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Big dick gay anal sex with cum swap
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I'm in Mansfield, Texas an affluent suburban city located mostly in Tarrant county, with small parts in Ellis, Johnson and Dallas counties. It is a suburb of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area. Its location is almost equidistant to Dallas, Fort Worth and DFW Airport.

As of the 2010 census, the population was 56,368. I'm staying at the Best Western Northwest Inn. I'm here visiting a small bank for the possibility of buying it. As I walk into the bank, I see a very attractive young bank teller. She looks to be 20 years old, is about 5' 8" and 110 lbs. She has long dark hair down to the middle of her back, small perky breasts, long never ending legs, and a nice small ass. What the hell is it with girls? Margrita is flirting with me shamelessly as I stand waiting for the bank president.

After my meeting I invited her to join me for lunch, the bank president gave her the afternoon off. With my lunch invitation I also have every intention of getting a piece of ass from the hot little dark haired beauty with the tight body. We didn't go out anywhere, we went to my motel room.

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We started making out; soon I had her clothes off along with most of mine and we were rolling around on my king size bed. Then she started saying, " no, no, I can't do this." What the fuck? I hadn't forced her to come to my motel room and she hadn't resisted me removing her clothes.

She wouldn't go to the cops and cry rape, would she? Fuck it. This is a small town; the scandal would be devastating for her. There is probably evidence that the little tease is sexually active. I'm much stronger than she is. I held her down with my arms, forcing her closed thighs with my knee then tried to shove my painfully hard cock into her.

Oh God, she is tight; she is very tight. She is hitting me with her fists; I grabbed them and held them firmly against the bed over her head. She tries to bite me; I bite her back and she cries out. As I continue I'm sure she is actually moving along with me, she went on with the, " no, no." She really did seem to be fighting for all she is worth but I easily overpowered her. I'm getting off on her struggles; she feels the huge head of my cock rubbing up and down on her labia.

I look huge against her small slit. She whimpers as I push slightly against her.

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No way she thought. It will never fit. " Oh bitch this is going to change your life. This will not feel good." I lean forward putting my weight against her.

I push my cock up spreading her lips slightly. She feels intense pressure building. My eyes are closed in effort and concentration. My growl is low and menacing as I push harder. She feels her tight pussy being stretched. Nothing close to this size has ever been inside of her. Her pussy is resisting but it is slowly stretching, I'm not easing up. Her tight pussy is feeling constant pressure with minimal penetration. Not even all the head has entered her. She thought she is going to be torn apart.

" Fuck you are so fucking tight." I grunted and thrust my hips forward. She feels Something tearing in her, something giving way.

Then a deep burn fills her entire pelvis as my hot throbbing monster cock forces its way into her small tender pussy. A split second ago the tip of my cock is barely entering her and all of a sudden my head has forced her pussy open. Her scream is a painful high pitch scream. Tears are running down her face. My growls giving way to grunts as I push my hips forward again. I push deeper slowly stretching her pussy. She reaches up and pushes against my belly wanting me out of her.

I complied until I'm almost out. She tries to push me all the way out and I grab her hands pinning them at her side. With a laugh I thrust back into her. Driving another four inches this time inside her. She screams again as my cock hit places never touched. I held her hands down so she can't stop me from thrusting into her. Each thrust drives deeper and deeper inside her, the in and out motion causing friction against the tender walls of her vaginal canal.

Each thrust brought another scream and more tears. I let go of her wrists and my hands found her small breasts, squeezing them. My growl is low and vicious in her ear. All she can do is whimper as her lungs and pussy burn. During the constant impalement I'm giving her, her finger nails are clawing my back.

My hands are squeezing her breasts and pulling her nipples. Her face still reddens when she thinks about how wonderful the rough fucking felt and how my cock felt inside of her. Her hands move down to my ass and she squeezes my cheeks as my cock slides in and out of her pussy. She is screaming an writhing under me as her orgasm surges through her, I'm slamming harder into her, banging against her pubic bone with every thrust.

She is fighting me again; it is turning me on, even enraging me. I love fucking young women with my monster cock, ruining them for life. I pull out of her, rolling her forcefully over on her stomach, deciding to finish her off from the rear.

She won't get up on her knees, lying flat on her stomach with her legs tightly clamped together. Straddling her closed legs gazing at her small tight virgin ass, I start to laugh. Did she think that was going to keep me from fucking her ass? My cock is longer and thicker than average; I might not be able to go balls deep but I'm sure as hell going to get most of my cock in her tight pussy and ass.

The intense friction from her attempts to deny me only excited me more. I'm back inside her. She tried to get out from under me as I swatted her hard across her naked ass with my hand. " Don't pull away from me, Margrita, do you hear me?" I admonished.


" Don't you hold yourself from me," I said menacingly. She lay under me crying quietly trying to understand how I could do this to her. Margrita grimaced as I entered her, " Oh god.stop, you're hurting me. please, it's too big.too big," She whimpers when I push my bulbous, purple cock head deeper inside her. Oblivious to her pleas, I held her hips thrusting into her, my long thick cock filling every inch of her. Faster and deeper, deeper and harder until my body tensed and I begin to grunt with my urgent thrusting into her.

Finally, holding her tighter, I stiffened and she feels me forcefully erupt, claiming again what I already perceived as belonging to me. I started to finger her ass hole as I settled into a steady pace.

