Mueve la colitas con el dildo adentro

Mueve la colitas con el dildo adentro
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<Daniel and Pearl's First Amorous Entwine> "Daniel! Lunch." Pearl shouted at her brother as she ran to catch up to him as he followed the pair of draft horses that were pulling the plow across the field.


She had just finished giving her other brothers theirs and wanted to share time with her eldest, her favorite brother. Daniel slowed the horses and smiled down at his little sister, pulling off his hat to wipe his brow covered in a grime of sweat and the dry dust the horses were kicking up at him. It had been a year since their father, their two sisters and Daniel's pregnant wife died in a carriage accident coming home from town after a shopping trip.

The wagon's wheel had split, sending the carriage sprawling and shattering down a ravine. Their mother had died giving birth to Pearl. Daniel took Pearl to a small shade tree where they sat beneath, Daniel munching the lunch of cold rabbit, biscuits with jelly and clotted cream and a jug of roasted chicory tea sweetened with honey as Pearl practiced a song he had taught her in Gaelic.

Daniel finished and lay back, listening to his youngest sibling's lilting voice as she repeated to him the song that brought back memories to him of the old country. "Undo your hair, Pearl." Pearl stopped singing and blinked back at her older brother, surprised by his request. She smiled shyly then did as he bade. He reached out a hand as she continued the song, and toyed with her dark shining curls, smoothing the disarray back to admire how pretty he realized she had become now at thirteen years of age.

His eyes moved from her doll-like face, down her front and rested upon her breasts that had been growing for a while now. He considered them, making Pearl a bit uncomfortable as he realized how big they had already become.

Pearl stuttered when Daniel moved his hand over the bodice of her dress. She stopped singing when her brother's hand stopped, cupping the mound that was pressing against the top of her too tight dress. His blue eyes lifted to her surprised dark ones. "Come here Pearl." There was no other choice according to the way he said it.

Pearl did as told, her eyes wary, but bright with intrigue as she moved in closer to her brother.

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"Now kiss me." Danny had to lift his head up since he had slumped down low at the base of the tree. Pearl moved to sit on her knees before she bashfully lowered her head to her brother. Daniel's lips touched hers softly. He curled his hand up and around her head to hold her still as his lips moved more earnestly against her plump ones. He savored the feel of her lush lips, thinking over her plump little body as he did.

He held her there as he shifted to sit up, moving Pearl into the curve of his other arm. He held her in the tight circle of his embrace, his sister's hands moving worriedly over the front of his chest, pressing him to release her on occasion, but he refused. She made sounds of indignation as he pressed his tongue inside her mouth, the sounds growing louder when she felt his hands undoing the buttons of her dress.

"Danny!" she exclaimed, breaking free of his kiss as his hand moved between the edges of her opened bodice. "Shhhh…its okay Pearl. I won't hurt you." He murmured to her, his eyes hypnotic on hers as his work rough fingers touched the tender flesh of her budding breasts. Pearl watched her brother warily as he squeezed the plump shape of her tit.

"I would never hurt you, my beauty," he gently massaged the ripening breast, letting it move through his fingers until he ended with her softened nipple, pinching it and rolling it gently for a moment between his thumb and finger. He repeated on her other one and smiled down at her when her nipples were beaded and her face flushed with the forbidden pleasure at his touch. He kissed her lips now parted slightly with her quickening breaths.

Danny opened the edges of her bodice wide and took in the view of the desired pair, already round and plump, perched high, the large rosy nipples tight from his attentions, beckoned to him. He obliged lowering his head and making Pearl gasp as her older brother licked at her reddened aroused nipple, Pearl shook as her brother's tongue circled and flicked her nipple a bit before he drew it into his mouth.

It wasn't right! Her brother suckling at her like he was her babe! Like a calf on a cow's teat! Pearl's head reeled with the impropriety of what was happening, but his mouth felt so good as he nibbled and suckled upon first one breast then the other. Pearl closed her eyes and moaned softly, tilting her torso up higher for him as she gave into the sweetness of her brother's hot mouth and tongue at her titties.

Daniel growled hungrily as his hands moved to clutch his little sister's torso and his mouth sucked and bit her wonderful titties harder. Pearl's hands stroked his sweaty head as he continued, cradling him closer. Daniel's cock was stiff and tight in the confines of his trousers. His mind was considering the idea of throwing his sister to the ground and shoving his dick deep inside her virgin pussy.

