Comendo a amiga da esposa

Comendo a amiga da esposa
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My name is Mike; I'm the manager of a pub and have a lot of young staff working for me. I'm 40 and married but like to flirt with the young girls at work. It's normally just a bit of banter but sometimes there are girls who like to flirt more than others. Sophie was one of these girls. Sophie was 17 when she started working for me and is now 18. She's a cute red head, 5' 5", slim build, C cup tits and a nice firm ass.

We'd flirted a lot since she started working for me but nothing had ever happened. She'd had boyfriends from time to time but nothing serious. Sometimes we'd sat had a drink after work and quite often sex would be the topic of conversation. It became apparent that Sophie liked to be submissive when it came to sex.

Things that she said about boys she'd be been with told me that she liked a man who took control. But most 17 or 18 year old boys didn't seem to know how to really push her buttons and this was leaving her disappointed with sex. I'd joked a few times that she needed to get herself an older man with lots of experience to show her a good time.

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This normally just led to a giggle from her and nothing else. But one evening after work, not long after she'd turned 18, the conversation turned to sex again. She told me that she'd been looking at some porn on the internet and had seen some sites where girls were getting tied up and punished.

I asked her if she liked what she'd seen and she looked at me shyly and said yes. I asked her what she was going to do about it and she looked at my again and said hesitantly 'maybe you could help me out?' I wasn't sure at first if this was a wind up but going form how red she'd gone in the face I knew that she was embarrassed at asking me but it was a genuine request.

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I started playing through the situation in my head. I really found Sophie attractive. I liked the idea of showing a young girl the pleasure you can get from sex.


I really like the idea of tying her up and seeing how far I could go. Although I had a house there was a flat above work that I sometimes slept over in so there was the perfect location in which to have my wicked way with Sophie. After a minute I looked at her and told me to look me in the eye.

'Sophie, are you serious? Do you really want me to do those things that you saw on these websites?' She stared back at me, clearly getting aroused at the mere suggestion that it might actually happen.

'Yes, I really want you to do those things to me.


I really want that a lot', she said. 'Ok then, you're on' was my reply. 'Tomorrow afternoon, come up to the flat and see what happens'. She looked at me with hunger in her eyes.

Suddenly it was becoming real and she wanted it to happen now. 'Can't we go to your flat now?? Please.' I was firm in my reply, 'No, you will have to wait, and I need to go and buy some things if I'm going to do this properly. Besides, if you enjoy being told what to do then this is your first test. You have to wait until I'm ready.' She looked a little disappointed but also excited at the prospect of what was to come.

As she was walking through the door to leave I said to her, ' I might send you some instructions by text, make sure that you follow them!' She left with a feeling of anticipation for what was to come. An hour later I sent her a text asking how she was feeling. Her reply said nervous, but excited.

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I sent a message back asking if she was turned on. Her one word answer was YES!!!


I told her that she could play with herself but not make herself cum. This led to an excited response that she was playing with herself and felt really turned on. Then I sent her a message telling her to send me a picture of tits.a few minutes later a picture message came though.of her tits with very erect looking nipples.'Very good so far, you're following my instructions well, now show me your pussy'.a few minutes later another pic, this time showing me her pussy lips with a triangle of hair above it.'I want to be completely smooth tomorrow, no hair on your pussy'.'Ok Mike' was her reply.I sent her a message back saying 'Don't call me Mike, call me SIR.'.'Ok, SIR' she said.I told her to push a finger inside herself and tell me how wet she was.'Very'.then I told her to push two fingers inside and send me another picture.I was getting very hard looking at these pictures of my teenage waitress playing with herself at my command but wanted to keep her waiting so I sent her one last message of the night telling her to rub herself for the next 20 minutes but she wasn't allowed to cum.

The next morning I went out to a sex shop to buy some items that I planned on using later and waited for Sophie. At 1 o'clock the doorbell rang and when I answered it she was standing there in a summery dress. I wanted to start as I intended to carry on so I told her to pull her dress up in the door way and pull her panties to one side.she slowly started to follow my instructions and revealed to me a beautifully shaved smooth pussy.

