Sexy TS Korra have butt sex with Wesley on the table

Sexy TS Korra have butt sex with Wesley on the table
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I was sitting alone in small dark room. I was still naked. I didn't know what was going to happen, but I knew that this was step one of my training. After a few minutes of pondering what was about to happen, a woman entered the room. She was young, pretty, she had tattoos up and down her arms, a nose ring, a lip, ring, and an eyebrow ring. She had bleached blonde hair with dyed red tips. She had a briefcase with her.

I wondered what would be inside. Sex toys? Nipple clamps? Handcuffs? Ball gags? "My name is Sabrina" She said . "I'm Jenna" I replied. She opened the briefcase.

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"Don't freak out Jenna. Everybody has to do this." She reached her hand into the briefcase and pulled out a pair of clippers. She instructed me to hold still, and then she turned them on.

I could hear the buzzing coming closer and closer. I knew what was about to happen, but it wasn't enough to prepare me for the clippers coming to contact with the side of my head, and shaving all the hair from my right temple to the bottom of the back of my head.

I was in shock. All I could think about was the cold air on the patch of my head where there was no longer any hair. Sabrina must have noticed that I was shocked and upset, because she immediately turned off the clippers. "You okay?" She asked. I don't remember how I answered. I don't even remember if I answered at all. I don't remember her turning the clippers back on. The next thing I did remember was the feeling of the next cold and hairless section of my head, and the next, and the next until finally the clippers turned off for the final time.

"I'm all finished." Said Sabrina. "Why don't you take a look?" She handed me a mirror. I couldn't believe it. I was completely bald. I felt my face suddenly become hot. Tears were pouring down my face. I felt hideous. I didn't want to look at my reflection anymore, but I couldn't bring myself to put the mirror down.

Before I knew it, Sabrina took the mirror from my hand. "It's okay" She said. "Almost everyone cries afterwards. The good news is that after training is over, you'll get a wig to wear until it grows back." I nodded. "Now I'm afraid it's going to have to get a little worse before it gets better." She pulled something else from the briefcase.

It looked like a handgun with a needle at the end. "This is a tattoo gun" Sabrina said. "Everyone is required to get a tattoo. It's going to be on your head, which is why we had to shave it." I nodded my head, and closed my eyes tight. I felt my chair recline back, and heard Sabrina telling me to try to relax.

Relaxing was not an easy thing to do. I had never gotten a tattoo before so I didn't know how to judge the pain. But if the pain of a head tattoo was similar to the pain of a tattoo anywhere else then I never wanted to get another one in my entire life. The pain, the anxiety, and the buzzing of the tattoo gun pressed against my head made it a pretty unbearable experience.

After what seemed like hours, it was finally over. I slowly opened my eyes and felt my chair rise back up. "Do you want to see it?" Sabrina asked.

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"I don't know. Do I?" I responded.

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Sabrina laughed. She took a picture with her phone and showed me. On the side of my head, There was a tattoo of a chain link circle with handcuffs on the ends linked together.

Inside the circle were the words "Slave Jenna C XXX" written in calligraphy. And under that were the words "This slut is the property of" and there was a blank space seemingly to be filled by my future master.

I was permanently marked as a slave. Even though this would only last for two years, there would now always be a part of me that was nothing more than property. I finally allowed myself to feel my head. It was bizarre. I had always loved my hair. How long would it take for it to grow back. I started to cry again. I felt Sabrina take my hand and pull me up to my feet. She hugged me. At first I was very conscious of the fact that I was still naked, but immediately afterwards I started to sob.

I couldn't hold it back anymore. "It's okay. Let it all out." Sabrina said. She put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me back. She looked me right in the eyes and said "You have about 15 minutes until you have to be at your next session. You can cry as much as you want until then. But after that, you can't cry at all for the rest of your training. Once they sense weakness, they'll be even harder on you.

Do you understand?" I nodded. I buried my face into her shoulder and continued to cry. She hugged me tight. After about a minute I felt her softly kiss me on the head. I looked up at her. I was naked, she was clothed. I felt her hands move from my upper back down to my waist. She never broke eye contact. And then it happened. She kissed me. I kissed her back. I felt her tongue slide into my mouth. Her hands moved to my ass. I responded to her advances by sliding my hand up her shirt.

