Sniff my panties and stroke

Sniff my panties and stroke
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When it comes to matters of the heart and the zipper, many wealthy and accomplished men have, time and again, sought easy and, available babes for intimate encounters under the noses of go-getter wives.

Some guys reject vintage champagne when a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer is up for grabs. Our nannies, I considered them an extension of my wives, with all the benefits and none of the responsibilities.

The nannies learned to give me the same attention the kids got. Our nannies lived at the house in separate quarters in the children wing of the house.

All my wives had careers, children, and me. It's a power thing, I demanded availability, my wives were not available with careers so the nannies filled the void. I have always had beautiful young women around me 24/7.

All my marriages had prenuptual agreements that provided my ex-wives with generous alimony, child support, housing and spending allowance. So my divorces were not expensive. My first marriage in college that lasted six months and was annulled, Deborah recieved a monetary settlement.

I have one night stands with waitresses, nightclub hostesses and countless other women. Daya; It is hot summer in Dallas, Daya was a college student and needed the job. She was interested in nanny or house maid positions. She bought lots of newspapers and answered every ad which contained any relevant information about the positions that she was looking to fill. As a full time college student, she needed to earn money to pay her tuition fees for the next academic year.

She was reffered to us from an employment agency, she took one address and went for an interview. It turned out to be a mansion, a vast three level; house with 10 bedrooms in one wing, the children wing had three bedrooms, a master suite for the nanny and five bathrooms. Then a main wing and a big yard with a pool in the middle. Daya was paid $2,000 cash a week, plus a bonus premium for living at the house. I arrived home late, I found Daya innocently asleep on the couch in the children wing of the house.

One leg had dropped off the side of the couch, and her skirt had ridden up, showing off her panties. Because of the angle she is in her blouse was dragged to the side. No extra buttons had come undone but one full breast is on display, the pink nipple shocking in its contrast.

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She is sound asleep, she didn't hear me when I arrived and stood at the door watching her for five minutes. I carefully sit on the couch next to her, I reached out with my finger and gently rubbed her nipple, teasing it into a hard nub. I then gentle squeezed her breasts with my hands, feeling the soft supple flesh. I lean in kissing her neck, a current is passing through her. She is moaning and becoming aroused. I slowly slide my hand down her thigh then slip my hand between her legs and gently caress her pussy, rubbing it through her panties, slowly rubbing her clit.

She muttered and turned over onto her back, giving me better access to her pussy and the unprincipled brute that I am, taking advantage of her. Daya has never been with a man skilled in undressing a woman, I slowly slip her panties down carefully, I slip them off without disturbing her, but she is a little more restless now.

Her pussy is shaved, I shove my finger in her pussy roughly. My finger is very thick, she winces with pain. Daya suddenly woke up, she is confused. Innocent and naieve, she has no idea of the depravity to which I use to seduce a woman. I notice that she is awake but that did not make any difference to what I'm doing. I smiled, then squeezed her breast with my other hand, she hadn't realized my hand was on her breast. " Mr Malone," She squealed indignantly, " what do you think you're doing?" " It's nothing, Daya," I assured her.

" I'm just learning a little about you." I slip a second thick finger inside her, probing and teasing her. She is very aroused and wet, her arousal is now an out of control fire. Her wettness is fueling it.

She is squirming around under my touch, feebly trying to protest. Soon she is enjoying my fingers fucking her. Suddenly I remove my fingers and insert my tongue in her pussy. Moving my tongue in and out fucking her with my tongue. Sensastions never felt before rippling through her. Daya feeling as if she was in heaven, soon she is overwhelmed with her first orgasm. " Really, Mr Malone, you have to stop this. You know you shouldn't be touching me like that.

What do you think your wife would say?" " Mmm, let's not tell her. This'll be our little secret. Do you like this?" " No," She said, lying. It is wonderful. " It feels wrong. Please stop." " No, I don't think so. Don't worry about it. You'll see, it'll all feel good soon. This is something that happens to every woman sooner or later.

I think you're ready to experience being with a older man and appreciate it." I continue teasing her, squeezing her breasts and finger fucking her pussy, stoking the fires that are burning within her. Any protests she made were ignored, as are her claims not liking it. " Little liar," I told her. " I feel your body moving with me. Whether you're willing to admit it or not, you're loving this." She is almost jumping out of her skin. She feels like telling me to stop playing around.

Then I took a break and got nude. Daya is shocked to see my long and very thick cock. My cock is hard like an iron rod. It appears as a weapon to split a woman in half. She is very nervous to see my cock. Then to her horror, she realized that I'm going to put my cock inside her. She is a twenty five year old virgin and a nanny and she is going to be raped.

