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Alexis is a hot Latina
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My sisters their friends and me, their sissy Part Four Jolt after jolt of electricity passed through my body. Each longer and worse than the one before it. I held my number two hole shut because I believed what Joy had said about losing any of the water. But the pain was becoming almost too much. I knew that in another jolt or two my control would be completely gone and even with the help of the big thing back there plugging me I was certain to lose that water.

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And there were two gallons in me making me look really pregnant. And it was strange to think of an eight year old boy, or sissy as I guess I now am being known as, as being pregnant. But I couldn't spend much time thinking there as soon another jolt would hit me and I feared I would lose my precious load.

The last thing I wanted to do was upset my youngest sister Joy. I guess I was to be her personal property and she was meaner than anyone could imagine and then when you knew she was only eleven it was even scarier. I knew the next jolt was around the corner and was bracing myself mentally anyway as there was no way for me to move until the jolt hit and then it moved me like you wouldn't believe. Oh I was so scared and had my body so tensed my eyes squeezed shut so hard they ached that I didn't even know someone had come into the room until I heard that familiar giggle and opened my eyes to see Joy standing there.

Her smooth hairless body with just the tiniest of lumps on her chest she proudly displayed, feet spread and arms crossed below her chest. "Hey", she said, "sorry I was playing and forgot the time, you only spent ten extra minutes here. I thought about taking more off of your punishment time on my way here, but when I came in it looked like you were having so much fun I decided to add another hour. You know your not allowed to enjoy yourself, don't you?

Oh well you do now" I knew that next jolt was coming any second now and my time was more than up what was she doing? "Now lets see you're plugged, lets see if you leaked", she said walking behind me just as the jolt hit. After I stopped flopping around she stroked my backside and said,"We better tighten up this plug before I let you down we don't want any leaks now do we. And with that she went back to the machine with the wires, touched a button and I felt the thing plugging my number two hole get bigger and bigger.

I started to scream into whatever was holding my mouth shut, Joy just smiled and tilted her head to the side asked,"You think thats big enough to keep you from losing any water?" I nodded my head violently, she grinned and said," I can't hear you". I screamed into my mind "Please stop, PLEASE STOP". Joy said again "I can't hear you sissy, so you want it bigger?" Again she pushed the button and the plug started to grow again. I knew my number two hole was going to rip apart. "So sissy you want it bigger or is that big enough?" I screamed with all I had, I pled with my eyes the tears of pain real and flowing even more now than before.

"Ok", Joy said,"that might be big enough to hold it but we should test it out to be sure". She fiddled with the knobs moving each one carefully to the right until it couldn't go any further then picking up the machine she brought it in front of me. "Let me explain this to you sissy", she said with that pouty look having returned; she even managed to somehow jut her lip out even further and make her eyes appear all soft and sweet.

"These knobs control the electricity going out to those pad thingies all over you, I think Vickie called them electrodes. Anyway they control those and the thingie up your pussy hole". She saw my look and said "Your asshole sissy, there is a electric thing up your ass too but I haven't turned that one on until now.

Now when these knobs are all to this side the machine is off." I saw through my tears that ALL the knobs were on the other side. "You have gotten half way but now to finish for the night we will see how good your control is and give it all to you. Now sissy what do you think about timing?" Her pout was going away and that grin was coming back.

" How about we just turn it on and leave it on forever?" And she laughed and laughed, holding her sides and laughing about frying me up. What was happening? "Of course we can't do that now can we?" She looked at me and continued with a smirk on her face, " But I bet we can come close." And without a moments hesitation flipped a switch that send my body instantly rigid.

I was bowed out from my position my belly was bloated with water and she had added the electricity on the inside. I was shaking, twisting and turning but it wasn't me doing the moving it was Joy and her box. She flipped off the switch I fell back and she asked me "Fun isn't it sissy?" And flipped the switch again. This time my body didn't even move it became as stiff as a board and stayed that way for the longest time. I wasn't sure but I think Joy kept me like that for a good half minute.