I could feel her breast over her bra. Sabrina broke the kiss and smiled at me. She lifted me off the ground and set me back down in my chair. She reclined the chair again and climbed on top of me. We were making out. I had never been with a girl before. I felt her lips against mine. She groped my breasts and was grinding her ass into my lap.


Her lips moved from mine to my cheek, and then to my neck, my chest, lower and lower until she reached my tits. She kissed all around them and then all at once she was ferociously squeezing, sucking, and biting my tits.

I could feel her tongue run circles around my nipple as she sucked on it. She spent a few more minutes on my boobs, and then began to make her way down again, to my upper torso, and my belly. As she reached my belly button I felt a rush of pleasure throughout my entire body.

She could sense that I liked it so she lingered around the area. She continued to move down, she was right above my pussy.

She placed a long wet kiss right above it, and then began to move to the side down my inner thigh. She bit my thigh. My pussy was throbbing. I was dying to for her to eat me out. She sat up, smiled at me, and in one swift motion removed her entire top. She had nice tits. Her nipples were pierced and on one of her breasts was a tattoo of a black rose. She then lowered her head back to my crotch and buried her face in my pussy. It was a relief like I had never had before.

The first time in years that I had allowed myself to savor and enjoy my sexuality. I was writhing and convulsing in pleasure. I felt her tongue slide into my pussy.

She clearly had some experience doing this. After several minutes I finally exploded with a mind blowing orgasm.

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She then climbed back up on top of me. We embraced, and kissed for a few minutes. A few minutes later she told me that we had to go.


"I have to take you to your next session now." She said as she put her clothes back on. "So do you do that with every girl?" I asked. She didn't respond. She just smiled at me. "Let's go" She said.

Sabrina lead me down the hall and into another room. There were six other girls in the room. The same girls that were in the virgin group with me.

They were all naked, tied up, and blindfolded. Each girl had her ankles tied together and their arms were held above their heads by a rope that was strung around an eye bolt in the ceiling. Sabrina instructed me to stand under the last vacant rope. I obeyed. First she bound my ankles together, and as she was binding my wrists with the rope, a man walked through the door. A man I had not yet seen.

"Sabrina!" the man scowled. "Why isn't that whore fully bound?" "I'm sorry sir" Sabrina responded. "We were running a little late." "I'm already frustrated enough that I got stuck with the virgins today. Maybe I should just fuck you since I can't fuck these bitches." "I can't stop you if you want to do that Mick." Sabrina said as she finished binding my wrists. As soon Sabrina finished tying me up, Mick grabbed her.

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He held both her arms behind her back with one hand. "I've been waiting for my opportunity to get some of this nice piece of ass." He said as he grabbed a handful of her breasts. I was the only one who could see what was going on. All of the other girls were blindfolded. "What do you think girls?" Mick asked the group. "Maybe if I get to bust a nut in this slut, then I might go easier on all of you." Nobody said anything.

Sabrina looked calm. I imagined this must happen to her a lot. Apparently all of the women who work here are also used as personal fuck toys. "Unfortunately, I don't have time to fuck you. Get out of here before I change my mind" He slapped her ass as she walked out the door.

Mick glanced around the room for a moment and then zeroed in on me. "Why aren't you blindfolded?" he asked. "I don't—She didn't" I stammered. But Mick cut me off.

"If you don't wear a blindfold like a good little slut then you have to be punished." I opened my mouth to protest, but I was cut off again. "But that's not fair?" Mick mocked me in a whiny voice. "Being a slave isn't fair. If you don't follow the rules, then you get punished. Sometimes it's not your fault, but you still get punished. That is something that you are going to have to get used to… starting now." He slapped me hard in the face.

"Say thank you!" He demanded. "Thank you." I said. "Thank you sir!" He demanded. "Thank you sir." I thought about Sabrina's advice. Don't show weakness. I kept my head up and maintained eye contact with Mick. He grabbed my face with his hand and slid his thumb into my mouth.