I reached out my hand and started to stroke he lips making her gasp at my touch. My other hand went behind her a grabbed a cheek of her bum and pulled her closer to me.

I squeezed her cheek as I stroked her pussy and asked her if she had followed my instructions last night of playing but not cuming.'Yes' she said. 'Yes what' I asked. 'Yes SIR' she said, looking excited at being told what to do. I told her to go through to the living room and sit down.

Then I asked her if she was sure that she wanted to do this, did she really want me to tie her up and do things to her. She looked even more excited now and said eagerly 'Yes please'.

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'I mean Yes, please SIR!!'. . 'and are you happy for me to do whatever I want to you?'.'Yes, ANYTHING!!!!' I told her to stand and put her hands behind her back and I reached into a bag and took out some handcuffs.'let's start by restraining you then'.then I reached into the bag again and took out a ball gag and standing behind her I fastened it on.

There was a mirror in front of us and I can see the look of lust in her eyes as she allowed herself to be taken control of.then I told her to bend over.she half bent over so I forced her further and her head was near the ground.then I knelt down behind her and put my hands on her legs.I slowly started to slide my hands up her legs.over the backs of her knees.then under the hem of her my hands slid further up they started to push her dress up.sliding further and further, gradually exposing more and more of her legs until I was up to her bum cheeks.then further until her dress was pulled up completely exposing her bum.I stroked her cheeks for a minute looking at her in the mirror.then I slid my fingers into the sides of her panties and in one movement yanked them down to the ground.although she was gagged I could see in the mirror the excitement in her eyes as she felt herself suddenly exposed to me During the time that I'd know Sophie I'd fantasised a few times about her and wondered what her pussy looked here it was in exposed in front of me and Sophie was mine to do whatever I wanted.I stroked her pussy lips gently enjoying how smooth they were and pushed one finger inside her.she squirmed around clearly enjoying the sensation.she was already very wet inside but it was going to be a long time until she was going to cum as I planned to tease her.but before that the punishment.

I stood up and ran my hand over one of her cheeks and then pulled my hand back and brought it down on her left cheek.then her right .then more stroked of my hand on both was fairly gently at the moment and I was watching her in the mirror as I spanked her.I'd always enjoyed spanking a girl and Sophie had a great ass to spank.I started spanking her harder seeing her cheeks start to turn red.after a few minutes I stopped for a minute and slid a finger inside her pussy.she was soaking wet.I stroked her clit gently enjoying having her tied up in front of me.then started spanking her again, even harder.I was really putting a lot into now, getting carried away.the pervert in me was coming out now getting SO turned on at having this sexy 18 year old girl bent over, handcuffed and gagged as I spanked her again and again and again.

Her ass cheeks were bright red now with finger marks all over them.I reached into my bag and took out a riding crop.I showed it to her in the mirror and I could see in her eyes her excitement at what was to come.there was loud thwack as she felt the first stroke of the crop on her ass.followed by a dozen more.the crop left angry red lines on her ass cheeks which really turned me on and I gave her another down until her cheeks were covered in them.something that I'd always wanted to do was to use a crop on a pussy and here was my chance.

I put one of my feet between her legs and pushed them apart in turn exposing her pussy more.having her hands restrained she almost lost her balance but managed to stay standing.I lent forwards and whispered in her ear that I was going to use the crop on her pussy.the situation was really bringing out the forceful side of my nature and the more turned on I got the more I wanted to take advantage of the situation.