Daya is protesting, and struggling, in an innocent manner. I told her, she would be sucking my cock later, I leaned down kissing and biting her neck. I made her go to her bedroom and lay on the bed. I climbed on the bed and forced her legs apart, crawling between her legs I leaned over her. I reach down grabbing my cock and positioned the cock head against her pussy lips.

Feeling the pressure of my cock head against her slit, she is thinking how it will enter her tight pussy. I start applying force but it is not getting in. After trying to penetrate her three times, I finally got the cock head in about an inch. Daya screams in pain, " STOP, aaaahhhh, NO! Oh please.please.stop.Don't do this.This is not right.please.don't hurt me.

.This is not right.This is NOT RIGHT!" She can barely think for the pain in her pussy. I thrust up inside her, stretching her vaginal passage and tearing her hymen. My cold eyes looking deep into hers, " You don't ever refuse me.You got that? For the time being.your body is mine.understand?" Daya whispers a weak, " Yes." " Now put your hands on top of your head and keep'em there." Then I pull back thrusting into her again.

She is screaming, as I drive half my cock inside her. I pull back and look down at my cock, it is covered with blood. There is blood running down onto the bed sheet. Tears are running down her face, I begin thrusting my huge throbbing cock way up into her pussy, as I held her legs in my hands. She is whimpering from the friction of my giant shaft, feeling my huge balls smacking against her ass as I lifted her ass off the bed and thrust into her like a jackhammer.

" Oh God," She screamed as she came with each brutal thrust. She now knew rough sex and didn't like it, her pussy was cumming harder than she ever thought possible. It is all about me pleasing my huge cock, and she was young, a virgin, and available for me to use, when I wanted and as much as I wanted. I'm slamming my huge cock into her like a wild man, as her pussy squirts all over my fat shaft and filled the room with slushy sounds that reeked of lust. " Please stop.No more please," She groaned, biting her lower lip as she came in a flood, coating my huge cock in her hot liquid, which allowed me to fuck even harder.

After she came she lay under me shaking, I kissed her hard with my massive cock lodged inside her cunt, hard and throbbing, in need of a more of her pussy. I pull out of her then flip her on her stomach, her legs spread wide, her pussy is exposed and so defenseless as I hover over her pussy and line my huge cock up to the open mouth. I than begin slamming my huge cock straight down into her open fuck hole. Daya is amazed at my strength and endurance and kept yelling from the force of being pried apart from such a huge cock.

" Oh God, you really know what you want," She yelled out as I sent my huge cock burrowing deep into her. " So fucking good," I mumbled almost incoherently as I fucked her like a man overcome by the devil. After a twenty minutes of punishing her pussy, I explode filling her with my cum. I pull out of her and get off the bed. I drag her off the bed, turning her around and bend her over the side of the bed.

I drank in the rest of her body, admiring her slender, fit form. Then, I reach out and caress her ass cheeks, she gasps, losing her breath amidst the fear. Her body curved down to her shapely bare ass, I smile as my eyes focus on the tight, young ass before me.

Without a moment's hesitation, I bent down and grabbed her ass cheeks, " Come on, Daya, let's get started." She feels helpless as her tight ass is up high, " No.please.Please." She begs. I smile, " Now, babe, you listen: you keep your fucking mouth shut and do just what I say. I won't say that again. You understand?" " Oh god.please.please.PLEASE don't.I'll do whatever you want, okay?" Daya whimpered. " Then don't move, goddamnit!" I move down her slim legs, I pull her legs wide apart, she whimpers, helplessly stretched out before me.

Her sweet young little bubble-butt is pointed high in the air and I see the outlines of her soft cunt pressing against the bed. I slowly run my hands over her exposed ass cheeks. Daya quivered as she feels my fingers roam over her taught thighs.

" You little slut. You've been askin' for this since being hired. Wearin' these tight little bikini's to the pool. Showin' off like some whore.

Well now, your gonna show off a little more than usual." " Please, please, I. I have never been touched there." Daya pleaded. " HA HA, I laughed out loud.

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" Not for long, slut." Daya's breath caught as she feels my hand against her inner thigh. She gasps as my hand slides over her skin toward her cunt. I move my finger tips over her pussy lips and her ass crack.

Daya's ass is smooth and tight. Her warm crack is spread wide open exposing her vulnerable pink anus. The little puckered hole glistening with cunt juices. My eyes move down to her pussy. Daya's young cunt lips are full, fat covered in cum and blood. Her cunt lips are pulled wide open-her fuck hole gaping and glistening with her juices, my cum and blood.

