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TARYN'S OTHERLAND: Chapter 14 Early spring presented the understanding of how close we were to moving the pack over to the other valley. And, I was ready. That turned out to be a long and trying winter for me. The weather was no worse than the previous. The dynamics in the pack were no different than ever before. My ability and desire to cope in the wild and within the pack was no less than ever before.

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The difference was simple … so simple that it took me half the winter to admit and look critically at. I had become lonely. The pack was every bit as attentive and caring as they had ever been. Bo was everything he had ever been for me.

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But … I had experienced human contact the previous summer. I had enjoyed it. Before it happened, I think I would have been sure that I might not even desire contact with humans. I now understood how much that had been consoling me for the eventuality of NOT making meaningful contact ever again.

And, I also knew that if it hadn't been for Wachiwi, I might still not feel this way. We had other more pressing matters to deal with, first. This season's heat had produced two of our females pregnant. This time it was Dau and Gen. This was Gen's first season for mating and she became pregnant. Given the amount of mating and interaction among the pack, it was impossible to be sure which of the males might be the fathers, but I had my suspicions.


I suspected, from the actions I witnessed, that Uno may be the father for Dau and Ram for Gen. Dau had five and Gen had four. It seemed we had pups everywhere you tried to move while in the cave. I was very relieved when spring really made its presence in the valley. It allowed more movement and escape from the chaos of the cave. But it also presented a view that was surprising. The melt seemed to occur much like the year before when we were waiting for Grey's pups to mature enough to go to the other side and the larger valley and prairie.

This year, though, despite the snow disappearing in our valley, the pass above us was still locked in snow. I wondered about the land on the other side, but the pass was still too deep for the young to manage even with the adults breaking a trail for them.

It was a couple weeks longer before I decided it was time to make an effort to journey to the other side. At the deepest place, near the top of the pass, the snow depth was still at my knees. I had made the switch to the lighter cape, so the travel over the pass was uncomfortably cold, but with me breaking a path and other adults following behind me, the young were able to manage the trek. They seemed a little nervous as they walked trapped on all sides by either large adult members of the pack or the vertical walls of snow.

Soon after cresting the top of the pass, however, the travel became easier as the snow depth steadily decreased. I could see that there were still significant patches of snow on the prairie floor, but it was melting fast based on the amount of runoff in the many rivulets like a lace pattern on the ground below us.

I almost felt embarrassed and something of a traitor when I realized I was scanning the landscape to the north for signs of smoke columns that would indicate the location of The People.

But, I saw nothing. It was just another of many signs that I was looking forward to seeing them, and especially Wachiwi, again. But, I saw nothing. A sick feeling settled into my stomach as I considered if they might not return to the same location every year. What if they might have gone to the east this year? Maybe in the direction of the tall mountains ahead of me. I might never find them out there. It would be aimless wandering &hellip.

Then, Dos and Qua moved away from the group, walking to the top of a slight rise, stopped and gazed off to the south. Dos turned to look at us and gave a whimpering sort of sound. Not a sound of displeasure or stress as much as an indication of something of interest. The rest of the pack followed me to join them to investigate what had their interest. Below and still further to the south, but moving in a large group near the foot of the mountains were The People. When we left them last fall, they had just less than a dozen horses they had tamed for use.

Below us were the people moving but more than two dozen horses pulling travois laden with belongings. They had been busy over the winter months. I moved with quicker steps now as we worked our way down the slope, careful to take a route that would be manageable for the pups. For the most part, a pack moves in a line, following the one in front.

I don't know why that is, but it has been true of our pack and other packs we have encountered. We were on intersecting paths; we moving to the east down the slope and them moving along the bottom to the north. At some point, a loud ruckus came from the mass of people.

A young boy had spotted us. I could see him, and then more of the children, running toward the front of the mass of humanity. They were shouting and pointing, causing more of the adults to look our way and point and yell. They seemed to have become comfortable with us and I wondered how much of this eager greeting might be a result of stories told by Wachiwi around the fires through the winter.

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I trusted she was discrete in what she shared. I saw another commotion deeper the mass and spotted two woman running through the crowd despite being burdened by large packs on their backs. Apparently, Spirit Guides were not immune to the labors of moving The People to the summer location. I also realized I was smiling at seeing Wachiwi and Ehawee rushing to greet us.

