Savita bhabhi in green saree extreme passionate fuck m

Savita bhabhi in green saree extreme passionate fuck m
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Mo and I, I'm Luke, had just had a 3some with her best friend Jessie, the night before, and just now got done making love, the next day, after Jessie left. Mo, which is short for Maureen, is a vivacious 34 year old red head, who is one of the most sexual person you'll ever meet. Is she model beautiful, no, but she is quite pretty and when she gets dolled up, she's quite hot. I am 45 now, and 11 years older than Mo and have started dating a few months earlier.

As with the other two stories, this is a continuation of our relationship, which did take a turn the night before, and now is going to get even livelier. See, Mo is bisexual, as is her best friend Jessie, and they have been lovers ever since Mo moved back to the area about 5 years back.

From what Mo has told me, they were good friends in high school as well, and were first time lovers back then too. After we finished making love, Mo and I lay there trying to catch our breath, and she said, "Babe, I am not going to leave you for her, I'm all yours, But, I did enjoy what we shared last night and want to again and again.

What would you say about Jessie moving in with us? Damn, I thought, we just started being lovers and in fact, I asked Mo to move down to my room for good this weekend. I asked, "How would this work Love? We are just starting our relationship and can you handle another woman in this house with you, knowing I have already had sex with her? "I know, it sounds silly, but I could handle that, as long as I am always your first priority.

Jess lives in this shitty little 3 room apartment, that is part of a house. She hates it there, but the rent is cheap, but I know she is lonely. The old couple that own the place are nice and all, but she has to watch who she brings there, and lord knows, you can't get wild, that's for sure." as she chuckled.

So I asked, "what are the rules going to be?" MO thought for a moment, then said, "All I ask is that you don't sleep with her, when I am home. This bed is now ours, and we should always occupy it when we are here. I won't spend the night in her bed either, unless you are with me as well, like last night.

Be honest, you loved waking up with 2 women in your bed?" I laughed and said, "Shit Dear, what man wouldn't want to have two gorgeous women in his bed.

But I can promise you, there will be no sex between her and I, unless you are there and it is you who makes the decision to have sex. But, I may be a little apprehensive at first about this." Mo looked at me and asked, "Why?" I turned now so I was looking at her and said, "Look, I fell in love with you, and I don't know where this may go between us, and the last time I gave my heart to someone, they broke it big time.

I really don't have a problem with the sex between you two, I really don't. In fact, it is super hot to watch. But, if you have any inkling that you are going to leave, to be with Jess, then be straightforward and tell me, because I am willing to go the distance with you." Mo turned on her side and snuggled up to me and lightly kissed my lips, then said, "Lover, I have no plans to ever leave.

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I have found the man I need to be with, and I do love men more than women, so rest assured, your bed will never be empty again, unless, I have to go out of town for work, but that's it.

I am sure Jess will one day find her own man, and then move out. I doubt you will see her much, except on weekends." I kissed her on the lips and said, "Sure, why not. Do you think she can handle 250 a month?" Mo chuckled and said, "Oh I think that will be great to her.

She pays 750 now, which I thought was highway robbery, but it was close to her shop." I then said, "As for you, if you are living here and sleeping with me, then you pay no rent. We can set up an account for us, and contribute towards bills and such, that we both incur, if that sounds reasonable to you." She laughed and said, "Damn, that makes it like we are a couple for sure. But I will always pay my fair share, and never take advantage of you, in any way." then continued "So, is going nude around the house still good with you?" "If you think it is wise, then I I am fine with it, and if you don't mind me getting hard all the time, because I do have 2 naked women running around here all the time" Mo just smiled and said, "MMMMMMM I think we can live with that.

Plus, I love seeing you hard because that means I still turn you on." As she said that, her hand went to my half hard cock and started stroking it. "You keep doing that, you are going to get it all worked up and in need of a special place for relief." Mo licked her lips and said, "Good, I need some more of this.

I love you, and I love this cock of yours" She pushed me to my back, swung her leg over me and straddled my waist. She grabbed my cock and slid down on it. "Ohhhhhhhhhh God, I love this feeling. I'm sorry, but I really love having you in me. I love when we fuck or make love, but I feel so connected to you, like we are one. Right now, just fuck me. Fuck me like the slut girl I can be." This time it was pure, raw passion. She's grinding on me, and my hands were squeezing her ass cheeks as she fucked me hard.

Her kisses were even hard, sucking my tongue, in between her loud moans. She was fucking me like a woman possessed. "Fuck Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Luke.

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That cock is mine now and this pussy is yours." I then grabbed her, and flipped us over, so I was on top now. "Yeah Baby, Take Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you fucking bastard" I started just slamming into her.

