Gorgeous Redheaded Ex Girlfriend Julie Rocket Fucked And Cumshot

Gorgeous Redheaded Ex Girlfriend Julie Rocket Fucked And Cumshot
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While traveling out of town for business, I decided to get a prostitute for some fun. Sometimes I will pick up women from the hotel bars, and on occasion I will get a prostitute to fulfill some fantasies. My favorite women are Asian. I love their small bodies. They remind me of teenage girls. My fixation with teenage girls comes from my lack of experience as a teen. I never had a girlfriend to make out with or to have sex with. It's not that I was ugly or repulsive, I lacked the self confidence to approach them.

Later in life I had matured physically and emotionally. I now have no problems approaching and talking to women. The only problem lies with the jail bait I am not allowed to talk to or act upon. That is where the Asian prostitutes come in. They are my teenage girls. I made arrangements to meet Nancy. We all know Nancy isn't her real name, but something Americans can pronounce. When she opened the door, I saw that she matched the pictures I saw online.

After paying her, she started stripping me. I wanted to take it a little slower. I had paid for an hour and didn't want to be rushed out in fifteen minutes. My lack of experience when younger has given me a big problem.

When I get too excited with a new woman, I suffer from premature ejaculation. I wanted this session to last, so prior to meeting with Nancy I had stopped and bought an oral pain reliever.

It numbs the gums and tooth and eases pain. It would work to numb my penis, giving me the extra time I wanted with Nancy. After getting me out of my clothes, Nancy started stripping herself. I stopped her and helped her take the dress the rest of the way off. I wanted time to be on my side, not hers.

I stood behind her. I moved the hair from her left shoulder and neck. I started kissing her shoulder, then her neck and finally nibbling on her ear. She had her hand between us stroking my hard cock.

To ensure I was going to have a good time, I had taken half of a Viagra pill. A whole pill is way too much. I could probably get by with a quarter pill, but my pill cutter ends up crushing them instead of cutting them.

Taking Viagra gives me a raging hard on, but it has its consequences. I have a rush in my body and head for hours afterwards. This time it lasted into the next day. Kissing Nancy's neck and shoulders allowed me to let my hands roam. I was using both hands to caress her flat abdomen. She had such a tiny waist and no belly fat.


My hands went to the C-Cup bra she was wearing. I massaged her breasts through the bra. I could tell it had copious amounts of padding in it. I lowered the bra strap from her left shoulder. Taking time to kiss her shoulders some more. Nancy's head was just under my chin, so that made her about five feet even.

I continued to allow my hands to roam on her body. I removed the right bra strap from her shoulder, making sure the bra continued covering her young breasts. I moved the hair from the right side of her neck to the left and started kissing her right shoulder, neck and ear. This brought some moaning from her. She continued her handjob. I unclasped her bra and cast it on top of her dress laying on the dresser.

Now I had complete access to her beautiful breasts. I whispered in her ear, "You are so beautiful.". In her broken English she replied. "Thank You.". I led her to the bed. She wanted to remove her panties and get down to business. I wanted to play for a while. I turned her over onto her front. This gave me access to the back of her beautiful body. I started at her neck and kissed my way up and down her back.

I reached underneath her and played with her firm breasts and her erect nipples. I love long nipples. Nancy's were about one half inch sticking straight out. Continuing my kissing, I made my way to her small ass.

She couldn't have been more than twelve inches wide on her ass and hips. She had the smallest, most cute ass I had seen in a long time. I slid my hands underneath her panties. I caressed her ass with both hands.

So young and firm.

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Moving her panties to one side, I kissed her ass cheeks. I ran my tongue around the bottom of her ass just above her thighs. Kissing and stroking her ass was heaven. I slowly moved the panties to one side and slid my tongue along the outside of her ass crack. I would dip my tongue in just a little, but not enough for her to protest.