He continued lapping at her luscious chest, squeezing a plump breast, feeling its fullness and watching the tightened nipple point out almost painfully in the tight pressure of his fingers, before he greedily fell upon it, licking and sucking on the red, tortured tip.

He held his sister tighter with the arm curved around her shoulder and moved his lips to caress her ear as he shushed her again when his free hand shifted lower to move beneath the hem of her skirts.

"What are you doing, Danny?" Pearl pushed harder against her brother's chest when his fingers touched then stroked the tender flesh of her calves. She clenched her knees together, stopping his attempt to stroke higher to get closer to the place that was tingling strangely between her legs.

Daniel did not answer pressing his lips tightly to his sisters, he easily moved her to lie down in the dappled shade beneath the elm tree. "Part your legs, Pearl." He ordered, kissing her face softly, ignoring his sister as she fought him slightly, refusing to remove his hand from under her skirt, her hands no match for the strength of her eldest brother's work hardened arms. "But Danny…" her eyes were wide and worried, and Danny felt a pang of guilt and hesitated, but his gaze was distracted to the bared sight of his little sister's titties, tauntingly pointing up at him, begging for his attentions.

He pressed his face to her betraying tits, hungrily devouring them, his hand now shoving its way between Pearl's clenched knees and roughly finding and clutching the plump mound of her sex.

Pearl cried out in surprise at her brother's brutality. She felt like crying for a moment, and Danny moved his head up to place his lips beside her head, kissing her gently and murmuring to her that it was ok. "Just give into it, darling." He said as his fingers squeezed and caressed her mons gently.

When she had quieted and he felt her legs relax and part slightly at the pleasure of his squeezing, he ventured a finger to move between her labia and stroke the sensitive inner wetness carefully. "I can make you feel very nice, my little rose." Pearl relaxed slightly as he used his special name for her.

As he spoke to her, Danny's lips brushed against her ear, and he watched as his little sister's nipples tightened at the feel of his breath and the gentle tantalizing touch.

He took that as an ok to move his finger more boldly inside Pearl's tender, moist pussy. He continued to murmur to her as his finger caressed the sodden inside of her sex, feeling the sticky quim of her arousal.

Emboldened, He moved in further, rubbing along her tiny clit, his other arm tightening around his young sister's body as he pressed his mouth firmly upon hers. This time pearl did not move. Her brother's fingers were now inside her twat, rubbing and pinching her small virgin puss, massaging the sensitive flesh around her swollen clit as well as over it, as his tongue moved within the wet heat of his little sister's mouth. When she broke free to gasp for breath and moan, Daniel kissed his way to her ear.

He whispered all the naughty thoughts and dreams he had had of his little sister causing her to mewl with the intensity of feeling he was creating inside her. "Oh Danny!

Oh Danny!" Pearl's eyes rolled as the feeling in her belly swelled, his fingers achingly pressing it bigger and bigger as he massaged her achingly swollen clit and her soaking inner lips, in, out, around, repeat. He kissed her throat, face, lips, and ear between his coaxing words. "Cum for me, my little rose. Cum for your big brother…" his tongue tickled the folds of her ear, he tugged at her lobe, while he rhythmically dry humped her outer thigh, rubbing his pained erection between them as he brought her to the edge.

She fell over it, crying out sharply several times as her pussy shook and quaked, and her juices splashed out upon her big brother's caressing hand. He squeezed and pulled at her soft outer lips, to ease her bursting clit within for a moment before he returned to caress again, in order to keep his little sister's orgasm going.

His mouth took hers as she moaned, his hand gently petting and exploring her soft, plump body as he let her bask in the quivering aftermath of her first orgasm. "Oh Danny…" Pearl lay bewildered in her brother's embrace, taking in his gentle kisses for a while and returning them as they lay together beneath the trees, hidden in the shadows from the hot afternoon sun. Danny shifted away.

He lay back, trying to ease the ache of his cock. He wanted to ease it another way, but didn't want to frighten his little sister overly much.


"I must work, darling." He said standing, leaving Pearl with her tits and legs exposed as he went back to plowing the field. Pearl made her way home with her basket of empty jars and jugs from Daniel's lunch, bewildered by what had transpired between them, her pussy still throbbing with the intense experience.

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<Daniel and Pearl's Second Amorous Entwine> Pearl couldn't look at Danny for a few days after, blushing whenever he came near. The others wondered a little at her odd behavior, but didn't dwell overly much.

