Jenna jameson lesbian

Jenna jameson lesbian
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Hi, my name is Jay and I'm a BIG hoe. I love cock in my mouth and being fucked or fucking ass and I'm proud to stand by that. Any who let's get down to some of my experiences shall we. I'm 5'10", awesomely built with a perfect phat ass (bubble butt for those that don't know lol) and creamy brown skin and eyes and a low cut hair do.

My very first experience started in a club called Passions. Now Passions was a famous gay club around my area and I would always go there at the end of the week. I've decided to bring a couple of my hoe-ish friends along so we can enjoy our time there.

This week was full of work load and we all needed to dance all that stress off our shoulders. Anyways, we're in the club dancing, talking, gyrating on one another than we suddenly went our ways to talking to others in the club as well. That's when I met him.

This tall buttery skin looking dude with his shirt off showing his impressive 8 pack abs. The sweat from his body gave off a luminous shine when the club lights were constantly flashing on him. He made his way to me on the dance floor and managed to move to the back of me. I was delighted to have such a good looking man behind me, though there were cuties all around, he was the cutest. So there we were dancing to Beyonce's Crazy in Love song be-bopping and sexy dancing on the floor and than he whispers something in my ear.

" I think your sexy and I like this bubble you have on you, it makes me go crazy", he said very seductively. I smiled and turned to face him and saw his handsome face appear.

"Oh do you now, how bad does it turn you on" I said with such a confidence. "Very bad, I can feel my dick growing. You wanna touch it and see for yourself", he said grabbing his crotch. Whatever he was grabbing seemed to be very impressive like his abs. It was long and was geared to his thigh.

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He motioned my hand to touch his dick that was trapped under his very nice looking jeans. There I felt a very large pole that just wanted to be freed from its compartment. I was deeply satisfied. " Why don't you come with me to the rooms in the back to get a better look see, by the way my name is Jason" he said.

"Names Jay, nice to meet cha" I replied. He grabbed my hand gently and we made our way to the back of the club. Passions had these rooms in the back just in case anyone wanted to fuck or whatever in private instead of the dance floor. Of course we had to pay for a room which Jason kindly did.

We entered our room which was lightly decorated. The room was lit with redish candles that smelt like sweet roses and fruit. The furniture was black and it looked brand new. I thought to myself that Passions is really poppin' (which means great lol).

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I made my way to the bed walking very sexy so that Jason would see my tight ass. I peeked back a little to see his expression and I could tell he was very pleased. "Oh Fuuuck! I want you now" he exclaimed. He walked towards me and started to unbuckle his pants. I took this time to undress myself.

I looked at how eager Jason was trying to get his pants off and when his did his large meat was poking out from his boxers. I was astonished to see such a big piece of meat. "Wow that's big, you must be proud" I said with a smile. "Hell Yeah, its a hundred percent real man wood. Thanks to my gene pool" he laughed. If I could guess he was at least 12 inches big. I couldn't wait to have that meat in my mouth.

I was drooling just by the mere sight of it. He dropped his boxer now revealing all his glory. His big dick was completely at its full growth which was coming from a nice trimmed pubic area. I was admiring his greek god-like body and he was taking further steps towards me. His sexy abs still glossing from his sweat from dancing and how he had the sexy "V" that lead to his crotch.

His muscular legs were covered with little black hairs and showed divine muscle cuts in them. There we were both naked just taking in the sights of one another, both of us very pleased.

Jason leaned in and kissed me gently on my bottom lip in hope I would return the favor, which I did. His round full lips tasted so good in my mouth. Our tongues danced the tango for a while before we really got down to business. He reached around and grabbed my ass. I was at complete bliss when he grabbed me with such a passion. He was moaning and still kissing me while he was playing with my butt.

I reached for his little butt and grabbed it and played along as well. The heat was stirring up and I could feel his big pole rubbing in between my thighs. "I wanna fuck you now" he said with such a lustful look. " Not yet lemme me get you even more warmed up", I said.