Finally she stopped the electricity sat the box down and walked behind me to check for leaks. "Good sissy", I hear from behind me, "You stayed dry, good sissy". Joy reappeared in front of me and said, "Well now we know you don't leak lets blast off and then you can empty your sissy pussy hole so we can get on with your training.

She picked up that box again and turned to show me. She said,"Sissy you see this switch here on the side?" I moved my head a little. "Well good sissy because this is what Vickie calls a booster switch. She says we are only supposed to use it when we are sure whoever we are using it on can handle it, because it doubles the output. Well, you didn't leak even a drop so I figure you can handle it." She placed a stool in front of me and put the box on it facing me.

"You see this screen here sissy?" Again just a small move of my head. " Oh goody, what this is is the timer; now I am setting it for two minutes until it comes on and one minute on before it shuts off.

Here sissy can you see the numbers?' My eyes must have been as big as half-dollars and she said. " Well I guess so. Anyway sissy we have two whole minutes to kill here and I have an idea to make sure you are ready for this. We wouldn't want a mess in case your not ready now would we?" With that she punched another button on that box and I felt the plug in my rear start growing again.

Her smile returned and she said, "Is it getting bigger sissy cause if it is still growing you still have room for water" And with that she flipped a switch and I felt water rushing into me. The clock moved closer to zero the water flowed and Joy jumped around clapping and giggling and singing that song. I had ten seconds left and couldn't take my eyes of the clock even though I wanted to. I heard "Sissy is a bitch of mine she wil. and then the timer hit zero.

I thought my eyes were coming out of my head I tasted blood in my mouth I couldn't even blink. My skin started to tingle my fingers and toes began flexing uncontrollably and I smelt burning skin. But I couldn't breathe I couldn't blink. I heard Joy laughing and clapping her hands but my head was arched back all the way and I couldn't see her. I heard "Hey sissy ain't this fun and you have twenty seconds left. You hold yourself or we have to start over" And that was the last I remembered until I woke up bound on a table face down with my pregnant looking belly under me like a ball.

I never knew you could hurt like I did, there was no describing it. I felt something flowing inside me and heard a mechanical sound off to the side. Joy and Michelle were bent over something both naked, but all I was interested in was what happens next. I felt my stomach growing and as the girls turned around Joy jumped up and down yelling, " Sissy is ready for more, sissy is ready for more now she trains as a whore, sissy is ready for more." She skipped out of the room and Michelle came over to me knelt down and said.

"Sissy you took two gallons and we are now adding another two, by pumping them in, for punishment.

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No reason why sissy, we just want to punish you. We are going to let it out but Dr. Susie has to be here. By the time we get this all in Joy will have her here." Michelle turned and walked back to the machine and said over her shoulder,"O.K.

sissy here comes the last half gallon and I felt my tummy growing and stretching me even tighter across the table.

I was filling up and heard the sound of a straw sucking at the last of the malt when Michelle flipped off the other machine and turning to me smiled and said, "four gallons sissy, that is a good beginning you will get better and be able to hold more you'll see." Just then I heard the door open and footsteps coming my way. I turned my head and was amazed at what I saw. There must have been twenty girls and women flowing into the room. Little girls no older than six or seven I was sure and others into their thirties maybe.

Each one naked and smiling. Pointing and giggling. If I could have died right then I would have. But I could only turn my face away from the shame of it all.

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"Ladies", I heard Dr. Susie say, "Ladies a little quiet here and we can continue." The room suddenly went completely silent. Silent except for the beating of my heart.


I was about to explode I knew it and here were all these females watching and laughing at me, their newest sissy. Dr. Susie continued. " This sissy is in fast track training and will be ready in six to eight months. We are now going to empty her while electrocuting her up her ass. I am going to demonstrate this technique which I developed for complete and instant submission from the time it is administered the sissy will never question their place or your commands again; not even in their hidden thoughts.