In private he would stroke her back and buttocks as she stood making dinner, hold her head still as he kissed her, his tongue moving into the forbidden territory of her mouth before she went to bed, now aching with her wanting of him. It was two weeks later when he called her from her duties in the kitchen. "It's a hot day, Pearl, let's take a ride and go for a swim." He lowered his hand to her, leaning down from his horse.

Pearl hesitated before she obliged, "shouldn't we wait for the others?" "No. they are busy with sheering the sheep in the upper fields. They need to finish." He had made sure of that. "But Danny, why aren't.?" "Whisht! Pearl!" Danny shushed her as he yanked her up and seated her to ride in front of him, their pelvis' now crushed together within the confines of his saddle.

Pearl wasn't sure whether she liked the recent additions to their affection for each other. Growing up she had always been her eldest brother's favorite sibling, making her older sisters envious with the way he doted upon her, the baby, making her whittled dolls and bringing her wildflower bouquets when he came home from the fields.

Their father had told the others it was most likely due to their mother passing away soon after she gave birth to baby Pearl. However, it did remain, that Pearl had always captured Daniel's attention.

As they rode up into the mountains Pearl realized he was taking her to an area she had never gone. Daniel kept his littlest sibling nestled tightly in his lap. He pressed her even closer against him. "Lift up" he ordered his little sister, yanking her skirts out from underneath her bottom, baring her plump buttocks before she sat back down upon his saddle.

Pearl made a sound of protest as her brother undid the buttons of his trousers and she felt the strange pole of his erection as he pressed it between her fat buttocks. He grunted as he clutched her to him, making her hold still as he covered their indecent touching with her long skirts. He kissed her ear as he rubbed his cock in the tight squeeze between their bodies.

"We will do so much more…," he murmured, his hand moving over her tight bodice to feel her nipples tighten beneath the fabric. When they met another farmer, Mr. Johansen, riding his carriage down the hill, Daniel released Pearl's tits, letting his arm drape at his side, but kept Pearl close by moving the hand the furthest from the farmers sight, beneath the many folds of her skirts to hold her bare hip still.

The farmer stopped them to chat and ask about their farm, while under the farmers unknowing gaze Danny moved his hidden hand boldly over his sister's sensitive flesh, seeking out the furred lips of her sex, knowing full well that Pearl would not protest in front of the old man. Pearl made a startled sound when her brother's hand cupped and squeezed her pussy. She swallowed as Daniel talked non-chalantly to the old farmer, as his finger rubbed along the crease of her sex down the wet line to where her pussy lips opened and her inner lips were slightly wetting the leather they were touching of the simple saddle the siblings sat upon.

Pearl tried not to respond as her brother pressed his finger inside her pussy, stroking inside the quim of her cunny lips as he and the farmer considered what the weather was going to turn out like due to how the clouds and sun were looking. Pearl let her eyes fall on a drifting cloud as her pussy wetted and she widened her thighs ever so slightly to open her labia to her brother's pleasuring fingers.

He obliged, easily answering and chatting away with the farmer while he ever so slightly pulsed his cock beneath his sister's skirts, between her tightly squeezing fat ass cheeks, the ooze of his precum slipping down her back and over her plump buttocks.

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As he fucked her luscious ass ever so slightly, Danny felt his sister's pussy dripping her own pleasured juices over his massaging fingers and onto the leather of his saddle. He refused to quit, continuing as he felt Pearl's muscles clench and her pussy begin to undulate. Pearl bit her lip, letting out a small sound, closing her eyes as her pussy pulsed in climax upon her brother's talented fingers. "Is she sick?" the farmer asked noting the flushed face of the dazed girl. "Heat stroke, I believe." Daniel lied as he squeezed and caressed his sister's sodden twat, still quivering from the aftermath of his forced pleasuring of her.

"We're on our way to get some water from the high spring." He nodded in the direction the road was taking. "Well, I'll not keep you longer. She looks quite fevered!" the farmer waved his hat as he moved his horses to continue down the hillside.

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"Aye, my sister is fevered." Danny murmured tugging at her ear with his lips. "And she makes me fevered as well." he lifted her up and settled her back down to straddle his lap, moving his dick to be cradled in the folds of his little sisters pussy lips. He pressed his horse into a trot, to help his cock rub against his sister's pussy.

