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Jizzy mouth glam ho bbc
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The executioner By Bluedragon Stacey and I had been dating for a long time. And it was time I asked her to marry me and tonight was the night. So here we are walking down the sidewalk to her apartment.

I stop at the end of the walk and slowly reach in my pocket and bend down and pull out the ring. I hold it up " Stacey will you marry me. I know this seems a little off but I couldn't find the right time. Were always busy or something. So now here in the moonlight seems like the best time to me". I was there on one knee looking up at the girl I love. At the shocked look on her face. She reaches down and pulls me up, looks at the ring and says " Yesbut there are things you don't know about me.

And I want you to know everything so the engagement time needs to be long enough to get to know each other the way we need to". I look at her with longing and need take her in my arms and say. " And how long do you think we need for that?" She looks back at me mysteriously. I couldn't read anything in her face or touch.


" We will have to talk more later. But for now, I love you". We kissed goodnight she went in to get ready for her day tomorrow and I walked toward my home just around the other corner of the block. When I got near my building a car pulled up and two men got out. " Are you Jason?" One asked " Who wants to know?" I never got an answer the next thing I knew I woke up tied and in a strange place. I started looking around the room I was in it was a big room no windows.

The only light I could see was at the top of the stairs and it cast a dim view of everything. It had a set of stairs going up must be a basement some where.

There didn't appear to be anything of use to me in the room. My hands are tied behind my back and each of my feet are bound separately with a heavy rope. I must assume that my hands are tied with the same kind of rope. It looked like the kind of rope that you would find on a boat.

The end of the rope was tied to two support beams by the stairs separating my legs. Reaching as far back as I could and scooting forward, sure enough the one tied to my hands was tied to a beam in the back. Why are they doing this I don't have money or anything of value.

So why are they doing this. The guy from the car asked me if I was Jason if your going to kidnap someone seems to me you would have a picture or something to go by. All these thoughts were going through my head when a few minutes went by and the door at the top of the stairs opened. A light switch was thrown and the room was flooded with bright light. The room wasn't empty after all. There was some things covered with a black tarp off in the corner of the room.

A big man came down the stairs he was wearing black leather pants no shirt and a hood that fit his face from the bridge of the nose all the way back. A snap collar connected the hood around his neck. His muscles were very noticeable as well as the bulge in the front of his pants the snaps along the edge of the crotch and down the inside leg of the pants made it more noticeable.

He stopped at the support beams and untied one end of the ropes then the other. " Well I guess you want to know why you're here. I wont be telling you that. Its for someone else to tell you. What I will tell you is you will learn to call me Master and if you try anything you will die very slowly." He picked up my feet and pushed me back against the wall.

Rolled me on my back and pulled my hands under my butt and my legs and started to retie the ropes to the support beams but first he pulled it tighter and me along with it. The rope behind me was tied high on the beam and with my hands now in front of me when he put the other ends in the notches that were at a level high up they pulled me up off the floor. Now my arms were stretched and my legs spread apart as well.

And I was suspended in mid air. " And now we will begin your training slave." He picked up a knife from under the stairs and began cutting away my pants. " Why are you doing this?" He gave no answer he cut right through my underwear on both sides and pulled off my pants then took off my shoes and shirt.

" I told you its not for me to tell you. Now lesson one slave's don't speak unless spoken to they obey." and after he said that he cut the bottom of my foot with the knife.

" Do you understand now" the knife was still in my foot as he said this. All I could do was scream from the pain. He moved the knife more. " Answer me boy." I tried to but it was just a jumble " Yes I understand." He sliced on through the heal of my foot. " You will answer me properly and call me master. Now answer." He said as he cut.

"Yes I understand master." He then proceed to cut the other foot the same way. " Just an insurance policy. Cant have you running off now can we." He went to the other corner and came back with a basin of hot water and bandages.

He took great care of how he treated the cuts he made. He washed my feet slowly. Easing the pain of each foot with tenderness. Caressing them and then to my surprise he liked them up and down the sides and around the ankles. He put the bandages on and then started washing the rest of me.