The harder I fucked her, the louder she got moaning. "You like this hard cock fucking your hot cunt, don't you?" "Oh Fuck Yesssssssssssssssssssss. Fill my cunt with your hot cock and give me your juice Baby." We fucked hard for another 10 minutes until I could feel my falls start to rise and my cock was getting harder.

"That's it Babe, shoot your cum in this slutty pussy, so I can feel run out all afternoon, down my thighs. Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk" Mo started cumming and I did right after her. As I came, I kept up my hard banging.

Her pussy had to be sore by now, after last night and then twice today. When we finished, I just collasped on top of her, then rolled off of her. 5 minutes later, we were still panting and Mo said, "Damn, we are amazing together. This is how I always thought a relationship should be.

Caring, and nice to each other, with fantastic love making and out of this world sex, and Baby, you do rock my world." "Babe, you do rock my world. But, I have to be honest, if we keep this up, I better go to GNC and get vitamins and those supplements for sex drive.

But, I agree, this is how I always thought a relationship should be. So I hope it never gets old between us." We then got up and showered and made lunch. Mo sent a text to Jess asking her to stop by this evening around 7pm. Jess said she could be there at 8pm. We were going to eat with Bob and Angie, at 5pm and that's when we told her parents that we were dating now. Bob and Ang very pleased with that news. Then Jess showed up a little before 8 and we asked her to come sit with us in the family room.

We were both still dressed, which I think shocked Jess. Mo started, "Jess. Luke and I have something we want to ask you. But know this, I love you very much, and you are my best girlfriend, who I trust and adore completely.

So, Luke and I were talking earlier and want to know how you feel about moving in with us? You would take over my room upstairs, since I will be moving down to Luke's room." Jess had a look like a deer caught in headlights, and was about to say something, but Mo stopped her.

"I know it probably seems weird and all, but I hate that you are always alone at that little place, and we both would love to have you with us here.".

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"You can come and go as you want, and the rent is cheap, 250 a month, no lease or any of that shit, and you get to be around me a lot more." "Wait, wait, wait." Jessie said.

"You guys want me living here with you 2, even though you are just starting a life together? Won't I be in the way?" Mo smiled and said "Yep. That's what we are asking. I love you Jess, and you need companionship too. At least until some man comes and sweeps you off of your feet." Jess laughed and said, "I don't see that happening anytime soon.

These towns are not brimming with eligible guys, that's for sure." "So what do you say Bestie?" Mo asked. "You know, why not. You are right, I hate living there where I do. But I will pull my own weight around here. Are you sure 250 is enough?" I finally spoke up, "Jessie, it's more than enough. You just need to buy your own food is all, or we all go in together for food, I don't really care, but the house is big enough for us 3, easily." Jessie shook her head and said, "You know, when you texted earlier about stopping back over, I really thought it was about last night and what we did together.

I was scared that you guys had misgivings about that and would lose my friendship with you Mo." Mo giggled and said, "Are you kidding me? Last night was a dream come true for me and I hope we repeat that many times over, especially if you are living here with us.

The only rule I gave Luke was that you 2 can have sex, but her always sleeps in our bed down here, with me, and you if you want to join us sometime." Jessie laughed and said, "Wow, you really have thought this out, haven't you?" Mo smiled and said, "Yeah, I have. I trust you more than life itself and I am building a trust with Luke that rivals even yours. And, by the way, nudity is going to be the norm around here, if that is ok with you?" Jessie giggled out and said, "Yeah, I was wondering why you 2 were dressed when I came in.

But so you know. What we did last night was awesome, and I certainly want to have that experience again, many times, but I will never come on to Luke, unless we are in those types of situations together.

Mo got up and went to Jessie and hugged her. "This is going to be so good for us all. God I love you both. When can you move in? Jessie thought for a minute and said, "Well, I don't have a real lease, so I guess anytime.

I don't have much, except for clothes and some dishes and stuff like that. They furnished the place, so most of it there, is the owners. How does next weekend sound?" Mo kissed her on the lips and said, "Great. we'll get you a key." Then they started kissing more. Mo grabbed her hand and said, come on, I need to make love to you now." Mo winked at me, and mouthed "I Love You" and off they went to Mo's old, and now Jessie's new room.

I then got undressed, put up the footrest on the couch and read while those two played. Jessie is a blond bombshell. 5' 8, 150 lbs., 36 C breast, dark nipples and a great tanned body. She isn't fat and her legs are quite muscular. Lord knows I felt them the night before when we fucked. She could squeeze a guy to death when she cums. She is a co-owner of a hair styling place, with 2 other woman, one of whom, she was lovers with, until the lady met her husband, but are still good friends.