He stopped his horse and forced her head to turn to him. They kissed each other deeply and longingly before Daniel made Pearl lie face down, bewildered, but ever obedient, upon his horse and lifted her skirts high to expose her soft large ass to his gaze.

he squeezed and slapped at her buttocks several times, Pearl gasping slightly painfully and slightly in pleasure as he did, while he stroked his erection with his other hand. Daniel grunted as he shot his wad onto his sister's lovely pale backside, making her stay for awhile as he continued to caress her ass and watched the gobs of his lust ooze down the large fleshy cheeks.

Finally he let her rise and cover herself as he urged his horse to a faster pace. Buttons popped off her gown as he hastily yanked at them to get his sister naked to plunge in the cool waters of the deep hidden pool. "Danny! Stop!" Pearl begged, yanking free of his grasp to save her dress. "Then hurry," he ordered moving to undo his own clothes.

Danny jumped into the cool waters to ease the urgency of his desires. Pearl felt shy as she finished undressing, covering her body as she moved to join her brother in the freezing waters of the pool. Danny swam up to her, rising to stand tall and proud before his quaking little sister as she cringed to avert her eyes from her gloriously nude brother. He grasped her head and made her to look at him before forcing her to unclasp her hands from covering her tits and pussy.

He kissed her roughly, making her head bend back as he took her mouth repeatedly while his hands roved over her soft body. He pulled her to him making her feel every bulging muscle in his tall frame as well as his renewed erection pressed high upon her belly.

She became bolder as they played and splashed in the waters. Her brother had released her and started a game of tag to relax her. Pearl giggled as she tried to get away, while Danny chased her and looked very much a predator with the determined look upon his handsome face. She had played in swimming holes before with her brothers when the heat was sweltering, but never had they been naked and never with only one of them.

Their play was much different from before, first because it was mainly her brother who chased her and also now when her eldest brother caught her, he would press her tight against him, his hands squeezing her tits, pussy or ass as he kissed his little sister deeply. When he was tired of the game, Danny crashed through the waters, easily catching his sister squealing and thrashing with delight, as he carried her to the grassy shore. He laid her upon the soft ground, settling his lips hungrily upon a tightened nipple while his hand squeezed the other and his naked large body curved around his little sister's smaller one.

He savored her curves with his hands and mouth, enjoying her small gasps of pleasure as he did. He kissed her once more then released her, moving to lie back on his arms at her side. "Come here Pearl," he ordered his voice husky with desire. His cock stood stiff and high against the wet darkened curls of his muscular belly.

Pearl came to him, unsure of what he wanted. "Kiss me" Daniel tilted his head and closed his eyes as he felt his sister's firm breasts press against his side when she bent over to do as he bade, her velvety lips moving gently against his firm, sun roughened ones. Daniel knew the control he had over his little sister, for she would do whatever he wanted in order to please him.

She would do anything her beloved brother asked of her. "Now kiss me down to my stomach." His Irish accent seemed to get thicker as his arousal grew. the touch of Pearl's dripping wet hair caused Daniel to gasp as she bent over him and gently, slowly pressed soft heated kisses down his broad hairy pectoral muscles, over his ribs to the defined muscles of his belly.

"My cock, too, my sweet rose." He ordered raspily. Delicately, Pearl held her hair back as she applied little pecking kisses to the responsive organ. She pulled away slightly, giggling as her brother's thick, red cock lifted to her, wanting more.

"Take it with your hands." He was teaching her how to pleasure him, she knew, and she took his engorged member in her small hands. Daniel moved a large hand over hers and guided her in how to stroke his cock for a moment, shuddering as she began to jerk him off on her own. "Lick it…" Daniel ordered his little sister as he leaned back upon his arms. As she touched her tongue to his cock, he gritted his teeth, trying to withhold his desire to press his sister's dark head down upon his lengthy cock and hold it there while she choked and gagged and he came deep inside her tight throat.

Daniel groaned as his little sister's tiny pink tongue lapped the throbbing head of his dick, "That's it." he murmured huskily. He lay back upon their pile of clothing to allow his hands freedom, moving one to caress over the satiny flesh of his sister's backside.

He petted her shoulder then caressed the indent of her waist ending with squeezing the plumpness of her hip and ass. He smacked his sister's fat, round buttocks, admiring how the flesh jiggled and pinked as he did, while Pearl continued to stroke and lick at his oozing erection.