I continued kissing the back of her thighs and calves. I rolled her over and kissed my way up her legs. I grasped her panties and started pulling them down. She raised her ass off the bed allowing me to easily remove them. I put them on top off her bra and dress. I went back to the bed and continued kissing up her legs. When I reached her crotch, she had her hands firmly in place over her pussy.

I kissed her inner thighs, switching from left to right and back again. I reached the point between her thighs and her pussy. I started kissing and sucking towards her pussy.

Her hands weren't budging. I took my right hand and grasped hers. I moved her hands out of the way and started licking the outer lips of her beautiful young pussy. I told her that she was so young and beautiful, that I couldn't resist eating her teenage pussy.

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"You like me eating your pussy?" "Yes" "You're not going to tell your mom that I was eating your pussy are you?" "No" "That's a good girl." I continued eating her pussy getting her juices all over my face. My wife doesn't like to have her pussy eaten, so I am starving every day. I wanted to incorporate one of my fantasies today, that I was with my step-daughter when she was thirteen. She had such a small beautiful body back then, but that is for another time.

Eating this sweet young pussy and allowing my hands to roam around her young tight body was heaven. Since she was so small, I had no problem grabbing her thighs and pulling her ass to the edge of the bed, giving my neck a break and allowing me to spread her legs more.

I continued eating her pussy. I saw her clit poking out. I gave it a tongue lashing which caused her body to tremble. "You like that baby?" "Yes" "Are you going to cum for daddy?" "No, I can't cum." I continued eating her pussy, licking her outer lips, pushing my tongue in as far as it would go. Rubbing my nose against her clit. I slid a finger into her tight young pussy. I assaulted her clit again with my tongue and rubbed her g-spot with my finger.

Her body was convulsing with an orgasm. "No, No. Stop please! I no supposed to cum!" "Its OK baby, you can cum for daddy." "No, no cum." "Yes baby, cum for daddy." She had multiple orgasms.

I removed my finger and kissed her flat belly I kissed up to her perky breasts with the long nipples. Sucking her nipples into my mouth was wonderful. I kissed and fondled her young breasts for a few more minutes before moving to her neck. She finally had enough and wanted to get this over with. She started pushing me over. I was much bigger and stronger, but I allowed her to roll me over to my back.

She stroked my erection. She opened the drawer on the night stand, pulling out a roll of toilet paper. Inside the cardboard tube of he toilet paper roll were condoms. She rolled a condom over my erect cock.

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She started sucking it, doing a very good job. I am not enormous, just average. She was getting about three fourths of my cock in her mouth, sucking very strongly trying to get me to cum. She reached up with her right hand and started rubbing and pulling my left nipple. This is a trick a prostitute will use to get you excited and cum faster.

I stopped her hand telling her that she could rub and kiss, but no pulling or biting. As she sucked my cock, I kept telling her how good it felt, giving her the words of encouragement from my fantasy. "You like sucking daddy's dick baby?" "For such a young girl you are great at sucking daddy's cock." "Don't tell your mom I let you suck my cock." After sucking my cock, she spat out into the trash can beside the bed.

I guess she didn't like the taste of the condoms. She tried getting on top of me, but I rolled out from underneath her. She lay on her back, spreading her legs.

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I wanted her doggy style first. I got her on her knees and slid my cock into her tight pussy. Not having a tight pussy to fuck should be a crime. It felt great sliding in and out of her. Looking down and seeing my cock going in and out was exhilarating. I pushed her ass down until the back of her thighs were pushing against her calves.

This gave me a great sight and advantage of controlling her. I kept my hands on her hips and began pounding her pussy. The oral gel was doing a great job of numbing me. "Uh, Uh, oh baby cum." "Cum, Cum" I hadn't been fucking her for two minutes when she was begging me to cum. I hate it when you pay for an hour and they want to rush you out the door. "You want daddy to cum baby?" "Yes, cum." "Tell me you want daddy to cum." "Say, cum inside me daddy." "Cum daddy" "You cum daddy." I'm not sure she knew what she was saying and wasn't very enthusiastic about it, but it was passable.

