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Make him cuckold hardcore xvideos sex youporn cum shot revenge tube teen porn shaved pussy and girlf
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Last week my neighbour's daughter came over to my place to see me about something and saw me having sex with my girlfriend by the poolside. I was unaware of this at the time but she came over again to get what she wanted after my girl had gone she had been waiting for her to leave.

We had been skinny dipping and we had sex together there most times I am 26 and my girl a year or so younger. Holley the girl from across the road is 17.

When she came back she asked to borrow a book and then said do you have sex with your girl friends there all the time, she is very attractive and has a great body and what is that tattoo on her breast. Shit I said what is this all about. She told me she had been over earlier and saw us and watched the two of us while we had sex together. She said I saw everything, I came over earlier when you were by the pool and when I saw what you were doing I watched until you finished and then went home and when I saw her leave I waited for a while and came back.

She had wanted to borrow a book from me it seems and had no inhibitions about telling me she saw us having sex.


I said you are a little perv. She said I wasn't perving I was watching and learning I have never done it one of the ways you two were doing it so I watched. I said hang on you are telling me you have sex. Whats wrong with that I am legally allowed to. Whats more I like it. Who do you have sex with I asked. My boyfriend. I have just started to do it with him. You have just started what do you mean by that you have only done it once.

No he is my second boyfriend my first one did it the first time and I don't like him any more so I now have my new boyfriend. So you are a regular little sex rat. Well I like it and I can see you and your girlfriend like it too. I laughed and said maybe we could make a foursome one day and the four of us could all hook up and have some fun. She said do you want me to ask my boyfriend when he sees yours girl he will certainly want to she is beautiful.

Better looking than me and she really has a great body. Then she said to me if you would like to I would do it with you I saw you in action and I wouldn't mind being a part of it, and you penis is bigger than the boys I have been with and I think it would be fun. I said are you asking me to have sex with you. I think that's what I said, but if you want a one word answer YES. I am so much older than you are you sure. Age has nothing to do with it but I think we could have some fun like your girlfriend would she mind if she knew you and I had a fuck.

I don't know and I am not going to ask or tell her. If you are so willing whats wrong with now. Can we do it outside by the pool like her.

Its dark now and nobody would see us. You really want this don't you - you are not prick teasing and will pull away when we are about to do it. No I want to. Truly. Ok lets get things moving. You want to do it outside or in the back room. Outside. Ok lets go. I took her out to the lounge in the poolside cabanal and she undressed and so did I. When she was naked I saw a woman not a girl standing there not a lot of tit but enough and looking nice with quite brown areola and firm nipples.

He pubic hair was cut back into a strip. She looked very attractive standing there. Then I saw her looking at me in the same way I was examining her body.

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She smiled and said that is a real nice cock, I think I will enjoy the pleasure of it circumcised and the biggest yet for me I think I will enjoy it. Ok I said lets get things moving and she said lets not be in too much of a hurry I want to see it first up nice and close. She immediately got down on her knees and took my cock in her hand and it went from firm to hard and she laughed and said now that's a cock and a half, I love it and immediately put it in her mouth and she began to not only suck it by slipping her mouth up and down but also with her hand stroke it as well she had done this before.

I said lets get more comfortable and moved over to the lounge and sat down while and she got right back onto me again. I looked down at her and could see the look of pleasure on her face as she looked up at me with her big brown eyes. For 17 she was extremely competent. I said you do that well you must have a bit of experience. My first boy loved me doing this and taught me.

He once had an older women do it to him and she taught him, and he told me how. Do you spit or swallow it. Swallow I love it. After about 5 minutes she said that's enough for now lets fuck I said how about you would you like me to return the pleasure. God would you. My first boy did but my second one wont.

Like I said this woman taught him well and he went down on her as well. Sometimes he did 69 with her. So he does it well. Ok lets se how I compare and she had stood up and as I stood to let her lay down she came to me and kissed me and she knew how to do that too- she had been well trained.


