Angela white sucks amp fucks teacher to get out of traffic school

Angela white sucks amp fucks teacher to get out of traffic school
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Please vote! Also comments, questions, concerns, tips, hints, requests, suggestions are welcome. If you are going to vote negative, please comment why. Thanks for reading! Part 2: Jamie Jamie smiled at me from the dance floor then looked back at Sally, then back at me smiling more. I guess someone knew I was gone and with who. I smiled back at her and then lost both of them in the crowd, after the song was over, the others came back to the table and a conversation was struck about various topics, this gave me the opportunity to check out Alli and Beth who were both sitting across the table from me.

Beth was talking to her boyfriend but I did catch and gaze into her pretty green eyes, even if it was just for a second, it was captivating, she could really smile through her eyes. I didn't think anything of it but she was damn pretty.


Alli sat directly across from me and our eyes met too, but she seemed skittish, avoiding my eyes after even the slights bit of contact. I figured she just didn't like me, but she was pretty so it was hard not to look.

About ten minutes later another song came on and everyone got up to dance, I joined them for just the song as the next was something I didn't care for, while I danced I noticed Sally showing me her feet, I smiled and looked around, Beth and Alli were out dancing and I check them out for a bit but no sign of Jamie. I sat back down for a few minutes then got up to go to the bathroom. As I walked out of the bathroom, Jamie caught my attention at the landing of the stairs going down.

She flagged me and beckoned me to follow her. I met up with her at the landing and she took my hand flew down to the lower level. "Which way?" She asked excited.

"Left." I pointed.


"In here" I led her into the room Sally and I broke in. "Is this where you fucked her?" She teased. "Right on that table" I pointed.

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She walked over to the table, she noticed something on the table. "Oh my god!" She yelled, "You did fuck her" She licked the table, must have been some of our juices from our romp earlier.

Watching her lick that up made my cock grow. She ran over and threw herself onto me, kissing me hard. Her young lips tasted sweet, our tongues danced and explored, we sucked each others lips. "Tell me how you fucked her, I wanna know" She demanded as she walked over and sat on the table. "You would you little minx.She brought me down and kiss me as soon as the door closed, then she walked over to the table and kissed her there too, slipping off her dress revealing her naked tits sexy black panties." Jamie bit her lip and was struggling to control her urge to jump me.

"I knelt down to take off her shoes and then worshiped her pretty feet before kissing my way to her pussy, I was gonna eat her out but she pushed me away and wanted me naked first, so I peeled off my clothes and then I went down to pull her panties off, I feasted on her delicious pussy making her cum with mouth as I tongue fucked her." With that she couldn't stop herself and pulled me in for a deep kiss.

She stopped herself after a minute and I resumed my story. "Then she dropped down and started sucking me off for a bit, then she wrapped her panties around my hard cock before she stood up and begged me to fuck her with her eyes.

I slid my dick in her and fucked her until she came, I gave her break and then fucked her hard and we both came. After I slipped out of her, she sucked our juices off my cock making me hard again, then she told me to fuck her ass." Again she kissed me deep and passionately before letting me continue.

"So she bent herself over the table and I stuck in her tight ass, it sucked my cock in and I fucked her until we both came. Then she sucked our juices off my cock again getting me hard one last time. She offered me her feet for a foot job and I got her pretty little toes all nice and wet with my tongue, then fucked her feet.

She got me off and I came all over her feet. Then we got dressed and left, she didn't bother to wipe up my cum." I finished my story. I could tell that story made her hot as the fires of hell, she had 'fuck me all night' in her eyes, her smile, everywhere I looked, that girl wanted some of my cock.

She jumped up and kissed me again, we made out for a minute. "I want you to fuck me just like that!" She moaned. "Fuck me like you fucked her." She didn't have to say another word.

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I pushed her up against the table and kissed her as I peeled her shirt off over her head. I worked on her bra next and tossed it to the ground revealing her perky B cup tits. I marveled at her young tits for a second before kissing and sucking on her lips and tongue.

I kissed down her neck and sucked on it, she moaned as her hands roamed from her body to mine. I kissed and licked past her collar bone and down her chest, grabbing one tit and flicking her hard nipple with the other. I lightly pinched, pulled and twisted her other nipple while I circled my tongue around her other nipple, flicking it with the tip of my tongue, then giving it long licks with the flat of my tongue before sucking it between my lips.

I switched nipples and did the same to the other one before kissing down her flat tones stomach, I teased her belly button with slow circle around it as I unbuttoned her jeans and unzip her fly. I stopped and looked up at her, she smiled biting her lip at me. I stepped back and pulled off her boots one at a time revealing the rest of her jeans and socks. I pulled down her jeans and cast them aside, I gave her body a once over, and then another as I pulled her socks off.