The other lady is the one who did both girls clit rings too, and their belly rings. So Jessie keeps weird hours too. Mostly home by 6pm or a little later, except one night a week, she stays until 9pm. About a little over an hour later, the girls came back downstairs, naked and looked like they played hard too.

Their pussy's, chests, and stomachs were red, and their faces flushed. Both girls were grinning like the cat who ate the canary. Mo came up to where I was sitting and said, "Miss us Baby?" I just smiled then said, "Oh, were you gone? Jess said "Smartass." Mo then pushed in my foot rest, back into the couch, then sat next to me. Jessie moved in front of of me and got on her knees. Mo said, "We felt bad that we left you all alone while we played, so Jess wants to give you a little something." Jessie then took my flaccid cock and started licking it.

It started growing and she put her mouth over it and started sucking it. She released it then and said, "MMMMMMMMM I love making a man hard with my mouth" and went back to sucking it. Mo leaned in and started kissing me. I sat the book down and leaned back in the couch and enjoyed these two ladies.

As Jess worked my cock, Mo would stroke Jessie's hair and face and whisper in my ear, "She's a good cocksuker huh Baby? You like those lips wrapped around your hard shaft?" then kiss me more. About 10 minutes later, my balls were signaling that I was about to erupt in her mouth. "Oh Fuckkkkkkkkkkk Jess, I am going to cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" Jessie started working my cock faster now, engulfing most of it in her mouth. Mo was saying, "Cum Baby, shoot the creamy cum in this sluts mouth.

She's going to share it with me, then we both will share it with you. Cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" And I did. I shot a good 5 spurts in her mouth and she didn't lose a drop. Then she backed away, opened her mouth to show us a full mouth of cum. She came up and stood over Mo and started kissing her, pushing my cum in her mouth.

Then both girls came to me and started kissing me, pushing my cum into my mouth. Then we each licked our faces clean. "Fuck. That was so HOT" Jessie said, and Mo agreed. I was worn out now. Cumming 3 time today, plus those 2 big one's last night. Jessie got up and started dressing now and said, "Wow, this might be a fun living arrangement", then kissed us both and said she would call tomorrow and let us know for sure about the weekend, and left. Later, as Mo and I got into bed, she said, "I really love you and thank you for helping Jessie out.

This will help her a lot. I didn't want to say anything before, but her shop is just barely making it, at least not like it used too.

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But, be forewarned, she is a bit of a neat freak. She hates messes, so expect this place to be spotless." I chuckled and said, "That's cool with me. I'm not a slob or anything, but I won't turn down her help in keeping the place clean. So what was with the blow job before?" MO giggled, "Jess just wanted to thank you is all, and judging from your reaction, you liked her thank you very much. I was so turned on then too watching, and then the kiss at the end." "Glad I could be of service me lady.

But, so you know, I will never approach her in a sexual way. You have to be the instigator for stuff like that. I won't turn it down, but you are my lady and forming into my best friend, and I don't want anything that will harm that growth." "Oh Sweetie, I know that and Jess and I talked, when we were upstairs. She just wants to be with us a few times a month, as a 3some, but never have sex with you alone unless I say it's cool to do." She curled up next to me, and put her one leg over my legs and her head on my chest.

I could feel the heat from her pussy radiating on my leg. I wrapped my one arm around her shoulders and held her close. "Babe, let's get some sleep. I have a rough day tomorrow at work. You can move your stuff down here, if you want.

The one dresser is empty and so is the other closet. Maybe I can sneak out early one day this week, and we'll head to the bank to open an account for us." "That sounds like a plan Luke. I did not want to move in here until you said it was good. Just promise me you won't hurt me like the others did.

I couldn't take that if you did it to me as well." "Babe, please trust me. What you have seen, and felt coming from me, is how I am all the time. I really do love you and don't want to lose you." With that said, she snuggled even deeper into me and we went to sleep.

The week was hectic and we did take care of some matters for us. She was also creative in making time for us and love making. Setting the clock 45 minutes early for me and making love then. Then that weekend, Jessie moved in.

She only had clothes, some cooking utensils, a stereo and a flat screen TV. I helped set her TV up, on the wall in her bedroom. As the weeks wore on, I saw very little of Jessie, except on the weekends, and occasionally during the evening. She would come down and spend time just talking or watching TV. In fact, we had 2 3somes during that time, but the girls did get some play time in every week.

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During the weekends though, I did see them many times laying out by the pool, sunning themselves, but I always kept myself busy with things that needed done.