We French kissed with her tongue exploring my mouth as I did for her and the passion scale really went up. I was hot and so was she we were both ready to go off. I virtually pushed her down on the lounge and followed her down still kissing and when she was comfortable with me on top of her still I began to move down and kiss her neck and her nipples and then around her belly button before heading for her pleasure pit.

Shit you know your way around she said that's a first for me you found one or two erogenous zones I was not aware of. This is cool. She opened her legs to let me gain access to her with my mouth and then licked her moisture away, she was damp and tasted great. I spread her lips with my fingers and looked at her beautifully firm lips and her vagina totally exposed and hairless and looking wonderful all pink and wet and absolutely fantastic, I licked her and as I did she murmured oh shit that's good.

And her hands came down and held my head against her vagina making sure I had just the right pressure applied to her opening as I licked her. Then I slipped two fingers into her and sucked and licked her clit. She moaned with delight and squirmed a bit to get a bit of extra pleasure from my mouth now completely over her cunt.

As I licked and sucked she made the sounds a guy loves to hear when he knows a girl is enjoying what he is doing to her. She took this for another few minutes then I could tell from her movements she was close to orgasm and I stopped long enough to say do you want to cum and as I looked up to her she just nodded and I immediately went back down on her and finished it for her.

I sucked and licked her little clitoris and sucked it out of its sheath and licked it with my rough tongue. Then she came off with a bang a really high intensity climax and she bucked and bounced and forced her vagina firmly onto my mouth as she grabbed and squeezed her nipples she was grunting and moaning and really coming off - she had a fantastic orgasm and she knew what she was doing and it was a pleasure to see her really enjoy what I had done for her.

After she had exhausted herself I stopped and got up beside her and held her. God that was amazing she said my best yet I love oral but that was the best ever thanks I loved it. I am glad you appreciated it when you are ready for the next course let me know and we can finish it off with the classic experience.

You and I together enjoying the pleasure of fucking each other I don't think you are the type to lay back and let it happen are you. No way my first boy said he should be fucking me but I always seemed to be fucking him I love it. I said there is no need to ask but I want to be sure you are safe. Do you think I would let you fill me up and not be safe. The first few times I used a condom with him but then I got onto the pill. You wont have any worries with me. The first time I did it we never used anything as he said I would be safe the first time I know better now and we were lucky.

Have you had a scare. No and I don't want one we had a girl at school who got pregnant and that caused a stir as she couldn't tell who the father was she had it with a few boys one night at a party and it was her first time too she said. The whole school was under suspicion about who did and who didn't have sex. It was quite frightening two incest cases were found out one with a brother and the other with her father.

I had only done it a couple of times at that stage but we were all suspects. I admitted it and nothing more happened.

It stopped quite a few girls who had started, including me for a couple of weeks and then I couldn't help it and wanted it again masturbating was no where near as good, but this time I told him he had to get a condom before I would.

That was the first time I had really seen cum he came in the condom and we looked at it after he took it out and I was surprised, now I know what I drink when I suck him.

I said are you ready now. I am ready all the time but yes whenever you would like to. I got up and moved between her legs and she opened herself for me and once more I looked down at her magnificent vagina.

I took my cock in my hand and guided it to her opening and she sat up on her arms and watched as I aimed it at her opening, rested it against her lips and looked up at her and she just nodded and I pushed into her slowly. I could feel my cock going into her- she was firm and tight, tighter than any girl I could remember, It felt awesome all warm and wet and my whole cock being surrounded and held tightly by her vaginal tunnel.

She said oh god that feels good fantastic its big but beautiful and fills me to the brim I have never felt it feel so good going in.

I then slowly began to fuck her and she lay back and let me do my thing, I knew she was enjoying the sensation herself and not just lying here being fucked we were having a mutually agreeable fantastic fuck. I said do you like it It feels absolutely perfect I dont think I have ever enjoyed it so much you are bigger than my boy friends and it feels awesome I didn't think size mattered but it does. I love your cock. Now I know why your girlfriend seemed to be enjoying it as much as she did.

