Beautiful Teen Loves His Thick Cock

Beautiful Teen Loves His Thick Cock
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It was just another ordinary day at school, Clandice High School in fact, and Randy was just about out. His history teacher was so boring.but he had already been caught dozing off twice today, and strike three would mean detention -- for a long time. He looked to his left. Two feet away, there she was -- Ashley. Ashley King, one of the hottest and most beautiful girls in his school. Looking at her now, with her legs folded, Randy remembered just how hot she was. Her long legs folded over each other in perfection.

Her school uniform really showed off her great chest.

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Her face, looking just as bored as he was with this class, was cute, yet sophisticated. Randy imagined his cock in her mouth, and his cock instantly got hard. "Damnit.Damnit." Class was over in a little while, and he didnt want to have to get up with a huge boner in front of the whole class." Just then, Ashley slid her desk over to Randy's.

"Hey Randy. Are you bored, or is it just me?" "Hey Ashley. Oh, yea this sucks. Mr. Reisman shouldn't be a teacher.agghh" Ashley giggled. "Well, what do you want to do to pass the time? Wanna like, play a game?" Randy nodded. "Sure, what did you have in mind?" "Well, how about tic-tac-toe?" "Sound good, let me get some paper out of my bag" Bending over to her bookbag, which was on the desk side towards Randy, Ashley looked up.

"Randy, do you like me? Because i've had a crush on you for a while now." Randy's mouth opened.


And stayed like that. "Ashl.Huh? Are you serious! You're like the hottest girl in school!" "RANDY! BE QUIET BACK THERE! STRIKE TWO AND A HALF!" Mr. Reisman shouted. "Really Randy? Hah, i think your probably the cutest guy in school." "Jeez. Hey Ash, wanna maybe go out some ---oh!" Ashley had her hand on Randy's zipper. "I've got a great game in mind now Randy".

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"What!? Here, in class?!" "Heh. Just relax, and don't make a lot of noise or Mr. Reisman will hear you". "Oh my god." Her hand pulled his zipper down. She reached into his pants slowly, rubbing him.


"You're hard already! Heheh" She pulled his cock out of his pants, and it stood straight up. The head of his dick was already soaked with precum.


Still bent over him under the desk, she grabbed his shaft with her right hand and began to jerk him off. He was big, around 8 inches long. He wasn't overly thick she realized,but just the right size. She went at a slow pace, with long, hard strokes. Randy's breathing quicked. A lot. "Oh my god Ashley, i think i'm gunna cum!" he whispered loudly. "Don't. Not yet.

Better if i do it this way?" She softened her grip a little, and went a little slower. "Oh man.This is the best day of my life" Was all he could say. Ashley contemplated it in her mind. Should she do it? If she started sucking him off, the slurping may be too loud for such a small classroom. SHe decided, what the fuck. As she put her head down, she opened her lips and closed them 4 inches deep onto his dick. Randy almost moaned loudly. But he managed to keep low.

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"I'm getting head.from the hottest girl at school.god!" Ashley bobbed her head up and down, her tongue swirling saliva around his cock.

She could comfortably fit 4-5 inches of him into her mouth.

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As she bobbed up and down, she used her free hands to play with his balls, which were tingling. He lightly placed his hands on the back of her head, as he stared into the ceiling.

She sucked him hard, her tongue going over every ridge of his cock. This was the best feeling in the world. Ashley looked up for a second, smiled, and then went down. Deep. She was deepthroating him. He felt the head of his 8 inch meat touching the back of her throat, and as she swallowed his precum, her throat massaged his whole shaft.

How could he not cum? He held on. She stuck her tongue out while his whole cock was in her, and licked the bottom of his shaft. Did this girl have no gag reflex? he thought. She went up and down, putting 3 inches in her mouth and sucking the head hard, then deepthroating and drinking his precum.

"Oh god! Cumming!!" he moaned, not too loudly. Ashley quickly pulled her mouth off and jacked him for a bit. The first spurt of his cum went up, onto the bottom of Randy's shirt.

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The next dribbled all over Ashley's jacking hand. Then, she went back down on him, a third spurt getting on her face and the rest going into her mouth.

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He couldnt stop cumming. he must have shot 9 spurts, 5 into her mouth.

The white cum dribbled out of the sides of her mouth as Randy stop thrusting into her, and she slowly moved her mouth off him, making sure now to lose too much of his cum. Looking into his eyes, she opened her mouth, showed him all that cum on her tongue, and yes, she swallowed. One gulp. "Fuck Ashley, i love you!" "Sit here again tomorrow then baby," she said, licking her hand and pulling up his zipper.