We did not join them, it was still too soon, but I indicated that we would be along a stream just to the east of where they would be located.

But, as we moved through the mass, we were given a clear passageway, except for some excited children and some equally excited and curious pups. Mothers from both sides intercepted young and I was pleased that it happened without fear expressed by the human mothers or fierce warning growls from the wolf mothers.

In due time, after the new camp was established, the wolves indicated an arrival from the west. I stood and looked over the plain of growing grasses and found Wachiwi, as I expect. What was a surprise for me, though, was that Ehawee, her mother, was also coming. I stumbled through a nervous greeting to her. I had expected Wachiwi and was prepared to just take her into my arms as a greeting.

Her mother's arrival gave me pause. I stumbled through a hesitant greeting and introduction of the pack, especially of Bo who was at my side, as normal. The awkwardness was broken not by me or the women, but by the wolves. They remembered Wachiwi from last year and moved to greet her with familiarity and warmth.

It eased the reactions for everyone. Ehawee made it clear from the beginning that she wanted to join us, also making it clear that it was for a while, only.

That distinction made me wonder what she thought was going to happen with Wachiwi. Was there an expectation that Wachiwi was spending her time with us from now on or just more time than she was planning? The distinction, though, didn't seem that important as my own expectations were no longer clear to me. Also, I had an immediate trust and comfort with Ehawee as I did with Wachiwi and the wolves accepted her quickly into our group, which was growing quickly with the addition of the nine new pups.

It became very clear to me that the two women had shared much in our absence about the function and activities of our pack. Ehawee indicated a desire to participate in the mating activity the first night it was obvious. She blurted it out and then got apologetic for assuming that she would be accepted. I could only laugh, trying to be polite and not offend her, that I doubted the males would mind having another female around.

It brought a laugh from the two women and the awkwardness was gone. She seemed almost as eager to mate with the males as Wachiwi who knew exactly what it was like. My guess was that it had been quite a while since she had a cock, indicating how long ago it probably was when her mate, Wachiwi's father, had died. When it came time for her to be actively introduced to mating with a canine, she was much more active and deliberate than her daughter had been the previous summer.

And, it wasn't me who took the lead in instructing her, but her daughter, which only added more weight to my earlier perception that they had discussed in detail what her experience with the pack had been. I remained available to assist in her introduction even though her attention was completely on her daughter as Ram took the initiative to re-introduce Wachiwi to mating.

Ehawee didn't waste time on shyness and removed her clothes at the same time that Wachiwi and I removed our capes. Ehawee was definitely older than me and could easily be my mother in age, but the active life they led was both a positive and a negative it appeared. The life encouraged a fit body and Ehawee certainly had that and looked very good naked. The life was also very hard and the physical stress and difficulties were also evident on her body but mostly on her face, with distinct lines around her eyes and mouth.

She watched intently as her daughter was approached by Ram. As Wachiwi took her position in front of the animal, Ram sniffed and licked her ass at which point she opened herself more to him by spreading her knees wider.

When the animal made direct contact with her pussy, it was clear by the gasp and moan that escaped her mouth. Ehawee's attention was riveted on her daughter and Ram. Her eyes flitted from her daughter's head, her ass where the wolf was busy licking her, and to the animal's body. I caught her attention and reached out toward Ram's crotch, not touching him because I didn't want to interrupt the attention he was giving to Wachiwi, but I did want to indicate the animals suddenly exposed cock.

The woman looked at it, then me, then back at the cock as a smile grew across her face and her attention returned to her daughter who she found looking at her. They shared the understanding of what was about to be and I sensed a shared understanding that soon it would also be happening to the older woman. Ehawee shifted her position to better witness what her daughter was doing and the enjoyment she was receiving, much like Wachiwi had done when she was following my lead.


She also was watching the union of her daughter with this wolf closely with a clear intent to understand the details and intricacies of the mating process and with such cool deliberation that I had to believe they had this worked out even before joining us.