On a few occasions, I did lay out with them, and I have to admit, it was very nice to see 2 beautiful, naked ladies like this. Towards the end of August, on a rainy saturday afternoon, Mo asked if I was busy.

She wanted to go shopping for some new toys, and knew the right place to go. Of course I said sure. So we went to the adult store she knew that catered to couples and women, and not one of those dive one's, which have the movie theater in the back. Once there, she picked out a few new dildo's for her and Jessie to use.

A new strap-on, that was shorter and skinnier than the one they have now. I raised my eyebrow at that selection, to which she gave me an evil grin.

And she also picked out 2 new butt plugs. She was really getting into using those when we were in the fuck mode. My ex never really got into toys, so this is all new to me. As she was looking at other stuff, I was looking over some of the male enhancement products, that would help keep an erection for a lot longer. I had already gone to GNC and bought a supplement that actually does work pretty good. The sales lady came up to me then. "May I make a suggestion?" she asked.

"Sure, why not" and chuckled a little. "Forget the pills, none of those really work. Some of these creams are ok, but, they can affect the woman too." I looked at her with a confused look.

"Oh screw it. I was trying to be professional, but you 2 look like an open minded couple so let me be frank." I said, that's good with me. "Most of the creams can leave a bitter taste in the mouth and might make the woman's lips go a little numb, both sets of lips. My husband likes this one though, and it does work great. If you usually last 5 or 10 minutes, then this will extend it out to about 20 minutes before you orgasm, and it doesn't interfere with what your woman will feel.

Another words, if she can orgasm with intercourse, then this is the one you guys should try. It really works for us, and makes those special nights where it's not all about love making, really fantastic, if you know what I mean." I just nodded my head to her.

She was a pretty cute woman. Short, may be 5' 2, and a little chunky, with short black hair, and I nice set of tits.So I picked up a tube and a cock ring too. I went and joined Mo in the back. I noticed she found some long, black, silk like scarves, and could only imagine what those were for.

She was perusing the movies they had on the back wall. She found one that caught her eye, which was a couples movie and if reading some of the highlights, if you can say there is highlights, it was both couples were bi sexual. So this should be interesting to watch.

We checked out and the lady said, "I hope you guys have a fun filled night, and if you ever need some play pals, just give me a call.

My hubby and I are always interested in fun people to explore with." Mo smiled and said, "Thanks, we just may." and the girl handed Mo her card, with her cell number on it. In the car, Mo asked, "What was that all about?" I laughed and said, "While I was over looking at some of the men's stuff, she came over made some useful suggestions that she and her husband have used.

I had no idea she would come on to us then, like she did." Mo laughed, "She was kind of cute, and if her hubby isnt too bad looking, maybe we should get with them. I've always wanted to do a 4some. And, I can tell she is bi too. We bi girls just know this stuff." We got home and decided to fix dinner. By the time it was done, Jessie rolled in and was grateful to have a dinner waiting for her.

"Damn, you 2 are awesome. Warm, inviting home, dinner made and wonderful lovers. I may never move." We all laughed. After dinner and cleaned up, we all retired to the family room, and being our custom now, all 3 of us naked. The girls brought a bottle of wine and 3 glasses. After some small talk about work for both girls, and any gossip that they could share, Mo asked Jessie if she wanted to see what we bought today.

Mo went into the bedroom, and came out with the bag, all of the stuff was in. Jessie saw the name on the bag and said, "You 2 are something else. You could have at least waited on me to come home and take me with you." then laughed. Mo had this twinkle in her eye and said to Jess, "Let's go up in your room and look this stuff over." So the girls grabbed their wine, and bottle, the bag and went upstairs, leaving me all alone.

I was thinking, "shit, I was hoping for a bit of a wild night. Oh well, they'll eventually come back down and need serviced." About 20 minutes later, Mo came skipping into the room, with a huge smile on her face.

"Why didn't you follow Lover?" "I figured you two needed some play time, and thought when you are ready, you'll eventually come get me." "Oh we want you Baby, and we want you now. I have been so horny since being in the store with you. So get ready for a wild ride tonight.

You realize we have not had any sex in 3 whole days? I can't go that long." I followed Mo up the stairs and into Jessie's bedroom, where Jessie, was laid out, spread eagle, and her wrist and ankles tied to the bed with those silk scarves. They had already had a pipe lit too, and Mo passed it to me. I took a few hits, just to catch up to them. Mo then got on the bed and knelt next to Jessie, and she asked me to do the same. "Let's make our lover here cum like she never has before." Mo grinned then asked Jessie, "What did you want tonight girlfriend?" "I want you both tonight.