How much did you see. A lot from you on top then doggy and finally her on top. Would you like to do the same. Please. When you are ready we can go doggy.

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She fucked with me for another few minutes and said how about now I think I would like it now. I pulled out of her and she said I am missing it already this is the best time I have ever had. She got around and on her all fours and presented me with her beautiful pink lips between the thighs ready to be refilled with a very appreciative cock.

Her lips were a bit fuller and pink after having been fucked by my cock and sucked out by my mouth she was fantastic for her age. When she was ready I said here it come and she said I cant wait I have only done this once before.

I then pushed my cock into the nice tight lips and leaned against her ass as my cock slid into her beautifully moist pussy. As I went in she flinched and said ouch that hurt a bit I don't think the angle is right. I pulled back and went back into her pointing my cock slightly higher and as it went in she said AHHHH that's better - I can feel that now and it feels nice.

I don't know what happened last time. I said that sometimes happens with doggy, also girls have to adjust themselves on cowgirl too. She said that's me on top isn't it. Yes you ride me like bucking bronco. I have only done that once too but I couldn't get comfortable so we went back to him on top again. I said well we will have to make sure you get it right this time if a girl cant cum thats where I get her and she can work herself off, they never fail up there.

They get their clit onto the guys cock and whammo they go for it. By now I was getting a good rhythm going in her and she was beginning to move with me coming back as I went forward into her. We were working together nicely and I said how are your breast are they swinging nicely. She said there is not much to swing they are pretty firm and have a bit to grow.


I am a bit slow here some girls are twice as big as mine. I didn't say any more but I had noticed in some girls with fairly flat chests that they had an amazing apatite for sex, far more than girl with bigger ones.

They seemed to be able to enjoy endless sex cumming time after time not quite nymphomaniacs but with an amazing desire to have and enjoy sex rather than never be satisfied no matter how often they cum as a nympho does.

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She said this is great, but don't cum in me I want to save that for the big finish. On top. As I fucked her I looked down at my cock slipping between the cheeks of her ass and it was wet and slipping in and out of her easily her cunt was really tight around my cock as well. I said have you ever had anal sex.

No and from what I have heard its painful. Far more than when you lose your virginity. Have you. Once but neither of us liked it she had done it before and wanted to try it again but neither of us were happy doing it so I pulled out and she said it's the only time she has not enjoyed a cock in her. Well don't get too excited with me either I don't think I would enjoy it and lets face it why have sex if you don't enjoy it and I can assure you I am enjoying this.

Your cock is amazing. We fucked for another four or five minutes and then she said ok I am getting a little bit sore can I do it on top now. As we changed position and I got ready to have her take my cock in from the top I said - No worries you are doing well for our first time I hope this wont be the last.

Not if I can help it she said how about your girlfriend. She wont mind we aren't serious - just fuck buddies really. Have you ever tried a three way with another girl. What are you saying have I tried lesbian sex.

I wouldn't call it lesbian sex bisexual sex would be a better way. It's a guy with two girls. Look I have seen it on the porn sites and have wondered if it is as good as it seems to be. The girls really seem to enjoy it and lets face it, it cant be much different than with a guy. What have you seen. Two girls with a dildo plying and fucking each other with it a double ended dildo that seems to go into both of them at the same time and then sucking each other or fingering them off.

That's about it it is good fun believe me. Have you done it. A couple of times. With her. Twice with her girlfriend she has another girl she lives with and they often sleep together and I have been with them both a few times its great fun. God I have never done anything with another girl at school we has a couple of lesbians and they were all over each other all the time.

I wasn't sure what it would be like with another girl. Well if you want to I am sure Jan will be happy to educate you with me. A threesome. Let me think about it at the moment I am tempted but I am high on sex and would just about do anything my whole body is aching for it and wow when I cum its will blow my brains.

