing a wife beater and those pink little boxer shorts i have, no bra, "hey, are you here for the window" i point behind me fucinhigh08: mmmm fucinhigh08: "umm ya i am i say looking you up and down, "umm your parents tell you i was coming?" i say stuttering not knowing what else to say yankees2girl: "yeah, they said you'd be here around 12-4, i just woke up" i smile "do you wanna come in and i'll show you what window" fucinhigh08: "ya please" i say following you into the house "nice place you guys got here" i say as i watch your hot little ass wiggle as you walk in front of me yankees2girl: "thanks.it's in here" i lead you into my room "well there it is" fucinhigh08: i go over and take measurements "well good i got the right window i tend to fuck up a lot" i say laughing fucinhigh08: i look around seeing thongs and boy shorts on the floor yankees2girl: i laugh and as i see you looking i tell you to not mind the mess fucinhigh08: "oh i don't" i say smiling "not at all i'll be right back with the window" i say smiling as i walk out your room yankees2girl: i say "ok" and smile watching you leave, i start picking up my underwear, bending over and crouching down fucinhigh08: i watch your ass as you bend over as i walk out the room and let out a little moan "mmm" i say walking towards the front door and grabbing the window from the truck yankees2girl: i grin feeling your presence still behind me.

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i put my thongs in the hamper and busy myself with something in my dresser waiting for you to come back fucinhigh08: i walk in with the window noticing you haven't got dressed and covered up and smile at you as i walk in the room "i'll let you get dressed if you want before i start" i say putting the window down and heading towards your door yankees2girl: "oh thanks, i forgot i'm so comfortable" i giggle as i walk over to my dresser and start pulling out clothes and quickly taking off my shorts fucinhigh08: i stop and stare as you undress in front of me "oh shit" i say in shock" your fucking body is incredible" yankees2girl: i blush "you think so?" i stand up straight and do a cute little pose for you laughing fucinhigh08: "ooo i do" i say staring at your sexy body standing in front of me naked "wow how old are you if you don't mind me asking" i say grabbing my cock "your body makes me so uncontrollably horny" yankees2girl: "if you think my body makes you this horny, wait til' you feel my touch" i smile holding my hand out reaching for your hand fucinhigh08: i walk towards you and give you my hand "wow your beautiful" i say as i get close to you fucinhigh08: my other hand still holding my rock hard cock yankees2girl: i put your hand on my hip and wrap my arm around your neck and nibble on your ear and whisper "15" fucinhigh08: "holy shit are you serious" i say pulling back a little and looking over your body "wow, have you ever had an older cock" i say as i reach down and grab your hot little bald teen pussy yankees2girl: i smile "of course" and start kissing your neck moaning fucinhigh08: "mmm that's what i like to hear so your a little slut" i say in your ear as i kiss your ear and rub your hot little pussy harder and harder pressing down on your throbbing little clit yankees2girl: i grind my hips against your hand "fuck ya i am" i giggle at myself "can i see?" i ask reaching for your pants fucinhigh08: i smile big loving your sluttiness "fuck yes you can you little slut" i say smiling and reach down and helping you pull out my big fat throbbing cock already rock hard fucinhigh08: "you like what you see little girl?" yankees2girl: "oh my god" i stare at your cock yankees2girl: "yesss wow" i take your cock in my hand stroking it feeling it grow even bigger in my fist fucinhigh08: "mmm fuck" i moan as you stroke it "you think it looks hot wait 'til you feel it in this hot little cunt" i say as i slide 3 fingers easily into your tight slutty pussy yankees2girl: i moan loud and clench my pussy together around your fingers "i don't even know your name, but your cock is easily the hottest cock i've ever seen" fucinhigh08: "my names not important just get down on your knees and get a closer look at that hot cock i say pulling you down by your pussy yankees2girl: i moan loud and drop to my knees "oh you wanna play that way, well you can call me slut then" i look up at you as i shove your cock in my mouth staring into your eyes fucinhigh08: "mmmm good you little fucking slut:" i say as i watch u take my cock deep in your throat right away and stare at your eyes as they strain from choking "mmm that's a good little fucking whore" fucinhigh08: i say grabing your hair and helping you go back and forth yankees2girl: "ooooooghhhh" i moan loud and choke hard on your cock my lips curl up when i hear you call me names and i slide a finger in my pussy feeling a void because your fingers aren't in me anymore fucinhigh08: "ya fuck that little cunt you slut" i say as i start moving my hips faster fucking your throat hard "you fucking love have your throat fucked up don't u bitch" i say grabbing your big teen tit and squeezing yankees2girl: you can hear my hand slapping against my pussy lips and you can hear how wet chocking has already made me i pull out my fingers and wrap my hand around the base of your cock sliding it all around fucinhigh08: mmmmmm i pull your head off my cock "suck those fingers clean bitch" i say as i beat my cock off your face yankees2girl: "yes sir" i say smiling as i shove all four fingers in my mouth sucking on them and slurping fucinhigh08: "mmmmmm that's a good slut" i say jerking my cock and pushing your hand in further making you gag a little on your hand as you slurp loving the taste of your teen cunt juice yankees2girl: i take my hand out licking my lips "do you want a taste?" fucinhigh08: i grab your hand "i sure fucking do" i say as i start sucking all four of your fingers and guiding my cock back into your mouth yankees2girl: i open my mouth hungrily swallowing your cock like a good girl, when your done sucking whatever's left of my juices off my hand i slide my fingers back into my pussy, riding my hand fucinhigh08: mmmmmmm i watch as you stuff your entire hand in your hot dripping wet pussy gagging hard on my cock and loving it letting out little moans between gags yankees2girl: as you gag me hard i cum all over my hand moaning and choking at the same time yankees2girl: after im done cumming, i grab onto your ass pulling you in deeper to me fucinhigh08: "mmmmm fuckk" i yell as you choke your self hard burying your face in my stomach with all your strength as i moan loud n start cumin hard straight into your throat yankees2girl: i cough hard, your cum oozing out of my mouth as i stare up to you with pleasure in my eyes fucinhigh08: i cum hard overflowing your mouth with cum and pull my cock out and grab you by the throat" you like that fucking cum you little slut" i say slapping you in your face as cum pours out and you try and slurp it up loving the taste yankees2girl: "yes i do sir" i smile as i lick what's coming out of my mouth up swallowing it fucinhigh08: "you like being a little fuck toy?