He finished by fondling her large upswaying tits, slapping them lightly to make them jostle about, "now put it in your mouth." He moved his hand from her breast to the small hand she gripped his staff with, and gently persuaded her to lessen her grip a bit to show her the slow, methodical way to stroke his cock. as she got the hang of it he reached out with his other hand and pressed his young sister's head back down upon the end of his dick for she had lifted away to watch.

He lay back, eyes closed, one hand in his sister's dark wavy hair to keep her at task, as she began to get the hang of jerking off her eldest brother. "Now suck upon it, my sweet rose." He murmured huskily, soon groaning as Pearl proceeded to suck at the plump, plum sized head and the lengthy, thick shaft of her brother's cock.

"There we go…" he encouraged her as he felt his cock and balls tightening as they readied to release. Pearl made a small sound and pulled away as something oozed onto her tongue.

Her brother's hand clenched her hair forcing her to take his cock back in her mouth while his other hand gripped her stroking one, silently stating that she was not to quit, even if there was a bit of a shocking surprise. "Swallow it, Pearl." He ordered tightly, shifting to sit up and holding her tightly onto his erection. Pearl gagged slightly as her brother forced her to take his cock deeper into her mouth and down her throat.

He relaxed his hold a little, letting her come up for air, before she returned to her task and sucked harder, continuing to move a hand up and down the base of his cock. Daniel's body tightened, his cock bursting its release as he arched and cried out, shooting his seed deep into his little sister's mouth and throat. Pearl cringed as her mouth filled with the hot strange fluid coming from the end of her brother's penis. She had only ever seen pee come out of her siblings' cocks, but this thick, salty liquid was definitely not pee.

"Swallow it." she heard him order her again as his cum began to slip out of her mouth and drip down the length of his dick. She cringed but did as her brother obeyed and swallowed the thick cum, making him groan with pleasure as she sucked her brother's semen down her squeezing throat. Daniel held her hair tightly, keeping Pearl's face to his crotch as he made her clean him, pleasuring at watching his little sister's tongue lick up the oozing drips that she let escape when he came.

"Very good, baby girl." He murmured as he nuzzled her throat and made her to lie beside him. They lay there like Adam and Eve in Eden, basking in the sunshine as they kissed and touched each other until they were both once again hot with arousal, This time Danny made Pearl lie back as he lowered his head to her wanting pussy.

She came for him, crying out this time as he brought her to orgasm, his mouth enjoying the flavors of his little sister's pussy as she climaxed against it. He made her blow him one more time, this time barely needing to instruct as his young sister sucked and tugged upon his penis until his seed splattered into her mouth. He yanked it out before he finished and quickly rose to stroke the last spattering gobs onto his little sister's upturned face and jutting tits. He rubbed the drops into her flesh, "this means you belong to me, my little Pearl." He murmured as he kissed her while he finished massaging the last of his cum into one of her tight nipples, sucking upon it after as if to seal the deal.

It was late when they got home and the other brothers grumbled complaints about having to have bread and cheese for dinner due to their little sister's absence from making their meal.

However, behind the door of her bedroom beside the kitchen, Danny apologized for him and them with sweet gentle kisses. <Another Encounter Between Daniel and Pearl> Daniel waited quietly while his brothers went to their rooms and his sister made ready for her bath. She was behind the curtain they used to separate the kitchen area from the rest of the house when she needed to dress or bathe.

It was now three months from their first encounter with each other, and he and Pearl were starting to enjoy each other quite often, though it was always somewhere far away from the eyes and ears of her other brothers. The other brothers were finally asleep beneath their quilts on the second floor as Daniel sat in the rocking chair, contemplating the glow that came from behind the wool curtain listening to the light, lilting sound of Pearl's voice as she sang quietly, and the splash of the waters as she entered her bath.

He waited several minutes before he rounded the curtain.

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Pearl gasped and threw up her arms to cover her nudity along with the small cloth she used for the task. Daniel chuckled in response. "Danny!" she scolded urgently "what are you doing?" He lowered himself next to her bath and drew his fingers in a circle through her bath water, near her hip. "They're all asleep, my rose.

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There's nothing to worry about." "Not here Danny! We mustn't!" Pearl did worry about the strange closeness her brother was pressing upon her.

