A boy suck my cock nice

A boy suck my cock nice
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.Now, picture this, after dinner, I would sit on my front steps and have an after dinner cigarette. Upper middle class neighborhood and I had a hot girlfriend living with me. Across the street, my neighbors girlfriend and her girlfriend would sit on bar stools at the back of her garage and smoke a joint, almost every late evening. She was cute as hell, wore tight white shorts, and had nice boobs.

I'm sure they figured I was watching them. They tee hee'd and laughed, then one evening, the one in white started rubbing her legs, butt and around her chest.


I loved the show and smiled. They tee hee'd more and got bolder. She (I'll call her Annie) thrust her hand down the front of her shorts, and inside her bra, all to get a rise out of me, and she sure did. The other girl, (I'll call her 'Connie) started fondling Annie too.

They rubbed each other and I loved the show.

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I groped my crouch slightly, adjusted, and made room for my hard on, and rubbed my own chest. I fanned myself with my hand when I knew they were watching. I heard some low…'woo woo's' from them, as we all smiled. This went on for weeks. It built up in my mind and I thought of her naked hot body under me more and more. One evening Annie came out in a white robe and opened it up and flashed me!

Then she suddenly ran over and closed her garage door, just as my girlfriend came out to join me. Whew, safe, and my girlfriend didn't see anything…maybe.

Good thing I had a newspaper to hide my massive boner. Annie's boyfriend worked out of town and was hardly ever home. The next morning I had my garage door open (my girlfriend had gone to work) and here comes Annie, calling out: "Can you help me, my washer jumped off the stand." I glanced and said "be right there." As I walked in her garage and knew what to do, she came out the people door in the garage.

OMG, this was the closest I had ever been to her and she was smoking hot! Beautiful hair done up in the back, smooth white skin, white blouse with lots of cleavage. Hot dark blue short skirt, and ass to die for, and spike high heels.

But the kicker was her electric blue eye shadow. I stared and complemented her on her eye shadow as she fluttered her eyes while smiling up at me. I don't remember putting the washer back on the stand as my mind raced, she said 'wow' you did that so easy. She stood oh so close to me, touching our hips as I adjusted the balance of clothes. We both put our hands out on the corners of the washer as it restarted to feel any off balance.

We were touching more now, mainly my left arm on her boob. Again she looked up and smiled, then threw her arms around my neck and kissed my cheek and said " Oh thank you so much!" I'm sure she could hear my heart pounding as the blood went to my dick…omg…I had a huge boner after having 2 nice boobs pressed on my chest, and she smelled wonderful.

I made stammering small talk as my hand went in my pocket to pulled back on my boner. She looked right at it!, and smiled. I felt my face get hot with embarrassment as my mind raced due to lack of blood. She said in the sweetest, sexiest soft voice: "Want to come in and have some coffee?" She didn't wait for a 'YES' and grabbed and pulled my hand, pushed the button to close the garage door, then I floated into the house somehow.

She brought in the coffee and sat close to me. Her right leg up on the couch, bent at the knee, with that short skirt, I could see pink panties, covering a dark bush. I wanted her to make the first move, since I love anticipation.

I held her left hand and moved in close and said: "I want to ask you something very personal".


She smiled and moved in closer, we were inches from our faces. I whispered: "Do you hate it when your make up gets smeared?" She giggled and said: "Well, normally yes, why, what did you have in mind?" "I whispered: "I sure would love to mess yours up." She said she had to leave for work in about 20 minutes, but if I was careful, I shouldn't mess it up to much.

Now are lips were almost touching. She started with a soft kiss, then more passion and soon our tongues intertwined, as our arms went around each other. We shifted until I was on my back on the couch and my boner soon found her mound.

I whispered to her: " I have wanted you so bad, for a long time", and she whispered: "I thought you'd never respond". As she ground her vagina hard into my boner, I reached up and finally got to feel those wonderful boobs, as she grabbed my boner. With her labored breath she said: "Damn you, making me wait so long, I'm going fuck you crazy.

We could see your hard on from across the street, and now your going to pay up." I smiled and said: "Well you've been teasing me with your hot body from across the street, and I wanted to lick you till you scream!" "Ding dong"&hellip.oh fuck, the door bell! She jumped up, quick wiped her mouth as I headed for the garage door, fast.

It was her mom, and she had to let her in.

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I quietly slipped out the outside people door and home, her mom never saw me. Whew. Damn, so close to a hot wild woman, and now I'm on hold.