I want every hole fucked and I don't really care what is used to fuck them. Tits, cock, toy's, just fill my holes." Fuck, I thought, she looked hot as hell. There was just enough slack in the tie's for her legs to be bent when we fuck later. Mo leaned down and started passionately kissing Jessie. It was a super hot kiss, filled with passion, that only 2 lovers could ever do.

I got on my side and started sucking on her one nipple and let my hand go to her pussy, which was already wet and ready for action. As I continued to suck and bite her nipple, Mo moved so she could take the other nipple in her mouth and do the same.

Her free hand came down and joined mine, as we slowly started to finger fuck Jessie. "Oh my fucking god, this feels so fucking good.

I'm going to cum soon at this rate." she yelled out. I had 2 fingers inside her, as did Mo, and as mine were sliding in, Mo's were sliding out. Jessie was trying her best to meet our assault on her pussy, by moving her hips up and down, and her moans were growing louder now.

Mo lifted off of Jessie's tit and said, "Baby, take your tongue down there and let it work its magic." I didn't need to be told twice, so I moved down, got between her legs and dove in. My tongue worked her pussy over as Mo continued to finger her as well. I spread Jessie's ass cheeks some and found her asshole, which I started to tongue now. "Fuck Yesssssssssss, eat my ass you fucking bastard." All 3 of us love to talk dirty. I could feel Jessie starting to tense up, so I knew her orgasm was getting close.

Mo moved her fingers away and I latched onto her engorged clit, and started sucking on it. That was it then. Jessie lifted her ass off the bed and started grunting, wanting me to devour her pussy and clit. "Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk Cuminggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg" Her ass was off the bed, legs tight now, and started shoot cum out.

It was spraying me in the face and chest. I licked as much as I could. But there was no way I could get it all. As her orgasm subsided, her body trembled and shook from the enormity of it.

I mean Mo can squirt, but I have never seen a woman cum that hard before. I was now kneeling and Mo came over to me and started licking my lips, then my neck and chest. Licking any remnants of cum I had left on me. Then she said, "Lay next to Jess baby, I need some of your cock, and right now." Just before I finished the bowl of pot before, I took that cream and rubbed some on my dick.

They say you should refrain from sex for a good 10 minutes, and even the lady at the store said that. She suggested orally stimulate my wife for that amount of time, then hold on for a wild ride. Mo swung a leg over my hips, and came straight down on my cock. My cock did feel like steel. I was surprised, for I thought I wouldn't feel her heat and wetness, but it felt even more wet and hot.

Mo started fucking me with all the gusto she could muster. The very thought of her girlfriend cumming that hard made her want that too. "Fuck Me Babe. Fuck me good and hard." Mo was gyrating on my cock, moving her hips back and forth, and as she did, her clit was getting stimulated.

My hands reached around and grabbed her ass cheeks and held on. I started pumping in and out of her. Jessie was watching us intently saying, "God you 2 are so hot to watch when you fuck. How's that big cock feel inside your hot cunt Baby Girl?" MO yelled out, "Fucking greattttttttttttttttttt.

But just wait, he is going to fill your cunt too" After about 10 minutes of intense fucking Mo let loose, "Oh Shit, I'm Cummmmmmmmmmminggggggggggg you fuckers" Her body slammed down into mine and she was shaking all over.

She too, squirted, but it wasn't as much as Jessie, from before. Damn, these girls sure know how to mess a bed up. MO rolled off of me and to the side where it was empty on the bed. She did ask me to untie Jess, so I got her arms free, then her legs. I then went down stairs and got us some bottled water. When I got back up there, Jessie was slipping one of the butt plugs in Mo's fine ass.

Then Mo got another one, this one a little bigger, and put it in Jessie's ass. Jessie moaned out, "Damn, that feels so good." My diick was still hard, so I guess that stuff really does work, and it didn't go unnoticed either.

"Fuck Baby, your cock looks so good." Mo said. Jessie then sat up against the headboard, spread her legs wide, and Mo moved in to start eating her. Now, I don't know about you, but watching to women pleasure each other is an extremely erotic sight to behold. "Oh God Mo, tongue fuck me. God I love your tongue." Jess softly spoke out. As they played, I lay next to them, slowly stroking my cock. Mo saw this out of the corner of her eye and said, as she wiggled her ass, "I got a place that will gladly take that piece of man meat Stud." I let them go a few more minutes, so Jessie got all of Mo's attention.