" Shit, that's sweet." I grunted aloud. My index finger moved to the rim of her ass. As my finger made contact with the tight, little sphincter, the muscle tightened and released. She squirmed and pleaded for me to stop, but her begging excited me more. I smiled at the thought of her hole wrapping around my cock. I played with the warm juice that covered the tender hole.

Gently rubbing the puckered skin, I smiled as her sensitive sphincter tightened and released. After toying with her, I begin easing my finger into her tight hole. She cried as she feels my fat finger penetrate her. I savored the feel of the hot, tight flesh that swallowed the tip of my finger. I then violently shove my finger the rest of the way. Daya screams as I buried my finger to the knuckle in her tight hole. She feels as if her ass is on fire. Pain filling her mind as my finger stretched her tiny hole.

" Fuck, you are so tight." " Stop. Oh please stop. God, it hurts.

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I'm a virgin. I don't want to. THIS IS NOT RIGHT!!" Daya pleaded. " Stop? I'm just starting with you, you little slut. So let's just get this over with." I move my finger roughly. I swirl my finger around in her ass-feeling the soft, velvet-like walls. I slide my finger back an inch and then slide it back in. She is squirming with the pain. Her ass is so small. In and out, I finger fucked her. Daya's ass juices coated my finger and made it easy for me. " Oh, please. Stop it; it hurts!

OUCH!! Your finger is too big," Daya begged, but even as she did, she tried to deny feeling some pleasure. Small tingles shot through her as my finger explored her virgin asshole. Daya feels her desire rising again; and she feels her cunt growing hot and wet. Daya hears me laugh. " Bitch, It's time you took my big cock." I pull my finger from her ass.

My big cock is hard again. My cock is now fully swollen and pulsing to my heartbeat. I stood up and positioned my cock at her tight hole. Daya feels my cock head pressing against her tiny hole.

" No.No, I can't take it there. Its too big. This is NOT RIGHT!" I didn't move, I tried to insert it in her ass. After a lot of force it got inside her ass and she is shouting out in pain. Her body is shacking. She became really hot. She got another orgasm but there is no chance of me getting an orgasm.

It is about 45 minutes of fucking then I shot my load in her ass. I removed my cock and she felt better. She is completely exhausted. She went to the bathroom and showered. She came back to the bed. She is exhausted.


" Mr Malone, this was rape. How can I face my friends if they find out? How can I look your wife in the eye if she knew that you'd ravished me?" " Don't worry about it," I told her. " I have no intention of telling anyone. You'll just have to suffer in silence. Beth; At the ripe age of 24, she never realized how naive she was. That is until she met me. It all started out so innocently. Her mother became best friends with my wife and worked for the well-known Malone family in their establishments.

It wasn't long before she was asked to become the nanny for our children. Soon, it seemed, we were part of the family.

What a powerful family it was. When you were 'in' with the Malone family, you were protected. I spent many hours in my numerous restaurants and nightclubs, and my wife spent many hours with her career and charity work. so Beth would end up watching the kids pretty late. At the time, she didn't have a reliable car, so she stayed in the guest suite. As she said, it all started out innocently.

When I came home late at night, I would chat with her to make her laugh. That in itself was extremely gratifying. She absolutely loved being made to laugh.

In my late-fifties, she is very much in awe of me. She never thought anything of our long chats in her room, she just enjoyed the time she spent with me. During our conversations, I would casually touch her hand.her arm.her knee. Having known the family for so long, she didn't think anything of it when my touch would linger.when my fingers would softly rub across her skin. Soon enough, she is thinking something of it.

The first time I touched her bare thigh, she was startled. When she climbed onto the bed, her skirt slide up a little high on her legs, exposing skin that rarely saw the light of day, except when she wore a bathing suit. After sitting next to her, I casually placed my hand on her bare leg, slowly rubbing my fingers across her skin.

" Your skin is so soft, Beth." " Um.Thanks, Mr. Malone.?" She managed to squeak out. Her mind is racing. This is uncharted territory for her. Her eyes shifted to my eyes met hers. She thought maybe I had forgotten where my hand rested.

My fingers start to move again, as I continue telling her about my day. My hand firmly squeezed the inside of her thigh. Well, then.She guessed I hadn't forgotten where my hand was. My touch is causing her flesh to tingle and she can hear her heart pounding. She took several deep breaths, hoping I wouldn't notice. My hand gently, but firmly, pulls her knees farther apart, then continue sliding to the top of my inner thigh, touching the edge of her panties. Her suddenly damp panties.