It was rough and calloused. I knew what he wanted me to do, so I didn't hesitate to start sucking. I wanted him to know that I was serious about this, so despite never having sucked a real cock before, I did the best job I could. I sucked hard. I bobbed my head up and down, swirled my tongue around it multiple times. He slowly pulled his thumb away and I pulled against my restraints to move my head with his thumb.

He finally pulled it out of my mouth. It left a bad taste in my mouth, but I made sure not to show it on my face. He looked at me expectantly. "Thank you sir" I said. "Good little slut" He said right before he placed a blindfold over my eyes. The next ten minutes He spend testing our pain threshold. He went behind every girl, whipped her lightly on the ass. Then whipped harder, and harder, until each girl begged him to stop, at which point he complied. "Do not try to get me to stop before you have reached your absolute pain limit" He warned "I have been doing this for years, and I can tell when you're bullshitting me.

Anyone caught trying to do this will be punished. Most of the girls lasted until about the same point. Including myself. It didn't get too bad until the last few whips. After we were done, Mick came around to all of us and untied our wrists.

"Now it's time to play a little game. Everyone hold out your hands, palms up. I'm going to put a full glass of water on each of your hands. Hold them up as long as possible. If you drop one of them, you will get ten lashes on your ass. If you drop both of them, you will get ten lashes on your ass, and ten lashes on your tits. If you are the last one with both glasses, you will get no lashes. We're going to start now." I felt a two heavy glasses placed in my hands.

"Hands flat. No gripping" Mick demanded. "Everyone ready? Good." It was only a few seconds before I heard a glass hit the floor. "Well that didn't take long at all." Mick said. "What's your name?" He asked the girl who had dropped her glass.

"M-Megan" The girl stammered. "Well Megan. This is going to hurt" I heard a loud whip. Megan cried out in pain, and a second glass hit the floor. "Sorry Megan, ten lashes on your perky tits." "But I only dropped it because you whipped me" Megan protested. "Did you hear that everyone? She only dropped it because I whipped her.

Let that be a warning to all of you. When I'm whipping your ass, hold on to your other glass!" He whipped her again. Her cry was louder. After the fourth whip another glass hit the floor. "This is my favorite part" Mick said. "Once you girls hear someone else get whipped, you get nervous. You get so nervous that you drop your glass. Then the rest of the girls get even more nervous." Mick was absolutely right. The more girls he whipped the more glasses fell.

And the more loud cracks and painful shrieks I heard. Eventually only myself and one other girl remained. We each still had both of our glasses.

I can do this. I can get away with no lashes. I Kept reminding myself not to move. My hands were getting sweaty. My face itched. But despite my best efforts, my first glass slipped out of my right hand. My heart sank. Without a single warning, I felt the first panful lash against my ass cheeks.

I jumped. The lash was right at my pain threshold. I could feel the glass almost fall out of my left hand but luckily I was able to save it. Not a single girl had been able to save her second glass while her ass was being whipped. Some had lasted a couple lashes, but inevitably they dropped the second one and had their tits subsequently whipped. I felt the second lash against my ass. It was painful, but I concentrated all of that pain into holding my glass.

The third lash, the fourth. Immediately after the fifth lash, I heard another glass hit the floor. I could still win this. I wouldn't get out unscathed, but I could protect my breasts… for now anyway. I made it through the final five lashes without dropping my glass.

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I let out a sigh of relief. Without hesitation, I heard the first crack of the whip on the other girls glass. She immediately dropped her second glass. I had won.

But I still held on to my glass just in case. I listened to the other girl get her remaining nineteen lashes. I heard her cry in pain the same way I had heard the other five girls. Eventually I felt my remaining glass lifted from my hands, and my blindfold taken off my face. "Congratulations" Mick said. I looked around the other girls were all crying. They each had red marks on their breasts and ass. It wasn't until I wiped my eyes that I realized that I had also been crying.

"Keep it together Jenna" I whispered to myself. "You still have a long way to go." End of chapter 3