As she was gagged then she was saying everything with her eyes and when she heard me whisper that I was going to whip her pussy she looked a little bit scared but excited too.with her legs wide apart I was able to use the crop coming up between her legs and land the tip of it her on pussy that position she was tensing her ass cheeks making them look even hornier and seeing her pussy open for me as I whipped her lips was turning me on so much.after 20 strokes I put down the crop and knelt behind her to take a closer look at her pussy.her lips were red and I could see little lines where the crop had stung her.I pushed two fingers inside her and she was even wetter than before.she really was a dirty bitch Next I led her over to a table in the middle of the room and lifted her up onto it face down but slid some pillows underneath her lifting her ass up into the air.then I fastened a restraint to her left ankle and attacked it to the corner of the table.then did the same with the right.then I took off the handcuffs and did the same with her wrists so she was spread-eagled on the table with her ass in the air and legs wide open.having given her some punishment I was now going to give her some frustration.I reached into my bag again and took out a vibrator and turned it on slowly and pressed it against her lips.I could see her ass cheeks quivering as she felt the new sensation on her pussy and I ran it up and down her lips.then I turned the speed up and pressed it against her clit.I played with her pussy and clit on different speeds trying to get her more and more turned on.I'd moved the mirror and put it in front of the table so I could see the look on her face as I played with her.I wanted to get her as turned on as I could without actually cuming and had to get the timing right.the vibrator was on full speed now pressed hard against her clit and I had a finger inside her and she was relishing the orgasm that she thought was about to come when I stopped.I took my finger out of her and turned off the vibrator and put it down.the look of frustration in her eyes was clear.the spanking and whipping had turned on her so much as she had surrendered to me then the pussy play had built her up to an amazing orgasm and now she had been denied Up until this point my cock had staying in my trousers.I wanted to give her a few minutes to retreat from the brink so I went and stood in front of her and was in front of her face as I undid my belt, then the buttons then pulled down my jeans.she could see the bulge in my boxers and was watching intently as I slowly started to pull them down.the waist band was pulling my cock downwards keeping it hidden from her until it slid over the tip and my cock sprang back hitting my chest with a loud smack.then my cock was standing hard in front of her.I'd not been this hard in a long time and she looked like she liked what she could see.then I took my cock in my hand and started to stroke it over face enjoying the feeling of her skin on my shaft.I put the tip of it to her lips below the ball gag and ran it around her mouth.then I undid the fastening on the gag and took it off but replaced it straight away with my cock.I'd thought many times before about having my cock inside Sophie's mouth and now I did, and better still she was my little slit and I was feeling like a dirty fucker.I took hold of the back of her head and push my cock all the way in.I don't think she was very experienced at cock sucking and definitely was a novice at deep throat.but she had no choice I was going to force her to deep throat me and pushed all of my 8" right to the back of her through.she started to gag so I pulled back for a second but then pushed it hard in again and this time held it there for a few seconds.the more the afternoon went on the dirtier I was feeling and forcing my teenage waitress to deep throat my cock made it throb inside her mouth as she choked.

Saliva was running down her chin as my cock pressed at the back of my throat and every time I forced it in I held it longer than the previous time.I pulled out for a second because I wanted to hear her gasping for breath then rammed it all the way back in to my balls.her eyes were watering as she took more cock deeper than she'd ever taken a cock before.I could feel the spunk rising in my balls so decided to stop and took my cock out and put her gag back on.I went around the table to finger her pussy again.juice was dripping out of her, this was clearly what she'd fantasised about and was turning her on as much as it was me.

It was time to tease her pussy some more but also to give her a bit more pain.I reached into my bag again and took out some latex gloves.then a chilli pepper.then a knife. I put on the gloves and used the knife to cut the chilli in half.then I sat by the side of the table and got up close to her pussy.I took the cut chilli and started to rub it against her pussy.she started to squirm on the table as the heat from the chilli started to make her pussy throb.

the more I rubbed it the more swollen her pussy lips became.when I rubbed the chilli on her clit I could see her ass cheeks clench as her clit tingled with the heat.her pussy and clit were both engorged now.then I took some massage oil and covered my gloved hands in it and started to massage her fingers were digging into her lips, occasionally pressing inside her and I squeezed her swollen pussy.I used my thumbs to run her clit and it was so sensitive it wasn't long before I could feel her start to tense in anticipation of I slowed down and took my fingers way from her clit and went back to just massaging her tender pussy lips.

The windows of the flat were open and there was an outside drinking area down I played with Sophie's pussy I could hear voices down below and recognised some of them.

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I went to have a look and realised that two of her friends from work were down there having a drink. I went back to massaging Sophie's pussy and whispered in her ear that Ellie and Emily were outside and what would they think if they knew what I was doing to her?

Knowing that her two friends were only a few metres away as she was tied up and helpless with her boss taking advantage only turned her on some more To be continued