I dropped to my knees in front of him and he grabbed his huge dick and slabbed it against my right cheek.

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He laughed a little and so did I. There I was staring at the big dick that he had in front of me. I took a deep breath and opened my mouth up with joy and he entered himself into my mouth. The very girth of his dick stretch my mouth to its full capacity. I was enjoying it rather than dwell in the pain that I was experiencing. He began to thrust him self little by little stuffing more and more of his dick in my mouth. "ohhhh fuck yeah, just like that, use your tongue" he said.

His head was bent back showing that he really enjoyed what's being done to him. I didn't have a gag reflect so having a dick all the way in my throat wasn't a problem. Little by little more and more of him was trusting in and out of my mouth. He loved my tongue game as it danced along his shaft and cock head.

I stuffed my tongue in his dick slit and that drove him over the edge. I was tongue fucking his dick. I was amazed at how good I was getting on my head game. "Ohhh fuck yeah yeah yeah ooooooh fuck yeah keep doin' that" he exclaimed while his breathes were getting shallower.

"You like that big boy, well how bout' this" I said and I reached for his big heavy ball sac. His balls were like the size of two large eggs encased within a silky warm sac. I licked his left nut and he quivered in excitement.

" Awwww fuck do it again" he demanded. I licked his right nut and sucked it into my mouth and moaned, "mmmmmm". I played with his nuts a little while longer and made my way back to his engorged friend between his legs.

I took him into my mouth once again and I felt both of his hand on my head. He looked down at me with a lustful look and said," I'm gonna fuck ya mouth, you ready". I nodded with his cock head in my mouth and braced my self for what was coming next. He hold the back of my head and glided himself all the way into my mouth. All the way in and out his massive 12 inch dick invaded my mouth. It was like out of a porno scene I saw a couple days back. But I was the person having their mouth be violated with such a delight.

I tasted a little saltiness and sweetness in my mouth indicating that some of his pre-cum was oozing out. It tasted yummy and I was eager for more. He continue to pump in and out of my mouth and quicken his pace.


"Aw aw aw yeah baby ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh" he said in a delightful voice. "Your mouth does wonders ohhhh fuck I'm going cum". I grabbed a hold of his testes and released my grip on his dick with my mouth. I looked up and said, "Oh no your not, not in my mouth just yet". I got up off the floor and got on the bed. I was on all fours and told him to eat my pretty butt. He agreed and dove into my ass. His muscular hands parted my bubblious butt and he started to dart his tongue at my mangina(my ass-hole, I love calling it a mangina te-he).

It felt so good. He swirled his tongue around and into my mangina with a aphrodisiacal vibe.

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I was loving his tongue game in my ass I couldn't believe this was happening. He grunted and moan ferociously as he was egging into my mangina. He had enough and got up. He walked over to his pants on the floor to take a little bottle of lube he brought. Obviously. He brought that because he knew he would get some and so he did. He also got a trojan condom as well and headed back towards me. He turned me around and sat me up on the bed and handed me the condom.

"Put it on with ya mouth sexy" he said with a eager look. So I opened up the extra large trojan condom wrapper and place the condom around my lucious lips. I grabbed a hold on his waist as he held his harden man wood with his right hand and he placed his left on the back of my head. With one motion he guided his engorged member into my mouth and throat having the condom wrap itself around it.

He continue to fuck my mouth for a little while having it from the tip of his dick to the very hilt of it. I have never deep throat a large piece like that so much. I was very surprise that I still had feeling in my face after all that mouth fucking but I couldn't complain I was enjoying every bit of it. He finally took his dick out of my mouth and laid me on my back. He opened my legs and posted himself in between. He squirted a little lube on his dick and stroked off a little.

He placed his dick on the very rose on my mangina and probed me for a little while. I clenched up a lot but managed to relax. His dick head popped into me and I screamed out. I sucked my teeth and said, "awwwww ohhhhhh be easy at first than you can ride me". He laughed and said," I'll be sure to do that". He continued to probe me and slowly enter more of himself into me. I place my hands on his abdomen to signal to even slow down more because it felt as if someone was parting my ass with the jaws of life.