She had a tight body, flat stomach, perky tits, soft milky white skin, pretty blue eyes, and soft brown hair. I brought her feet up to my face, she had pretty and soft soles.

Long purple toes matched her shirt, I ran my hands over them before picking on one and feasting on it. I stuck three of her toes in my mouth and sucked on them slowly, wrapping my tongue in and around them.

I moved down her toes doing the same to them before kissing the sole of her foot, I sucked and nibbled the ball of her foot, she moaned and rubbed her pussy through her blue panties. I switched feet and did the same to that pretty little foot. I kissed my way up to her panties and she sighed and cooed before pushing me back once I got too close. "You know you're first!" She teased. Worth a shot, I stood and stripped for the second time, tossing my cloths to the side, soon I was down to my socks again.

Jamie's jaw dropped as I boxers, springing my cock free and revealing the panties still wrapped around my cock, how did I forget about those again? "OH!. MY!. GOD!!.

I thought you were lying about that!" She slid off the table and squatted before me. She grabbed my cock and started jerking it. "You naughty boy!" she exclaimed as she smiled up at me. She sucked my cock wasting no time in deep throating me, she wasn't the expert Sally was but her mouth was smaller and her throat felt great.

"Naughty boy my ass, naughty girl!" I countered. She sucked my cock deep and fast for a few minutes before standing up and dropping her panties. She wrapped them around my cock in front of Sally's. "These don't come off either." She instructed. She stood up and laid back on the table. "My turn" She teased. I spread her legs, squatted down, inhaled her musky scent, her pussy was already wet and dripping.

I licked her swollen lip from bottom to top gather what juices I could. She tasted a bit salty but almost sour, I liked the taste and dove my tongue in for more spreading her lips with tongue.

I grabbed her thighs to help me get my tongue deeper as I probed her hole, running the tip of my tongue around the entrance to her pussy, then up to her clit running circles around it.

I gave her a long lick from hole to clit before sucking her little button into my mouth and giving it a going over. She was going wild on the table, cursing, writhing under me, held down by my hands, she moaned and begged me to make her cum. So I did, I stuck my tongue as deep as it could go and then began to fuck her with it. Not 10 seconds later was she chocking me with her cum as it flowed over my tongue, I tried to swallow it as fast I could but some spilled out around my mouth and down my chin, she strangled me with her thighs as she forced my head deeper into her.

She bucked hard against me as huge waves of pleasure coursed through her body stemming from my tongue. She released my head in time for me to gasp for breath which didn't last long as she shot up, wrapped her arms around me and locked me in a hard kiss, tasting herself by sucking my tongue into her mouth.

"I want you're fucking cock!" She demanded as she broke our kiss, pushing me back a step, she slid down and attacked my cock with her mouth. Jamie grabbed my ass checks and forced my cock down her throat, in seconds my rock hard cock was gagging her, she pulled back, strings of saliva connecting her mouth and my cock, she looked up at me with hungry eyes and tongue out before swallowing my cock deep into her mouth again.

I was about 30 seconds of this deep throating away from making her choke on my cum. She popped me out and laid back on the table, her legs spreading for me, I wasted no time, I quick slid in and shoved my cock between her wet lips and deep into her hot cunt in one hard thrust.

I'd thought she came right there as she yelled out when I stuck it, but she gave me a look that said 'don't stop for shit'. Her pussy was warm, super slick, and sooo tight. I grabbed her legs and put them on my shoulders, gripping her thighs I fucked her, she played with her tits as she moaned and called to god.

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30 seconds of pumping her pussy, her ribbed walls clamped down on my cock and sucked it in, she came so hard I though she would pass out, she lurched forward as her stomach tightened and her ankles pushed down trying to break my collar bone as all her muscles contracted as ecstasy lit every fiber in her body on fire.

She shuddered and tried to push me off but she didn't have the strength between waves of pleasure. I was no where close to cumming but she had my locked in so tight I couldn't fuck her. Finally she came down and I started up again, slipping in and out of her wet hole. About a minute later and Jamie had another smaller wave of pleasure course through her body, not nearly as powerful as the first but enough to make her body tense up and shake with ecstasy.

This time I fucked her through it even though her pussy tried to milk my cock with its spasms. Her moans and my grunts filled the air as we fucked, my balls slapped her ass. I could feel my ball tense up as I brought myself closer to cumming, Jamie looked like another orgasm was close for her as well as she started cursing and I could see her body tensing as she fought off the impending wave of pleasure. I picked up my pace and gave her all I had, with a final plunge I tensed up as my cum surged through my balls and shot out into her gripping cunt.

