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Alice finished drawing the magic circle, and began collecting the ingredients she needed to perform the ritual. Blood from a pregnant woman, for additional life essence, collected from a local hospital. Goat horn, for an anchor. And finally, a lock of her hair, to make sure the binding applied to her. She threw all the ingredients into the circle, and stepped away, all the while chanting Latinate words in a high, powerful voice.

As she chanted she started feeling the ancient power of sorcery fill her. Reaching a crescendo in her chant, she released the built-up power inside her directly into the magic circle and cried "Hear my call and obey!" Immediately, a kneeling form began to coalesce in the circle, eventually developing into a large, red-skinned man.

His horns grew out of the sides of his head, which was covered in short dark hair. The demon was completely naked, and Alice could discern the fine scales that covered his entire body, each of them as shiny as a finely cut ruby. "I am your master now, dragon-demon." Alice said, her voice commanding and strong. As she said this, a black collar appeared on the demon's neck. "I think not." The demon's voice was deep, but had a cultured ring to it, almost as if he had been born into the upper crust of ancient English society.

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Alice was about to reply, but there was suddenly an immense magical pressure from the demon. He was casting a spell! On her!

A bound demon shouldn't be able to cast spells until given leave by its master, and even then, it would not be able to target the one who summoned it to this plane of existence.

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The pressure surrounding Alice forced her to her knees, and a final burst of power and malice came from the demon, causing the collar to disappear from his neck, and reappear around Alice's own neck. The magical pressure left her, but she found she still couldn't move from her kneeling position.

"I am always surprised by the audacity of humans. Three times have I been summoned to this plane, and every time it has been by some foolish animal who believes that the pitiful magic in this realm can contain a demon. You'd think you'd learn from your history." Alice struggled to move, and when that didn't work began attempting a non-verbal attack spell to distract the demon in order for her to escape.

"No." Even as Alice felt the power begin to collect in her, the dragon-demon squelched it. "Try that again, and I will hurt you." As he said this, the demon began pacing around her ritual room, examining her tools and ingredients.

Alice decided that she would try a different tack. "Please, release me," she asked, her tone pleading. "I won't alert the Hunters or- " "No," he said again.

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"You are mine now." He turned to her and raised a clawed hand. Alice felt herself rising off the ground, and her body was forcefully straightened out.

"I don't like my pets wearing clothes." Her robe was immediately ripped to shreds, the pieces of it littering the floor. The black t-shirt and sweats underneath it were destroyed in a similar manner, and were then followed by her bra and panties, leaving her naked except for the heavy black collar around her neck.

The demon moved closer to Alice, and closed his hand into a fist.


Her arms were forced to point at an acute angle away from her body, and her legs were forced apart. The demon began inspecting her body, her flat tummy, large ass, and big, firm breasts grabbing his eye. He also took notice of the fine black hairs on her legs and arms, as well as the thick growth under her armpits and on her groin.

His mouth turned up in distaste, and he snapped his fingers, incinerating the offending hair everywhere except for her head and groin, leaving a short, finely-trimmed patch of black hair directly above her vagina. "I hate it when you monkeys let your hair grow out so much. Not a problem for you anymore, though." He looked over her again. Alice hated to admit it, but the embarrassment of the inspection and the raw physical and magical power the demon was exerting was beginning to make her hot.

She felt a dribble of juice start to run down her leg, and she trembled. The demon noticed, and he cupped her mound with his right hand, feeling the wetness.

"You mortal mages are so pathetic. Just a whiff of strong magic and you get excited. Although you may be something of a masochist as well." With his left hand, he began to squeeze her right breast.

His claws left furrows on her breast, and she cried out.

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"So fragile," he said, and snapped his fingers again. The claws retracted, and the scales melted into each other, leaving smooth skin, although the demon retained his horns, impressive size, fangs, golden, catlike eyes, and red skin-color. After snapping again, the cuts on her breast healed, leaving some blood and three small, pink scars.

"I don't mind a little marking," the demon said. After saying this, he leaned down and started licking the blood off her breast. His tongue felt rough, like a cat's, but Alice shivered in pleasure as he ministered to her. After finishing his task, he moved on to her nipple, sucking it into his mouth while intermittently biting it softly.

His teeth were sharp, but he took care not to draw blood. Alice moaned as he did this, and she started bucking against his hand on her cunt. "Eager, are we?" He said around her nipple. With this, he began rubbing her pussy, taking care to stroke and pinch her clit every now and again.

She continued moaning, getting louder with each stroke and touch on her clit.


Alice began to feel a climax coming, and she was ashamed yet excited. As her orgasm approached, the demon twisted her clit, setting off her climax. She shrieked, her eyes rolling back in her head as her body shook with orgasm. As her climax subsided, Alice felt his fingers start to enter her hole. "No, please, I'm still-" "A virgin," he said. "I could smell it on you." As he spoke, his fingers began to probe at her hymen. He retracted his fingers from her cunt and examined them.

"Wet enough." He reached out his left hand towards her alchemy table.

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The ingredients and alchemical tools on it were swept of by an invisible hand, and the table was moved towards them. Alice felt the force keeping her floating in the air dissolve into magical energy and return to the demon, and she fell to the floor.

Before she got a chance to regain her feet, the dragon-demon picked her up and bent her over the table, with her ass pointing towards him and her face against the table's surface.

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He twisted her arms behind her back, and her face twisted in pain. She gasped as she felt his huge cock rubbing against her pussy lips. A scream escaped her lips as his member entered her virgin cunt and broke her hymen, stretching out her hole as she had never been stretched before. The largest thing she had put in her pussy had been a short, thin vibrator that she had ordered from an online mail service, and that was tiny compared to his enormous penis.

He was not gentle either.


The demon thrust back and forth, slamming her ass cheeks with his hips. At first, it just hurt, but the pain began to blend into pleasure until neither of them were distinguishable from the other. She felt so full, so stretched, and it felt good. Alice was being raped, by a demon, and it felt good? At this point, her cunt was sopping wet and hot, so hot. The demon began launching open-handed blows to her ass cheeks, and this triggered another orgasm.

Her whole body shivered as the climax traveled through it, and her tongue lolled out of her mouth.

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Alice's eyes rolled up in her head once again, and she went limp. "Done already?" The demon asked, sounding amused, if that was a possibility for a demon.

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After a few more thrusts, he released his seed into her, causing her to orgasm once again. He spanked her once more, then pulled out, leaving her cunt gaping and dripping his sperm onto the floor.

As he moved away from her, her body slipped off the table and she fell to the tiled surface of the floor, her eyes closing and her mind shutting down. Alice woke up on the floor of her study to a roaring fire. The demon was searching through her books on magical theory, releasing a derisive snort whenever he read something he found foolish, which was often. He appeared to have manufactured clothes, and was wearing black trousers, black shoes and a white shirt. When Alice attempted to get up, she realized that there was a silver chain leading from her collar to a metal ring attached to the floor.

The dragon-demon turned to her. "I am Wyrm." He said, and she felt subsequent waves of power coming from him when he said that name, and she felt her cunt begin to get wet again. "I do not need to know your name, because from now on you will have none.

I will call you whatever I please. You may call me Lord, Lord Wyrm, or Master. Anything else and you will suffer." Her pussy twinged at that, and she felt a blush come over her face. Wyrm's face twisted into a disturbing approximation of a smile.

His fangs glinted in the light of the firelight, and Alice was unsure of what a smile meant in the Demon Realm, but she felt certain that it was not happiness.