Jess did cum once already, so I figured it was time to fill my sweet girlfriends hot box with the man meat she so desired. I got behind her and held my cock to her pussy and rubbed it up and down, teasingly. "Please Luke, no teasing, just put it in", she moaned out to me. I too, could no longer wait. I had to feel the velvety inner tunnel that my cock so craved anymore. I slowly slipped in, until I was as deep as I could go. Then started slowly thrusting into her, making sure my pelvic region made contact with her plus.

"OH Fuckkkkk, that feels so good Baby", she managed to tell me, in between sucking her friends hot cunt. Jessie was staring into my eyes as I continued to fuck Mo's hot pussy. "You love fucking that sweet pussy, don't you stud?" As I grunted with each thrust, I answered, "Oh Yessss, it is so tight, and hot." "Good. You'll have many years of taking care of it.

But for now, fill it up with your lovely cream, so I can lick it out of her fiery cunt, Stud" As she said that, Mo must have sucked her clit, because Jess yelled out, "Fuck Bithchhhhhhhhhh, you are gonna make me cummmmmmmmmmmmmmm" I started increasing my thrusting.

You could her our skin slapping together, and Mo's moans were getting louder. I have no idea how she concentrated on eating Jess. "Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, I'm cumming. Eat my cum slutttttttttttttttttt." Jess yelled out. Jessie body went stiff and her ass lifted off the bed, as she came. Mo started to shake too now, as she was cumming.

As they came, my body finally felt the need to release its long overdue load. "Baby, I'm going to cummmmmmmmmmmm" "Give me that sauce baby.

Jessie needs some protein. Cummmmmmmmmmmmm" As she said this, I started pumping rope after rope of cum inside her. It felt like I could shoot cum half way across the room, I was cumming so hard. I was holding Mo's hips, as I came.

My cock buried as deep as it could go. As our orgasms subsided, I started pulling out of her. My cock was covered in a frothy white liquid, and watched as some of our cum started leaking onto the bed. "My god Honey, how much did you shoot inside me?" I chuckled and said "I don't have a clue, but it felt like a gallon.I rolled over to the one side of Jessie and Mo rolled to the other side of her.

"Oh My God. We three make great lovers together. I've never cum this hard for so long, than I do with you 2. God I love you both." Jess spoke. Mo moved up and kissed her friend on the lips and said, "We love you too Jess and love sharing with you, don't we Babe." I was laying on my side, watching and listening to this. "Yes Sweetie, we love sharing with Jess, and I love how you two are as friends and lovers." Jess then said, "Could you guys sleep with me tonight?

I just need to feel you in my bed and wake with you in the morning." "We wouldn't have it any other way Lover." Mo whispered out, then kissed Jessie, long and passionately. Damn, I love watching them kiss. It was making my half hard dick start to rise again.

"Plus." Mo said, "We aren't through yet, and judging from our man there, he's looking ready for another round, and so am I" Jessie just smiled. Mo got off the bed and went to the shopping bag and pulled out the strap-on, and put it on.

This one was definitely not as big as the other one she has. She also got out the lube too. She asked me to switch spots with jessie, and to lay on my back.

When I did, Jessie leaned over and took my cock into her hungry mouth and started sucking it. Her mouth popped off and said, "Just getting it ready" Mo directed Jessie to ride me. So Jess swung her leg over my torso and guided my cock inside her hungry cunt. "Fuck Maureen, you are such a lucky bitch to have this all the time. God he so big inside me." "Yes I am a lucky girl. But it's not just the size, it's the man behind it that makes me feel so special and loved and I hope he makes you feel special and loved too, because we do love you.

So take a little time right now and make love to him, while I watch. You 2 are so sexy together" We started to slow fuck now. Jessie leaned down and was kissing me passionately, like we were a couple, lost in each other. My hands were holding her ass cheeks, then squeezing them. Love her ass to play with. Our kiss broke and Mo kneeled next to our heads and put the dildo between our mouths. Jessie started licking it, and then so did I.

Then we took turns sucking the end of it, which got both girls moaning loud. Mo said, "Oh my god, I so want to see you suck a guy Baby. Fuck that would be so hot to see" Mo then moved so she was behind jessie's ass.

I could see her removing the plus from Jessie's ass. Then she lubed up the dildo and her asshole.

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In a kneeling position, and Jessie lowering her ass some, Mo lined the dildo up with her ass and started pushing it in, slowly. "OH Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk. Go slow Lover. This feels so good." Both jess and I quit moving until Mo finally all the way in.

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Like I said before, this one isn't as wide, or as long as the other one we used a few months back, when Jess and I did Maureen. So it wasn't going to have the same deep penetration. Then, once Mo was in, we let her move in and out, until Jess got used to it. "My God, I feel so full.

