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Gay photographer sucks and rims model
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This is a story of my first time away from I stated in the introduction if people actually read that.


Anyway this is my first story so.I guess feedback would be great and yes if it does suck it'd be nice to tell me but don't be a dick about it. Also if you don't like the story just because it is a gay story well then that's your problem. Well now that I got to say what's been on my mind for so long I guess onward with the story. I was 13 years old when I went to my first stay away from home camp. I never really thought much about it but going to an all boys camp was certainly going to be different than anything else I'd ever done.

I was pretty excited to be getting away from home and to be out to make new friends. As I headed over to my cabin and started unpacking a boy came up beside me sitting on my bed.

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"Hey what's up," he asked laying down, "I'm Kyle who're you?" Usually I would've told him to get off my bed and then gone on with my day but his short curly blond hair made me think before speaking. "I'm Ethan," I said with a shy smile, "Are you in this cabin?" Now before saying anything else I should probably mention I was pretty straight up until this moment. Kyle was just so.I don't know different from other people.

"Yeah I am," he said while getting up, "But hey I'm gonna get going okay?" I nodded feeling weird inside. It was bad enough I was thinking about a guy in the way I was.

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But to add insult to injury I could barely even move when he was near me. I sighed shaking my head laying down on the bed taking a nap, it was getting late anyways. When I woke up the cabin was quiet.

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A few other kids had shown up but were asleep. I rolled off of my bed looking for where Kyle was sleeping. "Looking for me?" Asked Kyle from above me as if on cue.

I'd forgotten the beds were also bunk beds. I pulled myself up to his bed looking at him. He had a small flashlight and a maxim magazine next to him. "What're you doing?" I asked innocently. Kyle rolled his eyes helping me up to his bed. "If you must know I'm doing what I always do," he said quietly, "It's how I go to sleep." Surprisingly he seemed pretty shy about jerking off. I smiled seeing the small tent under his covers.

"Need any help?" I asked pointing at his boner. Kyle blushed looking away. I don't know why I did it but for some reason I reached out grabbing his dick. It caught him by surprise. "Sorry," I said taking my hand away, "I can stop if you-" "No," he said grabbing my hand, " can keep going if you want." I smiled taking his covers off leaning down to his dick.

It was about 5in maybe a little bit bigger. It was thick and had a weird smell to it.not a bad smell but definitely weird. I decided to step outside my comfort bubble and licked the tip of his dick. He shuddered putting his hand on my head. Slowly I took as much of his dick as I could down my throat going up and down. After only a few seconds he began to shake and then without a warning I could feel his cum going down my throat.

I pulled away falling off the bed. Fortunately no one woke up from it. "You okay?" Kyle asked in a shaky voice. "Yeah I'm fine." I sighed crawling into my bed, "I.I think I'm going to head to bed if that's okay with you." "Oh.okay," came Kyle's reply, "Good night." I felt so weird. I'd given my first blowjob to another boy. It was alot to take in but at the same time that feeling was so great. I didn't know how to feel. But that was it for now.I'd talk to Kyle about it tomorrow.

I laid in my bed thinking about it all when I realized I still had a major boner. I groaned rolling on my side. "I'm sorry about that stuff in your mouth." I jumped spinning around seeing Kyle at my bed side. "How did you-" "I'm very sneaky when I need to be," he said getting in my bed, "But I just wanted to say sorry and maybe return the favor." I couldn't help myself.

I pulled him in close kissing him on the lips softly. When we broke off the kiss I blushed looking away. Kyle smiled kissing me back pulling me on top of him.

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I could feel his boner poking me in the ass. He pulled down my shorts grabbing my dick jerking me off. I already felt like I was close as he quickly started sucking me off. I could feel my body shaking as his tongue licked the tip of my dick.


I ran my hands through his curly hair as I got ready to cum for the first time. As I released my cum in his mouth he jumped as the first few drops released in his mouth. I fell back unable to move as my body spasmed for the next few minutes. My head was spinning as I tried to recollect myself. Kyle leaned down kissing me on the lips softly. I smiled unable to say anything.

Not only had I given a blow job on my first night but I also received one too. This first night at camp was really becoming interesting. As Kyle went back up to his bed I covered myself up into a ball just thinking about what tomorrow would be like.

I'd made a new friend.or maybe something a little bit better.

Tomorrow was going to be even better though. I just knew it. To Be Continued.

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