Administering this treatment first will save a lot of time and you can get on with the sissification much sooner and with a much more pliable sissy." You are going to do what? I thought through my pain fogged mind. Who you doing that to I wondered? And suddenly it was all clear it was me she was talking about. I turned my head to look and there she stood in huge heavy rubber gloves up to the shoulder and all encased in rubber except her head.

She was the only one wearing anything and she was wearing some weird stuff I thought. A cart was wheeled into my view and on it was a giant truck battery. Dr. Susie continued," This is a 24 volt truck battery to which I have attached these leads of bare wire. When the plug is pulled from the sissies asspussy, (another new name for some part of me), the sissies hole will remain quite wide for quite some time and it will take his system a few seconds to begin to discharge the fluids.

That ladies is when you shove both leads into their asspussy as far as you can. You then twist your hand around for a second or two and that will insure the wires remain inside your sissy. Next you quickly extract your hand and with both hands firmly clamp the asspussy around the wires. Your assistant, in this case the sissies youngest sister Joy, then throws the switch allowing current to flow into your sissy. This particular sissy is holding four gallons and by minimizing the discharge rate you can make that four gallons take four or five minutes to be completely expelled.

During that time feel free to remove the current at any time and restart it at your leisure or just leave it on continually. This was really crazy but with my mouth still not able to work I couldn't do anything but whine so I started whining. Dr. Susie heard me came over and leaning down whispered just loud enough for me to hear, "You do good getting trained sissy as I might buy you to go with my other sissy.

She's younger than you but you could be matching bookends. Tonight you will get to meet her as part of my fee is going to be paid by your services. So get ready sissy, Joy told me of her preparation of you for this but I can assure you this is far more memorable and much much worse than anything you have yet to experience." With that she gave me a kiss on the cheek, stood, and facing the gathered nude ladies said, "This sissy has requested me to begin and advised me all decisions rest with we ladies.

He is ready to sissify so lets start,shall we?" "I need a volunteer to pull the plug and small hands are best for that because a lot of tube has to come out quickly without getting in the way of inserting the wires.

Hands shot up all over the room and Dr. Susie said, "You Cindy I think your hand went up first." Out of the crowd came a little girl, I don't think she was my age she was probably a year or two younger. Dr. Susie asked," Are you ready Cindy?" Cindy smiled and said "Oh yes Doctor, I so want to train this sissy bitch and make her submit." "Joy are you ready?" "Yes just nod when you want it on or off and shove it way up Doctor I want to see sissy suffer more.

And you sissy you keep looking at all of us if you turn your head away we start over again. Do you understand me?" Joy asked. I nodded with what strength I had left. "O.K. ladies here Cindy now. It felt like someone was ripping out my stomach as Cindy pulled four feet of hose out of my colon and asspussy as soon as the plug collapsed. Dr.

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Susie shoved her hand up my asspussy and must have nodded because Joy threw that switch with all her might and my body bucked and heaved. Dr. Susie pulled her hand out and forced my rear end shut while the agony ran up and down my body.

Again all movement from me had nothing to do with me but with the electricity running through me. Dr. Susie must have started nodding non-stop because Joy started flipping that switch up and down as fast as she could.

Then I felt the first wetness start to flow out and even through the pain I began to feel relief. The flow picked up a bit and Dr. Susie shouted for someone to help her keep my asspussy closed as tight as they could. Ms Dee Dee jumped around the table and between her and the Doctor they reduced the flow to a trickle while all the time Joy kept turning it on then turning it off. My mind was a complete fog, able to focus only on getting the water out of me and the wires with it.

But the good Doctor and Ms Dee Dee had other plans apparently. They pushed even harder and all the flow stopped at the same time Joy quit turning the current off so now it felt like my insides were boiling. This went on and on for what seemed like hours but was probably only a minute or so. Then the electricity stopped and I drew my first breathe in a long time. "O.K. ladies that is step one heat up the insides. Now the final step is to finish them off.