As I saw Wachiwi slipping into herself as the mating took hold of her and her feelings overtaking her body and mind, I moved alongside the older woman for reinforcement and support. When we saw her arch her back and press back into the wolf, then heard her cry out, I pointed out the insertion of the knot and reinforced that with verbal description. Hearing her daughter cry out created a moment of apprehension in the woman, but it quickly passed with even more fascination as she saw the lust-crazed look in her daughter's eyes and the pleasure induced shaking of her body.

I could easily imagine what this situation must have been like for Wachiwi to be again experiencing the frenzied mating from a large wolf while being watched closely by her mother. As the two clearly reached climax and were subsiding, I felt the touch of the mother on my shoulder. She was curious about them remaining together even after they climaxed and at that moment, Ram turned on Wachiwi so they were now ass-to-ass.

I reminded her of the knot and that it would need to deflate more before it could pass out of the pussy. I took that moment of looking into her face to see her eyes, eyes filled with passion and excitement and desire. Not only was she prepared for everything she had witnessed, but she was also ready to participate. She moved even closer to the two and I lifted Ram's tail for her to see the union, just as I had done for her daughter when I was tied to Bo.

She smiled at me in satisfaction and moved to her daughter's head. She bent down and kissed her face repeatedly, her daughter giving her a weary look of appreciation and encouragement. I smiled. This woman was about to experience something truly amazing and she knew it was something the two of them, mother and daughter, would have the experience in common and something they would always be able to share.

I came to my knees in front of her. Her eyes weren't watching me, though, they were focused on Bo who had been patiently waiting for me. Her mouth opened as if to say something and her eyes were large, staring at the size of his cock already outside of the sheath.

Whatever her previous experiences with mating a man, I knew she would discover that special feeling of a canine in the next moments. Her attention was brought back to me as I fondled her breasts. She looked at my hands and fingers and into my eyes. I could see that the experience of a woman feeling her sexually was completely foreign to her, but in the moment she was not resisting or shy about the attention.

When I had realized that she had shed her garments at the same time as Wachiwi, I hadn't really focused on her body, but now as I felt her breasts and encouraged her, I saw that her body was very similar to her daughter's.

She was older and had lived more of life and her body did show that. Her breasts weren't as firm and proudly jutting from her body as her younger daughter, but they were still nicely shaped.

Her muscles were toned, her waist still slim, and her hips slightly rounder. I suppose the term 'more mature' would have been more correct in a different society. But, here, none of that mattered. Her hair was long and shiny like mine and her daughter, and her body hair was just as thick and pronounced, too.

I continued to cup her breasts and gave each a gentle squeeze. She didn't express the awkwardness and shyness that her daughter had. Whether it was from her excitement or the time before in preparation for this moment, she looked eager and ready for whatever might happen.

She put her hand out and touched my breasts in response, feeling them, and cupping them. I smiled at her and she returned it to me. I pointed to Bo, who had been waiting, as patiently as could be expected given the situation. I patted my hip to get his attention and he pranced over quickly. I put my arms around his neck and kiss the side of his snout. I motioned with my head for Ehawee to come and duplicate my actions. She moved to the other side of Bo, encircling his neck, hugging him, kissing his face and snout, and holding his body against her naked body.

I watched as her face took on a look of softness, eyes closing, and her hands never stopped stroking my beast. I touched her arm and gave her a look and asked if she was ready. She looked at me, then at Bo, then to her daughter who was watching while still tied to Ram, her hands never stopping her stroking on his side.

When she looked back to me, she simply nodded. I moved to my hands and knees like she had seen her daughter do before. She duplicated the position quickly and Bo responded as though he knew exactly was we were doing. This time he went to her, sniffing her ass and between her legs. I was sure she was ready and I knew he was. He licked her, slipping his tongue along the crack of her ass.

She flinched slightly and gave a sigh that reflected her pleasure at the touch. I patted the insides of her knees for her to opened them a little more. Bo's next swipe of his tongue caught the entire length of her pussy and she moaned. The licks came quicker now and her pelvis was moving in response, rotating up to make herself more available to his tongue. I encouraged Bo to mount her and he did after a final swipe of his tongue. I moved to her rear to assist Dos in penetrating her by slipping my hand between his rear legs, sliding it under his exposed cock, finding her mound, and guide the cock into her.