Moving slowly up my legs and my hips caressingly. I couldn't help but fell my cock start to get hard as he moved his hand across my stomach and up my chest. Stopping at each nipple on the way to my neck. He went back to my ankles and licked up my legs very slow and my buttocks even slower.

From under me he pulled my checks apart and licked me. Rimming me I had never had that done to me before. He tried to stick his tongue in my anus and lick all around. Then the other cheek on the inside first and then around the side and across the stomach. Going down into my pubic hair and around the base of my cock. Which was now at full attention. Under my balls and up the other side back around the base on the top side of my cock.

Then licking up the top side to the tip. Stopping at the tip to stick his tongue in the tip just like with the anus and down the underside taking each ball in his mouth and licking around each then taking both in and licking them together. Then back up to the tip of my penis sticking his tongue in the tip. Licking up my precum and then he swallowed my whole cock in one slow swallow.

I couldn't help but cum deep in his throat as worked up as I was. Then working his way up from my cock licking my nipples one at a time he kissed me tenderly.

" You see it doesn't have to be all bad now does it?" he said in a low whispery voice. " No master." I answered him. " That's much better slave lesson one complete. Lesson two will be tomorrow. Make sure you use what you've learned in lesson one. For now you will obey and follow my directives." after he said that he untied me from the beams and blindfolded me, carried me up the stairs through the house and up another set of stairs to a room at the top. He then put me to bed untying my hands and feet and putting on a shackle with a padlock and chain that was long enough to reach anywhere in the room.

" You may use the bathroom or go through anything in this room. You will find nothing if you do so. The phone is only for looks there are no windows in the room or the rest of the house for that matter.

The chain is permanently attached to the floor. The only way out of it is with the key. Which is around the neck of the one with your answers. You may ask me one question now except about where or why and I will answer you." I had many questions witch do I ask. There was only one that was foremost on my mind at the moment. And I would get my answers to the others later one way or another. " Master what is your name?" that was the one thing I wanted to know. No woman had ever made me cum like he had and probably never would.

But I just have to know his real name. " After all you've been through that's what you want to know. If its that important to you then my name is Adam. But for you it will be MASTER ADAM." So now I knew his name it told me nothing about why this was happening to me. But it did satisfy me in some way I cant explain. " Yes Master Adam." I answered. He nodded his hooded head and turned and left the room.

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I tried to get up to go to the bathroom but with my feet the way they are all I could do was crawl on my knees. After going and getting back in bed the door opened and a nude male brought in food.

He sat it on the small dresser and was about to leave but turned. " My name is David I will be bring you your food and tending to your needs for as long as the master needs me to." he said probably hoping I would talk to him. Might as well. I bet were not supposed to be talking anyway. " My names Jason. Do you know why there doing this to us? How long have you been here?" " Long enough to know that I'm not supposed to be talking unless spoken to.

And no I don't know never did. One day I was about to get married the next I'm here where ever here is. The master will punish me for talking, there watching us on the camera's" he said that with a look of fear and ran out of the room. I turned out the light and went into an uneasy sleep. At some point in the night I felt someone on the bed the blindfold was back on me. " Don't move and don't touch the blindfold." I heard Master Adam order. " Yes Master Adam." the hands were rubbing my chest just the way Stacy always did.

" I have someone here that wanted to check on you. You will let them do what ever they want. Regardless of what it is do you understand." the hands were grabbing my cock and getting me hard. " Yes Master Adam." now another set of hands turning my head to the side rubbing something across my lips. It was the head of a cock he wanted me to suck him. The hand around my cock was replaced by a tongue just at the head waiting for me to take the cock in my mouth. I tenuously opened my mouth. Having never done this before.

I didn't know exactly how to give head to a man but I did know what I like done to me. As I took the cock in my mouth the mouth on my cock copied me move for move. Like it was an instruction or something. I moved my head up and down the cock. And the mouth on my cock did the same.