Fuckkkkkkkkkk. Luke, start fucking me too." It took a good minute or two for Mo and I to set up a rhythm that we could easily handle. As I was coming out, Mo was pushing in, which was sending Jessie to new heights in pleasure. "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck you guys are driving me wild. Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk" is all Jess could say. Jessie's breathing was starting to get deeper. Her body was trembling and Mo and I could sense she was getting close to another orgasm.

Mo and I looked at each other and nodded, like we could communicate without talking, and started speeding up. I was lifting my hips and ass off the bed, pounding into Jessie, and Mo was pounding her hard too. "Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Meeeeeeeeeeeeeee you Slutssssssssssssssssssss. Make… Me… Cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" Jessie started cumming.

I could feel the hot liquid she was producing, running out of her, washing it over my didck and balls. That was all I could take and I started cumming inside her too.


"Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk" is all I could say. My balls felt like they were trying to jump inside her hot cunt.

Mo was cumming now too. "Holy Shittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt" Both girls collapsed on top of me then, but then I didn't care at that moment. My strength was totally drained from me. If they wanted more, there was no way I was delivering. Mo then finally slipped off and fell to my one side.

Jessie just laid on top of me, my cock still inside her. We were both panting like crazy. After a few minutes, Jessie finally spoke. "God, I can't move. That was the best fuck I have ever had. My God Mo, why haven't we done this sooner. This was totally amazing" Then, "Do you want me to get off Luke? I don't want to move." I smiled up at her and said, "No, you are fine there for now" As I said this, her tightened her pussy muscles around my cock, and grinned at me.

Mo was still panting too and finally spoke. "Damn, I'm wore out tonight. God I love you both" After about 10 minutes with us all just laying there, Mo asked, "You plan on sleeping there tonight Jess?" "Would it bother you if I did Mo?" Mo giggled and said, "Hell no, I love when Luke falls asleep inside me" Jess laughed and said, "Good, but I doubt Luke would want my big ass on him all night like this.

But, it's been over a month since I have had a cock in me, so I just want to enjoy it while I can, even though it is going soft." Jessie finally moved off of me and lay on the other side, opposite of Mo, so I was in the middle now.

I made a joke then, "Oh look, a thorn between two roses." Mo laughed and said, "Oh yeah, and what a thorn it is." as she grabbed it and lightly held on to it. Jess reached over then and also held it with Mo. "I'll take this thorn any day." Jess then got up and went to the bathroom. Mo looked at me and said, "You know, it has been hard on us that we can't make love as often as we want too, and lord know Jess only gets dick from you, on about a monthly occasion, and, all 3 of us have this mammoth sex drive, so would you be in favor of at least once a week, hooking up with her and fuck?" I looked at her with a puzzled look on my face.

"What?", she asked. "You 2 have been lovers a few times now, and her and I meet up a couple times a week. So I can do it, why shouldn't you also enjoy her pleasures. You 2 are my best friends, and you 2 are very close friends too, and I trust you both. If you feel you can't separate being in love with her, and just sex, then let's not even go there then.

But if you can, then please do, or at least until she finds her dream man." I shook my head, and asked, "You're serious, aren't you?" She smiled and said, "I am very serious. Do you see how much pleasure she gets with you, plus you two look hot as hell together. But, I do hope she finds a real nice guy, but also is very open minded for what we have here." "Well, let me think that over.

Like I have said before, I want nothing that can drive a wedge between us. I love you more than I did yesterday, and tomorrow, I will love you even more. But you better have a sit down talk with her, and see what she thinks too." "Oh I will, trust me on that. I'm totally in love with you and I love Jess, and why shouldn't we share our love for each other." "If she does find her man, and we all 4 play, would you fuck him?

To be honest, I can't wait to see that" "Knowing that it turns you on, and if I like him too, hell yeah I'll fuck him.

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Right next to you and Jessie fucking. Damn, that would be so hot. We better stop talking, or i'll need to bang your cock again." I just laughed then and said, "Not sure if that could happen again tonight. You two ladies have worn me out, cream or no cream." Jessie came back into the bed and Mo went to the bathroom.

The I went after Mo and we all snuggled up together for the night. I was up last the next day, and found the girls making breakfast together. I have to admit, I would never would have imagined my life was going so good. Good job, nice house, and two beautiful women, one of whom I was in love with, standing in my kitchen naked, and also 2 of the horniest women I have ever known.

Later that day, Mo told me she had a talk with Jess and the idea of us fucking at least once a week. Jess, like me, was a little apprehensive, but said she could keep her emotions in check, but would love the idea of having a fuck buddy. That week though, we never did a thing. I think neither of us knew how to approach it. Mo had been asking if we did it and I kept telling her no. She was a little sad, that we hadn't. The next week, on a wednesday, Jessie came into the family, after she came home from work.

