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Blonde Babe Wants To Famous
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First story shouldn't be good I wish me luck Hello my name is Rebecca and my friend Natalie talked me into hiking up mount Everest with her, it's gonna be both of our first times so were going with a group, it cost quite a bit but that's fine.

Before we make the climb they told us about the camps pre-set up along the trail we will be taking and to look for them if we some how get lost, like that will ever happen.

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The first day was pretty easy not too cold or steep, we set up camp after 5 or 6 hours after the sun started to come down at noon, when we awoke a family was missing a father, mother and two teen daughters, their tents were gone and there was no tracks we all came to the conclusion since we weren't that far up they chickened out and left. We came across the first pre-established camp 3 hours after we packed up, it was a log cabin with 3 workers we stopped briefly there and kept going and the guide marked it off on the map as a checkpoint, warning that Noone else should leave after we leave this area or you may be lost out here.


When we set up camp a long while after we left everyone was tired and in need of sleep I don't even think most of us had even eaten after we set up I stared at Natalie who was trying to cheer everyone up by telling jokes as we tried to set up a fire, she tried but to no avail.

That night our camp was attacked by animals or something but more people were missing and their tents ripped open and smashed, no blood or anything that could tell what happend was left behind, when we tried to go back down the mountain the snow had been changed the guide said their was most likely an avalanche and that it was too risky to walk tthrough so all we could was keep moving towards the next pre-made camp.

As we hiked up me and Natalie slowed down and got to the back of our now 5 person group from which was 12 earlier that week, Natalie asked me if I heard anything the night before I told her I heard nothing and asked if she heard anything she also heard nothing, she then she me if she could sleep in my tent with me tonight, I asked why and she said she has been getting cold and lonely all by herself I said Sure but no touching and we giggled and got confused looks from the people ahead of us.

A few hours later when we all are and got settled in our tents I was in my tent with Natalie who was looking at me with questioning eyes I asked her what she needed and that that she wanted to "huddle for warmth" I said okay but what happens on the mountain stays on the mountain, we both took of our night shirts but kept on our pants, since our tent was warm because of the extra money I spent but it wasn't that warm, Natalie and I both have similarly large breast I think around F cups, we then embraced each other our nipple touching and then we heard footsteps outside rather large ones from the sound.

Shh did you hear that I said to Natalie we both laid in silence that's when we heard the screams then our rent was ripped open and big white hands grabbed me and Natalie and carried us into the harsh cold I passed out from the shock and sudden temptress change.

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I awoke on a surprisingly not very cold stone floor with only the sound of whimpers around me I looked around and there was single crudely made torch resting outside what I could tell was a prison me of old bones around us, the only people I could see were females no men around I saw the 2 teen daughters from the first day sobbing with almost lifeless eyes, no sign of Natalie but the other woman who was the 2nd one usually in line was alive but looked to be in a state of shock on the floor.

As i looked around the large creature had come into view it was what I would call a yeti I could see it was male with a dick that would match a horses and genitals the size of bowling balls I could see the veins on its blue Cock that was seemed out of place on its otherwise white body except for its face that was also a tealish blue, as I observed it lifted what I guess was the door and all the other woman crawled away as I froze in horror as it grabbed me.

As it carried me through the cave hallways there were more crudely lit torches and I could see what they had done to to men just used them as a food source, as he stopped and through me down on a soft floor I saw Natalie in the corner hair plastered to her face and weeping while holding herself I tried to reach out and say her name only to be grabbed and lifted I soon realised why she was crying, The creature proceeded to ram it's Cock into my ass it did this for awhile as I cried and screamed never had done analysis or anything that big it began drooling and grunting as it went deep it spun me on its Cock and soon I looked like a chicken on a spit as he used me like a flashlight I could feel his genitals slapping my purse and I started to moan apparently it liked this and started to ram harder and faster into my body, I soon stuck my tongue out and wailed in pleasure not knowing what came over me, then his Cock started to convulsed inside me and he released his warm juices deep inside me I felt it rush into my rectum and screamed in delight or pain I don't remember, I felt him slide out but not put me down instead I saw two others trundle in and take me gently from this one who had just ravaged me, The one who had handed me over walked over to Natalie grabbed her and started walking towards the prison that held the rest of the females I could hear the sloping sounds as he got a quick one off in her accompanied by her crys.

I noticed that the two who were left with my had smaller cocks, the one who had ravaged my ass had at least a 4ft Cock and thick as a horses, these two were 2.5ft maybe but still same thickness, as my nose was no longer numb from the cold I could mell their musk mainly the sweat and cum from their genitals, then one of them got in front me of me and the other flipped me to face the ceiling I was becoming nauseous from their musk and opened my mouth to vomit and stuck my tongue out when the one holding my shoved his dick straight into my pussy not being a virgin made it so it didn't hurt as bad as having my ass ravaged, but when I stuck out my tongue the one in front saw his chance and shoved his Cock head in as well I was know truly on a spit between these two they both were thrusting in me almost in sync, my pussy was stretched beyond belief and could feel him perpetrating my womb, the one in front did not take it lightly either he had one hand on my head shoving his dick straight down my throat, as it went on they went faster got harder and bigger, the first one to go balls deep was the one invading my pussy, when his balls began slapping my ass enough to make a rhythm he began drooling all over my back and quickened in pace, the one in front caught up after a few seconds and his scent was engulfing my face and I could feel a slime get thicker on my chin every time his balls slammed against it, after they were both in deep as the could I felt both their balls twitch and then I felt all of their cum inside me, the first one I noticed was the one destroying my mouth, he was growing larger and started shooting violently until it became a steady steam of foul tasting juice running down my throat, some even came up and covered his shift with my tongue in the top half feeling the veins pumping, when the one who was in my pussy came I realized why he took so long he had basically knotted me, as the oneiin front pulled out and let the juices flowing out I stayed stuck on the on behind, at first it was just growing and convulsing then it opened the dam and it made my belly visibly bulge and even after it stopped coming, I was still stuck on him his cock showing no signs of deflation as the cum began to stop flowing he started thrusting again opening.

Up areas of my pussy to ensure impregnation, after what felt like hours I slid off into a puddle of cum and felt my pussy empty I soon passed out, When I woke up everyone was in the cage mostly crying or silent with lifeless eyes all naked, when I had finally thought of it all and realised we were never leaving and basically living fleahlights I joined their sobs of despair, when I studied everyone I noticed Natalie got the worst of it, her pussy was gaping her ass still leaking her hair was fully glazed with cum, I wondered when we would all become that used.

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