I rolled her over onto her back. Spreading her legs wide, I plowed into her pussy. She was moaning and groaning when my cock hit bottom. She gave me the stereotypical Asian moans. I pushed her knees up to her shoulders and fucked her as hard as I could. "Make daddy cum baby. I love being in your tight young pussy. You can't tell your mom I fucked you." I looked down to watch my cock sliding into this tight young pussy. It was overwhelming.

I almost came.


I pulled her legs down and took my cock out. I rolled her over onto her left side, getting behind her to spoon. I put my cock back into her pussy and started slow long strokes. "This is daddy's favorite position baby." I slid my left hand under her neck and cupped her right breast.

I used my right hand to caress the other breast and her flat abdomen. I slowly moved my finger down to her pussy, rubbing the outer lips and then her clit. She grabbed my hand, trying to pull it from her pussy, but I was much too strong. I continued with my hands and cock, assaulting her body from outside as well from within. "You cum!" "You want daddy to cum baby? Say it right. Say Cum daddy, cum daddy." "Cum Daddy, you cum daddy." "Oh yes baby, daddy wants to cum in your nice tight pussy." I moved my right hand to her ass and was caressing it, while moving my left hand to her mouth.

"Suck daddy baby. Suck my fingers. You make daddy cum faster." She started sucking my thumb like a small cock. Moving it in and out of her mouth, running her tongue around it. I continued pounding her pussy from behind.

I was thinking it would be wonderful to slip my cock out of her pussy and into her ass with one stroke. Holding her tight to me to make her keep that hard cock in that tight little asshole.

These thoughts were getting me close to cumming. I pulled my cock out of her and rolled her back onto all fours. I pulled her until her knees were at the edge of the bed. I spread her knees apart, giving me a great view of her pussy. I slowly slid my cock up and down her slit. Then I eased myself back into her. I started a good rhythm and pace. I noticed her moving. She had slipped off the bed and was standing flatfooted on the floor.

She was bent at a ninety degree angle at the waist supporting herself on the bed with her elbows. This sight drew me closer to orgasm. I looked at the clock. I had been inside her for forty five minutes. "YOU CUM!! YOU CUM!!" "OK baby, daddy's going to try really hard to cum" I kept pounding that pussy trying to build to an orgasm. Looking at the tiny waist she had, I could almost encircle it with my thumbs and middle fingers.

This was really turning me on. She pulled really hard and came out from my grasp. "No more, no more. You cum." "I'm sorry baby, was daddy's cock hurting your tender young pussy?" "Yes. I hurt" She pulled me onto the bed and onto my back.

She inspected the condom very closely to see if I had cum. Not seeing anything, she pulled the condom off and started jacking me off. She grabbed some baby oil from the night stand, getting my cock nice and slick. At this point, I had gotten my money's worth and really wanted to cum. The oral gel was working too good. I spread my legs and guided her left hand to my ass. I love getting my ass rubbed, licked and fingered. She grabbed the baby oil and put it on her left fingers.

She rubbed her fingers up and down my crack. Slowly she inserted a finger into my ass and started finger fucking me.

This with the grasp she had on my cock started working. I shot stream after stream of cum out. I hadn't cum this hard or much in a long time.

"Oh yes baby, make daddy cum baby make daddy cum. Don't tell your mom you made daddy cum." She grabbed the roll of toilet paper and pulled off several pieces.

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She wiped the cum off my belly and her hand. I went to the bathroom and ran hot water over a hand towel. I washed the baby oil from my cock and ass.

I washed my hands and returned to the bedroom. "You like baby?" as I rubbed her pussy through her panties. "No touch me, I sore now. No work no more today. No money for me today." I got dressed and smiled. "Sorry baby, but daddy wanted to fuck you so much I made that little pussy sore." I put on my sunglasses and left.