Oh, God, what if I noticed? " I can smell your arousal, Beth. You can't hide that from me." Oh, God, oh, God, oh, God. I had noticed. What is she supposed to do? Her thighs clamped together, trapping my hand between them. My fingers grasped her pussy firmly, almost painfully. " Open your legs. Now." Beth did the only thing she could do. She opened her legs. " That's my good girl." My fingers rubbed her clit through her panties.

" That feels good, doesn't it, baby girl?" She bit her lip as she glanced over at me through her tear filled eyes, not knowing how to answer me. My fingers squeezed her tender flesh again. " Doesn't it." This time it wasn't a question. " Yes, sir." She whispered. It is true. Beth liked what I was doing to her. " Good." I turn towards her. " Have you ever been kissed, Beth?" She shook her head 'no' them 'yes'.

My other hand grabbed her by the back of her neck and pulled her towards me. I nuzzled my face against her long black hair and inhaled.

" You smell so sweet, Beth. Guys your age are inexperienced, I can show you so much more than other guys ever will. I'm going to kiss you now." I wasn't asking permission, but she nodded anyway. My mouth followed a trail from her ear to her waiting lips. This isn't the slightly innocent kiss she had shared with other guys. This one took her breath away. It is forceful, Powerful, and Dominant.

It made her thighs clasp around my hand again. The pressure of my fingers feels so good against her sensitive clit. Then I sprang at her like an animal, cupping one hand over her mouth and throwing her to the bed. She gave a high-pitched scream. Instantly I was on top and holding my hand over her mouth. Those big blue eyes are full with fright as she stared into my face, and she screamed again. " Don't make another sound, Beth!," I snarled at her.

"Oh please, don't hurt me," she whimpers. She struggles underneath me. I feel her young hard body writhing. I wondered if a man has used this body yet. It's writhing motion drove my cock mad. Then I pinned her arms back. " You understand, don't make a sound! You got it? You do exactly what I want." She is crying but stopped struggling.

She nodded her head. She stared at me helplessly. I smell her perfume and the soft girlish curves of her young body underneath me. I'm breathing hard and my cock is throbbing in my pants.

But, I'd done this many times before to girls, so I knew the drill.

Just keep it simple and get inside. I reach my hand under her skirt and hook my fingers under her panties. She squeals again and her legs twisted. We struggled together. I always like this part. I pull her panties down and tried to get them off her, but she used the opportunity to try to leap up and run. I grabbed her again and threw her to the floor. As I did so I made another tug and her panties went flying off in the room. " No!," she cried and she fought all the harder. I'm surprised how strong this little cunt is.

It took all my strength to keep on top while I tried to get my cock out. But her resistance just made me crazier. My cock is long and hard. Finally, I pop it out. Her eyes got real big as she saw it fully erect, a monster cock in full glory.

She knew what it is going to do to her, I see it in her eyes. I also see her hatred of me. Maybe she didn't like older men. Well, once I'm finished with her, she is going to be real familiar with what a older man can do. I yank her skirt up. Again she fought it, but finally I got it wrapped far above her waist.

This meant I can't easily get her blouse off - I really wanted to see those little young tits bounce. I always like watching that. Well, can't have everything. I'd do that the next time. I pushed her flat to the ground with my weight, and then settled on top of her. I felt a big rush when my hot black cock first touched those soft cool legs. Better than crack, better than whiskey. I had to fight to keep from spurting right then.

Of course, she clamped her thighs tight as soon as she felt my hungry prick, eager to penetrate. The little bitch, she wasn't make any-thing easy. "Whats the matter, bitch? Don't want nigger seed inside you?

Too good for it?," I growled at her. I ran my hands down between her thighs and tried to pull them apart. For some seconds we fought, as I worked on prying her young shapely thighs apart. Finally I forced an opening and inserted my organ. It felt great being between those thighs, even if they were still resisting me. I pushed hard but she squirmed a few inches and so I missed my target. We did this several times as I gradually inched her thighs apart. Finally, I was at her slit. She thrashed and squealed, but at least knew better than to scream.

It was great seeing her innocent body twist on the bed, her long black hair spread out in a fan behind her. And then I discovered what I had hoped: she is a virgin. I'm going to be the first in. And once she'd tasted my monster cock, I knew she'd be mine. She is really tight, but I keep pushing harder. " God no, no, no!," she panted. Our bodies twisted and turned as she tried to get out from underneath me, while I held on and pushed again and again, harder and harder, In a breeding frenzy.

Her eyes stared into my mine, her little mouth working, as she sees the animal lust in my face. She is disgusted with me, I knew, but that is just tough. I'm going to be the one, no matter what she might have hoped. With one vicious thrust, I open her. She gave a funny girlish squeal, that special sound of a young virgin being forcibly deflowered. I'd heard it a number of times, but never got tired of hearing it again. Her eyes flew open wide and she desperately tried to heave up and push me off.