I felt the cock in my mouth swelling up with his cum. He put his hand on the back of my head and started thrusting in and out of my mouth. He moved further down my throat slowly going deeper and deeper until I could take it all down just the way he wanted. I don't know how long we were like that I lost a sense of time. The act became timeless to me.

I liked the hard and soft feel of his cock in my mouth and even in my throat. He came in no time after that and filled my mouth with his cum. I tried to hold it in without swallowing but he just held the back of my head and made me swallow. I still hadn't cum and the mouth on my cock was just holding my cock steady and licking around the head.

I soon got the idea that that's what I was supposed to do to the cock in my mouth. He pulled out and rubbed his cock over my tongue making me lick up all the cum that I couldn't swallow in one go. After I licked up all the cum he pulled back and the mouth on my cock pulled off. " You've done well slave lesson two complete all ways do what your told to do even if there's no words involved." as he said this he reached down and pulled off the blindfold and there was Stacy setting on the foot of the bed.

" I told you there were things you didn't know about me." she held up the key to the shackle. She kept it on a chain around her neck. She moved around the bed to where Adam was standing with his cock still hard. " And now I want to show you one more thing you don't know about me." She went down on her knees and took Adam in her mouth and swallowed him.

I couldn't believe this. Adam picked her up and set her on the bed beside me and shoved his cock in her in one go and started moving in and out of her while I watched.

They rolled over his cock didn't even come all the way out before she was on top riding his cock. They both reached over and started fondling my cock and balls. It was all I could take not having cum yet.

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I was about to explode and I didn't even know if I really wanted to. " Come on get up here. Get on your knees right by his head." Stacy said and then they were both licking my cock one on either side. Adam on the bottom and Stacy on the top.

That's it I began thrusting between there lips. My cum was building up and I was at the point of no return. " AHHhhhhhh" and I came all over Adam's face and some on Stacy but not as much as Adam. I fell down on the bed exhausted and Adam and Stacy laid down with me. " I will answer your questions in the morning. Sleep for now." Stacy said. She got up turned off the light and we got in bed.


Adam on one side and Stacy on the other side of me with there arms around me. Sleeping was not on my mind at that moment. The next morning when we woke up Stacy had me set up on the bed. Adam had already left the bedroom. " And now lesson three punishment.

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You will learn what happens when a slave doesn't obey." said Stacey and in walked David to the bedroom with Adam. " David bring that bench over here to the middle of the room." Adam ordered " Yes Master." was all David said. After bringing it over and placing it. " Now David you talked to this one last night after knowing not to didn't you?" Adam stated " You know what happens to slaves that disobey." " Yes Master." David answered " Then take your place on the bench and show this one what happens to slaves that disobey." Adam said.

And David lay down on his back and Stacy came over and said " When I tell you too exhale." David said nothing there were tears running out of his eyes. He was scared, his hands were at his stomach and still. Stacy crossed over the bench facing his feet and began to lower herself slowly.

" Exhale." she ordered and David did so. When his breath was all the way out she ordered "Hold." and went down all the way down on him and ordered "lick." and David did so.

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She bent forward and took his hard cock in her mouth. He got near and struggled but didn't try to push her away from his face when he came in her mouth. She sat up pushing herself harder on to his face savoring the taste of his cum as she was covering his mouth and nose. His hands never moved from his stomach.

He laid still and let her smother him. " I told you to hold your breath. I didn't tell you, you could breath yet." Stacy said.

David didn't move at all just laid still. " That's it Keep licking." David was licking her as she smothered him. His head began moving around trying to find air. But in her position he couldn't. She licked all the cum off his cock and balls. He soon began to slow and then stopped moving all together.

" Stacy got up and moved off him. He looked dead. She didn't try to revive him. No CPR or anything. Just let him die on the bench. " You see that's what happens to slaves that disobey. So don't do so. He was told not to talk now he's probably dead. Adam would you check him." Stacy said. Adam came over to the body and checked him. Found a small pulse. Performed CPR and David came back gagging on his own spit but alive.