She cried out at the moment of deep penetration and it was then that I saw that her daughter was now untied and had taken up a position next her mom's head. Ehawee's head sank down, hanging from her shoulders, and her mouth sputtered out moans, groans, and gasps. All were a reaction to the penetration, the depth, and the incredible, animalistic union of their organs. I had to smile. Yet another woman discovering the tremendous joys of animal sex.

I put a hand on her shoulder and her daughter's as she watched with wonder and pride as her mother took her first wolf mating. Ehawee turned her head to Wachiwi and said something I didn't quite understand, but their faces expressed everything I needed to understand. She was in bliss, beyond bliss, and into ecstasy. I smiled at them and watched as Wachiwi slipped a hand underneath to take hold of one of her mother's swinging breasts. Bo was full into pumping furiously now and her expression went from surprise, to delight, to lusty wantonness, and back through the cycle all over again.

But after a few moments, she looked up into the eyes of her daughter and gave her the most meaningful look I have seen.

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Wachiwi seemed to sense the difference, also, and leaned in while squeezing her mom's breast. She sought out her mouth and they kissed, not mother and daughter, but … something more … something much more.

Her head rose sharply and a soft cry came out. I didn't have to see or check to know that the knot was pressing against her opening, spreading her opening and gaining entrance. She looked at her daughter, her child that was leading her into this new life, and I saw a glazed look in her eyes, a look of both lusting need and loving intention. The first was for the animal pumping into her pussy, the second was for her daughter.

She gritted her teeth and pressed back on the impaling cock, her mouth was open wide, and I knew the knot was stretching her wider. She pressed back harder and then her body moved sharply back a few inches. She had taken the knot inside and I watched as Bo tried to pump even more fiercely into her but was now more restricted. That night, they were curled in each other's arms, very content and very satisfied.

The days that followed were telling. The pack seemed to accept the presence of this new human into the mix with little concern.

It was different for other humans in general. This new woman was different in some way that they could feel. The pack was still wary of the group of people, but tolerated their presence in some hunting situations.

But, Ehawee was accepted with little thought by the pack. She even adapted the same clothing option that Wachiwi and I assumed for the warmer days and summer. She became very comfortable with her body and accepted the random attention of males.

Within weeks, though, I noticed a subtle change in the pack.

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Ram, Gen, and her pups spent more time with the women, Bo and I. A subtle separation seemed to be occurring and I wondered if I should be concerned about that. I decided to wait and see what developed. The summer seemed to pass quickly. The improved communication between me and the people, but especially Wachiwi and Ehawee, allowed leaps in implementing things I knew should be able to happen and be done. The use of horses was a startling change for them.

The more they utilized the horse for hauling and riding, the more incentive they had to improve their skill and domesticate more of the animals. Soon, there were both men and women riding horses and providing an added ability to cull out animals from the massive herd.

They were now able to penetrate the herd on a sizable animal, maneuver the older and injured animals to the edges of the herd for hunting. This maintained a strong herd and culled out the weak. It wasn't long before the same technique was used to encourage the mastodon into a constricted space to allow the people to kill even them without injury to the hunters. These advances were seen by the people as a direct result of the two Spirit Guides in communion with the wolf pack.

In a spiritual/superstitious way, the relationship allowed a speedy acceptance of these new practices and ways. It also improved and heightened the status of the two women in the eyes and image of the people.

They lamented to me numerous times that the people should be giving me the credit of these new ways, which was what was only right and just. I argued in return that I and the wolves were something of a mystery to them.

I was difficult for them to accept as just another woman or person. I told them I was pleased that the people found these new ways good and useful. The people were accepting of me, though. It was always with a sense of mystery, however. I was now easily milling among them at those times we returned to them for meetings and discussions. Those times, however, were another indication of the separation developing in the pack. When the three of us went to meet with the village, Bo was always with me, but I found that Ram, Gen, and her pups would occasionally also accompany us.

I welcomed their presence when they came. The children were entranced by the pups and in awe of the large wolves, especially the black Bo. The other wolves, however stayed at the outskirts of the village. The full distinction of the pack divide came to a realization deep into fall. Winter was certainly on its way.

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The people were breaking up their village and making plans for their trek further south. The great herds were already forming and moving in the same direction. The pack knew it was time to move to the narrow valley and the protections it provided. Yet, I didn't provide any indication of moving in that direction. Finally, the conflict showed. Two alphas emerged and faced each other.