I'm having none of it. I just pushed her back into the bed and thrust harder. I forced my way deeper inside her twisting hips, pushing past her stretched gate. " Oh Jesus, help me!" she squealed as I drove my shaft home.

Inch by inch I forced it into her virgin body, gradually impaling her on my huge manhood. She struggled and thrashed, as I slowly forced it in.

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In a couple seconds my cock had completely disappeared between her cool thighs. Shit, she is tight, but still I was able to get the whole thing in. Even now she continues to fight, but of course it no longer mattered. I'm in and her resistance just made things better. Her legs are still kicking. Her little feet beating my hips. She twisted and turned desperate to escape her fate, an innocent pretty young woman twisting on my monster cock. What a fighter! Most girls give up at this point, but this one just keeps struggling.

I begin sliding in-and-out. Her pretty blue eyes looking desperate, as she realized that now it is happening: she is getting raped by a older man. With each thrust she twists and moans. It is worth watching that young innocent beauty squirm on the bed, getting forcibly fucked for the first time, as my cock slides in and out of her. I tried to take my time, but there is no way I can keep my load inside. So I increase the pace and begin slamming into her. After a few minutes, I feel the surge growing in my balls and then travel down my long shaft.

I can tell that she feels it too, she is gasping, kicking and bucking up even harder. She knew what was going to happen next and is trying to fight off that ultimate conquest.

The slapping of my balls and her panting fill the room, and then I exploded inside her. Like an animal in heat, I forcibly planted my seed in her. " No, no, no," she softly whispers. Her eyes got really big and a creamy look fills them. I knew she feels my sperm gushing into her, like an army invading a defeated city. She realized that it is all over. She is defeated, deflowered, defiled and there is no longer any reason to fight. I fired my seed again and again, planting it deep inside her tired body.


I thought it would never stop, as I triumphantly mated with a pretty college girl. She moans and sank back into the bed, and her body shuddering as she is forcibly converted from an innocent girl to a fucked woman, owned by me. Finally she went limp and submitted to her fate. Her sweet body lay there on the bed, legs spread, allowing me to do what I pleased. I took advantage of the situation. I pushed a pillow up under her butt, raising her up further as I continue to thrust between her soft cool thighs as fast as I can, just enjoying the sensation, and occasionally squirting a bit of sperm between them.

I dismounted. She just lay there, whimpering on the bed, her little skirt pushed up high to her stomach. She just looked at me with big blue eyes. Her white thighs are still spread. She has that raped look; the look of forced submission. I knew I can do anything I wanted now. I had her roll over and get on all fours and mounted her doggy- style. The new nanny is now completely submissive and made no effort to fight.

I pull her skirt up one more time. I position my throbbing monster cock and penetrate her again. This turned out to be the best decision to hire her.

I took my time and just fucked her for another thirty minutes. The sight of this college beauty getting fucked by my cock is a turn on. Her long dark hair hung around her, and she gave a little yelp with each thrust. My long cock now fit in her, and I keep firing my load deep inside her. With each firing she'd moan and her hips would twist, and then'd I start again. Finally I explode again, filling her with the final load of semen. I pull out. She collapses down on her stomach, softly crying.

I put my cock back in my pants. I felt great, but now it was time to go. Jessica is 21 never married from Hattiesburg, Mississppi; attending college in Dallas. The employment agency refered her for the nanny job. My wife hired her and she moved into her bedroom suite. She is tossing and turning restlessly, glancing at the clock at her bedside. It is just after 12 AM. I would arrive soon. She is completely nude between the white sheets. She opened her legs and feeling her lips with her finger.

They are moist, but not wet. She licked her middle finger and then rubbed her clit. She closed her eyes and rubbed frantically, thinking of me. I had told her to be ready for me. I had grabbed her hair and pushed her face into the pillow as I climbed on top of her. Said menacingly into her ear, " You must always be ready for me. I want you naked with your pussy wet, aching for me.

Do you understand?" She only whimpered. Couldn't nod with my hand pressing so hard against the back of her head. She can barely breathe. Then she cries out as I slide my large cock inside her and fuck her furiously. She tries to lift herself with her arms, tries to gulp a deep breath, but it is hopeless beneath my strength. I fucked her hard until I came, spurting my warm cum on her supple ass cheeks. I had left as quickly as I had come in.

She didn't want to displease me, and so she rubbed her clit and her lips, making herself especially wet for me. She wanted me to be happy with her, she needed the job. She had been a live-in nanny for the family for exactly three months when I made her mine. She had thought it odd that everyone else had left that evening except me. She had just fallen asleep on a hot summer evening when I was there beside her in the bed. She is startled at first.