Adam was about to carry him out when Stacy came over and grabbed his chin. " You see what happens when you disobey. Next time you might not be so lucky as to have Master Adam around. And then you will die." She said this with such finality that it was beyond anger.

You could hear it in the voice. It was both anger and command. After Adam left with David she came over to me on the bed. " You still want me to be married to you.

Well that cant happen you see I'm all ready married to Adam. We own this place and travel around collecting men and women to service us and to play with.

While I cant marry you. You can still have me. But theirs only one way out of here. Do you understand now that when you asked that question it was your undoing." I was in shock at what had happened to me.

I was to be a slave to her and Adam for the rest of my life. I was determined to play along and find a way out. I don't know if I ever would but I had to try. " Yes Mistress" was all I answered. " Good because I would hate to loose you. I've told you to much and if you try to run away or disobey you will be punished. Do you understand?" She meant it. She would kill me literally. The rest of my day went by fairly slow. I didn't see Stacy or Adam until that afternoon. David didn't come by either with food or anything.

I went to bed and slept. The next morning Stacy woke me with food being laid out all over me. "Stay still" she ordered. There was banana slices and strawberries and pineapple slices. That she was pulling my flaccid cock through and keeping the ones big enough to stay on. " Now don't get hard yet.

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Save that for later." I wasn't about to it was sticky and uncomfortable. " Yes mistress" She finally got enough pineapple to go all the way to the tip.

Witch was pointed at my navel. I was laid out like a big breakfast plate. Adam began by eating the banana slices up and Stacy ate the strawberries. They met at the pineapple and ate up the slices off my cock one on each side. When they got to the prize inside the pineapple, they took turns licking the juice off. Once they licked off all the sticky juice, I got hard and they took turns with my cock. It was a game to them to see who would get my cum.

Adam got it and shared it with Stacy. They laid down one on either side of me. "Enjoy that did you. Not everything is bad.

We take care of our slaves until they decide to disobey or don't want to be here any longer. Something's can be a lot of fun.


And in time you will find out all the fun things and the bad." She said as she stroked my stomach. Adam moved up and placed his cock at my mouth. I licked him all over. Stacy bent down and kissed the head of his cock, looked up at Adam and said "Don't cum dear we need to save it up for later you know." he was already leaking and very hard but stopped. They went out and came back later dressed in jewelry and leather. So far I had only see them dress in leather. But this looked Egyptian or something.

" Were taking you down stairs to the main room where we hold our parties its our anniversary tonight and I would like to share it with you. Were having a little party. Just us and the rest of the slaves in the house." Some how I got the feeling that it wasn't a request. She unlocked the chain from the floor and carried it and dragged me behind her all the way down stairs. We entered the room by the stairs. It's a big room there were other slaves in there already two guys were going at one female who was on her back, deepthroating one while the other was eating her out.

Another couple of girls were going at it in a 69 on the other side of the room and two guys were in the same position right beside them. At least everyone seemed to be having fun for the moment. " Everyone I would like to introduce our new slave to you all this is Jason. Over in this corner we have Dan Janet and Will. And over here we have Simon and Ronan, Becky and Marcy. There all one group you see and they share everything.

You take care of them and they will take care of you. And I do mean that in every way." I didn't see David there and I wondered if he was alright after all. " Mistress may I ask a question" she just looked at me and I took that as a alright to ask.

" I don't see David anywhere. Is he alright?" " Don't worry about David he had a relapse of disobedience and will be here soon. But don't trouble yourself with him. Go and meet the rest. By the way no one can leave this room its sealed. Except by either Myself or Adam.

This is our party room and you wont need the chain in here. And don't be so shy the others are nude too." True I was felling a little put off by being nude in front of so many people I didn't know. But as Stacy said they were all nude as well as me.

Stacy took off my chain left and I went to meet the others. Dan's tall with brown hair and big muscles including his cock which is about 8 to 9 in. and thick. Will is a little different with black hair all over and some on his shoulders and back. His cock is smaller about 6.5 to 7 but very thick almost beer can thick.