She came in and was naked, as was I. She knelt between my legs and said, "Fuck it. One of us has to make a move, and I am horny as hell. So enjoy this blow job, then fuck me good." And that's exactly what we did. She got me hard, and then rode me, right there where I sat. Then after we came, I kept stroking my cock, to keep it hard, told her to lay on the couch, and then fucked her again.

There was really no talking. Just moaning and grunting, and a few dirty talks during it. When I pulled out, I went to clean up my mess and Jess spoke. "No. Leave it. I want to feel it drip down my ass all night. Fuck. I needed that Stud. If any's left in the morning, Mo can eat it." She then got up and went to bed. I texted Mo and told her what happened. She said about fucking time you 2 weirdo's.

Then said she was wet. I laughed and texted back, "Good. Wake me when you get home" She texted back, "Get some sleep and I will, when I get home.

Make Love to me then" She did wake me, and we did make slow passionate love. Shit. I could get used to this as well. From then on, Jess and I did fuck. Although, one evening she asked up to her room and we too, made love. Just kissing and fucking. No dirty talk, then cuddled for a bit. The 3 of us were starting to get together about every other weekend too, and it seemed we out did the last performance too.

It was getting on, into November, when Jessie came running into the family room, one Sunday afternoon. She was all giddy and bouncing all over. I liked it because her tits were just a giggling. "Guess what Mo?" Mo answered, "What? What in god's name has you all excited?" "Mikey's coming home! For good too" Her eyes were beaming, although I have no clue who Mikey is. "Oh my God. Really?

He's finally going to leave the service?" "Yeah. Isn't that great?" So I had to ask, before these two started acting like a bunch of teenagers. "Who's Mike? Or Mikey?" Seeing that jess was to flustered to answer, Mo did. "Mike is Jessie's 2nd cousin, or 3rd cousin.

Nevermind that part. He has been in the Marines for 20 years now." Mo looked at Jess and asked, "Can I tell him?" Jess nodded. "See, Mike's mom is Jessie's mom's aunt, and she had Mike every late in life. Father then left, and left her aunt to raise him.


Then she got cancer and passed on when Mike was 12. Mike moved in with Jessie's family. Well mom and Jess that is. Jessie's dad was long gone from the time she was 6 or 7." Mo looked at Jess and asked, "He's what 37, 38?" Jess replied, "Just turned 37.

He went in when he was 17, after he graduated." "Long story short. Well they grew very close when they lived together. Yes dear, he was Jessie's first and I would say, only true love, besides me." "And to be honest, a week or 2 before he was to go to boot camp, we 3 went to the pond, up on Baker's Knob, and went skinny dipping.

Jess and I both gave him a blow job, then those 2 fucked. So I guess it was a 3some, but not a full fledged one, like we do." I asked, "When does he come home? Jess looked at both of us and said, "Next weekend." She stood silent for a minute, until I broke the ice. "You know, he can stay here with us, if you would like that." Jessie stared at me for a bit, with a tear running down her cheek.

"Really? You don't mind? He doesn't have anywhere to go, and I was so afraid to ask. It is such a big imposition to ask of you." "Sweetie. This is your house too. Who am I to say, who you have here. He can have that other room, up by the kitchen. He can stay as long as he needs to. I just hope he can find work around the area." Jessie walked over to Mo and hugged her, told her she loved her and kissed. Then she pulled me up and hugged me tight and kissed me.

"God, you 2 are the very best friends a person could have. I love you both so much". Then took off crying up to her room. I looked over at Mo and she just smiled at me. "You are the best Lucas. I love you so much." "I love you too Maureen. I guess I should straighten up that room for our guest. And, I'm afraid, the nudity will need to stop for now." Mo laughed and said, "I'm not to sure of that. Those two have been lovers a long time now.

Anytime he comes home, they sleep together. So I doubt we'll have to touch that room at all." "She has always been in love with Mike, and I think he has always been in love with her. For 20 years now, he has never mentioned another girl in his life, so I believe he still carries that torch for her." "So who knows, maybe he'll fit into our little family life, just nicely." I chuckled and said, "So, he would meet your approval as a lover then?" She winked at me, "Hell yesssssssss.

I'd love to suck him again, if given the chance." "I guess we'll just have to wait and see how this plays out my dear. But you know I am open to anything, anymore." Mo smiled at me and said, "Good, now take me to bed and cuddle with me, and if you get frisky, feel free to make love to me." The holidays are starting to look very intriguing.

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