She nearly screamed. But I put my fingers to her lips and said, " Shhhhhh." I'm naked and she feels my hard cock against her leg. " Take your panties off," I commanded. " Wh-what?" she stammered. " You heard me, Jessica.

Take your panties off now, or I'll rip them off of you." She is terrified and did as I told her. " Good girl. Now rub your pussy for me." Again, she did as she is told. She rubs her middle finger from the bottom of her slit to the top, again and again.

" You're a good little slut," I said as I got onto my knees and watched her. The lamp illuminated the left side of her body facing the window.

I position myself between her legs and shove two fingers inside her, finger fucking her fast. Her pussy made sloppy wet noises as I moved in and out of her.

" No," she cried out, trying to clamp her thighs shut. " No?" I responded incredulously. " Don't act like you don't want this, my little slut. Now open your legs wide and let me fuck you like you want me to." Her throat feels tight. She wants to cry. My fingers are still buried inside her, wiggling around, but she refused to open her legs for me.

I lay down on top of her then, and the weight of my body forced her legs open. Without warning, I shove my big hard cock deep inside her. She whimpers and cries out in pain. I showed her no mercy and fucked her pussy furiously. I put my lips against her ear and called her my Little Slut.

She shudders as my lips tickled her there. " Tell me how much you like this," I commanded. I fucked her hard and deep. " I love it," she called out, wanting to please me. " You love my cock inside you." " Yes." I grab her ass firmly and continue to slam into her.

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Her pussy hurt, but my cock is beginning to feel good as it hit her G-spot again and again. She knew she could cum within moments and is ashamed that she is pleased by my raping her. I can tell she is on the edge as her breathing quickened. " Cum for me, baby. Cum on my cock." She grabbed my arms tightly as her body shook and bucked from an intense orgasm.

I continue to fuck her, pulling my cock out at the last moment to cum on her abdomen. She lay there, frozen and breathless as I lay down beside her. " You are free to leave my home if you wish," I said quietly. " But I know you have nowhere to go, no one to be with. I know you need the job and the money." The knot in her throat is back. " By the intensity of that orgasm, I don't think anyone could believe for a moment that you didn't want it." She trembled at my words.

" If you choose to stay here, you will be mine. I will bring you to ecstasy again and again. I will return later to continue." I kissed her forehead, tucked a sheet over her body, and said goodnight.

Now here she was three hours later, waiting for me to come and fuck her again. This time, she is ready. Oksana is Russian, age 23 never married brought to America as a nanny; It is late when Oksana arrived from the airport. Her flight from New York to Dallas was delayed, Manny showed her to her room, she was wearing a short tight fitting dress. As she reached to open the door a cool breeze blew over her tight young body.

She feels her nipples grow rock hard under her flimsy bra and the thin material of her dress and her firm little C -cups seem to harden all over as she stepped into the room. Oksana dropped her bag onto the floor and stood in front of the mirror in the room. She stretched her arms above her head, her long black hair is pulled into a loose pony tail. She stopped and leaned forward. Oksana is attractive, very attractive. She had sharp green eyes and a tight little body.

She kicked one leg up high again. This time she lost her balance and she started to fall backwards. Just before she is about to hit the floor, a pair of strong arms saved her. It was her employer. " Oh Mr. Malone!," she exclaimed, " I didn't see you, I mean I didn't know you were still up!" " Yes, I have been watching you," I said. I shook my head as I returned her to her standing position. " Glad you finally got here." " Yes Mr. Malone.I am sorry.I just don't want to disappoint you," was her meek response, " I want so bad to please you." I heard Oksana's tone take on a funny meaning when she said 'to please you'.

My mind started racing with all sorts of thoughts. I looked down at her and she gave me a wicked little smile. What is she thinking? I decided to take the offer. " You won't disappoint me Oksana, you will make me very know why don't you?" I asked.

" No Mr. Malone, why?" she questioned. Oksana wanted to please her employer, not just in caring for the children but in bed, she wanted to make me very happy. " Because of men, Oksana. All those men out there want to be inside you, they want to take your sweet innocence," I explained, watching her shift at the uncomfortable subject. " Oh Mr. Malone you worry too much," Oksana laughed a little, but hearing me talk about sex made her all hot.

She feels her panties starting to get wet from her nasty thoughts. " But do I? Are you a virgin Oksana," I inquired. I wanted to know how far she had been, and it is making me hard seeing her a little uncomfortable in the line of fire. " Mr. Malone!," Oksana almost moaned, " I'm a virgin! Don't you believe me?" Her heart is racing in her chest and she stared up at me with lust glazed eyes.