Soon I'm fucking her ass hole with my finger all the way up to the second knuckle. More of that, " no, no", crap. Finally I came; it is the most intense orgasm I had experienced in a while. I knew I was not ready to quit. Once before I had vigorously fucked my ex-wife out in a field one afternoon, plundering her like a bitch in heat from behind and had experienced the same phenomenon.

I'm still rock hard and knew I needed to get off again. Rocking back, I inserted a second finger past her tight little anal ring then begin to drizzle as much spit as I can produce on her tight little hole. I love fucking a girl in the ass.

I'd gotten the head into one of my ex-wife's fine little butts one time. She had cried out, pulled away and had never let him near her forbidden passage again. Not this time; Margrita is going to get it in the ass. She squeals when I broke her anal barrier; she cries out when my cock slowly descended to the depths of her furnace-hot little rectum.

I whisper in her ear. " My cock is balls deep in your ass, Margrita. Relax and accept it. I'm going to fuck your ass and I'm not going to stop until I dump a load in that tight little ass of yours." She whimpers, moans and protests but much of the fight had gone out of her.

I had released her arms.

She slipped one hand under herself and begins to rub her little nub. I fucked her ass longer than I thought I could last inside that excruciatingly hot, tight velvet like canal. All good things must end. I came with a howl and a growl at the very depths of Margrita's abused ass. She came a few seconds later but tried to hide it.

She turned over and slapped me, hard across the face; I did not retaliate, figuring I probably deserved it. " Take me home you bastard!" Margrita screamed, retrieving her clothing and quickly going into the bathroom. I cleaned up and dressed, taking Margrita to her apartment. As she opens the door to her apartment, I took two quick steps forward and crushed her against the wall and closed the door.

I grab her long hair with one hand, pulling her head to one side, as my mouth descends to her neck.

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My hardness pressing insistently against her through our clothes. This is too much for her. She doesn't know me, and for the second time today, I'm forcing her to have sex. She immediately regrets flirting with me at the bank eariler. She tries to push me off. I stop, but don't loosen my grip on her hair. My eyes narrow and search hers. My voice is quiet. " That was a mistake, you little fucking tease." I quickly turn her around and wrap one arm around her chest, pinning her arms, and the other hand around her face, stifling her sudden shrieks for help and covering her nose so she can't draw breath for more.

I lift her two inches off the floor this way and carry her to the bedroom, she is unable to land a good kick on my shins before I back into a room off the hallway and kicks the door shut.

I push her down onto the bed and straddles her stomach, pinning her elbows down with my knees. I gag her anyway, with a towel from the nightstand within my reach. I look hungrily at her chest and she realizes her nipples are still erect. I begin to lightly caress them through the shirt and a whimper escapes from behind her gag.

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She feels my erection against her stomach. She tries to convince herself it is pure terror that makes her squirm under me and make high, soft noises in her throat. I let up on her arms with my knees but immediately capture her wrists in my hands and uses them to twist her onto her stomach. I grab a belt from a pile of clothes on the floor next to the couch and tie her hands together behind her back. I drags her over to the couch and straddles her again, sitting on her thighs. Now that I can take my time, I savor it.

With a devilish grin I slowly drag the hem of her shirt up. I pull it until the whole thing is over her head and behind her neck. My fingers leave trails of fire on her skin as they move around her sides to her back, where I locate her bra and deftly unclasps it, pulling the whole thing up to join her shirt.

Now in addition to her wrists being bound together, her elbows are trapped by all that fabric, making her back arch and her now-naked breasts push forward. She hasn't felt so vulnerable in her life. Mu eyes are almost feral now. They flash fire as I lean forward to engulf her left nipple in my mouth.

My nimble fingers knead the other one. By now she is not struggling. I'm thinking she is just trying to get this over with so I would leave. In reality her movements are thick with lust, her thoughts of fighting back drowned out by the throbbing of her clit.

My tongue swirls around the nipple. I draw it taut between my teeth before letting it go. I growl deeply, sending a shiver through her, and begin suckling the other nipple and fumbling at my belt. Soon my fingers are sliding down, further, further, until one slides a little too easily between her pussy lips and my face registers surprise. I study her face again. She realizes she is blushing furiously.

What is she thinking?


This is rape! This is illegal and immoral! I'm the one who should be embarrassed, not her! I have a knowing smile now as my fingers double their efforts.

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The music's driving beat seems to guide my actions. Her skirt and panties are on the floor in a matter of seconds. I flip her over and lay her lengthwise so that her face is pushed into the couch and her ass is in the air. She can tell what's coming by the way my weight shifts on the cushions behind her but it still makes her jump when my tongue lands on her clit and slides up, up, almost to her asshole.

I repeat this for what seems like forever. Soon I start to focus on the clit, moving in ever-narrowing circles around it. When I finally flick my tongue directly back and forth over it, she almost comes. She feels my weight shifting again and suddenly something that is hot and hard and unmistakably a cock is pushing against her.

She barely has time to register this before I push all the way inside in one long stroke. She screams into the towel, which seems to make me lose my cool; I start slamming into her with abandonment, grabbing her wrists with one hand for leverage and effectively pulling her torso up.

Her nipples start to roughly graze the cushions as she is jerked back and forth by the force of my hips. My balls are slapping against her clit. She silently curses me for seeming to know what her favorite position is and give into the orgasm washing over her. Her pussy contracts and expands around my cock; I come as well, digging my fingers into her round ass cheeks so hard she thinks I'm going to break the skin.

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When it's over, I let go of her wrists and she collapses. She hears me still breathing heavily. I unbuckle the belt and she slowly works her hands free. She sits up and removes the towel from her mouth.