My plunge along with the 5 ropes of hot cum I sent deep into her pussy sent her over the edge as we came together. Her back ached and she gripped the table with white knuckles, her legs contracted and squeezed my shoulders. She shuddered all over gasping for air before collapsing back onto the table.

My knees weakened and I had to hold onto her to keep standing. We paused for a second before Jamie lurched forward and kissed me while I was becoming limp inside her.

"That was amazing!" she breathed between kisses. She pushed me back and got down on her knees, she smiled up at me before taking my half stiff and still panty wrapped cock and sucked it between her lips.

She wrapped her tongue around it as she gave my cock long slow sucks, her other hand grabbed my ass. As soon as Jamie had sucked my cock clean of our juices and back to full staff, she pulled me into her mouth and began to give me that deep throat heaven I love so much. Jamie only teased me for a few seconds before she stood up, turned around, and bent over the table presenting her tight cute butt to me.

"Go slow, I've never done this before" Jamie moaned. I lined my dick up, dripping with her spit, and teased her pussy by rubbing my tip up and down her slit. She moaned and then I gently pushed my dick into her tight little asshole.

She gripped the table and resisted my efforts to push into her with a growl. I pushed harder until the head of my dick was in her warm tight asshole. It was the tightest hole I've ever fucked. I gave her a second to adjust to my dick in her ass before pushing slowly into her ass, I let her suck me in with a moan as her sphincter contracted, she whimpered to my intrusion. Jamie cussed as I filled her ass when I reached balls deep.

I marveled at how amazingly tight and warm her asshole felt, giving her a second to get used to me inside her that way. I grabbed her ass and pulled out a bit before starting to slowly fuck her, for the first minute or so she groaned and cussed as she adjusted to the new feeling. Soon, Jamie's groans turned to moans as she began to enjoy it. I picked up my pace and could tell I wouldn't last long as the pleasure quickly becoming too much.

She too was quickly filling up with ecstasy as I fucked her ass harder and faster. She came first and hard as she yelled out and then every part of her body tensed up and her ass sucked me in and massaged my cock to a mind blowing orgasm as I shot another 3 ropes of my hot seed into her awaiting ass. I fell down on to her still quaking back as I left all my energy in her tight ass. When I pulled out my softening cock, my cum slowly fell out of her ass and mixed with our previous juices.

She stood up and turned around, she gave me the biggest smile and pulled me in for another kiss.

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Jamie then pushed me back to give me another blow job with her throat. She sucked my cock in again and nursed it back to another raging hard on, my balls hurt from cumming so much but all I wanted was to cum some more. Once I was hard again, she gave me a her famous deep throating. Once she stopped, she stood up and sat down on the table again. Jamie brought her feet up to my face with a smile and flexed her toes inviting me in.

I took a foot in each and gave each arch a long wet kiss and lick from heel to toe. She coed and moaned as I popped each toe in and sucked it, exploring them with my tongue. I kissed my way around each foot giving them a nibble or two and then sucking on the balls of her feet.

I stood up and placed my cock between her sweet, smooth, soft, and now wet arches and started pumping my cock. I gazed upon another pretty sight of her cute purple toes and silky feet wrapped around my cock. Jamie was watching and playing with herself dipping a couple fingers in her wet pussy then sucking off our cum. I moved her feet so that her toes could grab my cock, she got the hint and started pumping her feet for me.

Soon she had me on the verge of cumming onto her feet, she must of sensed it as she picked up her pace. Another 2 blasts of my hot cum gushed out onto her toes, she moaned when it hit her skin.

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She rubbed my cum all over my feet before standing up to dressed. She gave me a quick kiss and thanked me saying her name was Jamie.

She too didn't wipe off my cum to clean herself up. I now had two kinky sluts with my cum still dripping out of them. Jamie's and Sally's panties were still wrapped around my cock and still stained with our juices. She bolted out of the room and back upstairs. I followed thinking about how much my balls hurt.

I stopped off in the bathroom to relive myself again and then grabbed some food and another beer. I got back to the table relieved to see everybody still dancing. They stopped dance just seconds after I got back to the table. My girlfriend asked me where I was and I lied and said I got food, beer and went to the bathroom before getting stopped by some of her family to talk.

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I bs'ed my out of it and then everything went on as normal. I don't think she was suspicious of anything. I went back to sneaking looks at the girls.

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Jamie and Sally were going about like they had before, smiling at me when we caught eyes. Beth still caught my eyes, Alli still most avoid them, but I did catch her checking me out once, but only for a second. Please vote!

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Also comments, questions, concerns, tips, hints, requests, suggestions are welcome. If you are going to vote negative, please comment why. Thanks for reading!