Janet laying on her back I couldn't see much of her except blond hair and big boobs as Dan and Will were taking turns sinking there cocks in each end of her. Like she was a game to see who would cum in what whole. Will would sink his cock in her throat and then in her cunt while Dan did her throat and then they would switch after two or three stroke's.

"Hi I'm Jason" I said to Dan. He took my hand but didn't quit fucking Janet. "I'm Dan and this is Will. We don't usually get together like this. Unchained and free to roam that is. So when we do we have an orgy. We never leave the house. So were it and who ever the Master and Mistress bring in." Right then the two guys on the floor were moaning and we could tell they were cumming in each others mouth's. they both came at about the same moment.

And pulled out and began licking up all the cum that dripped down the side of each others cocks.

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Becky and Marcy stopped to watch them. " They win again." Becky said to Marcy. So I took the opening in there game to introduce myself. " I'm Jason this is a very interesting game you guys are playing.

How do you play, are there any rules?" Marcy looked up at me and smiled. " I'm Marcy and no there's no rules. But first you play a game of spin the bottle to see who's paired with who. David's not here so we ended up with a threesome over their instead of couples." Dan and Will came not long after I came over to talk too Becky and Marcy. They came over to join the rest and Janet was tired and lay on the couch.

" Everyone seems very sexually open with each other. Is every one bisexual here or I'm wrong." I asked they all laughed.

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Simon spoke up " No were not all bi, but were not all of an even match of male and female couples. And the Master is Bi and so is the Mistress. They insist on us being bi as well and its the only way we could get out of our chains and get together freely with the others was to agree to have mixed sex for the master and mistress too watch.

While at the party. So when ever they have a party we get to come together. The rest of the time were kept in our rooms or let out on an ELC leash. To do the cleaning or laundry, not ours we never ware clothes. I haven't since I've been here. And I don't even know how long that is anymore." " What's an ELC leash and how often do they have parties?" I asked it seemed like something I could use to get out of here.

" An ELC leash is an electric leash like one you would use for large game. Except that these are rigged to the doors if you should get to roam the house. If the green light isn't on above the door then you can't go in. If you try you could die from the shock. It can be fatal the ELC is meant for Tigers and Bears not humans." Will said " If your thinking about trying to break out and get away don't.

This room is sealed she said and it's the only way we come together without the collar or a chain. On the other side of the door is a trap. Going out the door without the remote key being tripped will send you down into the vat under the floor and on top of that there are iron bars that lock into place over the door." Janet jumped in to answer the rest of my question.

" They have parties on special occasions and when one of us is to be set as an example to the others for disobedience." Just after she said that the door opened and in walked Stacy and Adam and dragging behind them in chains and shackles was David.

" As you all know its our anniversary mine and Adams. But tonight first David has chosen to disobey and must be punished." Adam lead David to a stock that was attached to a bench. Made him lay down on his back and first his hands and head were put in the holding ring's.

The stock wasn't made of wood like the ones from the past medieval days. It was made of metal a kind of gun metal blue look. The part that went over the neck bowed in a little making it look like a chair with the occupant's head as the seat.

After Adam got David in securely he came over and kissed Stacy passionately. He took off her leather dress and belt. She was topless other than thatand lead her over to David and spread her pussy lips for her as she sat down on David's face. He began licking her clit. "Jason come over and suck him off so he can get in the mood." Everyone was watching me and I was embarrassed.

But how could I say no. I slowly got down on my knees and began sucking him he got hard in no time at all. Everyone gathered around to watch. Adam got down on his knees at David's head and kissed Stacy.

She raised up a little and Adam put his cock straight down David's throat. He didn't even give him time to adjust to it. He would pull out and go deep in Stacy and then back into David. After a long slow time of my sucking David and watching Adam and Stacy he came in my mouth. (To tell the truth I wanted to suck him off ever since I meet him that first night.

Since sucking Adam I've wanted more). His cum was full and thick and almost spilled out the corners of my mouth but I kept it in and swallowed all of it.