Just before she lowered herself onto my cock I said bring it up here and she came up and squatted over my face and said I know what you want and lowered her pussy down onto my mouth. she had a fairly strong scent now and tasted great. It was strong and saucy after all the fucking we had done.

She stayed for a minute then got up and said if I stay there any longer I will cum lets get it into me and see how long I can last.

She then got over my cock and I held it up as she lowered herself down onto me. As it went up into her or her down onto it she said oh my god this feels amazing I don't know how much of this I can take I was pretty close when you were fucking me and then you licked me and now my clit must be as big as a marble it is so touchy.

She got right down on me and said this is better that the last time and she began to rock her body on top of mine then lifted herself up and bounced on I and said I cant do that for long its very tiring. I said try it the other way around- How do I do that. Just leave it up there and spin around on it so you are facing away from me.

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She did that for a minute and said its ok but I cant see your face and I love watching people when I fuck them. Then she turned around again and bent down and kissed me and as she did I played with her nipples and she said keep doing that don't stop that's great oh shit that feels good its sending signals to my clit I love it.

As I played with her nipples pinching and squeezing them she bent down again and her intentions were clear suck them and I did. Sucking her hard nipples was great her tit flesh is firm and not soft like most girls. She stuck at fucking me and I was sucking her nipples and she suddenly sat bolt upright. Fucking hell she said Fuck its here I m going to cum OHHHHHH FFFFUUUUCCCCKKKK. Ohhhhh FFFFFUUUUUCCCCKKKKK and she wriggled her cunt around on my cock rubbing her clit against my cock I worked myself up into her fucking her from below and she was meeting my rhythm and then I came and as I pumped my cock into her my cum pumped in as well - my cum flooded into her and she looked down at me as I was biting my lip and she said you are cumming arnt you I didn't want to spoil her fun and tell her.

I can feel it inside me 0hhhhhhhhh fuck we came together I have never done that before, that's brilliant we came together. I am full of your babies how wonderful. Oh shit thats great, that was one great orgasm I want to do THAT again, shit that was great. She fell forward still with my cock inside her and kissed me that was fantastic oh how I want to do that again again and again and again.

Oh god I have never had such a good time. When can we do this again? I do so love you. Your cock is magic it is the best thing I have ever had in my life oh shit that was good. I said I am so happy for you I have not had so much fum fucking a girl ever before - you are wonderful, BUT you are also 17 and you and I cannot be an item.

I love Jan too and as much as I would love to have you a my girl its crazy. She said I know BUT we can still fuck together cant we I just live across the road I can come over whenever you want me I will never say no to you. It will be just between you and me my boyfriends wont know and if I do what you asked of me with Jan I could still fuck you as well would she be upset if she knew you were fucking me as well if she knew me.

I wouldn't be a problem just a fuck buddy and we could fuck whenever you wanted me to. I am sure there would be times when you just want to fuck me for something to do and just like today it can be fun not serious.

Ok let me think about it and yes I would be happy to fuck you at times it would be better than masturbating when Jan is not available she is away working at times and you could fill the gap. She would have to know I am fucking you but if we can sort that out when we have a threesome it will be fine. Ok that's made up my mind if she is willing I will do it with the two of us I will just have to learn to have sex with Jan. God I hope she agrees. Are you sure she wont worry that I am only 17.I will have to watch a few porno shows with threesomes to work out how to do it.

Don't worry I told her you are a natural and don't get too many preconceived ideas we can work out what we like as we go. One thing is you will have to learn to suck another girl. That wont be a problem if I can suck a boys cock or yours and swallow your cum I am sure I could suck on another girl. bring it on. We spent the next half hour having a shower and cleaning our selves up and I took a few photos of Holley to show Jan.

I just hope she agrees on a threesome with her.

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Holley will drive me mad if she doesn't want to and I enjoy fucking her she is good and I want it to continue. Keep looking for what happens next I am sure Jan wont object but if she does I am sure I will find ways to keep young Holley happy and myself as well.