i say grabbing your throat harder" you like your fucking throat torn up don't you" yankees2girl: "mmm i do sir" i don't struggle to get your hands off my throat, looking up at u hungrily fucinhigh08: still choking you i slam my rock hard cock in your throat and smash your face in my stomach "good you little whore do you want that little cunt torn up now" i say holding your head making you gag really really hard and shake your head around yankees2girl: my eyes get big when you ask if i want to be fucked and i cough hard forcing me to close them as a tear runs down my cheeks fucinhigh08: i hold your head as i see you struggle to breath and squirm wanting to breath and wanting a cock in your pussy "c'mon bitch choke harder if you want it in your pussy" yankees2girl: i reach around and grab your legs rite under your ass and pull you in digging my nails into your thigh gagging hard fucinhigh08: "mmmmmm good fucking whore" i say holding your head very forceful and start fucking your tiny throat hard then pulling it out "lay down and spread your fucking legs you slut" i say jerking my spit covered hard cock yankees2girl: "mmm thank you sir" i lay on my back and open my legs wide for you "let me feel your hot cock inside of me" fucinhigh08: mmmm i kneel down and slap my cock on your soaking wet hot little pussy "hold that cunt open for me bitch" i say pressing the head of my cock on your throbbing little clit yankees2girl: i open my pussy with both hands "look nice?" i ask smiling and moving my hips against your cock fucinhigh08: "mmmm fuck yes it does what a hot little cunt you have" i say as i start jerkin my cock with just the head in your pussy as you hold it wide open "how many cocks have been inside it you little whore" i say smiling at your pretty face loving the look on your face knowing you love it yankees2girl: i pause to think and you can see me mouthing numbers "hmmm 20.26?" yankees2girl: i smile big "wanna make it 27?" fucinhigh08: "mm that's a good little whore you fucking know i do" i say as i slide my cock deep inside your little cunt and hold your legs up and open as i start pounding your little pussy hard yankees2girl: "holy fucckkkkk omgg you feel so great holy shit" i grab onto my tits biting my lip hard "mmm fuck me hardder" fucinhigh08: "mmm ya you like that you little fucking whore" i say as you squeeze your big hot tits and i pound your little pussy hard" you like that big cock ripping your little pussy open yankees2girl: "yess omggg it's so fucking big" i arch my back moaning loud "im gonna cum holy shit" my pussy clenches tight around your cock a few times as i cum hard fucinhigh08: "oh my god" i yell as you feel your hot cum gush all over my cock making me fill your tight little cunt with cum as i keep pounding it, sloshing both our cum all around "oh my god your a fucking hot little slut" yankees2girl: i stare up at you panting hard "wow holy fuck, you feel amazing" i grind my hips against you finishing cumming

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