"I used to help bathe you when you were little." Daniel said to the water that he was making ripple against the sides of the tin tub and his sister's smooth flesh. He guided his fingers along her outer thigh, leaving watery paths along her prickling skin. He traced his hand up towards her torso, removing the cloth she still held and using it to squeeze cool water onto her jutting tits. "You've gotten so beautiful, my baby." He whispered rapidly, using the cloth to bathe her beautiful breasts, discarding it to replace it with his hands as he squeezed and caressed his favorite set of breasts for a long while.

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He moved to join his hands with his mouth, sucking roughly at a peaked tit until his little sister moaned with pleasure. He released it making it bounce about as he moved his lips higher along her moistened skin. He sampled the gleaming flesh over her clavicles then along the column of her throat. He shifted his body around the tub as he grasped her shoulders and pressed his mouth hard against his baby sister's soft lips.

Pearl could feel the hard edge of the tub against her back as he pressed her against it. He settled in next to her, his kisses less painful as they touched tongues and gently caressed each others lips with their own.

Danny moaned as his cock pressed excitedly against the tight confines of his pants, but he forced his thoughts to move away from the continued desire to take his sister to his bed and finally fucking her as he pleased. He instead nuzzled her throat and breathed in the smell of her washed hair. "Show me my rosy pearl, my dove." Danny ordered softly against her hair, pressing his sister to rise.

Pearl sighed worriedly a moment, wondering at where he was making her go. She finally stood up slowly in her washtub with her brother's heated gaze on her lovely plush body as she wondered how to do as he bade, never having done it in a tub and in their home. She turned towards her elder brother as he waited, watching her with his pale eyes languid in his desire of her.

She could see by the lamp light that his trousers were tenting with his erection. She moved her hair so all of it was behind her, and moved in closer to where her brother sat. When her pussy was at his eye level and a half a foot from him, she slowly parted her wet thighs and tilted her pelvis to raise her little dark muff up for her brother's gaze. she ran her hands over her body a bit, squeezing her tits for him, smiling as she saw his pupils dilate with want for her as she bounced them about a bit, then stopped to roll her nipples, swollen and puffy from the heat of her bath, between her fingers until they beaded then lowering her mouth as she lifted each tit to her mouth and sucked on him as he liked her to do until they were both tight and dark red.

He swallowed and waited, savoring the show as his little sister released her breasts and smoothed her hands down her satiny skin. She moved them over her waist, then around her plump belly, down, along her full, ripe hips, lowering her tits to his face as she did. She smiled wickedly as she pulled away when he lifted his mouth to suckle a beckoning nipple. She continued the caressing of her body, her hands gliding over her soft pelvis as she slowly made her way to the wet dark curls of her cunny, squeezing the rosy aroused mound of her sex before her pretty fingers pressed her pussy's outer lips apart.

She parted them, pinching the swollen labia between her fingers to fully produce the "pearl" that her brother required her to show him. Danny tilted his head, lowering his gaze to his sister's parted cunny. He ran his long fingers over her sensitive inner folders making her shift and gasp as he inspected his little rosy pearl.

"Ahhh… it is not nearly as rosy as I like, my naughty little sister," his eyes lifting to hers for a moment, half teasingly scolding, half-seductive.

He pressed his rough thumb upon her sensitive clit and began rubbing it for a bit as she bucked at the onslaught. He let her go chuckling at her uncontrollable arousal as he circled his hands around to hold her buttocks and pull her closer to him. "Hold it open for me now…" he told her when she lifted a hand to steady herself as he tugged her to him.

She obeyed, keeping the sodden, plump lips wide as he pressed his mouth to her parted pussy. Pearl's head fell back, eyes closed, mouth parted as she felt the sweet shock of her brother's tongue tip tickle the sensitive spot. His hands clenched and squeezed her buttocks, enjoying the plumpness of them as he bent to his task, suckling and licking her tiny clit, lolling the taut berry about, lapping it, then pressing and massaging the swelling flesh that was rising up as a hood around her little pleasure button.

When Pearl made a feeble sound as the heat from her clit began to rise and spread, the little bud starting to throb and ache, Danny groaned and pulled her in even tighter. He let her release her pussy lips so she could hold onto his head for balance while one of his arms circled her hips, and his other hand moved in to replace hers, to keep her pussy splayed for his busy mouth and tongue, both urgent in their quest.