Bo and Uno. I always knew Uno would be a fine alpha, I just hadn't known how the opportunity would present itself. There was too much respect between these two males for a physical conflict to develop. Instead, it came down to a subtler conflict of wills.

Uno clearly knew it was time to move and was prepared to. Bo was yielding to me. Despite him being the alpha in the pack, he had always taken his cues from me, just as he had when we lived in our civilized world. Wachiwi and Ehawee had sensed the same conflict and had disappeared back to the village. Truthfully, they had no choice.

Their place was with the people. They understood the pack was different and were grateful for the time they were able to spend within the pack in the warm months on the prairie.

They provided no extreme pressure on me to join them this year, they only made sure I understood they wanted me to be with them. They wanted me in their lives.

I was torn like never before. The pack had been my saving for nearly two years. On the other hand, I remembered too well the feeling I had over the past winter and wondered if I truly wanted that again. I had been kneeling on the ground, gathering my things when all my motion and attention froze.

I wasn't even aware of it, my unmoving, unseeing, unthinking trance. I felt a presence, a welcome and comforting presence. Ma was standing in front of me. The others were merely watching, but I didn't see them, not Bo, and not Uno, just Ma. She looked into my eyes, deeply, with an understanding and consideration that she had somehow been able to do since we connected under that bear hide after saving her pup, Ram. Tears came to my eyes and dropped to my cheeks, running down to my chin.

Her eyes … she looked at me in a way that I was never before able to experience. She reached forward and licked the tears from my face, then looked deeply, intently into my eyes and I knew what I had to do.

Ma, this mother who had entrusted me with her rambunctious pup rather than having it die in the cold, was giving me my answer. She was telling me I needed to go and live my own life, that they would be fine. I had lost my own mother at such an early age that I didn't even know her. Now, in her place, was this wolf mother giving me permission to leave and live. The same permission any mother gave when wanting the best for her young. I hugged her head to me and I cried.

I might have wailed for the effect it apparently had on the pack. When I looked up from burying my face in her fur, the pack had gathered around us, waiting. I stood and went to a point between Bo and Uno, calling both of them to me, and hugged both of them at the same time.

I could sense that Bo knew what was happening and stepped back. I hugged Uno tighter and kissed him on the snout. He took a step toward the mountains, stopped and looked back at me, I shook my head no. I looked him and pointed to the mountains. He understood and took several steps in that direction. Bo, obviously, stayed where he was, waiting for me to lead him wherever. Ma came to me and I petted her head, again. Then she moved to Uno. One by one, it was repeated.

The wolves came to me and moved to Uno. A new pack was being formed. Bo and I were no longer a part of them. My surprise came when Ram, Gen, and her pups were the last and they remained where they were.


Finally, as if making up his mind, Ram came to me like the others. This time, however, after I pet his head, he moved to Bo's side. I looked at Uno and Ma, feeling some guilt. Then Gen and her pups came to me and quickly joined Ram with Bo.

The die was cast. The pack was split and I wonder what the feelings might be at this split. But, I needn't have worried. The animals regrouped, touching noses and milling amongst each other. Then, Uno gave his command and his pack formed behind him as he led them toward the mountains.

When we joined the people, they had begun their move south. Wachiwi and Ehawee were overjoyed at seeing Ram and Gen joining them. The children were more than overjoyed at seeing the pups and chaos erupted as the children and pups were chasing throughout the milling throng headed dutifully southward. But, even under the burdens of the move, the adults saw the pleasure in the younger species playfulness together.

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I wasn't sure what was ahead of me. I was sure I would be reuniting with the pack in the spring and would rejoice with them at the new additions to the pack that would come their way.

I understood that over time, any presence and understanding I had with the pack would diminish until it disappeared entirely. I was no longer to be the Wolf-woman living wild and free. But, I would always be Wolf-woman in the stories told around the fires of The People. As I took up a burden from an older man of the people, the thought and speculation gave me warmth. I felt a strong bump on my right thigh and I looked down.

Bo was stride for stride with me and looking up at my face. He bumped me deliberately, again. And, if a dog could smile &hellip. THE END