I looked into her face and decided to take this game one step further. I tipped her sweet face up to my eyes. " Well Oksana, call me John.I believe that boys can make girls say anything, I have to check you." I harshly commented, " I have to be sure your not lying to me." With that I reached down and ran my hand over her panty clad pussy.

Oksana nearly screamed with pure lust. Her secret, her dirty little secret is coming true. Did I want her? Her mind swimming as I touched her, she pushed her crotch down onto my hand. She then feels her panties start to come down, they are suddenly around her knees and she is desperately trying not to moan. What if I really was checking her! Then she would be left all hot and bothered! When my hands found that Oksana has a nice smooth, bald pussy I restrained from licking my lips.

She had shaved her pussy. I slowly rub my hand up and down her shaven lips as I feel her sweet juice ooze out of her cunt. I knew I was making her hot, I just didn't know how far she would let this go. My finger brushes her clit and she moans, " Oh John, this is so wrong!" I knew then the gig is up, she is almost hunching herself on my hand by then.

She gasps and leans back against the wall in the room as I let one fat finger slip inside her. " Mmm yes it is honey." I said in a low gruff voice. I work a second fat finger up into her, finally touching her hymen, " mmmm always want to be the first." I continue to slowly work my fingers around in the tight constricted area. As I begin to finger fuck her, she unzipped her dress and then shed it and her bra very quickly.

Oksana is nearly overcome with desire. She finally blurts out, " Oh John do you want to fuck me?" I gave an evil laugh as I see the cool air make her pert little nipples hard, " I want more than that.I want to make you a complete woman." I dipped my head to tease and suck on a nipple. Her sweet nipple is so hard. I groan as I nibbled on one of her nipples. Oksana squeals in delight and pushes my face harder into her firm C cups. Between my finger fucking her cunt for the first time and softly chewing on her nipples, she manages to say, " Oh John.

I want you sooo bad, I want to do everything a woman ever did for you!" I knew at that moment that she is ready for what she is meant for. I took her by her hand and lead her to the bed.

She is nude standing next to the bed, I stood there and took her in, all of her. Then I asked the question that held the last barrier. If she would answer this for me, she was mine. " When was your period honey?" " 2 weeks ago John," she answered as she laid back onto the bed.

An evil grin spread across my face. " Sooo. you're fertile," I rubbed her flat tight belly. Oksana leaned up and rubbed my big cock through my pant leg. " I am John, and so is this. Do you want it John?" " You know I want you too. just like I want to cum in your unprotected cunt.

Deep in it." I then spread her legs apart, looking directly at the bare young pussy in front of me. I thought aloud, " mmm I can't believe I get to fuck a beautiful young Russian woman. I'm going to help you take my wife's place. in every way." At that point I start to remove my pants and my shirt as I can. Oksana laid spread out in front of me. I then grinned as I lower my lips to lap her soaked cunt.

" Oh John, you make me feel so dirty, please don't tease me, lick me please!" she begs. I shove my tongue deep into her hot honey pot and fluttering it around inside. She withed on the bed, gripping a nearby pillow as I licked her bare pussy, I begin to thrust my tongue in and out of her. Acting as a paint brush, up and down, " I'm going to make you my little personal whore and fuck slut," I grinned as I took her clit into my mouth and begin sucking on it.

Then I pushed 3 fingers into her cunt. Oksana almost immediately exploded into a intense orgasm. She lay there panting on the bed with her legs wide open, like a virgin whore before her first lay. I then crawled between her legs and placed my cock at her entrance, " tell me what you want and what you are." " I'm yours John," Oksana moans in anticipation, " please." I then begin to slide my cock up and down her moist slit, teasing her. " And what do you want?" " I want you to shove your big cock in my cunt, take my cherry John.

Make me a women!" " As you wish honey," I groaned as I tried to penetrate her but was unable too. It took three attempts to finally get my cock head into her very tight pussy. Oksana feels me stretching her virgin cunt, she tossed her head from side to side.

Taking me slowly into her. " How is it you stayed a virgin so long?" I asked as I pushed in farther and reaching her hymen. " I wanted a special man, John! You make me so hot," she bites her bottom lip. quivering, waiting for me to take her last bit of virginity with one thrust. " And will you always want only me?" I demanded to know as I pushed past her hymen, almost bottoming out in her.

Oksana covered her mouth with her hand to muffle her scream, from the intense pain after having her hymen torn. Oksana wrapped her legs around my waist and tried to draw me in more, suddenly she feels me push past another point, all the way into her womb. She shiveres with delight. " You're very tight baby," I informed her as I pull out almost all the way, then slamming back in. I did this 10 times, stretching her, the friction of my shaft against her tender vaginal walls was intense.