He flicked his middle finger through her swollen inner lips, playing with her pleasure dripping folds as he continued relentlessly suckling and licking her clit. "Oh Danny! Oh Danny!" she cried out, forgetting about her other brothers as her body quivered while her eldest brother once again brought her to a sweet climax. He held her up as her body quaked and shook and her pussy released juices of her pleasure onto his lapping tongue. A few other ears were listening now, as they heard their sister's moans begin to quiet, no longer crying out their brother's name.

Now, their own cocks were erect, stiff and hard beneath the covers when they realized what was happening below them. Two even began to find a way to resolve the tight state of their pricks, while the eldest sibling carried their baby sister into her room. Pearl lay upon her bed in the dark as her brother knelt beside her, his trousers undone and his cock now in her mouth. Danny's fingers entwined in his little sister's hair as she worked at pressing his length down her throat, cupping his balls as she gagged for a moment, releasing the erection now coated in her saliva to stroke it vehemently as she admired the solid thickness of her eldest brother's uncut cock.

She licked the head and suckled it a bit as her hand, not able to circle the thick girth of his large dick, continued to stroke the pole of her brother's arousal.

She made a noise of delight and lust as a spurt of creamy semen bolted from her brother's cock onto her eyelid and the bridge of her nose; she tickled the tiny hole of his cock's head with her tongue, enjoying the taste of his precum. Pearl worriedly looked at her brother as he pulled her hand off his erection and forced her to turn over so her back was facing him. Pearl shuddered with pleasure as her brother made gentle kisses to worship the swell of her hip, the indent of her waist and ended at her shoulder blade as he lay down behind his little sister.

Pearl lifted her leg as he urged her to with his hand. He continued kissing her back and nape as he pressed his long prick between his sister's soft thighs. Pearl tried to turn her head to him as he pressed the shaft of his erection between her pussy lips. He consoled her, shushing her between kisses as he pressed her leg down tightly to her other, with his cock firmly held between them, made to rub against the wet folds of her twat and over her swollen clit.

He guided her hand to cup and caress the head of his dick as it moved beyond the confines of her pussy, to keep his cock tightly held in her cunny's wet heat. He began to fuck the tight space he had her make for him, groaning as his little sister caressed and squeezed the end of his cock. He would not yet take her virginity in the way he considered virginity, instead choosing to take his little sister in a mock fuck.

He cried out as his gorge continued to rise with his desire to shove into his sister's tight hot twat. He flipped her onto her back and roughly moved his heavy body to straddle her waist as he pressed his cock between his sister's growing tits.

He pressed his hands along with hers as she squeezed her titties together tightly as he had taught her, her mouth waiting at the other side to lick and suck his cock's head as he fucked his sister's tits.

He fucked the lovely bouncing set of tits roughly for several strokes before he groaned and fell forward over his sister. He moved, shoving his cock deep into her mouth and down her throat as he settled onto all fours, hovering over her so that his pelvis was over her face. Pearl tried to take her brother's cock fully, but still unable to have him press his full length down her throat.

Pearl shoved at her brother's trousers so she could cradle his tightened balls as she gagged noisily upon his thrusting dick, caressing his scrotum gently for a moment before moving her fingers inside his trousers further, to press her finger against her brother's anus.

Daniel groaned as he stopped fucking his sister's face, relishing the feel of Pearl's finger entering his asshole and gently massaging the sensitive spot inside. He almost whimpered as he held himself aloft, letting his little sister do the work as she sucked and stroked his cock with one hand and fucked his ass with the fingers of her other hand.

She swallowed to allow him deeper entry to her throat as her brother finally came. She now enjoyed the taste of her brother's jizm as it slipped down her throat while she relished the sound of him moaning above her, his body shaking in orgasmic pleasure.

"Oh, my naughty, naughty little sister!" Daniel chuckled as he cradled his naked sister in his arms, his tongue tasting his cum in his sister's mouth as they kissed deeply.

"I love you." He stated as he released her mouth and brushed her hair from her beautiful face. "I love you too." Pearl replied smiling solemnly back at her older brother as she lay within his arms, feeling safe as her head rested upon the thick muscles of his arm. They remained in their incestuous entwine, their eyes on each others as they drifted off to sleep. Neither of them had taken note that Pearl's once closed bedroom door was now open.

In the shadows someone had watched and witnessed, stroking his cock as he viewed almost the entirety of his siblings' incestuous lovemaking.

They were both too exhausted to awake when the door creaked closed and the other brother climbed back up to his bed.