Bring those other wires over here someone. Another little girl that had wiggled to the front of the audience came forward holding out two wires with nasty looking clamps on the ends. "Put one on the edge of sissies clitty right under that little knob at the top Cathy, and the other at the base of her clitty." Dr. Susie sounded like she was smiling while she instructed this girl in torturing my "clitty".

Once she had attached the clamps Dr. Susie said, " Put your hand beneath her clitty and catch anything that sissy leaks out because she needs to clean up her messes.

If it fills up put the other one down there and one of you other girls step up here just in case, you will do just fine Missy" Dr. Susie said to a girl of maybe six or seven. "When they bust lose after this treatment most sissies squirt until they run dry and for some of those sissies that means five or ten minutes. I have seen as much as a cup and a half get milked from a sissies clitty this way." " O.K.

here we go again, Joy now all the way and leave it there." I arched and bucked and tossed and turned all little moves but I still bounced around a lot. "O.K. let go of sissies asspussy. The pressure gone that was holding that liquid in took a few seconds for my body and mind to realize. When it did my asspussy exploded and water gushed and shot out. Stream after stream, jet after jet, my asspussy shot again and again. The electric current making my insides spasm and contract.

The flow began to slow and Dr. Susie professionally stated," Get ready Cathy and you Missy you start hitting sissies egg sack there at the base of her clitty." I felt a jolt of pain from my "clittie" and heard Dr.

Susie say, " Yes darling right there, but harder and faster." My vision blurred and I felt like I was going to barf but with my mouth closed I managed to fight that off.

"O.K. stop Missy and get your hands down with Cathies." As the last of the water dribbled out the electricity in my asspussy became more and more unbearable. My body went rigid and Dr.

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Susie said "now Joy now do sissies clit." A shock went through my body and my "clittie" started pumping out that white stuff. But this time there was one huge shot after another. I watched in agony and fascination as spurt after spurt filled Cathys hands, both of them, and Missy snuck her little hands in to continue the harvest. Her hands quickly filled and another set replaced them all without missing a single drop, and still it came.

Finally just as the third pair of hands were filling up my "clittie" quit spurting the white stuff. It still twitched and spasmed but nothing more was coming out.

Sometime during this "milking of the sissy", as Dr. Susie described it when I started shooting, the electricity was turned off in my asspussy.


After a few minutes of no milk coming out Dr. Susie told Joy to shut off the battery. With all my body ravaged I fell to the table unable to move not even able to think. I felt hands all over me but had no idea what was happening. My senses slowly returned just in time to see a mask of some type being lowered onto me.

It had a funnel where the mouth went and this was inserted into my mouth and the mask tightened around my head. Again I could not see at all nor could I hear very well. I was lifted from the table and laid upon the floor. My hands were pulled above me and my legs drawn straight down. I felt some touching at both ends then felt myself being pulled tight. I laid there wondering what was next when something touched my tongue as it flowed down the funnel. I immediately recognized the taste of my white clit juice and hungrily swallowed as fast as I could.

It kept on coming for a long time but finally the white stuff stopped dripping. A few minutes passed and my nose picked up that familiar earthy smell that I now had figured out was how a girl smelled in their privates.

It was really nice and even though my "clittie" was sore and ached it started to tingle again. The smell grew more intense and then something settled onto the funnel sticking from my mouth. It got a lot harder to breathe. This lasted for a minute or so and then I heard a voice by my ear saying, "sissy here comes your dessert. You just finished dinner now you get dessert. Don't leave anything or we will have to punish you.

And we all want to share dessert with you all twenty three of us. So open up here comes dessert." A slow trickle started and then increased to a flood. I could block the end of the funnel with my tongue but that only slowed the flow. Someone had made holes or something all along the part in my mouth so stopping the flow completely was impossible. Finally whoever was sharing ran out and I managed to catch up. I took a breathe and felt weight on my funnel again. Twenty three of them used me thirty four times before they let me up.