She is bouncing off the bed. I'm ready for something more intense now as I threw her legs on my shoulders. I begin slamming into her cunt with long hard strokes, into the depths of her womb, " I'm going to ruin you for other men." She feels me nearly tearing her in half, and she is loving it. Thrashing around on the bed she screams, " John, my tight little cunt is only for you!" " I'm close honey," I groaned as I pick up speed, nearly ripping her in two with my wild thrusts.

" Oh John yes, fuck me, fuck me, fill my cunt with your hot cum, fuck me," she whimpers as she bucked up at my thrusts. I thrust harder as my cock swells and I shove my cock into her womb. My load goes off deep in her fertile womb. " John! Oh god, John, yes!" she screams as her body trembles and crashes into another orgasm.

This is all too much for her. I groan again, I lean down face to face with her, her legs pinned up as I flooded her cunt mixing juices with blood with each thrust. I got within inches of her mouth and said, " Oksana. Mmmm." Then I fell forward onto her, my softening cock in her freshly ripped pussy.

I smile down at her, then pull out and place a pillow under her ass. She is mine now, and I had no intentions of anyone else touching her.Oksana feels me place the pillow under her ass and she asked me why.

" I gotta make sure your mine," I informed her. " Why do you want me to be yours, John?" she asked with her big, innocent eyes. " Don't you want to stay in this country?" I demanded to know, " Since I brought you here. you have to be mine." " Oh yes John, can we fuck some more tonight?" she eagerly wanted to know. " If you suck on my cock," I told her, smiling at her, Oksana is eager. She rolled over and sat up, then bent down and took my cock, wiping it clean with a towel, she took it into her mouth.

She started to lick the head, I knew she is tasting her first cock. I smile down at her, " Mmm honey, taste me, lick me good." She starts to suck on the head like a lollipop, " Like this, John?" I couldn't answer, so she took a little more into her mouth, lips starting to close around the shaft, she is sliding down the length, while sucking and licking.

She then begins to bob her head, fucking me with her mouth. " My little cocksucker," I finally said aloud as her mouth begins to work a little faster on me. I then stop her and pull her up from her position. I had other plans on where to cum. " You have to stop baby, or you will make me cum!" I told her. She leans forward to kiss me for the first time. My lips latched onto hers, kissing her deeply. My mouth sucked her bottom lip into my mouth.

I cupped her face in my hands, " Dance for me baby," I instructed, " let's see if you know how to work your body." Oksana did as she was told, getting off the bed naked and vulnerable.

She started to shake her ass a little and then her firm little breasts danced to the unheard music. She thought about all those lonely nights she had wanted a man. She decided to find out just how long I wanted her. She stood there petrified as I came up behind her. I cupped her breasts and rubbed my growing cock against her ass.

I dropped my hands to her waist pulling her hips tightly to me, letting my hard cock press along the length of her crack. When grinding against her wasn't enough, I begin dry hump her the way you see the dogs doing in the yard. I'm humping her as a male dog would a bitch in heat.

" Yes, Yes, John, please again," Oksana said as I pushed her ahead of me to the bed pressing her forward until I have her bent over bed.

" Shhhhhh, quiet, I know I'm your first, but I promise it won't hurt like it did before," I said. With one hand on her back to hold her there, she laid still under me as I swatted her hard across her naked ass with my hand. Oksana grimaced as I entered her, " Oh god.your so big," She whimpered as I pushed my bulbous, purple cock head deeper inside her. Impaling her so deep that I dislodge some of my cum in her womb from before.

This made Oksana cum so hard, as the friction against her tender vaginal walls sent waves of heat rippling through her. My cock rubbing her swollen clit. " Fuck me, fill my womb, make me yours John!" Hearing her scream that she belonged to me caused me to fuck her harder and rougher than before. I looked down at her with lust filled eyes, I held her hips thrusting into her, my long thick cock filling every inch of her. Faster, deeper, and harder until my body tensed and I begin to grunt with my urgent thrusting into her.

Finally, holding her tighter, I stiffened and she feels me forcefully erupt, claiming again what I already perceived as belonging to me. When I finished, I pulled out of her and slowly milked the remains of my cum onto the small of her back where it pooled and slowly dripped between her cheeks.

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I pulled out of her and left. She lay there panting. Later that night Oksana was awakened by sounds in the room, she groggily opened her eyes and sat up in bed searching the dimly lit room.

As her head cleared and her eyes became more accustomed to the dark, she saw me seated quietly at the foot of the bed. I stood and came toward her and she spread her legs wide. " It's time, Oksana," I said.