David stayed hard and excited. Being smothered must be a fetish of his. This time I don't think he will be saved. He must have known. Stacy looked deep into Adams eyes and said "Cum for me dear" at the time he was deep in David's throat.

She caressed him and watched as he came. David was going limp from lack of air but I kept on sucking him as I was supposed too. Adam came while deep inside David's mouth. Stacy held him while he was still hard and deep inside. All the while David was getting weaker and weaker. " I can feel him through my cock" Adam said " getting slower and slower, slower.

It makes me hard all over again." David stayed hard he was about to cum again. They say that a man that's smothered cum's when he die's. I think I'm about to find out. " Stay deep for me now. Move real slow to stay hard for me" Stacy said. Adam raised his head off her chest and looked at her. " Pulse has stopped" he said " Shhh stay where you are." Stacy said " Keep moving slow, stay deep." and he laid his head back on her chest. David died with Adam's cock down his throat.

As he died he came emptying his balls. " Keep your mouth on that cock don't let it spill out swallow everything." Stacy said to me. I swallowed all his cum then his bladder went and I swallowed all his piss as well. I kept sucking his cock until Stacy let Adam out of his throat and said " You can stop now." The other slaves went back to partying like nothing happened. Stacy and Adam left David's body where it was in the stockade. They sat in two chairs side by side like king and queen and watched the other slaves go at each other.

I couldn't join in I was two shocked by what they did. "Jason come here? " Stacy called to me. " Why don't you join the slaves. Your not shy are you?" she asked. " No mistress. Its just that I've never seen anyone die before, much less taken part in it." I said. " I see. You think his death was bad.

He knew the punishment for disobeying us and he chose his death long ago. The stock was his favorite sex toy. He liked to be dominated. He told us once that he wanted to end his slavery in the stock with Adams cock down his throat. He was very excited by the idea. We just decided to make his wish come true. He knew the outcome if he disobeyed. This happens from time to time. And as I told you the only way out is death. You will come to accept this soon enough. Now go and join the others.

Becky is watching you. Go have fun with her. Make her suck your cock she can take it all down her throat." She was ordering me to have sex with someone else. The woman I love and asked to marry me just a few short days ago. Becky has black hair and green eyes.

She was up on the couch on her knees. I went to her and she motioned for me to get up on the arm of the couch. She crawled to me and took me in her mouth. Licking all around my flaccid cock. I was hard in no time. She kept me deep and took me down her throat as I got hard.

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Dan came up behind her and sunk his cock in her. He pounded her from behind while she kept me deep. Dan would move into her and I would feel her pound into my pubes. I soon came deep down her throat. She kept on sucking me deep even after I came. It kept me hard. Dan looked at me " She wants you to pee in her mouth." I didn't know if I could.

Dan slowed down to a very slow rhythm. " Go on do it. We wont stop until you do." I was trying to. I went soft enough to pee but not too soft. My pee came out and down her throat. I was lodged just behind her tonsils. And it was a good thing because I couldn't stop after I got started. My pee gushed out and down her throat.

She was moaning around my cock. When I was done she pulled off slow and took in a big breath of air. " That was fantastic. But you've got to learn to feed your pee slower or your going to hurt some one.

I'll train you myself to do it and I can't think of a better way than to be the one swallowing the pee. Dan get up here." Dan pulled out of her and came up to me. He had his cock right in front of my face. I took him in and down my throat and he pulled out till his cock was on my tongue.

I licked all around the head and up and down a few times. He began to swell up in my mouth he came all over my mouth. Then he pushed his cock down in my throat and began to pee real slow pulling out to my tongue every now and again. Like he was fucking me with his pee. I took it all and then he pulled out slow. We had drinks and food. We sat and talked the rest of the night till we had to be moved back up to our rooms. " There will be a change in the rooms tonight.

Jason will be with Becky and Dan in there room until further notice." Stacy announced. My life as a slave keeps getting stranger and stranger but interesting. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. To be continued&hellip. BD