They rechained me by attaching my left leg to my right arm and vice versa behind my back. I was now bowed backwards.

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They picked me up and carried me somewhere then set me down and started cold cold water flowing all over me. After many minutes they came in and scrubbed me roughly, pinching, prodding and occasionally tipping my head back and using the funnel they had conveniently left me in. At last I must have been done to their satisfaction and they took me out, unchained me, dried me, and removed my hood.

I found out "they" were my sisters; all standing naked, all wearing smiles on their faces. Vickie said,"Sissy your clothes are on your bed. This is your suite of rooms keep it spotless. Go get dressed and come back here immediately.

On my bed were panties, a bra, the falsies, nylons and one of those things to hold them up with. Under all of this was a dress like a maid wears. So after I got on all the stuff I knew how to get on I went back to the bathroom carrying the dress. Joy and Michelle helped me into it then sat me down at the mirror and began doing all sorts of things to my face and hair. They worked for a long time and finally were satisfied with my appearance. They stood me up and pulled shoes on my feet.

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Shoes with really high heels that were hard to walk in. They walked me out into my room and there was Dr. Susie and the cutest little girl I had ever seen and she was dressed just like me. Dr.

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Susie said to my sisters that she had everything she needed now and they should head for bed as tomorrow was another busy day for them with their sissy but for tonight I was hers to use as she desired. My sisters said their goodnights and left the three of us alone. Dr. Susie began to get out of the few clothes she was wearing and upon finishing this laid herself upon the bed for our bulging eyes.

The girl was as interested as I was as Dr. Susie spread this and moved that told us what this was and how we would learn to make our owners happy.

Owners I thought to myself a million dollars I remembered hearing about, what did all this mean? After a lot of talk and touching of herself Dr.

Susie said, "Sissy marcie you come over here and lay by my side it is time for you girls to please me. Diana you get over here and straddle sissy marcies head facing her feet. Sissy marcie you pull your panties down so Diana can get to your clit.

Diana get down there and lick her clit. Sissy marcie pull Diana's panties off then find her little clit and you lick her clit like she is licking yours. Now here was something new, something different. I was going to see my first girls privates up close. I had seen plenty this day but not up close and not with permission to lick. I pulled the panties off and in the dark under Dianas skirt I fumbled looking for her clit. I found her clit and it was just like mine except a lot bigger, and I mean a lot.

It had to be five inches long from what I could feel. Diana had in the meantime been licking my "clittie" from top to bottom and just as I touched her clit and found out she was a sissy just like me she swallowed my tiny little clit into her mouth. I had never felt anything like this before and my clit went from aching and tired to hard and straight. I heard Dr. Susie through the many layers of lace surrounding my head say, " Ah, Diana my pet, sissy marcie has found your surprise.

Get up and let me watch you two go at it. Both of you lose the dresses and be quick about it." I looked over at Dr. Susie as I quickly shed the dress and she was sprawled back on the bed her legs flung wide with a huge round thing stuck up her privates and she was slowly moving it in and out.

"Diana, get her hard quickly, then sissy marcie when your clit is hard you are to get Diana's hard for her then you two can put on a show for me." Diana dropped to her knees in front of my "clittie" and gently started sucking me.

In no time at all my "clittie was hard as a rock and Dr. Susie said" O.K. sissy you return the favor. Diana rose from her kneeling position and she was about three inches shorter than me.

I started to drop to my knees and looked down. What had happened to Dianas clit? It was huge now and stuck straight up in front of her pointing at the ceiling. I heard a laugh and looked over at Dr. Susie as she said, "Well sissy get at i,t and get good at it quick, you will be doing this a lot.

Suck her for a while get her good and wet and then she can fuck your asspussy while I ride your face. We are going to have fun tonight sissy."