I could taste her lipstick as I wiped it off my face. Late that night, after my girlfriend had gone to bed, I worked in the garage with the door up, and just one small light. I heard foot steps and Annie tiptoed in. I moved her over to the darkest part and looked at her in those white shorts and T shirt with no bra. With that beautiful face and smile, she whispered "I want you so bad!, and I'm on the pill." I told her my girlfriend goes out of state for 2 weeks tomorrow and I want to fuck you naked, right on my living room rug!

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She whispered: " You bastard!, I won't be able to sleep tonight!" She grabbed my boner and squeezed it hard as I grabbed both boobs and rolled her nipples as I pushed her back out of the garage. I gave her pussy a nice feel which made her shudder and said, tomorrow, after 4pm. My mind raced all night and all day as I waited for 4pm.

I waited and waited till it was dark. Then I heard my garage door go down, and the slow opening of the people door into my living room. There she was, in a white robe, and that's all.

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I had the room dimly lit, with a big soft blanket and pillows on the floor. I had on my dark blue robe and we stood for a moment and smiled at each other.

I whispered 'all clear', then she jumped in my arms, wrapping her legs around me. We kissed hot and heavy as I carried her to the blanket on the floor and slid her down the front of me. She moaned and shuddered as my boner slid across her slit. Now on her back, I slowly peeled back her robe and just viewed her hot body. She pulled me on top of her, spread her legs wide and grabbed my head and drove it to her pussy.

She had a perfect bush, and I licked her pussy and clit as she shuttered and moaned. She kept trying to catch her breath as I put in one, two and then three fingers in her pussy and grabbed fingers full of 'G' spot. Her pussy was dripping as she squirmed and felt her own nipples. She reached down with her hand and rubbed her clit as I licked her.

She had the smoothest, whitest skin of a woman I'd ever seen, and I loved it. As she huffed for air, she began to guide my tongue across her clit and then yelled as her pussy shook and her legs wrapped around my back. Her hips pushed up and shuddered as she squealed loud, then grabbed my hair and worked my head back and forth over her clit.

She shook over and over and said that was the first time she ever had a cum that good!. After she gathered her breath, she said: " Now give me that monster under your robe!" She rolled me on my side and turned to 69 as she got her first look at my boner.

She started off gently looking and stroking it, she only whispered, 'wow'. I closed my eyes at first as she played, licked and stroked. Then she got aggressive, held my balls and tried to take all of me down her throat. She kept it up for a while until she had all of me somewhere down her throat. My lips were now wrapped around her clit, and my fingers in her pussy.


She shuddered and worked her clit on my tongue, all she could say was MMMM as all of my boner was in her mouth and throat. I couldn't hold it any more as she bobbed up and down fast. My dick was ready to explode and my balls pulled in tight ready to shoot. She yelled out a muffled MMMMMM as I unloaded one of the best mega cum's of my life. I pumped and pumped as we moaned with pleasure as cum over flowed out around her lips. Her pussy squeezed down around my tongue as she came and gushed her cum over and over.

She came up for air and muttered that she had wanted to do that for a long time. Her pussy was all wet and twitching as I licked and fingered her. We lay there catching some air and just licking each other for the longest time. Damn we were both dizzy as we sat up and had a cigarette. Soon she laid down, spread her legs wide and pointed at my returning hard boner and said: "I want to feel you inside me." When she said that, I could feel the jolt in my balls as they started to work overtime, getting ready to unload soon.

Oh baby, I drug this out to make it last a long as possible. I started kissing her beautiful white legs and worked my way up, teasing her pussy with my tongue, then on to the nipples. She squirmed and moaned the whole time. Finally she moaned: "I can't take it anymore! Put it IN!". She dug her fingernails in my butt cheeks and pulled as I teased her clit with my dick. She was dripping wet again.

Now was the golden moment after all that time of me dreaming about fucking her. She grabbed my dick and pushed it in franticly. I pushed it in her tight pussy till I felt her cervix at the bottom. She shook and moaned and up went her legs around my back. She dug her heels in my butt cheeks and started humping right with me.

I kissed all around her face and neck while squeezing her wonderful boobs and rolling her nipples with my fingers. Her arms raced around and pulled on my back. Our tongues sinking deep in our mouths, twisting and feeling. Our moaning increased, I just didn't care who heard us. Our lips parted as the moans turned into yelling.

Our hips moving together making a wonderful slapping noise. I reached down with one hand and put my thumb on her clit and rolled it around. We both yelled as we came.

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Our body's humped and then drove us tight together as I pumped load after load deep in her pussy. We twitched, shuddered, moaned and stayed locked together. We were in another world of pleasure, somewhere., but nobody knows where.