He complied and moved slowly. After about 2 to 3 minutes he was at least more than half way in my ass. I felt my insides squeezing his dick and trying to abort his invading tool from my body.

The thought of his huge rod in me so deep sent my mind on a wonderful trip. My eyes were closed and my mouth was wide open. The pain and pleasure was mixing so well that I couldn't set my feelings on one but it felt wonderful.

He was in me all the way now. He pulled himself all the way out and pierced me again with his dick. I let out a quick exhale when he did that I was in disbelief but it felt good. He repeated this again but this time left his cock head in my mangina and thrusted himself all the way in me again.

I was loving his entire dick inside me. Not wanting not an inch to be left out. I was able to open my eyes and saw him looking at me with a tasteful grin. A grin that signifies that he was enjoying every bit of it as well as I was. He placed his muscular arms under my legs with his hands grabbing my thighs and went to town on my ass.

He fucked me hard and deep and wasn't planning to stop any time soon. I look down at my crotch and saw my own dick hard as a steel rod and dripping precum. I licked my own sweet nectar multiple times. The third time I went for my dripping liquid Jason stopped my hand and guided it to his mouth.

His fat long tongue wrapped around my finger and he moaned as he tasted me. "Mmmm you taste so good" he said. "I know" I smirked. He continued to fuck me deep. After ever shove and pull he did he thrusted harder and faster than the next.

My ass was on fire and it was splendid. I felt the veins on his dick force themselves into and out my ass. It felt amazing. He stopped and turned me around on all my fours.


Once again I braced myself for the impact. In one motion again he placed his wet dick at the rose of my Mangina and thrust inward.

My ass swallowed his dick with pride and held on to it. I was ready to put the back shots on him good. So there we were, him clenching onto my back and riding me like a fucking horse.

I was bucking and twisting and booty bouncing. "Ohhhhhh fuck yea ohhhhhhh do that shit Jay ohhhhh fuuuuuuck" he screamed out in joy. So I continued to do so. I squeezed my buttocks and rode him like there was no tomorrow. I was laughing at him for making such girly but sexual noises. It only marked me as he was having the time of his life. Like if he hasn't experienced a good fuck for quite some time. But tonight was different tonight he was fucking me and he was enjoying even bit of it.

I continued to pop my ass back and forth on his massive creature that was lurking in my love tomb. Than he let out a screech,"ooooooooh fuuccccccccccccccck yeah I'm gonna cum". He exit out of my ass and took the condom off with such a hurry. He stroked his dick with a passion, "oh fuck oh yeah oh fuck uh uh uh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk" he said. Squirt after squirt his huge dick let out ropes of cum that splatted on my ass. I was jerking my own dick and soon after I squirted as well. I felt 9 large droplets of cum he so kindly landed on my ass.

The rest just oozed out of his prick. He was panting heavily and was laughing a little.

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"Why you laughing Jason", I said questioningly. "Ohhh man that was the best nut I ever had in a while and I'm laughing because I made a smiley face on ya butt with my cum streaks" he said catching his breath and slapping his dick across my ass. I laughed too because of his silliness. He wipe away a part of his cum smiley face on my back and licked his hand. "Damn I taste good, you wanna taste Jay" he exclaimed and had a lustful look.


I nodded and he wiped off another part of the cum face on my back and motion his hand towards my mouth. I licked all three of his fingers and as I did I heard him moan in pleasure.

A few moments afterwards we got dressed and exchanged numbers. He said,"I really enjoyed myself tonight we should definitely do it again some time Jay". "Sure as long as you keep feeding that dick of yours the right stuff", I replied. He laughed and said I was a character. He kissed me on my bottom lip and walked out of the room but not before saying,"When I see you again be sure to be ready for double the trouble".

He had a distinctive grin that notified me that he had something up his sleeve the next time we would meet. I wondered what it would be until that time came. Part 2 yes/no